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The Keystone Pops! (524)

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
If the Aura Guardian was Ash's father, well that would be impossible, you mean great, great, great something grandfather otherwise his father would have to be 500 years old.

Anyways good episode, I liked seeing Spiritomb it was interesting and kinda creepy (Spiritomb's game cry... There's something about that cry I can't explain, but it's spooky, weird and something else but I can't think of what exactly).
Nice to see Ash and co doing the motto lol, once again Ash, Brock and the main girl (Misty/Dawn/May) got to do the motto, I am sure May did it but I don't remember when. I hope one day we see Cynthia's.

And yeah it was a bad idea to place that tower right there, should have been hidden aleast.


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You know, for all I've tried to show how Ash is a mature person now and Dawn growing to be that way as well, I think the real charm of this episode is that it shows that Ash, Dawn, Brock are still kids, in the way I consider myself to still be a kid. Although I'm old enough now to stay out of most scrapes and not knock over stuff and things like that, I still occasionally screw up (thank goodness my mom doesn't get on my case too much for that anymore). That is what happens here at the start of the episode during Ash's and Dawn's training, when Buizel's Sonic Boom destroys Spiritomb's tower and releases it. Certainly not intentional, but it happened, and Ash and the gang know they did something they should not have done. The way they beg for forgiveness from the old lady is funny b/c it's so realistic; I've done that with many a grown-up before (and the fact the lady seems to enjoy making them feel guilty with her scary face is probably a truth of the world as well; grown-ups love to feel powerful, you know). Ash and the gang of course try to set everything right, and the fact that they CAN set things right shows they are mature, especially considering the way they do so (Dawn developing a clever plan to find Spiritomb, with Ash being sharp on his toes once Spiritomb targets him).

Here are the notes I took when watching this episode.

Swift looks stunning at night.
Spiritomb destroys people's homes, and you can really see it. As light-hearted as this episode feel, that's pretty serious.
The old lady has a very good Conway impersonation.
Pikachu even pleas along with Ash, Dawn, and Brock to the old lady. That was neat.
Spiritomb's laugh after using Giga Impact on Pikachu was scary. The way the episode is set up, treating this scene as a crisis is hard to do. But the writers could definitely have made this episode quite serious if they wanted to.

"Pika, Pika!"- Pikachu dancing as Team Rocket falls into the hole
"It's that kind of imitation they invented lawsuits for!"-Jessie

Side Note: If you focus on Dawn this episode (her body language, what she says, etc), it's really not that surprising she gets shipped with a lot of different guys. She's "girly," although saying that, I can't think of any girl I know who acts like that. That's really stood out to me every time I've watched this episode.
Ash, Brock and Dawn doing TR motto FTW!

That old lady in the episode sure was a weird character!

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The Aura Guardian
Was a great battle between Pikachu and Spiritomb with Pikachu using the lightning like that


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see the Key Stone, and Spiritomb for the 1st time. That Spiritomb is really powerful. It was cool to see a practice battle between Aipom and Buizel to start the episode. Very unfortunate that they end up destroying the Lost Tower, releasing the dangerous Spiritomb. It was funny to see the Old Woman crazily yelling at the gang for destroying the Lost Tower, releasing Spiritomb. The battle between Pikachu and and Spiritomb was great.


Christian Woods

i know i'm late on this, and you may delete my post if necessary, but i'd like to point out that in this episode a voice actor from the lucario movie, Henrietta Million who voiced Jenny returns to voice the old lady in this episode. don't believe me? bulbapedia Henrietta Million.


I legit screamed when the Odd Keystone activated and Spiritomb ruthlessly attacked Ash and friends. I appreciated the legend of the hero who sealed Spiritomb away, as well as that eccentric old lady as well. I giggled at Meowth's Sneasel disguise here as well as TR's encounter with Spiritomb, and seeing Brock carrying the Odd Keystone at the end was funny.


Spiritomb was so wicked and monstrous and I luved every moment of it including how aura was mentioned again and the old lady. 8/10

Mrs. Oreo

Wow that Spiritomb was so destructive and seemed almost as strong as a legendary pokemon. I liked the funny old lady Cotd and also how Ash's group tricked Team Rocket into falling into a pitfall trap ha ha. :]
The Hallowed Tower looked great and Spiritomb managed to be both scary and funny. I was happy that Ash's aura was mentioned again too.
I wonder if the "Aura Guardian" clan was actually a part of some ancient organization, dedicated to bringing order to Sinnoh and their leader was actually a Lucario Trainer who owned that Pikachu and fought Spiritomb.


Call of Fate
I was disappointed Ash didn't even bother to try catching Spiritomb. The old lady chewing the group out also irked me.


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Cynthia must be pretty badass for being able to catch such a Pokémon.


I liked seeing Satoshi versus Hikari, mostly due to us rarely seeing battles at night. The fact that the sinister Mikaruge was released from the Tower of Sacred Souls was so much fun since we got to see so many wacky antics, such as Musashi dressed up as a priestess, Nyasu's Nyula outfit, and the Rocket-dan falling into a pitfall. I loved the village elder, too.


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I'm so sad they didn't try to catch Spiritomb. Leaving it trapped for all of eternity is a pretty cruel fate. No Pokemon's a lost cause imo.


I'm so sad they didn't try to catch Spiritomb. Leaving it trapped for all of eternity is a pretty cruel fate. No Pokemon's a lost cause imo.

Mikaruge was too savage from my point of view. I couldn't even imagine how it would've fit well with the cast since it did nothing but chase them wickedly for most of the episode.


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So does the Spiritomb we saw here count as an evil Pokemon? People keep saying evil Pokemon don't actually exist, but if it had to be sealed away then it might've been evil.