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The Land Time Forgot; A pkmn RP

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
There is a place, untouched by strife. War. Greed. Everything un natural or man made. It is pristine, lush and thriving. This place has no name, not yet anyways. It isn't even known about by human beings. It consists of three large islands, with chains of smaller islands dotting the waters around and between the three land masses. It could be thought they were joined once, upon a time, but now are seperated. Strong currents, deadly malestroms and fierce tropical storms keep everything on the outside out, and what's inside, in.

The trio of islands, or could be considered small continents, as they really are two big to be islands, are vastly varying in habitat. On one, it's lush rainforest and plains on the right side, and on the other side of the island that's split in half by a mountain range going from north to south entirely cutting it in half, is forests of all sorts, with meadows and glens as the only breaks for them. The trees even try to grow near the beaches, but the sands stop them.

The second island is a bit more varried. Deserts, volcanic spots. Forests and plains. Every sort of enviromental habitat possibility seems to be trying to jam itself here.

The third island isn't so fortunate as the others. Harsh deserts rule nearly all of it's surface, save a few safe havens near the moutains the land mass supports. Only the toughest survive here. And even they have a rough time.

In this world un touched by man, the creatures on the islands, in the water, and air around them, are safe. Except... from each other.

The creatures are called Pokemon, animals able to evolve, adapt and use nature to their advantage. And possibly even time and space too. Fire, rock, water or ice. They are made, born, thrive, survive in.

In packs, or alone, everything depends on one another in some way, for survival. Be it predator and prey struggles to rid the world of the sick and unhealthy. Territorial fights to weed out the weak or the drive to find a mate, every pokemon plays a role in the eternal march into time.

And now... now it is your time to try your hand in this world..

- - - - - - -

OKAY. That is the plot. But to simplify it; you are a pokemon. Trying to survive. There are no humans, no towns, no nothing in this world related to the anime and games, outside of the islands, and the pokemon. The RP is basically pretty much free form. You can go solo, team up, whatever. I will/may/could/would/whatever/etc throw plot twists at you, or things you have to get over. FOR I AM GOD IN THIS-er, um, Game mod... anyways, if you are interested, sign up.

- - - - - -

Name: Nothing like billy bob. Please.
Gender: Everything has a gender. Even Genderless have a gender, or a side they sway to more.
Age: I have decided to quirk with this a bit. This is a basic thing, not to use as a set guide, more like, an influence. Insect pokemon will get between 15-35 years. Mamilian pokemon 20-40 years, Avian pokemon 35-50 years, Reptilian 30-45 years, and as I said, some pokemon are extremely long lived. This is now to cut down the confusion for editing 'dog''cat''bug' years into human years and yeah, well. Basically easier. YOU MAY EDIT THE AGES- so long as you post what you did, okay? OKAY.
Offensive Attacks: Up to 4
Defensive Attacks: Up to 4
Personality: DUH
Description: What makes you stand out above the others?


I'll edit mine in later.

Reserved Spots

Accepted People
Lady Myuu
Razor Leaf
Zephyr Flare

-Yams Characters-(aka mine)

Name: Kannah
Gender: Female
Species: Ivysaur
Age: 15
Offensive Attacks: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Strength
Defensive Attacks: Charm, Sleep Powder, Flash

Personality: Kannah has a hard time expressing her emotions, or socialising, like most Ivysaurs she is a loner, and depends only upon herself. She doesn't fear fire like other grass types, but she does try to avoid it. Perfers spending time alone, rather than with anyothers, this could be changed if she ran into something that didn't try to eat her, or steal her territory.

Description: Is a bit lighter green then normal, but nothing else pretty much.
Other: N/A
Kannah is my main character. She will be the one I will really be playing with. The others are there to help people out if they get lost somewhere, or need a plot/side quest/whatever for the RP.

Name: Arria
Gender: Female (... most of the time)
Species: Ditto
Age: 8
Offensive Attacks: N/A
Defensive Attacks: Attract, Transform
Personality: Arria is .. random ... it's best to not dwell too much on her personality outside she is kind.. to a point. Basically Arria is just really random, and it's best to not get near her long enough to find out her true personality.
Description: What makes you stand out above the others?
Other: Arria uses Attract like it's the very air she breathes... meaning watch out.


