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The Land Time Forgot; A pkmn RP



Name: Asterisk
Gender: Male
Species: Mightyena
Age: 24

Offensive Attacks: Crunch, Tackle, Poison Fang
Defensive Attacks: Sand attack, Roar, Howl, Odor sleuth


Born in a litter of four, Asterisk was the youngest of all four of his siblings and being born to a dog-eat-dog world, Asterisk was driven to his most aggressive side early in his life. He was not neccesarily a mean pokemon, but he could be rude, and would use force if he could not get what he wanted. He was not a pokemon of many words, because it was action that often spoke for him.

Everything in his experience had proved over and over again that only a strong, "greedy", and aggressive pokemon could only survive; everything that mattered to him was none less than his strength, survival, and himself. He would not fight the weak ones or the cowards, but that does not mean he was one of benevolence either. Rather, he was one of pride, and fighting the weak and the cowardly would only prove he was weak unless his survival was at risk. He was easily prompt to fight an opponent either something bigger and stronger, or anything that provoked or challenged him to fight in the first place. He was not a team player, but if he had to in order to survive, he would of course be part of a pack. Yet, he would only team up with pokemon arround his level of fighting, and he would kill if he wanted to become the leader just because he felt only he knows best.

Other than killing, eating, sleaping, and any other unneccessary things, he was a lone traveler without directions constantly pondering and seeking for the answers to these questions:

What is the meaning of life?

What is beyond the island he was born into?

What is the point of his existance?

Asterisk had a couple permenant battle scars he had arround his body which came from his more violent battles. There was a cut on his left ear, whoose hearing was not as good as the other, but it was only a minor set-back. What also made him different was that the curved triangles under his tired, determined deep, brown eyes had a slight darkest red tint, which was enough to be somewhat noticeable. He made sure his claws were sharp as ever, and small patch of hair was missing from his long black tail, which was missing because previously, he accidently had the hairs on his tail slapped under a mini-mountain of boulders, and he had to pull his tail out. His legs were generally slightly longer, which came from a genetic mutation.

His fur was in a constant need of a wash, with dirt over it.

((Poison Fang is an inherited move, if I remember closely.))
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Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
Age: I have decided to quirk with this a bit. This is a basic thing, not to use as a set guide, more like, an influence. Insect pokemon will get between 15-35 years. Mamilian pokemon 20-40 years, Avian pokemon 35-50 years, Reptilian 30-45 years, and as I said, some pokemon are extremely long lived. This is now to cut down the confusion for editing 'dog''cat''bug' years into human years and yeah, well. Basically easier. YOU MAY EDIT THE AGES- so long as you post

There, now that that is done finally- and I thought Kidodi Sempai replied earlier... must have been a different RP o_O

xXSapphireXx; Sorry, not accepted

InnerFlame; up the age and you're in.

TO EVERYONE ELSE; that I have denied, and that didn't whine, beg, etc at me, may try to join again. Who knows, you might get accepted.

Kidodi: EVUL, you had to reply while I was busy with laggin computer ;; evil person. Anyways; You are accepted. ASLONG. AND ONLY ASLONG as you don't poison other players, and same goes for you InnerFlame, as I doubt poisoncure berries are very abundant in all places... I don't want dying players. Unless I kill them off.
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Fire and Ice Combo
Is that high enough? And you don't worry I won't poison the other characters. I probably won't ever fight with them if they don't force me to.

king krab kingler

Can I sign up here?

Name:King Krab
Offensive Attacks:Crabhammer,surf,bubblebeam
Defensive attacks:harden,protect,leer
Personality:King Krab is a calm pokemon,calm at most times...but if disturbed during sleep or personal times,he will lose his temper,King Krab likes to play with other pokemon,he dislikes crowded areas and enjoys battles.
Description:A bit larger than your usual kingler,he has extremely hard pincers and strong sturdy leags.

Hope it's enogh,If I need more just tell me!
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Ren do you think I could reserve a poliwrath? I should have my sign-up up by saturday at the latest.

king krab kingler

Why is mines denied?
What to I have to do to get it right?


Well-Known Member
Why is mines denied?
What to I have to do to get it right?

Perhaps if you learned how to write. It always helps.

For instance, the space bar is used after commas. Simple. If you cant get that right, then the rest isn't really worth considering.

And if you read the rules, you'd know that the RPG master's word is final, and that means Ren needs not explain to you why you were denied, its up to her.

king krab kingler

Haha, what an idiot. You think I care how to use the ''space bear''...if you do then your wrong,I ain't no speeling geek like you,so f**k off!

Excuse my language. NOT!


... Noob

Anyways, i Have Tha i Have Previously Posted Before, Startig Up A Little "Flame". I Have Come To tell You hat It Was Not Me Who Did It, But My Little 9 Year Old Brother...
I Apologise On His Behalf And I Wonder May I Join? Of Course My Brother Will No Longer Be Here, As I Have Recently Changed My Password...

EDIT: If I Am Allowed To Sign Up, I Have The Sign-Up Saved On Microsoft Word...
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So tell me mantinegod, if you are an english class drop-out, which you obviously are, then whats the point in trying to rp. isn't the point of rping to have fun and to improve writing skills, not to spam up threads of people who reject your sign up. Just a heads-up. Oh and by the way, what is a "Space Bear" or "speeling"? Sorry if I was a bit harsh.
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I'll Post My Char, Hopefully It's Good Enough...

