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The Legacy

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TL Leader



;151; + A Brief Introduction+ ;491;
;151; + Clan History + ;491;
;151; + The Rules+ ;491;
;151; + Registration+ ;491;
;151; + Ranks and Members+ ;491;
;151; + Battling In The Legacy+ ;491;
;151; + Da Pimped War Team!+ ;491;
;151; + Ranking Systems+ ;491;
;151; + Members List+ ;491;
;151; + Clan Services+ ;491;
;151; + Clan Shop+ ;491;
;151; + Clan Events+ ;491;
;151; + TL Battling Strategies+ ;491;
;151; + Pokemon' Of The Week+ ;491;
;151; + Credits+ ;491;

The Legacy is a place for the greatest battlers in the world, to gather together and battle, in hope of leaving their Legacy, which will be remembered for Generations! Only the strongest can survive here, the young and inexperienced will be trained to become the next great warriors; but the weak shall be cast aside, unless they can prove their worth.

The History of The Legacy:
Once their stood two great Clans, Team Legacy and Legacy. Each possessed great power and strength and were feared by their peers. However conflict arose, The two giants argued over who had the right to name their sacred clan Legacy. Fuelled by a burning passion for battling and honour the two clans prepared for war; a war so catastrophic it would remain in the archives for the rest of eternity. The day before the war the two clans hung on the Precipice, each ultimately facing destruction. All was surely lost, but no! A brave and radical plan emerged, one so dramatic and controversial it was hard to speak of it.... The two Legacies had to merge! The members of the two great clans would-at first- not accept these new terms, but in time they warmed to the idea, and although they had a lustful desire to rip the others to shreds, they cast their differences aside. Out of the Chaos that had surrounded the tow clans for what seemed an age, The Legacy arose! An entirely new super-clan formed of the two ancient giants, a sheer brute force, unrelenting, malicious and unstopable. The Legacy!


1.) Please no hacks. You will have 3 chances; after that you will be ejected. If you are found guilty of using them in a tournament you will be immediately ejected from that tournament.
2.) Do not spam or flame this thread. This applies for all complaints as well: They must be pm'd to me!
3.) Please respect other members and be polite and sporting battlers.
4.) You must be an active member. Post every week please; unless you have a valid excuse.
5.) Do not flood the leaders with complaints queries suggestions etc. Its annoying! Please only put forward problems you think are truly significant and need to be Addressed Immediately!
6.)No double posts!
In the event of a clan war you must devote yourself to The Legacy League. This does not apply to members who are significant members in other clans. e.g. leader or co-leader. (You cannot be a leader or co-leader of another clan and a co-leader of the Legacy League. Unless you wish to abandon your clan.)
8.)Standard serebii battle rules apply; unless you and your opponent decide otherwise.
9.)You may only battle the same person once each day.

^_^ That’s all folks!



Please fill in this form if you wish to join this clan. just post your registration in this thread.
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): /10
Why do you want to join this clan? :
Would you make any improvements? :
Favoured position: (This is where you fill in if you want to be a cloner, ev trainer etc.)
How do you wish to rank up? : (See below, in ranking systems.)
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person?

At this time we are also looking for more co-leader, artists, cloners, e.v. trainers, breeders and tutors. This is an honoured position and you will be put in a certain rank only for these people. You will also be rewarded for each task you undertake, be it making a banner or doing requests for clan members.

Battling in Team Legacy.

Firstly all standard Serebii battling rules apply! Unless you andyour partner agree otherwise. You may choose to do contested battles; where you battle you're opponent to rank up and win points. Or you can battle just for fun :)

Da Pimped War Team!








Ranking Systems

the ranking system symbolises your position in the clan. It goes from top to bottom. You can rank up by....

. Never being tested and working your way up from bottom to top challenging those above you.
. Purchasing another person’s rank. (they have the right to refuse any offer.)500pts
. Being tested and working your way up from the position you're given.
. Doing jobs for the clan can also result in promotion.


You are new to the clan. It all seems very daunting and confusing to you. However you have potential, and your tutors believe in you. (All those who are yet to be tested will also be placed in this rank.)