Name: Stantly
Gender: Male
Species: Stantler
Age: Unknown
Offensive Attacks: Confusion
Defensive Attacks: Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Confuse Ray, Flash, Disable
Personality: Stantly is a calm and wise leader of his herd, and has many offspring, and grand-offpsring, so has learned how to handle youngsters. He has become used to pokemon, atleast herding pokemon, or those seeking knowledge coming to him, as in his travels he has seen and learned many things.

Description: Stantly has gone almost white and silver thanks to his age, and it's unknown how much longer the greying Stantler has left on this plane.

Other: Stantly is the oldest Stantler there is. He knows many things, and in his youth, gained a boon from predators to not be attacked as prey. Stantly was once vastly powerfull, but in his old age his attacks have weakened, to where he is forced to rely on defensive moves. As not all predators heed the boon granted upon the stantler.

Name: Janice
Gender: Female
Species: Tyranitar
Age: 20
Offensive Attacks: Rock Throw, Mud Slap, Surf, Water Pulse
Defensive Attacks: Focus Energy, Rest, Protect
Personality: Janice is shy and timid, which is unusual for a Tyranitar. But she would rather avoid fighting if she can. But if she's backed into a corner, with no way out, she will fight. Though this is usually rare thanks to her very over protective mate. Once she gets over the shyness, and timidness, Janice is a kind and caring pokemon, and will try to help others if she can, and if they haven't attacked her.

Description: Janice has many scars of battles past when she was a Larvitar, and struggling to survive, and even more when she was a Pupitar. Though most are hidden by her thick armor, several places can be seen in the large nicks that appear on her right side, belly and both shoulders, showing off a reddish/black hide underneath with white-grey scars dotting the hide that can be spotted.

Other: Janice is expecting- which means try not to run into the Tyranitar when she's in play. OR HER MATE WILL EAT YOU.

Name: Meteor
Gender: Male
Species: Ampharos
Age: 10
Offensive Attacks: Thunder Punch, Dynamic Punch, Mega Punch, Iron Tail
Defensive Attacks: Thunder Wave, Safeguard, Lightscreen
Personality: Meteor is a wild card at times. Broody and protective of his territory and his mate, he hates the thought of other males getting near him/what he sees as his, and won't bother to give you warning before attacking you. He specialises in close up attacks, rather then defensive moves even if he does know them. Brash, blunt and rude, Metor would rather punch your face in than speak with you.

Description: Meteor is around a foot taller than normal Ampharos's, even if he is still drawfed by his mate. He's a deeper golden yellow then average Ampharos's, though not by much, and the gems on his tail and head are near a burnt gold color rather than the normal pinkish red.

Other: N/A

These are my four bouncer type characters. Basically if anything unruly happen, Meteor shows up, AND POW. Or plot devices, and etc. They are not my main character, and you really don't wanna go near Janice anyways *points at Meteor* XD
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Well-Known Member
Soooorry I couldn't get it in yesterday, I was kinda pressured and depressed over school -_- as it always is on a Sunday.
But I managed to complete it, sorry if its at all tardy ;-;

Name: Tabbris

Gender: Female

Species: Clefable

Age: 72 (XD hope thats fine)

Offensive Attacks: Metronome, Pound, Doubleslap

Defensive Attacks: Metronome, Sing, Minimize, Moonlight

Personality: Determined, spirited and unpredictable are ultimately the adjectives that form Tabbris’ personality. Through past experiences of loss due to her previous hesitance, Tabbris has intensified her determination to high extents throughout her life, this often causing her to perform outrageous tasks that she somehow has managed to accomplish throughout her years. Tabbris works herself to the limit, if need be. However, if the task is petty and in no way useful upon completion, Tabbris will ignore the situation completely, if not attempt it half-handedly.
Her spirit has instigated far more negative situations than Tabbris would have liked, though she still retains it constantly, no matter the situation; her spirit often coincides with her Metronome attack, which as we all know can vary the outcome of situations greatly, yet its her unpredictability that keeps her doing this.

Among others, Tabbris is affectionate and gracious and enjoys positive emotions.

However, Tabbris’ main flaw is her intelligence, or lack of it. Mystical and magical as Clefables are, they are not of the Psychic type and Tabbris certainly does reflect this in her mental slowness.

Description: Tabbris’ most prominent feature is the expansion in size of her wings and her tail, both at least half a size larger than a normal Clefable’s. And of course, she has a magical aura about her.

