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The last movie you saw


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This time it's Man of Steel. I finally went to see it, and I'm glad I did. It is a great movie. The story is great, the actors are great, the graphics are great. 9.5/10


Allez Les Bleus!
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Alpha. Even though it was a short movie, but I think it's a wonderful movie. Used so many futuristic gadgets. I can't wait for the second part.
Django Unchained was the last one i saw, that movie was intense i recommend thst to everybody


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I think it was The Call. It had a good ending. ^_^
After recently seeing fast and furious 6, i was keen to see more of the series. I heard a few glowing reviews about the first installment, so i watched it. It starts off very well with an epic scene involving a lorry. It gets quiet in the middle, but the cars and characters were both very good. It has more of a dark feel to it than 6 but was a little dissapointing. But still a must see for new fans of the series 6.5/10


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The Earth Is a Sinful Song

An old Finnish film from 1970s (the events in the film happen in 1940s). I wanted to watch it because I read some reviews about it and it seemed to be a Finnish film classic. In the film NOTHING happened expect many people died and everyone worked hard. It was somewhat boring but it was interesting to see life in 1940s Lapland and the film was very well made.


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Tucker and Dale VS Evil

Wasn't expecting it to be that funny and it was a lot more cerebral than I thought it would be. Being pleasantly surprised by moves lately.


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Toy story 2. :p Don't ask why but it brings back memories and I was bored so eh.
I'm seeing man of steel on sunday and dispicable me 2 soon and maybe the lone ranger. TO MANY MOVIES!!!


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Watched Charlie St. Cloud yesterday, haha, don't judge. I actually genuinely enjoyed it, not amazing, but pretty good. I also saw The Heat last week and it was SOOO funny, definitely recommend it.


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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

I had been on such a huge horror movie trip that I figured I needed to change it up a bit.

I have seen this movie its pretty funny I'm a big Kevin Smith fan though.

The last movie I saw was the Lone Ranger it is actually really good if you like Pirates Of the Carribean I recommend you see it.


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Despiceble me 2.

Wow. First time in years since i watched in the cinemas!

Rates: 9/10

Its lpretty hilarious xD I wont say any spoils, though one scene was like Resident Evil when El macho drank that virus like tube, nya~