You have proved you have potential, and are beginning to grasp the basic battling skills. You look promising and have a bright future. Keep up the good work!


You're a fierce battler; you have talent and passion and scare the wits out of your opponents. You are preparing to challenge the Legacy League and your peers respect you. You're already leaving behind a good legacy.


To reach this rank you must have defeated the Legacy League. You're a formidable warrior; common fighters bow before you. You command respect from all around you and are best not provoked. Your legacy is great.


All are humbled in your presence; you’re renowned for your courage and ferocity in battle. Enemies shiver at the mention of your name. Your legacy is being woven into legend, children idolise you, and your story shall be told for decades to come!


You have reached Godly status: none dare challenge you in combat! Your Legacy is known worldwide and you have implanted your own Legacy into the hearts and minds of all around you. You are among the greatest warriors ever known, and all respect you; You silence even kings and have the power to crush entire civilisations.


This rank is only for Leaders, Co-Leaders, Tutors, Cloners, Artists, E.V. Trainers, and Breeders. You shall be remembered forever; as one of those who made the legacy league possible. You helped it run smoothly and produced the most fearsome army this world has ever known.



Name: Rico Suave
FC: 4469-0019-9572

Name: Blinky The Mew

Name: LordGriffin

Name: Mrbadguy096
FC: 0775 2976 5078

Name: Twilightwolf92
FC: 1591 687 1003

Name: Jiji
FC: 5113 6517 3082

Name: Your_Worst_Nightmare
FC: 4340 0808 8030

Name:ivysaur ~ 125pts
FC: 4512-0548-9792

Name:hotrod93 ~ 100pts
FC: 4511-3975-4744

Name: Mico
FC: 1291 1176 6566

Name:Eevee Breeder

Name: Stickguy

Name: Valrog. ( i go by kim)
FC: pearl 2020 6092 9825

Name: Hannibal II
FC: 4597 8114 0737


Name:megaman12 ~ 100pts
FC: 5413-5813-1904

Name:777ich777 ~300 pts
FC:2192 3821 3220

Name:Boredx10 ~ 60pts

Name:mxe567 ~100 pts
FC: 0002 0009 4904


Name: Ocke/Blackboard ~ 100pts
FC: 2364 5166 4317


Name: Ken/Twilight_Trainer ~ 750pts
FC: 0990-0469-3458



name:Jahz ~ 5,000pts
FC: 1076 2136 4281

FC: 0646 8066 3060

Name: Ken/Twilight_Trainer
FC: 0990-0469-3458

Clan Services

FC: 0818 2977 4532

FC: 0646 8066 3060

Name: Ken/Twilight_Trainer
FC: 0990-0469-3458




Jahz- Banner Maker


Name: Ken/Twilight_Trainer
FC: 0990-0469-3458

Name: Rammagoo
FC: 0646 8066 3060


The Clan Shop

Welcome to The Legacy Clan shop, here we have a variety of tantalising merchandise for you to choose from. As a member of The Legacy you will earn clan points for doing various activities or jobs. Here are the different ways you can earn points to spend in the shop.

How to earn points in this clan!

Inviting another member to the clan> 50pts
Donating something to the clan shop> 0-250pts.
Winning against somebody in this clan (pm me the result.)>20pts
Beating somebody in a different clan>75pts
Beating the Leader of another clan> 150pts
Defeating the Legacy League> 750pts (See lower down, under The Legacy League.)
Winning a clan tourney>500pts
Doing something for the clan e.g. making a banner> 50-1000pts

When donating a pokemon to the clan shop the prices you recieve for your pokemon will be determined by me, if you don't like it tough. You may offer to do a trade with the shop, offering one of your pokes for theres.
If you wish to donate a pokemon to the shop please contact me so that we can trade. Also unfortunately i do not have an action replay as mine broke so all pokemon traded away must be cloned and given back.
If you wish to volunteer yourself as a shop assisstant you may, you can earn points by Ev training, breeding, cloning and shiny chaining. When offering you own services you determine your own prices, however please consider that people won't come to you if your very expensive.
The no.1 rule for donating pokemon is No hacked pokemon! Also if you wish to redistribute a pokemon you have to ask permission from the shop first, failure to do so will result in the retraction of points.


