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The last movie you saw

cookies kill you

Like a boss
just say what the last movie you saw its on the title

anyway for me it was Broly second coming a bit lame but whatever good guys always win
... Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.

I really needed to catch up on my Pokémon movies, okay? :/


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The last movie I watched was Batman Begins. The one I last saw in cinemas was HP7P2.


Est sularus oth mith
Thankfully I can say I watched Captain America again. It was going to be The Smurfs for the thirst time, but I talked my son outs that choice! *shiver*


Green Eyed Girl
Interstella 5555, or at least, every music video Daft Punk made for their album Discovery, which was made into a feature length film.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes, two days ago.

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I went to the movies with my friends to watch Cowboys vs Aliens. When the Sarah Conor girl came in, we whistled at her. It was a good movie. Next, Pokemon the Movie: Rise of Darkrai!

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Memento Mori
Despicable Me.

Avenger Angel

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Last movie I saw at the theater was Captain America. As for the last movie I saw at home on blu-ray, Battle: Los Angles.

I do love a great action movie.