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The Legacy

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Undercover Rocket
You got it Jahz (though incorrently spelt, but im not THAT mean :p)

Now ill explain the riddle:

I sleep in the cradle, with a silver spoon - reference to the song "Cat's in the Cradle" thereby inferring a cat relation
My resting place is beside the moon - the moon here is not the actual moon, but Mt. Moon
Yet deep I lay far from the sun - the unknown Dungeon, beside Mt. Moon is dark and deep
What is now two, was once only one - this line speaks for itself now

Alright guys, that was fun. Jahz wins 1 free GenLab pokemon. But everyone else who participated will earn 1 free GP for each guess to be used towards further GenLab pokemon.

K Jahz, if you make a riddle you can earn a 2nd GenLab pokemon. You gonna take the challenge?


The Nostalgic One
i tought of Mewtwo but the moon thing was quite a brain buster... and confusing
but nice riddle twilight


for the record twi am dyslexic not i!!! i just spelt it wrong.

hmmm...another riddle eh?

He's fat!
He's round!
He bounce's on the ground!

damn it that last lines a giveaway...

Ok here's one. Btw its pretty damn hard- i think, so don't blame me if you cant get it. Its a challenge and i expect you to rise to it.

i am Rarely used and often overlooked
few see my potential that could be unhooked
I am as old as they come, with an expression of stone
I rest so deeply i am often unknown
i am never thirsty but always drinking
Dressed all in mail, ever clinking
Gracious looks have not blessed my face
You need to search deeply for my resting place


Hey Jahz um yea im still alive and stuff. Life went to hell and I had to stop for a while and get it straightened back out soooo yea. I would like to join back if i could and i don't care what rank i would be at.

PS oh yea i forgot to mention I got a new team that has hardly lost :p
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:O....... :') Skyler is that you.....omg its so good to have you back :D It's nice to finally see somebody from the original Legacy- not that you guys aren't awesome but me and skyler go waay back ;)

As you can see a lot has changed and we're still thriving as a clan :) Its amazing we've managed to keep going this long, conisdering the first Legacy clan i posted went up in october o_O Sadly though you won't be seeing me around for very long, we are currently at war with Team Meal-Ticket and its drawn at a tie. As soon as the war ends I'm going to be taking my leave and request to be banned because i have a lot of things pressuring me in my life right now and its getting to hectic- no im not commiting suicide im just leaving the forums. But it was nice to see you before i left :)



Nooooo! Awe man that sucks but I get it, that is pretty much what I did. The only thing I would say is keep the acount so that once stuff settles down you can come back. Any ways I will miss you.


Ace Breeder/Trainer

FC:4426 5766 0751

Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 7/10

Why do you want to join this clan? : For the Community and competitive teaming i also wanna learn more.

Would you make any improvements? : Depends on what needs to be improved :)

Favoured position: (This is where you fill in if you want to be a cloner, ev trainer etc.)
I want to be a Battler and EV Trainer.

How do you wish to rank up? : (See below, in ranking systems.)
. Being tested and working your way up from the position you're given.

Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? :None :D


escuchando reggaeton
FC:see banner(am too lazy to get my DS and look at it! haha)
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 4/10(i havent battled in a while so am still rusty
Why do you want to join this clan? :I use to be a member of this clan back before we merged, but things in the real world got tough so i had to leave pokemon behind for a while.
Would you make any improvements?: yeah.. i think once am back on m feet i could be a great battler and help improve our rep.
Favoured position: (This is where you fill in if you want to be a cloner, ev trainer etc.)
i dont really have one now.. :/ i hope thats ok..
How do you wish to rank up? : (See below, in ranking systems.)
". Being tested and working your way up from the position you're given."
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? : yeah...Ger9119...long time ago...


Undercover Rocket
Sadly, sporadic :( The clan is sloooooooooooowly getting less and less active. So if you have any ideas to boost activity just pass em by me or Ram.

BTW Jahz you get 1 more GenLab pokemon (making 2) and Megaman12 you get 1 also. Also, Mega, make anoher riddle to continue the chain bizznatch!
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