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The last movie you saw


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Terminator Genisys. I thought the events in the past would play out like in the first movie, but I was surprised when everything turned out differently.

state of grace

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I watched Beginners on Netflix yesterday. Maybe it was a bit too pretentious at times, maybe the quirkiness was a bit overwhelming, but I still found this indie film captivating and sweet.


Monsters University. Pixar is bae.


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I watched Big Hero 6 today. It was a neat movie.


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I saw Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation earlier today. The action sequences were particularly enjoyable, but I wasn't blown away. It was serviceable, but not quite as satisfying as I'd expected. I hope Ilsa (it ashamedly took me until the final hour of the film to make the Casablanca connection) doesn't become yet another throwaway female character as the franchise progresses.


Future Gym Leader
Kingsman: The Secret Service
I didn't have any expectations going in, really. But I loved it. It turned out great. Funny, smart, cool, fun. Great flick.


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Today I saw Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation. It was a cool movie.

state of grace

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Paper Towns. I was dragged into the theater fully aware it was based on a John Green book and I was ready to dislike it. And I did end up disliking it.

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
The Last Airbender

And as an bonus: Pixels

Because I just had to see how bad they really were. Doesn't matter if both films were for kids, they were both inexcusably terrible.


Forever now
Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

Better than the previous one. I dont really remember it again though xD
But Brant character improved. Oh, I like the settings in Ghost Protocol better (now I remember).

Jeremy Renner > Tom Cruise


Nightcrawler. Loved it.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
The Big Lebowski

Finally got to see it after a lot of my classmates in college talked about it, and a friend here on Serebii constantly praising it. It's the third Coen Brothers film I've seen, and I liked this one better than No Country for Old Men in terms of enjoyability. I still remember more of O Brother, Where Art Thou?, but I'm glad I still saw Lebowski.


Just saw the original spider-man, and it's still every bit the classic it ever was. It has this lovely timelessness to it, and stuff like the upside down kiss will never get old.