Other: Tabbris does prefer her name to be shortened to ‘Tabby’ as it is, as she describes it, 'cuter'.

There ^-^ sorry again for its latenessness...
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Name: Kali

Gender: Female

Species: Houndoom

Age: Six (Dog years)

Offensive Attacks: Flamethrower, Crunch, Smog.

Defensive Attacks: Roar, Howl, Leer.

Personality: Kali is, like most Pokemon of her species, protective of her companions and territory; if anything seems out of line to her, she would most certainly do something about it, or at least check it out. She comes across as curious and sometimes even a little nosy in the eyes of others, but normally, her curiosity could save an entire pack if it were some sort of danger to invade her territory. Over all, she is a worthy and loyal companion to those who befriend her, but a vicious and sneaky foe to those who oppose her.

Description: Like many other Houndoom, her coat is jet black, with the usual rack of bones lining her back. The bone collar around her neck isn’t abnormal, but it has its fair scrapes and chips from past battles she has had, the same goes for the bones upon her back. Her eyes are a bloody crimson in colour and chest and snout are the usual orange-like colour. The characteristic that stands out most on her form is the pointed tail, which instead of black, is white. The tip of her tail is in fact bone instead of skin as many other Houndoom have, no one knows why, but it is said to be a useful weapon to her when in danger.

Other: None

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
Shadowfaith; somehow I'm not surprised by your choice in pokemon XD and welcome aboard. In other words; you're accepted!


Memories in the Rain
Name: Zaber

Gender: Male

Species: Absol

Age: 24

Offensive Attacks: Faint Attack, Razor Wind, Slash

Defensive Attacks: Leer, Double Team

Personality: Zaber is a pure loner, simple and clean. He dosen't talk much, but unknowingly to all, has a heart of gold underneath that face of solitude, and occoasinally can be seen helping a pokemon in need. He dosen't really poke his nose into anything, only when he stumbles upon something that intriges him. Zaber's a tough Absol to befriend and hard to gain your trust- but the rewards are priceless.

Description: Like many Absols, Zaber's coat is snow white, but its a little dirty grey due to living in the mountians. His face, tail and scythe are all jet-black, and has a pair of gentle light blue eyes, which is unique to the Absols, whom usually has red eyes. So are his claws, which are glaring white and shine under the sun. It is parrticulary useful, as they can temporliary blind an opponent.

Other: -NiL-

Renegade, must the attacks be naturally learned or can it use TM/HM moves? (I think Move Tutuors are Out Of the question) And can the character learn new moves during the RP?
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Lady Myuu's Opposite
Name: Alexander
Gender: Male
Species: Manectric
Age: 15 ( human years, if you're wondering )

Offensive Attacks: Thunder, Spark, Quick Attack, Crunch.
Defensive Attacks: Thunder Wave, Protect, Howl.

Personality: Alexander is a cheerful Pokemon who is kind and likes a good laugh. He might use some time to get the point sometimes, but he has a good memory. He likes travelling, something that is very much needed since he has no sense of direction. He always travels alone and is a bit shy over new acquintances, but he is kind to new people still.

Description: Alexander carries obvious marks of long travelling. His yellow fur is ruffled and his blue spots of skin are almost always covered by dust. His right back-leg carries newly acquired scratches from an unlucky trip that ended into a fall into a Poochyena-cave. His eyes are lightning-yellow and else, he looks pretty much like a normal Manectric.

Other: He is currently travelling on the second island...somewhere. He is not too sure where he is there, though...

Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
ok boys, watch out this old girl does it.... o_O wtf am I talking about?

Name: Reero

Gender: Female

Species: Mightyena

Age: 9

Offensive Attacks: Bite, Take down and Thief

Defensive Attacks: Scary face, Roar and swagger

Personality: A very bitter creature, she does not like showing any sign of weakness and even avoids her own species if possible. She does not like any real interaction with anything other then what she is about to eat. She is a ruthless hunter and is known to stalk her prey for days not giving up until she has either caught her prey or something else did. Once she sets her mind to something she will not stop until it is complete or is impossible to complete it.

