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The last movie you saw


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It was okay, that's all I have to say.


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Memento= masterpiece
Joker: close to masterpiece or objectively good movie the least.
Rambo: Last Blood: it was good.


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Dark Phoenix. It was ok, had some good special effects, cinematography and the acting was good. 7/10

The Lost Boys. It's a pretty good vampire movie, with nice cinematography and good special effects. 8/10
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The Jackal.
Saw this on BBC3 so gave it a go and was quite entertained. I don't know if it's the age of the movie but I found one or two of the disguises Willis wore to be quite amusing.


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I saw Joker and it's been a while since I've seen a movie with this many surprises that you truly don't know how things are going to go down. Honestly these days, I'm pretty used to the trailer pretty much showing what the movie's story is going to play out with one or two expected big or small surprises, I thought Joker was going to be like that until I watched it. I have to say the characters, all the minor and major characters you saw play out in that trailer er not how you expect them to play out in the actual movie.

There's an example of this that I had in mind and this is SPOILERS. I'm not going to spoil the plot details here really but I am going to spoil in how a certain scene from the trailer turned out ot be much more integral and important to the plot than how the trailer made it out to be. So again, SPOILERS So a great example of this, and again I warn you SPOILERS, that in the trailer we see Joker laughing and getting beat up by three guys in the subway and I was thinking okay. Were going to see the main character walk home, the movie is going to treat this as one of Joker's many and frequent bad days, the audience is going to see a minor but important scene, the steps that slowly break down the Joker really early in the film when he's just a regular guy. That was my thoughts when watching the trailer, that this one going to be one of the smaller shorter scenes that appears to be early in the movie gets overshadowed by the scenes late in the story which is where often the more memorable scenes often comes from. I saw it as kind of a slow-buildup to the Joker audiences were going to be familiar with it until I saw this scene play out in the movie and it flips the table on you pretty fast. I think what most surprise me is that even though this isn't your action blockbuster movie, this is a pretty fast-paced film that revolves around the mystery of "Who is the Joker?" and there were times I really wanted to go to the bathroom lol but couldn't because this movie just kept throwing you twist after twist after twist. So when I did went to the bathroom and got back, I almost missed this one major twist about Joker's possible background story.

Anyways, this is a really good and unpredictable film in my opinion that this film will remind you that the movie is called "Joker". I say that because there are genuinely times your kind of rooting for the bad guy, even maybe defend him at one point early on in the film depending on your beliefs but then there are also moments where you are just hoping he doesn't become the bad guy only to be reminded a second later what the movie's title is.


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A bit late, but my local cinema put on The Shining for Halloween as a way to tie in with the new sequel Doctor Sleep. I've seen The Shining on TV before and didn't think much of it, but seeing it on the big screen with the right atmosphere really gave me a new appreciation for it. A bit slow in places, but when it does get going it's a fantastic horror movie. Doctor Sleep was on a few days later, it wasn't too bad, Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson were both great and the little girl is nowhere near as annoying as I was anticipating, but it's not very scary (even the parts that are supposed to be) and there are times where it feels like it's been written by a 15-year-old edgelord.


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
Doctor Sleep. I didn't get it.
If you've seen the original Shining, most of Doctor Sleep is just call-backs to that. Both are based on books by Stephen King, but really both movies deviate a lot from their source material. In a very brief nutshell, "Shining" is a nickname for psychic powers (mind-reading, seeing into the future etc.), and ghosts are drawn to this psychic power.


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Aliens - One of the few films that I can watch multiple times and still enjoy it. Classic sci-fi horror, that, in my mind at least, is where the Alien franchise ended. 8/10.


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Twenty Feet From Stardom - 6/10
Kinda just as expected. Very interesting, but left me feeling a little depressed that such talented people can't make it "big" in comparison to the nonsense that is churned out nowadays. (and even back then)


The last movie I saw was Joker. I was initially hesitant to watch it since I didn't think that I'd like it very much since my ideal version of the Joker was Heath Ledger's version, but Joaquin Phoenix did a good job.


Just watched Ad Astra. I was expecting something, but got something else.
I didn't realize what genre it was until after I watched it, but still, not too bad for a sci-fi drama.