Events: These each cost 200 points.

10 ANIV Bulbasaur lv70 Serious
10 ANIV Charizard lv70 Sassy
10 ANIV Blastoise lv70 Lonely
10 ANIV Articuno lv70 Modest
10 ANIV Zapdos lv70 Naughty
10 ANIV Moltres lv70 Quiet
10 ANIV Dragonite lv70 Lonely
10 ANIV Typhlosion lv70 Timid
10 ANIV Espeon lv70 Brave
10 ANIV Entei lv70 Quirky
10 ANIV Raikou lv70 Timid
10 ANIV Suicune lv70 Lax
10 ANIV Tyranitar lv70 Quirky
10 ANIV Celebi lv70 Bold
10 ANIV Blaziken lv70 Naughty
10 ANIV Absol lv70 Sassy
10 ANIV Latias lv70 Timid
10 ANIV Latios lv70 Bold

Hayley Aerodactyl lv50 Jolly ID 01000
Hayley Eevee lv30 Hardy ID 01000
Hayley Croagunk lv31 Naughty ID 01000
Hayley Combee lv20 Lax ID 01000
Hayley Lickitung lv40 Naive ID 01000
Hayley Miltank lv48 Calm ID 01000
Hayley Snover lv41 Relaxed ID 01000
Hayley Staravia lv23 Jolly Id 01000
Hayley Tangela lv1 Naughty ID 01000
Hayley Mew lv50 Hardy ID 01000
Hayley Phione lv50 Hasty ID 01000
Hayley Yanma lv45 Naughty ID 01000

10 Jahre:

10JAHRE Suicune lv70 Docile
10JAHRE Lugia lv70 Careful
10JAHRE Ho-Oh lv70 Calm


Hadou Mew lv10 Modest ID 50716
Hadou Regice lv40 Docile ID 50901
Hadou Registeel lv40 Adamant ID 50901
Hadou Regirock lv40 Hasty ID 50901


Red Metagross lv62 Brave ID 02109
TRU Arceus lv100 Adamant ID 11079
Alamos Darkrai lv50 Naive ID 05318

Ev’d: These each cost 200 points

Tyranitar lv100 Adamant Checked
HP 337
Atk. 402
Def. 254
Sp. Atk. 197
Sp. Def. 229
Sdp. 203

Gengar lv100 Hasty Checked
HP 241
Atk. 141
Def. 135
Sp. Atk. 343
Sp. Def. 177
Spd. 341

Dragonite lv100 Mild Checked
HP 301
Atk. 296
Def. 203
Sp. Atk. 306
Sp. Def. 219
Spd. 231

Feraligatr lv100 Adamant Checked
HP 282
Atk. 336
Def. 236
Sp. Atk. 174
Sp. Def. 172
Spd. 243

Blastoise lv100 Brave (nn Babe) Checked
HP 343
Atk. 267
Def. 231
Sp. Atk. 205
Sp. Def. 223
Spd. 172

Lucario lv100 Jolly Checked
HP 281
Atk. 319
Def. 170
Sp. Atk. 239
Sp. Def. 176
Spd. 306

Milotic lv100 Calm Checked
HP 323
Atk. 128
Def. 233
Sp. Atk. 265
Sp. Def. 328
Spd. 181

Wishmkr Jirachi lv100 Bold Checked
HP 392
Atk. 207
Def. 257
Sp. Atk. 218
Sp. Def. 207
Spd. 265

Snorlax lv100 Impish Checked
HP 498
Atk. 262
Def. 220
Sp. Atk. 145
Sp. Def. 277
Spd. 81

Hippowdon lv100 Impish Checked
HP 354
Atk. 299
Def. 328
Sp. Atk. 154
Sp. Def. 182
Spd. 127

Lanturn lv100 Calm Checked
HP 419
Atk. 153
Def. 179
Sp. Atk. 196
Sp. Def. 224
Spd. 163

