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The Kirby Klub

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Pete the Unstoppable, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Mr.Palkia_7389

    Mr.Palkia_7389 Well-Known Member

    Have you watched an episode of the Hoshi no Kaabii anime?

    I have never seen any kirby cartoons, although I wish I could. (I wonder what kirbys voice is like)
  2. They DO have them on Youtube. I would reccomend watching them in Japanese though. They may have subtitles, but I find the original voices a lot better.
  3. Mr.Palkia_7389

    Mr.Palkia_7389 Well-Known Member

    Really? Thank you I will watch them some time.

    New topic who is your favorite character in kirby?

    mine is probably Meta-Knight/ Kirby/ Waddle dee

    Meta-Knight; I like evil people with swords
    Kirby; So awesome, Love good guys and marshmellows (lol)
    Waddle Dee; So cute and clumsy, especially the one in crystal shards
  4. awlccl123

    awlccl123 Well-Known Member

    Uh.. that's kind of already been discussed.

    Anyways, some of you may be aware that I like the EarthBound series. It seems that Dream Course and EarthBound were worked on together. Some of the sound effects in dream course were sped up sound effects from EarthBound. Also, in the EarthBound debug menu, Kirby was the icon next to the option you wanted [​IMG]
    Also, if you have played Kirby superstar, you may know of Mr. Saturn's cameo :D
  5. Magical Pokemon

    Magical Pokemon I love Care Bears!

    The Kirby club

    May I join? My favorite chracter in Kirby is Kirby himself. Because, he is so sweet, innocent, and pure, and he can kick butt! Because, even though he looks cute, he's like a black hole and can swallow enimies twice his size!
  6. Jayz

    Jayz Word Dog

    I wanna join, what do I got to do
  7. Darkeus

    Darkeus Well-Known Member

    Really? I never knew that. Who made Earthbound?
  8. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Magical Pokemon is in, but Jayz is not. No one-liners.

    God.....I wish I had a SNES and KSS and Earthbound.......no fair.....
  9. Pete the Unstoppable

    Pete the Unstoppable Kawaii Poyo

    I have an SNES but the only Kirby game is KDL3 (which does own), however I had to DL a KSS ROM to play it...not the same as a TV, :( Anyway, Earthbound is made by HAL just like Kirby. However Mr. Saturn's cameo doesn't mean they are favoring EB, see, the items in the GCO are items throughout many Nintendo franchises.
  10. awlccl123

    awlccl123 Well-Known Member

    I know, just asking if anyone was ever able to find the cameo. Sadly, I had to do the same thing with KSS. Well, while we're talking abut cameos:
    Have you ever spotted cameos of Kirby in other games, and if so, what were they?
    Not that I recall.
  11. Pete the Unstoppable

    Pete the Unstoppable Kawaii Poyo

  12. awlccl123

    awlccl123 Well-Known Member

    I forgot about the Zelda one, and we were just talking about the EarthBound one. I heard about the Mario & Luigi:SS one. I hear that zelda game has a lot of cameos from other games.
  13. Chii

    Chii First Time Cosplayer

    Have you ever spotted cameos of Kirby in other games, and if so, what were they?

    Well I saw him in earthbound and pokemon stadium 2. They are on th list arent they?

  14. Magical Pokemon

    Magical Pokemon I love Care Bears!

    The Kirby Club.

    Thank you for allowing me to join. What does KSS mean/stand for?

    I don't remember anything kirby related appearing outside of it's franchise except for the smash bros. series.
  15. awlccl123

    awlccl123 Well-Known Member

    the KSS we are talking about is superstar.

    I think kirby superstar ultra is coming out earlier then i expected. wasnt it September 29? well, i guess it's september 22 now.
  16. Magical Pokemon

    Magical Pokemon I love Care Bears!

    The Kirby club!

    I used to play Kirby Super Star on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System when I was little, and loved it! So, now I am getting Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS, and I already reserved it.
  17. Chii

    Chii First Time Cosplayer

    I Cant Wait for Kirby Super Star Ultra!

  18. ^ One liner. Righting ~Chi~ does not make it not a one liner.

    Sorry I haven't been around here much. The only thing I do much on Sppf anymore is Kirby K, Cloning Club, maybe trading club, and Spyro Club.
    Warpstar Forums is still open for anyone who wants to join some Kirby forums! (link in Sig)

    There's a Kirby Kameo in Poke Stadium 2???

    To answer the above topic, I can't think of any I've seen.
  19. BlazikenBud

    BlazikenBud Only on Wii

    Heya, I was looking for some sort of Meta Knight Fanclub when I stumbled upon this club. I'd like to join here please, I have very few Kirby games ( I currently own Nightmare in Dreamland and Power Paintbrush) but I'd like to get Superstar Ultra, which I'm interested in due to the fact that it's not just random platforming; it has an understandable plot aswell.

    My favourite character is indeed Meta Knight; I haven't been his fan for a long time however I've become surprisingly addicted to him due to Brawl. He is not only my main character but good fun to play as, ownsomely kewl and shows all the characters up in terms of intercepting and jumping. My second favourite Kirby character is the pink puffball himself, mainly because debut, SO CUUTE!!! I just loved how he was still a little baby and spoke like one too; his story in the anime is awesome too.

    My least favourite character in Kirby is King Dedede. I just don't like how he's so ignorant and stupid in the anime. I also SERIOUSLY hate Meta Knight's Anime incarnation. In general, he's almost as kewl as the Brawl one, but they just have to go and ruin him by giving him a Spanish accent. If you haven't heard it, check Youtube. I understand that with his Brawl voice he sounds more like a generic villain, (even though I like that voice alot) but anything but that! (What's really weird is that the same guy voices Brock and James from the Pokemon Anime, I never knew he could do a spanish voice)

    Anyway, I'll add a link for the club in my signature. Thank you ^^
  20. Your an approved member.

    Perhaps this club isn't dead, but no one has posted for almost 2 weeks. I'm doing other things than serebii, and I don't have enough time to be co-owner here anymore. I'd still like to have the authority to approve members, but I'm not active enough to keep my position (then again, SMK hasn't been active either. I've also given up on Warpstarforums completely. Its still open, and if someone responsible wants to take over, I'll give it to them.
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