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The Legacy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by rammagoo, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. megaman12

    megaman12 Not Happy

    Well since we are short on testers,I guess zytroid can be one =).
  2. Zytroid

    Zytroid New Member

    Thanks megaman
    also does anyone know when the leader will be back
  3. Mr.Ghettoangel

    Mr.Ghettoangel escuchando reggaeton

    umm around what time do you guys usually go on the clan? btw imma on the chat for the next 30 mins if anyone wants to join me....

    EDit: i just had a match with Poke Archer hes pretty good ^_^ but the matcn was disconnected..i was wiinningi think it was 3-1?
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2010
  4. megaman12

    megaman12 Not Happy

    So ghetto do you still want the test battle?You havent talked to me yet =(.Also what else should we do to boost activity?A tourny or something?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2010
  5. Zytroid

    Zytroid New Member

    A public tourny would be the best because that way more people know about the clan and would be willing to try it out I think
    maybe include prizes or something
  6. megaman12

    megaman12 Not Happy

    We also need new chiefs for the legacy frontier.Beluga is out of this clan and blackboard hasn't been on in awhile.If we want the frontier to stay open we need new chiefs =(.
  7. Zytroid

    Zytroid New Member

    There isn't that much active members but me you ghetto and lord griffen
  8. PoKe_aRcHeR2010

    PoKe_aRcHeR2010 Shady 2.0

    and me if i get accepted :D...-_-...
  9. Zytroid

    Zytroid New Member

    Oh yea you to put your application on this thread and we will test you
    whenever you want
  10. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    Gotcha...BigB is bus now, and who knows what happened to BB.

    If BB doesnt come back by August 14th i will give his position up also.

    That being said...if someone wants to host an in clan tourney I will take whoever wins as the new OU chief to replace BB.

    Sorry for invading the thread again, just easier to post this stuff here :S

    Also, BigB IS taking challenges to my knowledge.
  11. LordGriffin

    LordGriffin Ex-Ascension Leader

    Hmmmm...I think a tourny would be a good idea, but we can't do a normal one. How about when the channel is finished the first video we post is one of a tourny. It'll be a great way to start getting viewers, and it's a good way to start out. Players look for tournys on Youtube all the time. We could get a bunch of our members and have them enter. If a lot of our members win it'll also show how strong we are.

    Lets put it to a vote. All in favor?
  12. stickguy

    stickguy Happy Trainer

    Double battle or single? Item restrictions? There are so many things we have to consider, but as for the idea, Id say yes once again...
    @zytroid Just because some people dont post as much doesnt mean we arent active...
  13. jahz

    jahz Banned

    *ascends from hell*

    Hey guys, hows it going?

    *descends back into hell*

    'Oh crap. I forgot.'

    *ascends from hell again*

    Omg Squirt and MxE came back :D It's great to see you guys, you both get your previous ranks back.

    Jahz Input: *damned voice rises from hell*

    'Try redoing the Pokelympics and put it on the youtube channel, maybe involve other clans for more publicity'

    *voice fades*

    BB is around so dont write him off, so is Ram. However I'm gonna get the devil on his *** coz he's nowhere near active enough.

    Hey Twi you old son of a bidoof, I thought you quit? Send me a hell message.

    *descends into the fiery depths of -yo momma's ***- hell *
  14. megaman12

    megaman12 Not Happy

    Yeah I checked and BigB is still taking challenges.Also Im a little sad no one challenges NU even though I probably suck at it ='(.
  15. Zytroid

    Zytroid New Member

    So when will the tourny happen? What tier will it be?
    @stickguy yea I didn't realize till after the post
  16. it should be an OU tourney since its an OU spot were tryin to fill
  17. Mr.Ghettoangel

    Mr.Ghettoangel escuchando reggaeton

    hey megaman sorry its just that i havent really been able to go on as much, but umm what time are you usually on? so we could arrange a test battle.. ? :D
  18. megaman12

    megaman12 Not Happy

    I agree with Squirt that the tourney should be OU and ghetto Im usually on aroun 9:00 pm gmt-4 =).
  19. LordGriffin

    LordGriffin Ex-Ascension Leader

    I also agree that it should be OU.
  20. well then its settled, an OU battle it shall be, lets get a bracket goin and get this thing started
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