Magmortar lv100 Modest Checked
HP 268
Atk. 207
Def. 147
Sp. Atk. 383
Sp. Def. 219
Spd. 257

Wailord lv100 Brave Checked
HP 456
Atk. 289
Def. 116
Sp. Atk. 270
Sp. Def. 118
Spd. 126

Meganium lv100 Modest Checked
HP 292
Atk. 198
Def. 232
Sp. Atk. 226
Sp. Def. 261
Spd. 203

Porygon2 lv100 Bold Checked
HP 370
Atk. 150
Def. 297
Sp. Atk. 256
Sp. Def. 216
Spd. 156

Roserade lv100 Lonely Checked
HP 250
Atk. 180
Def. 115
Sp. Atk. 326
Sp. Def. 222
Spd. 265

Azelf lv100 Timid Checked
HP 272
Atk. 252
Def. 173
Sp. Atk. 344
Sp. Def. 145
Spd. 336

Cresselia lv100 Timid Checked
HP 377
Atk. 135
Def. 247
Sp. Atk. 239
Sp. Def. 278
Spd. 247

Shiny Ev’d: these each cost 250 points


Shiny Gyarados
Adamant / Intimidate / Female
Level: 52 & 100
IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 23 / 31 / 31
LV. 52
EVs: HP 197 / Atk. 180 / Def. 116 / Sp. Atk. 71 / Sp. Def. 125 / Spd. 124
LV. 100
EVs: HP 370 / Atk. 343 / Def. 219 / Sp. Atk. 133 / Sp. Def. 236 / Spd. 235
Moves: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Earthquake, Bounce
Ribbons: 36

This is Bozo's shiny Gyarados, TRUTH, who was hatched in the days before the RNG was cracked. If you receive her in a trade, you may trade her to other people under the conditions that:

1. Her nickname TRUTH is unaltered - this pokemon is TRUTH - if you want a flawless shiny Gyarados without a nickname, you will need to get it from somewhere else; and
2. This whole description is copied into your thread (if you are offering it there).
3. If you receive her in a trade, please post in Bozo's thread to say you have her (even if you don't plan on trading her to anyone).

Shiny Crobat lv100 Jolly Checked
HP 337
Atk. 254
Def. 191
Sp. Atk. 138
Sp. Def. 193
Spd. 394

Shiny Cloyster lv100 Bold Checked
HP 304
Atk. 200
Def. 504
Sp. Atk. 192
Sp. Def. 115
Spd. 167

Shiny Raikou lv100 Timid Checked
HP 319
Atk. 166
Def. 165
Sp. Atk. 320
Sp. Def. 224
Spd. 358

Shiny Machamp lv100 Adamant Checked
HP 380
Atk. 394
Def. 171
Sp. Atk. 126
Sp. Def. 181
Spd. 122

Shiny Mamoswine lv100 Adamant Checked
HP 358
Atk. 394
Def. 188
Sp. Atk. 135
Sp. Def. 145
Spd. 258

Shiny Charizard lv100 Modest Checked
HP 291
Atk. 181
Def. 183
Sp. Atk. 346
Sp. Def. 196
Spd. 298

Shiny Jolteon lv100 Modest Checked
HP 248
Atk. 155
Def. 132
Sp. Atk. 348
Sp. Def. 203
Spd. 307

Shiny Scizor lv100 Adamant Checked
HP 328
Atk. 390
Def. 221
Sp. Atk. 125
Sp. Def. 192
Spd. 136

Shiny Swampert lv100 Adamant Checked
HP 399
Atk. 350
Def. 211
Sp. Atk. 185
Sp. Def. 216
Spd. 136

Shiny Empoleon lv100 Modest Checked
HP 340
Atk. 187
Def. 243
Sp. Atk. 320
Sp. Def. 208
Spd. 133

Shiny Honchkrow lv100 Modest Checked
HP 401
Atk. 231
Def. 140
Sp. Atk. 338
Sp. Def. 140
Spd. 180

