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The last movie you saw


Son of Wōden
The Firm, the original one with Gary Oldman rather than the remake. I really liked it, and I feel the late 80's TV production aesthetic really helped add a sense of legitimacy as it was a bit murky, a bit gritty and not really polished.


Son of Wōden
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Frustrating, much like To The Wonder which I previously mentioned. Visually great, and there's definitely something there, but it's so slow and long it's really hard to hold interest.


Well-Known Member
Ender's Game

Uhm. A bit disappointing. It made it seem like the events of the book happened in a number of days instead of years. It ripped out most of the book and shoved a few inaccuracies in instead. Made me feel like I was watching Eragon again x__x bad versions of adaptions... course it wont change my opinion of Harrison Ford though <3
The events of the book were condensed into only a very short amount of time. It seemed like there was only a month for all the book's events to happen in the movie instead of five years in the book. Which hurt the story.

Ender's Game was the last movie I saw. As a serious fan of the book series, it did not do the story justice at all.


<-- Want a DWF
I had to watch the movie Amistad a few weeks ago for my US History class. Historically accurate, good acting, Morgan Freeman, and an overall enjoyable experience.

Did I mention Morgan Freeman?


Son of Wōden
Saw Philomena at the Cinema. Really enjoyed it, though it was a lot more sombre than the trailer made it out to be, though I don't consider that a bad thing.

Then watched 500 Days of Summer on saturday. Again really enjoyed it, and I quite liked the structure of it.


One Truth Prevails
The Crater Lake Monster


My advice, do not watch this. The monster was so bad I felt stupid sitting there watching it. The acting was so incredibly moronic. And the people didn't even scream when the monster was coming at them. Spare yourselves.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Wicked City

Actually knew of this because of a trailer a classmate years back showed for a presentation of sorts (can't remember what for), pointing out where he got his inspiration to be an artist and all that. It was clips of this anime movie and Ninja Scroll, the director's previous work I have seen earlier this year and enjoyed, that he showed. I'm 21 now, but as an 18-year-old, while I knew of works like that, I had never seen anything like it before and I didn't want to see it because of how cautious I am with what I want to see. Well... I still don't like watching anime like that, but I've seen more clips of this and all that, and I didn't find them to be that shocking once I got down to it (it's an erotic horror/thriller movie). I'm sure they were at the time, but now it's a bit... I wouldn't say tame, but it's not that surprising. It's not a hentai, but his works get pretty close to it, to be honest.

Ehh... story wasn't that great, and characters were kinda... meh. Animation is okay, has an interesting and rather unique style, but it's aged a bit (like with Ninja Scroll). I'm sure there are people who hold this with some regard (like the previously-mentioned classmate), but I don't exactly see it. Ninja Scroll I at least did, but not with this one. And it's funny, because Ninja Scroll was made in 1993--this one was back in 1987. You'd think one would have more of a historical significance than the other, but eh.

If you want to go watch it, just be forewarned of the mature content, and of the occasional flashing backgrounds. I can only imagine how bad it looks on the television screen, but it got annoying on the computer screen. So those prone to epileptic seizures should probably avoid it. (The flashing backgrounds probably are part of the reason why the movie's aged in terms of animation.)

Also, the voice actors who played Gennai and Gatomon/Angewomon from the English dub of Digimon are in this movie (as a perverted old man and demon-like spider woman, respectively). Prepare for some wacky imaginations that may ruin your childhood. Or was that just me who had that?


~Setting Sail~
Bruce Almighty. 8/10.

Absolutely hysterical in some parts. Nearly made me choke on the Oreo I was eating. But considering what the overall premise towards the end was, things were just slightly cheesy. Jim Carrey is my hero, as always.


Well-Known Member
The Croods.

This movie is really cute and has some awesome animation.