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The Land Time Forgot; A pkmn RP


Not a Seadra
Renegade said:
TO EVERYONE ELSE; that I have denied, and that didn't whine, beg, etc at me, may try to join again.QUOTE]
I assume this means I can try again? I'll try a diferent character.
Name: Vanessa
Gender: Female
Species: Vaporeon
Age: 28
Offensive Attacks: Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Bite
Defensive Attacks: Acid Armor, Endure, Wish
Personality: Vanessa is good-hearted yet rough, perfering seaweed and berrys over any kind of flesh. She is easy to talk to after you are her friend, but she is, sadly, an awful bit shy. She is edgy to strangers, often to the point of being very snappy. Vanessa tries her best to help out others, though. Since she normally has a hard time approaching them, she wishes for their problems to go, which normally instead makes her have more troubels herself. Basically, she controdicts herself in every way.
Description: Vanessa is a tad bit more long-legged than the average Vaporeon. She also has a birthmark on her right front leg that curves around like an anklet would.
Other: Don't think so.
Again, I won't complain if I'm not accepted.