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The Land Time Forgot; A pkmn RP


IRC bum
Name: Talin
Gender: Female
Species: Noctowl
Age: 26
Offensive Attacks: Confusion, Peck, Shadow Ball
Defensive Attacks: Hypnosis, Reflect, Feather dance

Personality: Talin is a bit old in the sense that she is a mild schizophrenic. She doesn’t suffer as much as others from it but it does nag at the back of her mind all the time. She sometimes sees things at don't exist, often doing a double take to conclude if it's real or not. It also lends to a bit of a paranoid twinge when dealing with others, imagining things about the other that isn't true. At times, she lives in her own little fantasy world, almost fully zoned out from the real world. Occasionally, she has ideas that make others shy away from her and label her "slightly unstable". Talin does have a touch of minor bipolarity as well, experiencing the occasion mania, feeling absolutely on top of the world, then spiraling down into the depths of anger for a time. Her see-sawing sides recur - on their most normal occasions, as they are erratic - in the span of a few months, though has been known to be shorter. Talin does try to have some control over her mentality, remaining in a neutral, albeit schizophrenic-touched, state much of the time between her instances of bipolarity.

Description: Talin is short than the average Noctowl at about four foot-eleven, but has made up with a larger wingspan. However, because it larger, it makes her seem disproportionate, even to the point of being ungainly when in confined areas. The benefits maybe that she can stay aloft longer, but she does sacrifice some maneuverability in turn for the added lift. The dark brown feathers lining her frame also have taken on a more burgundy tint to them, the lighter tan feathers adopting a more silvery color to be a mix of fifty-fifty. The crest is almost a silvery-white but still has a slight tan undertone.

Other: Talin is not "insane" - just sanity-challenged - and is safe to be around, supposing she doesn't come up with a hair-brained idea.
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Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
Hak; Accepted XD


Eternally hating D/P
Well... this looks interesting.

Since I didn't located the post stating that there will be no more sign-ups... then could I join please?

NOTE: I will post my sign-up form for my character later since it was awfully late at the time when this post was well, posted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yami Ryu

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Taaaaaaale ;; where is the possible Clefable?

Zerodius; I haven't posted saying no more people could join, as it's still open. Yeah you can still sign up, and you might get in.

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Name: Aer
Gender: Male
Species: Exeggutor
Age: At least 100, maybe more.
Offensive Attacks: Solar Beam, Psychic, Hyper Beam
Defensive Attacks: Hypnosis, Stun Spore, Light Screen
Personality: Aer is old enough to have all his 'heads' united as one mind. He does not have the problem of many voices speaking as one like younger Exeggutor's, but he does speak from different heads when he has different things to say or emotions to portray. Aer is wise, given that he has been around for a long time and is content enough to share his thoughts or philosophise with any that wish too. He moves around a lot and but is usually quiet preferring to observe life around him than get involved.
Description: Aer is a regular Exeggutor in most aspects, though he does appear a little worn due to his age. Aer also has a rare 'condition' upon which he changes his appearance with the changing seasons. In spring he appears a lighter shade of colour, while summer he is the traditional colours of an Exeggutor. Autumn he becomes darker and redder, while winter he looses much of his colour.
Other: Aer may be old, but even he remembers a wise old Stantler, back when he was but a young Exeggcute. He and Stantly are fond friends, if not for their shared veiws, but also for their old age.

Age might be a bit much, I can change if it's too old. Pokedex says Exeggutor is tropical, and I figure that rain forests are old.
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Name: Kotsu

Gender: Male

Species: Sandshrew

Age: 15

Offensive Attacks: Swift, Scratch, Dig, Mud Slap

Defensive Attacks: Counter, Sandstorm, Protect, Swords Dance

Personality: As many Pokemon want, Kotsu wishes for a friend or two. However this has been restricted due to his odd color and behavior. His odd color forced him to leave the rest of the sandshrews to fend for his own in the vast desert. Kotsu’s timidness has left him unable to socialize with many Pokemon.

Description: Kotsu is smaller than a typical sandshrew one might find (only weighs in about 20 lbs and stands 1'5" at full height). He has a slight shade of purple instead of the regular golden-brown skin that Sandshrews.

Other: Paranoid for pomeg and oran berries ;]
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Yami Ryu

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Dan, one character for now from everyone, but might let a second character be added later, depends on how the RP goes. Anyways accepted.

MS; Accepted.

edit: Dan, how about we have Aer and Stantly know eachother? Stantly could have met him some time ago .. when he could still walk more than a few feet a day XD
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If there's room I would like to reserve a place. And I have three big questions,
ONE: How long do Flygons live for in this?
TWO: Can he be Shiny?
THREE: Am I allowed NPC plot characters? 'Cos all I can confirm now is he will be called Nylf the Flygon, and the Nylf I use always hangs around with a Gardevoir called Ro and a Metgross called Sorg. If those two aren't OK, I want to know so to save me writing a sign up including them, then have them not allowed.

