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The Keystone Pops! (524)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl Battle Dimension' started by Serebii, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    The Keystone Pops!

    While training his New Buizel by the Lost Tower, Buizel accidentally destroys it and sets Spiritomb, the sealed ghost Pokémon free. When Spiritomb starts causing issues around the area, its up to Ash & Co. to seal it back up. Will this be do-able or will Spiritomb be forever causing mischief?

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  2. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    -The episode starts with a nighttime battle between Hikari and Aipom against Satoshi and Buoysel. After a number of fast-moving attacks, the announcer reminds us that Satoshi and Hikari have switched pokemon.

    -The opening theme has updated animation to show Aipom with Satoshi and Buoysel with Hikari. The animation updates are kinda lame, though...the updated Hikari shot is a shot from the ending theme, and the shot of Buoysel that replaces the shot of Aipom before we see Shinji and Satoshi face off looks like it was recycled from one of the episodes.

    -Title screen
    -The battle continues! Aipom uses Swift, so Buoysel dodges with Aqua Jet. The attack sends Buoysel hurtling through the largest star, causing a shower of stars. Next, Buoysel uses Sonic Boom, but Aipom is able to deflect it with Focus Punch. The deflected attack misses Buoysel and hits a shrine (similar to Celebi's shrine in the fourth movie), destroying it.
    -The trainers stop the battle to take a look at the pile of stones that was once a shrine. Suddenly, the rubble starts to glow, and the clouds in the sky above start to move around in a menacing way. As a storm brews and lightning strikes, one of the stones in the rubble floats into the air as the cackling of a pokemon can be heard. Suddenly, Mikaruge appears from the stone! Hikari looks up the pokemon on her Pokemon Zukan.
    -Without warning, Mikaruge aims a Shadow Ball at our heroes. Everyone's able to dodge, so Mikaruge launches a Hyper Beam attack. Everyone is able to dodge that, but by this point, Satoshi is pretty upset. He orders Buoysel to use Water Gun, but the attack simply passes through the pokemon. Next, Mikaruge uses some dark attack (I don't know what it was). The attack knocks Buoysel out with one hit, flinging it into a tree. As the pokemon's trainer rushes over to it to make sure it's OK, Mikaruge makes its getaway.
    -Elsewhere, Musashi-tachi are having dinner; one biscuit apiece. Nyasu and Kojirou are upset at their measly meal, but Musashi is strangely cheerful. Suddenly, Mikaruge's voice is heard before a Hyper Beam hits the Rocket-Dan, burning their food to a crisp! Next, Mikaruge uses its dark attack on the trio, knocking them back. Musashi angrily yells at the pokemon, but Mikaruge simply ignores her and continues on its way. After it leaves, Kojirou looks up the pokemon in his deck of cards and determines that it's a valuable pokemon. Meanwhile, Nyasu takes a bite of his burnt biscuit and cries.
    -The next day, Satoshi and his friends are walking on a path, wondering why Mikaruge showed up when it did. Hikari then added that it seemed like the pokemon was angry. Before long, the trio reaches a village, but all the buildings are damaged! Our heroes see a bunch of trainers outside with their pokemon, but all the pokemon are worn out! Satoshi runs to a kid with a Ratta and is told that a pokemon is the cause of all the damage.
    -Then, without warning, an old woman appears and starts yelling Mikaruge's name all crazy-like. She shouts that the pokemon's seal has been broken and tells Satoshi that in their village, they have a legend about the pokemon.
    -A long time ago, Mikaruge terrorized their village, demolishing buildings and causing trouble for the villagers. Then, one day, a Wave-Guiding Hero with a Pikachu came to the village and fought Mikaruge, weakening it enough that it retreated into its stone. After that happened, the hero was able to seal the pokemon in the shrine that it's been in all these years. At this moment, Satoshi and his friends realize that the pile of rocks they destroyed was the shrine and that they were the ones who broke the seal!
    -In the next scene, we see the old woman looking at the demolished shrine in disbelief. After shouting for a bit about who could have done such a thing, Satoshi and his friends admit that they were the ones who did it. The old woman yells some more.
    -Suddenly, Musashi-tachi appear, dressed in some pretty ridiculous costumes (Nyasu is dressed like a Nyula). Hikari says that the trio looks like a trio of famous TV psychics, and Musashi responds by saying that they are indeed them. She then demonstrates her "telepathy" by pointing at Satoshi's PIkachu and saying that it was received from a man in a white coat who writes Pokemon Senryuu. After Satoshi gasps in amazement, Musashi points to Hikari, pretends to concentrate for a bit, and then reveals that Hikari wore a Yadon costume when she was little. Hikari is amazed. Musashi is about to point to Takeshi, but before she does, she catches sight of the old woman from the village and instinctively screams that a terrible monster has appeared! The old woman yells at Musashi.
    -At that time, a boy runs from the village, saying that Mikaruge is back...


