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The Kecleon Caper! (207)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - The Johto League Champions' started by Serebii, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    The Kecleon Caper!

    While on a Blimp, Ash & Co. meet two trainers who both have a Kecleon, a Pokémon which has never been seen before. It turns out that they dont feel good, so Brock gladly helps them out to feel fine. However Team Rocket who are on the blimp try to steal from the trainers on the blimp. The Kecleon see this and hide. Can Ash & Co. find them and stop Team Rocket?

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  2. If the gang saw the Kecleon in this episode then why in the Silver Conference did Ash act as if he has never seen one before?
    Also, why did the woman call a purple Kecleon "Reddy"? She could have called it...Purply.....
  3. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Dunno how the dub handled it, but Satoshi was just suprised to see a Kakureon during the tournament. He knew what it was off the bat in the Japanese version. He was just shocked to see it in Hazuki's team.

    Again, not sure how the dub handled it but in the Japanese version they were known as "Midori-chan" and "Azuki-chan" which pretty much means Green-chan and Purple/Violet-chan. This was an episode I missed when I stopped watching Johto and after having missed it for so long, I actually managed to get a hold of the Japanese version. This was an actually good Johto filler episode and was a nice way of introducing Kakureon. Not to mention, I can only guess that everyone was wondering how the hell to get one after the anime aired the episode. XD

    Takeshi's reaction to the lovely ladies was priceless, and him trying to show off his Pokémon was just great. Too bad there weren't many Johto episodes as fun as this before we began reaching the end of the series.
  4. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    That is true, but my guess is that Ash usually forgets what he sees sometimes and looks up the same pokemon twice.
    Perfect example, in Pokemon Scent-sation, Ash saw a Gloom for the first time. But then in Pokemon Food Fight he looks up Gloom in the Pokedex. It also happened almost all of the times that Ash saw a Gengar.
  5. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Thing is that he never looked up Kakureon the first time he saw it earlier in Johto. His Pokemon Zukan had no information on any Pokémon beyond Kanto or Johto. He scanned Kakureon since he now had data to go by. As for rescans, it's simple and clever. You can't just go with one piece of voice data. Just like the GB/GBA zukan entries, there are multiple entries for a Pokémon and you learn different things with each version. So the more you know about the Pokémon, the better the advantage you have.

    Ookido-Hakase had given him and Shigeru an updated version of their zukan before Satoshi's battle with Shigeru.
  6. vulpix

    vulpix Guest

    i thought this ep was ok the only reason i like this episode is because of the purple Kecleon.
  7. GoldenUmbreon

    GoldenUmbreon Dark Trainer

    i just saw the episode here, and i was wondering about the purple kecleon, is it just like the pink butterfree? a non-shiny pkm, just with different colours?
    (maybe they both came from pinkin island but the purple kecleon ate some purple berries) :)
  8. Team Rocket Admin

    Team Rocket Admin Well-Known Member

    Did this episode ever air in english, and has it been shown in syndication?
  9. Ethereal

    Ethereal Guest

    Uh...Yeah...Why wouldn't it have aired in English? o_O

    It hasn't been shown in syndication, because it's never had the chance to, because Johto hasn't aired in the longest. But now that Cartoon Network airs it, it'll be on again soon enough...
  10. Team Rocket Admin

    Team Rocket Admin Well-Known Member

    Thanks. CN strangely skipped the 4th season, and went to the 5th. It might be a long time before I see.
  11. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    This episode was okay. Brock was the best part of this episode. I liked when he imagined the girls patting him on the head thanking them for getting their stuff back, freaking out when he saw he kecleons watching him, and getting chastised by Misty for trying to send Onix out on the blimp. :D I also liked the part when Team Rocket was hiding in the crate and Wobbuffet popped out, causing it to break moments later. LOL
  12. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    it was cool how they showed a hoenn pokemon in johto. kecleon was fun to watch. 8.5/10
  13. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    I liked having Keckleon in Johto. Nothing else expect that ^^
  14. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    Check it out.

    [imgsize=350]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/Heracross/Misc%20Characters/Insomniac.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize=350]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/Heracross/Misc%20Characters/Insomniac2.jpg[/imgsize]

    It's the insomniac guy from episode 27.
  15. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    Where is Wobuffett?
  16. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    Wobbuffet shows up when Team Rocket are trapped in the crate. He pops out, the crate bulges, and it breaks open. I love that part just for the visual gag of the bulging crate. :D
  17. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    Omg, Alexa and Madison. x3

    Can someone, though, clear something up for me? Alexa and Madison. Which one's which?
  18. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    Well, according to the guide anyway, Madison would be the red-head.
  19. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    I thought that happened in Throwing In The Noctowl. Any pics of evidence?
  20. LuciRuki

    LuciRuki Born This Way

    OmG i loved this episode because
    1) It was on a Blimp- made it more interesting
    2) It featured a Hoenn pokemon
    3) The pokemon were Shinies
    A really good episode 7.3/10

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