Yami Ryu

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Zerodius; look at the age ffs. A one year old pokemon. I wouldn't expect a Charmander to be evolved at that young an age, or away from the nest, or have mastered the attack flamethrower. You put a defensive move; Poison Powder for an attack, and gave the Chiko way too many attacks for a two year old. And don't bother editing, you still won't be accepted.

Shiny Flygon; No. Because knowing you from Dan's rp, your flygon is a mary sue, might turn into a Rayquaza randomly, and etc. Not accepted.


Really and truly
Name: Scyclaw

Species: Scyther

Gender: female
Age: 21

Offensive Attacks: Slash, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter
Defensive Attacks: Swords Dance, Double Team, Agility, Focus Energy

Personality: The first thing you should know about Scyclaw is that you never want to get on her bad side. She is fierce and sly, and she should never be underestimated. Scyclaw is quick and crafty and knows how to twist a situation to her advantage. Like all Scyther, she is proud, a bit arrogant and her honor is something she values deeply. Scyclaw is not very good at making friends and is uncomfortable with others being very close to her (both physically and emotionally), however those she does call friend are very precious to her, and she will always stand by them, even if her own life it at stake.
In battle, Scyclaw prefers to remain on the defensive, wearing her opponent out. The main problem is that in her cockiness she sometimes underestimates others, being a rather poor judge of not only battling abilities, but character as well.

Description: Unlike other Scyther, Scyclaw’s face is perfectly smooth and a bit more pointed. Also, the claws on her feet are longer, sharper and a bit more curved than normal.

Other: Scyclaw knows who is and who is not worth her time. If you’re not worth her time, don’t bother talking to her-not only will she not talk back and walk away, but she might do something drastic is she’s mad enough, like put her scythe to your throat and threaten you in a hiss.

Renegade said:
Shiny Flygon; No. Because knowing you from Dan's rp, your flygon is a mary sue, might turn into a Rayquaza randomly, and etc. Not accepted.
I say, amen, Gonzala-I mean, Ren! *when you know you're a bit too into your school play*
If I ever see another Shiny Rayquaza, it’ll be too soon! And Flygon are practically a turn off for me now, even if I once thought them to be these cool, proud sort of beasts. :p

Now everybody’s gonna turn on Psychic and start yelling at her. How very fun.

EDIT: Age edited. But, might I inquire as to what's wrong with 23? It's the funniest number there is-well, it's not funny, but...well, nobody here would understand if I tried to explain.
Nywayz, how come I had to bring her down? Yunno, just out of curiosity.
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Yami Ryu

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XD no, no harm done for either posts, and; Tale you can up the Clef's age, cause a very interesting IRC discussion deducted they and Jigg's are immortal. Unless one of two things happen; they get popped, or something gets tired of being narcaleptic and sqooshes them XD but seriously, yeah I think they could live a while, and Psychic, just tone the years down by 2 and you're in XD in other words;

Tale; Accepted
Psychic; Accepted

Lonely Wanderer

Well-Known Member
Name: Raika

Gender: Female

Species: Jolteon

Age: 20 (Human years)

Offensive Attacks: Thundershock, Pin Missile, Double Kick

Defensive Attacks: Thunder Wave, Agility, Sand-Attack

Personality: Preferring to work on the wild on her own than being with others, she’ll correct others in a non-peppy way if she finds them wrong in an idea or object. She’ll find threats that she will consider harmless amusing, meaning that she won’t get serious enough with dealing with ideas that might deal with death. Believing to be different from others (although not the best), she will not listen to the anyone around her that she’ll consider “Under herself”, although she will also not listen to the ones proven greater than herself, unless they’ve gain all the trust that Raika will give. Barely will Raika ever soften up a bit to those in her surroundings, making her more “out of the crowd”. However, there is…tough kindness in her, a kindness that she rarely shares on those around her. Raika is proven to be very calm also, which might be alarming on why she finds threats amusing. Most of her knowledge is based on surviving in the wild, a knowledge that she only shows to the ones in trouble that she trusts. A word to the wise: Only if you impress Raika will she ever give any sympathy or kindness for you.

Description: Raika almost looks like the normal Jolteon; spikes cover almost her entire body, most of them being yellow. However, the spikes that are supposed to be white are actually a very light-green color, though the innermost parts off these are white. Her eyes, which are supposed to be black, are more of sparkly emeralds, looking almost like the jewels themselves. She also has a very long scar going down her back-left leg, though this is only visible when she runs; how she got it is even a mystery for Raika herself.

Other: N/A
Name: Dolimir, Dolii for short.

Gender: Female though the tail head appears of more of a masculine nature.

Species: Girafarig

Age: 19 (well with her head...)

Offensive Attacks: Tackle, psybeam, stomp , Future Sight/psycho babble

Defensive Attacks: Agility which when infuriated may lead to tree smacking, growl, pseduo politics* (see footnote)

Personality: Dolii is a bit of a ! *snort* kinda lady and is a little too headstrong and stubborn for her own good. She generally dubs everything bad till proven not edible just to be safe, you never know that rock just might pull a sneak attack...

Horray for over paranoid quadapeds.