    Our heroes return to the village and see Mikaruge rampaging around. Nyasu approaches it and starts talking to it in pokemon talk before returning to his teammates. After the pokemon whispers in Kojirou's ear, the Rocket member announces that Nyula just used telepahy to figure out that Mikaruge wants to see Pikachu. So, Kojirou picks up Satoshi's pokemon, runs over to Mikaruge, puts it down, and then steps back. Then, Musashi approaches the two pokemon and waves her prayer stick around until a net with a bunch of scrolls come out of it and trap the two pokemon! At that moment, the Rocket-Dan recite their motto. After Nyasu calls on the hot air balloon with his remote control, the trio enters the basket. However, Mikaruge wastes no time and fires its dark attack at the balloon, causing it to go crashing down. After everyone lands, both Mikaruge and Pikachu are out of their nets. Pikachu runs back to the village to rejoin Satoshi. Musashi calls out her Habunake to retrieve the unsealed pokemon, but Mikaruge quickly Hyper Beams it away.
    -Next, Musashi tries to plead to Mikaruge. The pokemon begins talking, so Nyasu translates. He says that Mikaruge is looking for the Wave-Guiding Hero, so Musashi points in the opposite direction and says that he's right over there. As Mikaruge looks, Musashi-tachi run the other way, escaping. It takes Mikaruge a few moments to figure out what's going on, but before long, it does and begins to chase after the trio.
    -Back at the village entrance, Satoshi has his Mukubird flying around. After Pikachu returns to Satoshi, Hikari announces that she has plan. All they have to do is use the Rocket-Dan as bait to lure Mikaruge out...
    -Later, Musashi-tachi are in their balloon, relieved at the fact that they've escaped. Then, they look down at a field below and see Pikachu sleeping, unguarded! Seeing this as a perfect opportunity, they land the balloon and being tip-toeing toward the pokemon. Suddenly, the ground gives way and the trio falls into a pitfall! As the Rockets look up from below, they see the silouhettes of Satoshi-tachi as they perform the first part of the Rocket-Dan's motto (Satoshi does Musashi's part, Hikari does Kojirou's part, and Takeshi does Nyasu's part).
    -Then, as planned, Mikaruge appears. Musashi-tachi climb out of the hole and tells Mikaruge that Satoshi and Pikachu are the Wave-Guiding Heroes. Mikaruge starts to attack Satoshi, so the trainer starts to run for it. Before long, Satoshi stops running and asks Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Then, the pokemon uses Thunderbolt, but the attack doesn't seem to do much damage. Meanwhile, the Rocket-Dan have steathily hidden themselves behind some bushes and watch the battle, hoping that Mikaruge will weaken Pikachu enough to enable them to capture it.
    -The battle continues with Mikaruge chasing after Satoshi. It uses Hyber Beam, but the trainer is able to dodge. Next, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, and this time the attack seems to have more of an effect. It uses the attack a third time, and it starts to look like it's doing some real damage! Suddenly, Mikaruge begins to laugh and starts firing Shadow Ball after Shadow Ball. Pikachu dodges all of them, but in doing so it tires itself out. Mikaruge fires one last Shadow Ball, but Pikachu dodges that as well. The rogue attack continues flying and hits the hiding Rocket-Dan, sending them blasting off.
    -All of a sudden, Mikaruge charges up a Giga Impact attack! The attack hits both Satoshi and Pikachu, causing the pokemon to faint. As Satoshi struggles to get up, the clouds above being to move and thunder appears in the sky. Takeshi comments that the same thing that happened before is happening now. Pikachu opens its eyes and eventually is able to stand, so Pikachu asks it to use a Thunderbolt attack on the sky. Pikachu obeys. The attack causes the clouds to rumble and then unleash a massive Thunderbolt onto Pikachu, re-energizing the mouse pokemon. Pikachu, now all charged up, uses Volt Tackle on Mikaruge and then hits it with a point-blank Thunderbolt. As the old woman sees bits of the old Wave-Guiding Hero in Satoshi, Mikaruge retreats into its stone. Everyone cheers but is cut short by the old woman, who orders everyone to start rebuilding the shrine so they can reseal the pokemon. Takeshi carries Mikaruge's keystone and seems to be struggling with how heavy it is...
    -Later, the shrine is rebuilt, and Mikaruge's stone is put back into place. The old woman has another memory of the Wave-Guiding Hero, but Satoshi says that he didn't use his Aura...he was just able to succeed because of his desire to become a Pokemon Master. At that time, Hikari's stomach starts to rumble, so the old woman invites them to have dinner at her place.

