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The last movie you saw


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Wakanda Forever. I enjoyed it although it did drag at times. But the side characters from the 1st movie were pretty good so they carried this one for me. Namor was alright I guess, a bit convoluted but glad he’s not a one-off


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right now watching the classic weird Phill Morrissey's Dracula movie on Shudder. As usual Joe Dallesandro being a horny sex fiend and Udo overdoing it with the over the top dramatic acting


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Parents want to watch the sequel "Disenchanted", but i never saw the first one, so we watched it together.

Like that they sort of combined at least 3-4 seperate princesses into one story. Snow white with the "apple, witch and True Loves kiss", Cinderella's slipper at the end and the Midnight Time limit on the Apple, Queen turning into a Dragon like Malificent. Queens Helper (Nathaniel i think?), reminds me of LeFou from Beauty and the Beast.

Also a King Kong like fight on top of a building.

Was a good movie


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Avatar 2: The Way of Water

I felt sufficiently quenched watching this film.

However, my lips did seem to get parched and thirsty for some plot in the middle of the movie (also my cup of Coke wasn't large enough for how long this freaking film was) when James Cameron decided he'd rather do a Blue Planet-esque documentary on Pandora.

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Arthur Christmas. A pretty good holiday movie. I do like the idea of Santa being a title that is passed on which does help explain how he’s been around for so long.


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Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. It's been a while since i watched Jack Sparrow and his antics.


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I mean, they were portrayed the way male characters are usually portrayed in horror films.
Oh where anything the male characters does is incompetent compared to the female characters?Yeah I got Captain Marvel vibes here.Also this movie was Rated PG-13,hopefully there's another version that's released on streaming.But like you said they're usually portrayed like this in horror movies so I could be overthinking it.


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Perry Mason and The Case of the Skin Deep Scandal. It still holds up after all these years. :) I'm a big old softie for these 80s/90s movies. Grew up with these characters, so it's fun revisiting them as an adult. Perry/Della were my first ship.

Movie gets an 8/10 from me.

Looking forward to this weeks movie, Perry Mason and the Case of the Tell Tale Talk Show Host. It's a special one.
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So I saw M3GAN opening weekend, and it was an AMAZING film. There is one thing I feel needs to be said, though:

Megan was NOT the problem; it was Gemma. She was and still is a terrible parent. The whole film she put her job before Cady and was too busy trying to build the perfect doll to actually do serious checks to make sure the doll wouldn't, you know, kill someone. Gemma is single-handedly the reason every horrible thing happened in the film, and I hope she ends up in prison in the sequel. Cady can go live with her grandparents in Florida.


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Just watched Perry Mason and the Case of the Tell Tale Talk Show Host. It still holds up pretty well.

Laughed and got a kick out of it.