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The Kanto Classic

Will you be playing in the Kanto Classic?

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This was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. I ended up with more losses and wins, but most of the matches were pretty close, and most importantly really good fun. Maybe its because I was at the lower end of the ladder, but didn't come across any particularly stally teams or OHKO moves, and none of my battles went on over 20 minutes. Quite a diverse mix of Pokemon as well.

Didn't come across anything my team couldn't deal with consistently, apart from maybe Aerodactyl. Zapdos with Roost was fairly annoying too. Didn't completely wall me, but my checks for it were kinda limited so it was problematic to deal with late game. Learnt pretty quickly to keep stuff like Genger in reserve though, so got better at dealing with it as the tournament went on. Wish I'd practiced a little on PS first actually. Feel I could have won some of the early battles if I'd be a little more familiar with my team.

MVP probably has to go to Dragonite. Multiscale and Dragon Dance was such a fantastic combination, especially in a meta with no items. As a late game sweeper she was practically untouchable.

Starmie was a bit of a let down, mostly because its moveset just didn't work. Was expecting Stealth Rock to be far more prevalent than it was, so Rapid Spin was virtually useless. Minimize worked ok, but outside of Scald it didn't really have any option to go on the offensive. Thunderbolt may have been good, if not a little predictable. Magneton and Venomoth gave it a lot of switch in opportunities, just wish I'd be able to capitialise on them more.

Venomoth nearly worked. Was a great lead if the opponent didn't have Alakazam, especially with Sleep Powder, but he quite often required two Bug Buzzes, even after a Quiver Dance, to KO his opponent. Effective, but not to the same extent as Dragonite.

Snorlax was very reliable, Gengar's Destiny Bond came in handy more than once and Magneton proved to be a nice pivot. A lot of teams didn't really seem to know how to deal with it, and often their solutions were predicable enough that they created a safe switch in, Dragonite into a Ground attack happening surprisingly often. Dealt fantastically with Clefable, which was its main job

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I wish I'd seen more minimize clefable, I was up against one and let it set up totally, six cosmic powers and six minimizes, then switched into my psych up gengar, stole its stat boosts and killed it with a clear smogs, the guy forfeited right away afterwards. But I only battled one minimize clefairy so that didn't work out as often as I liked.

Genius strategy!! I'm going to have to use that. Yeah I'm new to competitive and the smogon team tips I used didn't have any counters to it because it's banned. Oh well now I got a dose of reality

Anyway, anyone know when tallying ends?


It was hell for me. I predicted that everyone would have a Jolteon in their team, so I set a trap. I had Gyarados, Seaking, Aerodactyl, Rapidash, Magneton and Farfetch'd for fun.

First of all I had a moxie Gyarados in the lead. I'd set up Dragon Dance and sweep. But as my team was overall weak to electricity, the other dude always threw Jolteon in the battle, so I'd switch in my Seaking, take the hit with lightningrod, set agility and sweep. (For some reason, Jolteon would stay in and use shadow ball for no damage as I had EV in sp.def.)

It worked well. In fact, it worked so well that everyone would time stall and disconnect. I had roughly 5 dude disconnect middle match before I got upset and left. Overall, I won two matches and lost 3 to stally teams. I had something for Snorlax*, but Clefable is just too op. And Slowbro with curse and slack off -_-

*I'd set Taunt with Aerodactyl, then spam Fire Fang until it burned, and then kill it with Rock Slide. Flinches everywhere lol. And my Farfetch'd got two kills, an Alakazam with Knock off and one Rhydon after I switched from Magneton because earthquake. Leafblade ^_^. I had Stomp on my Rapidash for minimize but no one used it. o_O


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Same here. If Danny from Switzerland here reading this, hello.

Same here. Ran into one competitor who disconnected during the battle.

Lost every one but that one. It was still pretty fun though :). A good learning experience.