    -Orchid-Hakase Big Encylopedia: Mumage
  3. Maxim

    Maxim Retired Pokefan

    I wonder... does it foreshadow Gen appearance in any way?
  4. AshfanGirl20

    AshfanGirl20 Banned

    I wish Ash would have used his aura, he knows he has it from movie 8. Darn...
  5. cassius335

    cassius335 Aura Trainer

    He couldn't do Aura without the gloves and Mew has those.
  6. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Darn. Anyway, what WAS that dark attack?
  7. Gaiash

    Gaiash Champion Scientist

    I think he could if he trained properly.
  8. AshfanGirl20

    AshfanGirl20 Banned

    It would be so cool if Ash trained his aura in the series. Any ways the episodes were great, Spiritbomb was my favorite out of the two though.
  9. RageKaiser

    RageKaiser Chespin :D

    Wow, Mention of the Lucario movie, this is probably foreshadowing for the whole Ash and Riolu thing.
  10. King Of Steel

    King Of Steel I'MA USE AYSE PHANG!

    Ash, Dawn and Brock copying Team Rocket's motto was win. XD

    That was like, the best. Would've been nice if they'd finished the motto though. Jessie had to screw that up by screaming at them. >_>
  11. Sir Lucario

    Sir Lucario Lucario

    the Dark attack could be Dark Pulse .
  12. !StatiC ShocK!

    !StatiC ShocK! Well-Known Member

    I think it looked like the new Ghost-Type Attack Omnious Wind, if not that then Dark Pulse.
  13. cassius335

    cassius335 Aura Trainer

    Sure, but he hasn't had the opportunity to do so yet.
  14. Leona

    Leona YOU JELLY?

    Since i don't really like Spiritomb lol i dont think i'll take much interest into this episode. I know i cant tell the future but i can just predict that to me it will be such a boring episode and nothing interesting happens at all :/
    So sorry to dissapoint you lol but i think i might give this episode an avoid.
  15. BugLoverCody

    BugLoverCody Drowns in Cultness

    I was still hoping Jessie would get Mikaruge =/

    Anyways, I saw a very nice pic from the episode where Mikaruge seems to be sad, it just frowns and its face is like =(

    And I found that really interesting, though I do not like that Pokemon xDD
  16. Leona

    Leona YOU JELLY?

    umm Jessie doesn't get it because it gets sealed at the end of the episode.
  17. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    What was Team Rocket trying to do with Spiritbomb?
  18. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    That old lasy seems absolutely hilarious! We've got two really insane characters in a row with the Bibarel episode villain.
  19. Durden

    Durden .

    There's a clear movie 8 reference in this part. As you see here, they are talking about a "Wave guiding hero" and also about Ash's "aura".

    In addition, movie 8 music begins to play in the background (not movie 9 music that Dogasu mentioned EDIT: Both movie 8 and movie 9 music was in this one, so nvm). It's that piece that is played a LOT during the lucario movie, so the reference here is totally clear now. Conclusion: Well, cool that they for once connect the anime with the movies. Keep it up.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2007
  20. AshfanGirl20

    AshfanGirl20 Banned

    So cool how Ash aura is cannon in the series now. I sure would have liked if Ash had used it though. And yes Ash/Dawn/Brock copping Team Rockets motto is def a win of the episode, they haven't done some thing like that since the first series with Ash/Misty/Brock.

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