Description: Her black fur has faded to a dark gray while her gray fur is near more of a white. She still has the build of a mightyena in her prime but her body is covered with many battle scars. One goes across her chest and down her leg, a nearly fatal wound from a scuffle with another predator. She has one golden yellow eye while the other is faded and blind, a scar showing where she had been slashed. While she can still run and hunt she does have a slight limp in her back left leg and many smaller scars cover her body.
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Pokemon Trainer
Name: Kuni

Gender: Female

Species: Ponyta

Age: 14

Offensive Attacks: Quick Attack, Fire Spin, and Stomp

Defensive Attacks: Agility, Growl, Tail Whip

Personality: A very energetic and cheerful Pokemon, Sachi loves to play and explore. She is very friendly and enjoys meeting new Pokemon. She has a bad tendency to be sarcastic but she does have a good sense of humor. Though cheerful most of the time, she can be harsh when she is angered. She's a tough little Ponyta who refuses to give up no matter how bad the situation.

Description: Like all Ponyta, her short fur is a rich cream color though slightly darker than average. A mane of bright orange and red flames burns constantly and is good protection against enemies. Her short tail consists of the same red and orange flames and is very effect for swatting any attackers in the eyes. But she has even more flame on the upper back part of each leg. The only thing that sets her apart from other Ponyta are two scars she received in a battle with a particularly fierce Persian. The first one stretches from just above her right eye, to the end bottom of her face. The second one begins just a little below the end of her flaming mane, and ends half way down her right hind leg.

Other: None
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Name: Willow

Gender: female


Age: 15

Offensive Attacks: quick attack, steel wing,wing attack

Defensive Attacks: sand attack, agility, double team

Personality: Willow is stubborn but she knows when not to cross the line. She is a social pokemon and mainly strives with a flock. Leadership skills burn deep inside her and she will prove to be strong and bold when the time arises. Though sometimes she seems like a bitter grouch, she an be warm and friendly and fiercely protective of what she holds dear to her heart.

Description: Willow resembles like most of the Pidgeot in size and speed and stature.Her back side is that of light caramel and her underside and downy feathers are creamy. her tail is a bright crimson red and they are arranged liek a fan. Her wing feathers are stiff and well groomed while her talons are sharp and ready to strike. Like her species her senses are sharp and acute, though like every pokemon there is always a flaw in their form. For Willow her flaw is that she might be speedy but her attack power is not as strong as it could be. Though unlike the other's the stripe of long yellow feather that runs from her forehead is stained in a dark navy blue instead of the common yellow. The black 'L' shape that patterns her cheek is also the same dark navy blue.

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Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
Alana: .. horse years? I can understand 'Dog' years, and 'Cat' years, or the basics of them, but I do not understand Horse Years, why not just use normal years as I know the average lifespan of a horse can be 40 'human years', so a wild horse might live to 20 .. 25, etc. Just edit that and I'll let you in. And the hoof bit, that might be in the games, but that's probably exagerating, and could really dish serious damage to other players, so tone it down a bit and you'll be in.

xXWaterxFlowerXx; sorry, but denied


Pokemon Trainer
In the games they are ten times harder than diamonds but I guess it is a bit much. ^^' Alright I took that bit out and changed my age to 14.


Really and truly
Hey, Ren, please reserve a spot for a Scyther. I'll get my Sign Up posted soon.

(Question; if I wanted my character to have an attack it won't normally learn, can it have that attack as long as it made sense?)

Thanks a ton,

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
yeah Psychic, I can. And for attacks, well, yeah if they make sense. Or like this;

There are no TM's in the anime, so how do the pokemon learn? I think by watching and mimicing other pokemon, and if they're able too, they can harness the energy to use the attack.

But I trust you to not break out the flamethrowering Umbreons and recovering Metapods XD


Name: Setsuko
Gender: Male
Species: Jigglypuff
Age: 10
Offensive Attacks: Mimic, Pound
Defensive Attacks: Substitute
Personality: Simply put, Setsuko is really, REALLY weird. He can be annoying sometimes. Well, a lot of the time. He is often overconfident, and whenever he tries to do something evil/cool/whatever, he usually makes himself look like a dumbass. In battle, his only redeeming features are his ability to copy his foe's moves (Mimic), and his ability to escape using substitute.
Description: He's a little small for a jigglypuff, standing at only 10 inches. His fur is a little bit lighter than most jigglypuffs, and he has a headband tied around his head (Made from black bark) with a leave sticking out of it on the left side.
Other: Well, he's asexual, and he gets excited when near overly shiny and/or fluffy things.
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