Shinies: these each cost 50 points

71. Bulbasaur lv1 Relaxed
72. Charmander lv1 Serious
73. Squirtle lv1 Serious
74. Chickorita lv1 Calm
75. Treecko lv1 Lax
76. Totodile lv1 Bashful
77. Mudkip lv1 Sassy
78. Cyndaquil lv1 Mild
79. Torchic lv1 Lonely

Whats Ivy Offers: IV Breeding, Eggmove Breeding, Nature Breeding

Forms must be used!, It costs 100 points per pokemon and then 50pts more for anything you want added on. (this means its 50 points for every perfect IV)

Forum Name:
Pokemon to be bred:
IV's you want:


What he offers...Eggmove breeding, Nature breeding, Ability breeding.
Each poke costs 75pts, +50 for any amount of eggmoves,
+25 for specific nature and abilities are free.

use this form.

Forum Name(and Chat Name, if used):
Pokemon wanted:
Nickname(for pokemon):

Clan Events

Currently hosting the Pokelympics!.

nothing atm.

The following positions are still currently available.

Finally, Credits Where they're due.

Gladeshadow! for his epic Userbars and rank banners! visit 'Dark Valley request shop' if you like his work!

NORTHERN LIGHTS! for her amazing title/rank headers! visit Fluorescent Skies if you like her work.

Mrhaxmaster! on pokecommunity for his userbars and rank banners.

Hall Of Fame
"What we do in our lives, echoes in eternity"

This is our final tribute to those who have served this clan, here lie the names of past and present Leaders and Co-Leaders. For this clan shall not die, like a story it shall be passed down until eventually it is serebii's Legacy. When each leader takes his leave, he must select an heir to run the clan after he has gone, and so it shall continue. Let this list reach dozens long and let their Legacy remain intact. Fight hard and Reminisce over your greatest memories. Comrades, this is my final tribute to you, farewell and best of luck

Leaders' Legacy

;151; Jahz ~ The Legacy ;151;

;491; Ger9119 ~ The Revolution ;491;

;369; Clone1~ The Echoe ;369;

;392; Rammagoo~ The Devoted ;392;

:025n172: Pikachu4ever~ The Promise :025n172:

;094; Twlight Trainer~ The Genius ;094;

;248; Big Beluga~ The Beast ;248;

;007; Squirtleismyhomeboy~ The Hardy ;007;​

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Undercover Rocket



Welcome to GenLab, exclusively at The Legacy. ;150;

What is GenLab? GenLab is a sort of 'pokemon genetic' creation facility. Here at GenLab we work at the genetic level and provide skilled battlers with pokemon born to be their best.

How does it work? All pokemon are RNG in Pokemon Platinum. Please look it up on google (dont want to be modded for outlinking)

Is it legal? Some may consider it cheating and that's their choice. At GenLab we merely create the pokemon for you. What you do with them is your choice.

What do I get? You get a pokemon with the exact nature you want, moves you want, at level 100, and EV trained as you wish. However, to not disrupt the uniqueness of your pokemon (as there are a lot of perfect IV pokemon out there) we will not give it perfect IV PURPOSELY. We will give it 1 perfect stat, and all the others between 28-30 max. Shininess costs more. The pokemon will be OT: GenLab and the ID of the technician you will be served by.

Ok, what's the cost? One cannot place a cost on life itself...but I'm mad enough to ;) You will need to purchase GP, Gen Points. One point costs 100 clan points. Pricing goes by the pokemon. PM for exact pricing.

However there is more to the cost...

We at GenLab respect the laws of nature, therefore to equate a balance, we require a pokemon from you. Not just any pokemon, the exact same pokemon you want from GenLab. Not only that, it MUST be CAUGHT (not hatched) in a 4th Generation game.

Example: you would like a Raichu. To obtain a GenLab Raichu you will have to trade us a Raichu (not any of its lower forms [not Pichu or Pikachu]) that you caught in the wild. What stage of evolution it was caught as in the wild, we don't care. As long as it's in the final stage of evolution.