Head, her tail head, is certainly the brains of the body and does have a sleeping habit of chewing things without realising it. Head over exagurates everything using bigger words than he understands in most cases all to try and fit this brains of the outfit attitude he has.

Watch out for his Future Sight, he might just tell you winning lottery numbers and claim it a plan to find the best grass.

Description: Normal Rig but Head has a little tie made from seaweed string and a leaf, he is currently seeking eye intelligence enhancing devices to wear also without success at present.

Other: Head dreams about cheese hence the habit of leg chewing, seeing the future but not living in it, bring it on money hungry swines!

*Because politics doesn't exist, head speaks pseduo politics! Basically it's like normal politics but since there aren't any in this world it is basically random drivel. It still confuses the target like crazy though or lulls them to sleep or even flee! It's a very dangerous offensive ability.

Yami Ryu

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I think I might just drop the age thing down the drain in a bit, just so confusing and all XD I see Scythers/Pinsers/Heras live to the 30ish years but yeah thinking the age thing is just gonna be set, at a default of 40- then death for some pokemon and whatever. No muss no fuss @_@ NO OMG WHAT AGEWHEREOtenviev *explodes*

<< >>

Lonely Wanderer; sorry, denied

Sandra; accepted


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Name: Dart

Gender: Male

Species: Venonat

Age: 7

Offensive Attacks: Confusion, Tackle, and Signal Beam

Defensive Attacks: Stun Spore, Supersonic, Sleep Powder, and Foresight

Personality: Dart is a very curious pokemon and loves to explore and travel. He can spend days at a time exploring his surroundings and studying the activities of the creatures around him, though he makes an effort to keep a low profile and stays in the shadows and out of sight whenever possible. Dart is a hardened and antisocial pokemon who has trouble opening up to others, and has been this way ever since he was abandoned by his peers when he failed to evolve with the rest of the swarm.

Description: Like most Venonat, Dart has very large, crimson eyes, which act as radar, allowing him to maintain his vision and be active regardless of the time of day. Dart also has a slightly darker shade of fur than most of his species, and his coat is stiffer than that of an average Venonat’s, which in turn, offers him slightly greater protection and resistance from physical attacks.

Other: N/A
Sounds interesting Yams. :< I think I'll try my hand at signing up, you seem to be being rather selective, so, sux2bme if you don't think this is good enough. I should probably link you to some other Role Plays I've done in the past, if you'd like, seeing as how I've not been in any here at SppF. ;/ Anyway;

Name: Malicious
Gender: Male.
Species: Persian
Age: 7 (Bearing in mind this is a cat >>;)
Offensive Attacks: Slash, Take Down, Body Slam
Defensive Attacks: Swords Dance, Agility

Personality: Malicious has a name that would fit into his personality beautifully. He is arrogant, cold hearted, and greedy. But, within his seemingly rough exterior, he is always looking out for those around him, specifically, his friends. Being a Persian, he generally likes to be alone with his thoughts, only showing himself for food and other important events.

As aforementioned, Malicious is protective over those he considers a friend, unfortunatley he is selective over who his friends might be, often opting for the people who appeal to himself more than the people who seek for the more wise, or good choices in life. If the time and event calls for it, Malicious will strive to protect everything, indeed, he is not one that enjoys the company of others, but that would never stop him from ensuring others won't be hurt.

Description: Perhaps the most distinct feature of Malicious is the large brown stripe that comes across from the back end of his body to the top of his neck. It has been there since his birth, and gives him a defining look, setting him aside from any other Persian.

Other: Don't kid yourself here, this is a member of the persian species of pokemon, Shiny things. And lots of them, Malicious loves shiny things. :3~



Name: Vera

Gender: Female

Species: Skarmory

Age: 17

Offensive Attacks: Steel Wing, Scratch, Peck.

Defensive Attacks: Metal Sound, Sand Attack, Whirlwind.

Personality: Normally she is quiet and thoughtful. She is aggressive when angered, and she defends her territory fiercely. Vera cares a lot about her friends, and will defend them in any situation, even if they are wrong. She is skilled at fighting and enjoys it. She tends to pick fights over prey often.

Description: Five and a half feet tall, as most Skarmories are. Her wings are larger than most other Skarmory's. Her blades are noticably sharper as well. Other than that she looks like any other Skarmory would.


The Steel Princess
Name: Caden

Gender: Female

Species: Quilava

Age: 18

Offensive Attacks: Flame wheel, flamethrower, crush claw, quick attack

Defensive Attacks: Leer, Agility, Attract, Double Team.

Personality: Sarcastic and aggressive, Caden can be friendly, when she feels like it. If something makes her mad, she's willing to take someone's lights out. But to be warned, she loves to flirt with every eye-candy she sees.

Description: She has a cute look on her face, but is always seen smirking and raising her right brow when she sees something she likes. Very speedy and has a good agility. She won't stop until she gets what she wants. When she doesn't, something breaks. She has a lighter spot covering her right temple and eyelids. When she closes her eyes, the spot becomes a small heart.

Others: N/A