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The Legacy

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The Nostalgic One
A small tourney or something?
you have already done some propositions for reviving this clans activity
(the messages score thing and the riddles) but somehow it slightly boosts the activity for one or two days. After that... this place becomes a funeral, you are even giving away pokemon for just answering the riddles and i tought that was going to swamp the place with activity (at least it got my attention)


Wifi ^^
Try something new ina tourney, it will be nice.


Not Happy
Wonder what riddle I should make hmm.Also if we do a tourney why not make a double battle tourney?That will make Twilight happy XD.
im interested in joining
Rate yourself as a battler : 1/10
Why do you want to join this clan? : I am interested in this section , and this is the only clan that really seems active
Would you make any improvements? : Not at the moment
Favoured position: I will breed , but this may take a moment as I have little on SS so far
How do you wish to rank up? : I will do jobs for promotions

Did anybody refer you to this clan? No


escuchando reggaeton
Well, guys those of you who read this, if we keep being active the clan wont be as dead.. and idk if a tourney will work.. :/ i used to be in a clan called Hereos Of Myths, and we had tourneys all the time to make the clan more active but they never really worked.. :/
if I'm accepted , i would gladly do egg moves for tourney prizes , on my platinum
If i'm right , this is two previous clans merged together ? , Im sure there are enough active members to keep it going


The Nostalgic One
I agree with all of you.
maybe a tourney but with something new too, like twisted rules or multi battles idk. not to mention a good price and assure that almost everyone in here participates and colaborates. that way the attention is drawn.(participation+colaboration+interest+prices=activity)

people keep posting more new ideas to see if the leaders like one and take the next step.


Undercover Rocket
I dont mind hosting a doubles tourney, Probably round robin though. Might help boost activity. Im pretty sloshed now, so....ya :) :)

You know what, ill do that. Im officially announcing a doubles tourney.,. Winner earns a full GenLab team courtesy of me myself and I. Decide on yur rules and ill get back to you on them (as pretty much the clan authority on doubles).

BTW i LOVE you guys (thats the alceehawl talking) but no, i mean it :p

Darkness 2.0

Sorry for not being there

Sorry guys, I'm really sorry for being unactive that long. Real life kept me busy so much that I couldn't get there very often. I don't want to quit either.
I'll try to be more active this time.
If the first prize is gene lab , i will do follow up prizes , an Elekid w/Ice Fire and Thunder Punch and a rare berry
Just want to help , but those prizes Might only be done slightly after the tourney if something happens next week


wow twi you really musta been drunk, a spur of the moment tourney, a genlab prize and a fit of dyslexia! o_O

Anyway sorry guys but im not participating in this tourney, the war has passed its deadline and its time for me to leave the forums. Adios! Remember me well and the ****ing beers are on twi ;)


The Nostalgic One
Goodbye Jahz, i dont know you well but, its sad to say farewell to a clanmate.
why dont you just leave for a time but keep the account like someone in here said?


Undercover Rocket
Hey guys.

So, as much as it sucks for me to say this, I have decided to leave the forums. Stuff is just going very slow (not just the clan, even the Frontier) and my heart is just not into it anymore (pretty much pokemon as a whole).

I might return someday, but I don't know when. I will leave the Frontier open for now. If I recieve challenges to it (which I havent at all yet) I may return but as it stands it's just not worth it. When the mods close it it is closed.

So here I bid you all, adieu.


Happy Trainer
Bye you two... :(
Since twi is going, I guess that someone else will have to draw up a battle plan, Prizes, and the twisted rules for the tourney...Id do it, but only as a last resort...Anyone else?
Also someone do me a favor and tell ram to stop imitating his pet snorlax and choose a co-leader or this clan is going to DIE...also it might be good if he'd update the clan members list once in a while...it seriously annoys me that even though Jahz made up his mind to only be a co-leader and now, to leave this clan, he did all that a month ago and is still listed under Leader...
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