Name: Sol

Gender: Male

Species: Houndoom

Age: 20

Offensive Attacks: Fire Blast, Crunch, Ariel Ace, Toxic.

Defensive Attacks: Protect, Double Team, Smog, Endure.

Personality: Brave, Strong-Willed and Cunning Are Almost A Perfect Way To Describe Sol And His Personality. Though Past Experiences Of Pain And Suffering Still Haunt Him, He Still Fights On. Sol Has Determination Beyond Measure And Sees Everything Through To The End. Throughout Life, Sol Has Had To Cope With Rough Situations, Hardening His Spirit And Mind. Sol Pumps Himself And Braces For Anything That Comes His Way If The Time Arises, However, If The Task Ahead Is Too Hard For Sol, He Will Not Act Hot-Headedly As His Ego Would, He’ll Get Backup, Being A Wise Creature. Among Others, Sol Humble And Generous, Giving Everyone A Positive Feeling After Meeting Him.

However, Sol Is A Hunter, Coming Out At Night To Prey For Food And Occasionally Loot Other Pokemon’s Food Supplies To Add To His Own, Making Him A Sort Of “Nice” Thief…

Description: Sol, Much Like Other Houndoom, Has The Normal Features, Includinng The Exoskeleton, Horns And Jet Black Fur. What Differs Him From The Rest Of His Species Is That His Horns Are Slightly Longer Than Usual, His Fangs Are Larger And His Paws Have Adapted To His Thieving Abilities, Allowing Him To Tread Silently While Putting Weight On it. Also His Eyes Are A Deep Crimson, Which Are Very Unnerving To Those Who gaze Into Them…

Other: Sol’s Favorite Food Is Apple Pie, He Loves It. But Then Again, That’s His Random Thing. :p

Ish This Goodums?
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Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
Maybe this will help you Taoist. Not only did you ignore me the first time, insult me when I told you why you were denied, and then 'ask' if you can join the RP, and then sign up like I said yes, you did what I told you, got you kicked out of the RP before you had a chance, AND you try to claim it was your brother.

GTFO of my RP before I sick Dan aka Razor Leaf on your sorry *** like I have done to Mantine God.

Mantine God; you want to know why you were denied? Because you can't erfing write, or make a high quality sign up. Like Tale already aluded too.

TY Tale, with friends like you, I don't need to worry about idiots invading my RP sign ups.

And yes FlygonFirefly, you can be reserved.


Name : Raik

Species: Dusclops

Age: 220 years

Shadow punch
confuse ray
Thunder bolt

Double team

Desc:Has a weird darkish blue tint to the normal black of a dusclops. always has dark blue smoke coming out of him.


he is a neutral. and will fight only to help himself. or those who have proven of help. he will betray friends to get what he wants. but usually very loyal.depending orn circumstances. he may show love or care towards someone. he enjoys screwing with peoples minds. and being very witty.he was created from the deaths of a trainers 6 beloved pokemon.
they died a quick and confusing death. and dusclops is rying to find his place in the world. often he'll get curious and follow someine around for days months or years. due to bordome curiosity or many reasons. basically he is very confused and does not know what to do.

eats by consuming strong emotions, therefor making the pokemon absorbed feel very strange.
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Man oh man it's been a while since I joined a RPG

Name: Silent
Species: Pidgeot
Age: 60
Offensive Attacks:
Wing Attack
Quick Attack
Defensive Attacks:
Mirror Move
Double Team
Personality: Just as his name says, he is a silent and quiet Pidgeot. He usually does not speak anywhere to anyone. He sometimes thinks before attacking but most of the time he just attacks without thinking. He does not like to be seen often, so he flies away when he thinks someone, other than friends, are coming. He rarely smiles so he's not what you call a happy-go-lucky friend or buddy.
Description: He looks like any other average Pidgeot, except he has more golden color under both wings. His hair is all crimson, rather than the mix of red and yellow. He has a really sharp beak "which is the sharpest of all beaks," he thinks. Nobody notices that he has blue eyes, not even himself. He has a medium sized slash on his stomach, from when a former enemy, a Mightyena, slashed him
Other: None.


Ren, could you reserve me a spot before I try again? I'll try to post soon as I'm not busy.

Also, to Taoist:
Who types the first letter in every word you post in capital? You were lucky X Kazemon allowed you to be in her RP. And, don't spin up lies. I can tell by the words you say, it's not a kid who is nine who's posting, it's a not mature child, who seems to be many years older than me. STOP POSTING IN THIS THREAD FOR GOODNESS SAKE IF YOU DON'T KNOW PROPER ENGLISH TAOIST!

EDIT: Okay, you're the same age as me, Taoist, but, you're older than me still. At least I know proper English. Don't flame Renegade for goodness sake, at least she was kind enough to say sorry. Don't be rude for goodness sake, Taoist. You're most likely from America, where you mainly learn English, but I can tell that you most likely failed your English.
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Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
xXSapphireXx; yes, I can reserve a trial spot for you. Just aslong as you can please refrain from the colored text in the RP if you're accepted.


Sorry Ren, but I have to withdraw my reservation. I just don't have time to rp as much with the exams only 2 weeks away.