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The last movie you saw

Mr. Reloaded

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Astro Boy not a bad movie but not a good one either like it has a confusing storyline and the characters just really to my nerves.
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Puss in Boots, it was entertaining and funny.


Paranormal Actvity 3.

It was jumpy in parts, and was a bit tense towards the start... But then it got repetetive and ridiculous, and wasn't that scary. It was a huge let down.


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The Big Year. Go see this movie, it's hilarious!

Meowth City

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Cinema: The Lion King 3D (at the IMAX) - I finally got to see my favourite movie of all time just yesterday. It was epic, truly epic.
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I just finished watching Insidious for the first time. (yeah I missed it last year) I thought my Uni friends were trying to fool me into believing it was a really scary horror movie, because I was laughing so much throughout that movie. How does that pass off as horror?... lmao!

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The last movie I saw? If you mean in theaters it was Harry Potter 7 part 2. In general? It was actually Sharkboy and Lavagirl. It came on Disney channel while I was channel surfing and I had nothing better to do so I told myself "What else am I doing?" so I watched it. I believe that werewolf teen from Twilight played Sharkboy. I wonder what he thinks about it now?


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The Adventures of Tintin in cinema.
Huge Tintin fan. Was it an excellent tip of the hat to the comics (I'm a Canuck, comes out later this year for us)?
Last movie I saw was Puss N Boots.......worst movie I've seen in years. Predictable, boring, and it dragged on forever. For the sake of your funny bone I do not suggest this movie.
Last movie in theaters was Harry Potter And TDH Pt. 2 which was probably one of the best movies like ever, I love the books :p

Probably last movie at my house was Avatar, which I have watched twice and wasnt impressed either time.


I’m Back...
Winneh the Pooh (2011 film) was the last film I have seen. It was so nostalgic to me with all of the characters in the film I remember from the show when I was growing up. Kinda think of how uncanny it is that my personality being almost the same as Tigger , which was my favorite character in anything when I was growing up. Probably might thinking of either seeing Jack and Jill , Tower Heist , or Puss in Boots this weekend.




I watched Edward Scissorhands with my sister and brother, and it took a lot of convincing to make my brother watch it, hahah. My sister's boyfriend was actually named after that movie, his mom is, uh...yeah. Don't worry, he has normal hands. xD