Q: Can GenLab give me an egg?
A: No, the OT MUST say GenLab. This advertises our work and also gives us credit.

Q: Can I have a pokemon that is NFE
A: No, only the final stage of evolution

Q: Can I get a legendary.
A: No.

Joining Our Team

To join our team PM the Lead technician and submit this form:

Forum Name:
SID: (I can find this for you if need be)

And 1 RNG pokemon done by you as proof you understand RNG.

Requirements: Anyone in The Legacy can join! However, your OT MUST read GenLab. It gives the clan/facility credit and promotes us. You should be skilled in RNG. Sadly for fear of being modded for outlinking you must do this resarch on your own.

Pay: Every job you do will reward you with 120% of the clan points used. Therefore if you charge 5 GP (100 clan points) for a job then you earn 600 clan points in your pocket. What you do with the Clan Points is your own choice. This is a great way to purchase rank ups and event pokemon.

Closing Statement

Below is a list of current GP Holders, GenLab employees and Creations in progress.

GenPoint Holders


GenLab Employees

Twilight_Trainer - Founder / Lead Technician ID: 02010

Creations in Progress

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ok guys you can now post.

I know some of you will have other ties with the new one clan rule, and I will be sad to see you leave. :'(

Hopefully most of you will find it in your hearts to stay ^^
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Wifi ^^
This looks sweet~

The New rule is i can only be a member of 1 clan :eek: Arg...

Edit: Were are the other clans?
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TL Leader
good to see legacy is back, i will be staying for sure, i will leave TG to stay here with you guys, i am in legacy till the day i die.


Undercover Rocket
Nice to have you back Ram =D, Hotrod =D

Twi whats the situation with the RDL?

I have no clue what Ginji is doing, but I am siding with The Legacy mainly due to its higher activity.

Also, THANK YOU GOKE FOR PUTTING MY POST SECOND :D:D:D:D To everyone else, I will update my post above with tourney, war, event stuff cuz Jahz can be a slacker :p Such a slacker he hasnt edited my FC in months *hinthintcoughlookbelowcoughcough*


Alrriiigggghtt I admit I'm a slacker! Jeez Twi thanks for embarrassing me infront of the whole clan!

Oh but I'm glad you're staying ^^

Guys I'm sorry to say that due to the new rule BigB has left us :'( He will be missed and hopefully one day they'll change it back.

And also this clan will nt be trying anything even slightly controversial for a while, since I just landed myself a 6 point infraction for a 5 post front page... :S

Edit: HEY! Goke DELETED THE NEW STUFF!!!!! :mad:
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TL Leader
wait slow down a second im a leader of legacy? i thought i was only a co-leader lol, when did i move up in the ranks?

Edit: also yes Jahz you are a slacker :) but then again who isnt these days, cause i know i am one of the lazyest people around
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Not Happy
I'll be staying here a Legacy.Legacy was the first clan I joined thanks to Ger =D. Speaking of Ger,where is he?I miss him :(


Wifi ^^
Ill stay at The Legacy, and gonna leave the others :)

After tomorrow i hope i get past a test and i will be much more active again, i lost some skills in battle's :eek:


Awesome ^^

So far we have only lost GameFreak and BigB, anyone know whats goin on with Squirt?

Also I kicked all the inactive members...

If you have any people you knpw that are stuck as to what clan to go to and are good battlers let them know they're always wlecome here guys ^^


New Member
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 6/10
Why do you want to join this clan? : I've look at allllllll the clans and this is the only one i like
Would you make any improvements? : uhm idk i have nooo idea.
Favoured position: trainer
How do you wish to rank up? : battling
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? : nahh


TL Leader
not sure about squirt but i am guessing he will be staying with TAH if they open back up, which i think they will, and im fine with being a leader Jahz i just didnt know or i would have helped out more.


New Member
Sorry about that i wasnt aware i double posted my internet sucks sometimes =P and how do i contact a tester?


TL Leader
well in the 2nd post by jahz there is a spoiler that says "testers" and PM/VM one of the people in there and you will be tested

Edit: my new fc is in my sig if you can update it please Jahz, thanks
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