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Happy Trainer
I have PBR, but haven't played in a long time...Ill check if I get the same message later....
could someone PM me the link to download PO? I tried looking for it on google, but every time I go on the page "www.pokemon-online.eu" I always get an error message that goes like this:
"Site Web indisponible

Le site que vous voulez consulter n'est pas disponible.

Si vous en êtes l'administrateur, merci de contacter votre hébergeur pour plus d'informations."
Does anyone here speak french?


Undercover Rocket

Don't worry about PBR, it's fixed. I'm happy again :)

Also, pokemon online is down (well, their website at least)

Quick translation:

Web Site Unavailable
The site you are trying to see is unavailable.
Contact the site adminstrator for further information.

So ya, its not you, its them. Give them time to fix it. Everyone else, your PO software should work. Apparently it runs off a dif server.

K, I tested my frontier gold team...and its brutal guys. I feel bad for anyone who has to challenge it XD ANyways, im spent, gnight (well morning now)


GenLab Exe Breeder
Yea. But we rematch later. Im getting rid of the fatty and replacing him with someone, idk who yet.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
I've been meaning to ask these for a while. How does a clan get into a war and how are the teams picked?


GenLab Exe Breeder
I just played pokemon online and ya it is way better than shoddy


Undercover Rocket
I've been meaning to ask these for a while. How does a clan get into a war and how are the teams picked?

When we decide to do a war (usually when clan activity is higher) we challenge another clan to war. It's simple as that. The war leader (used to be me) would ask those he think qualified for the team to join. After that whatever spaces were left were given tryouts.

Last time to decide our best, we had a UU tourney.

Hmm, I think we should start a clan 'commentating' thing. Where once every few days someone posts 1 pokemon and we come up with a new strategy not stated on smogon or anywhere. Originality is key!

Anyways. I want your guys thoughts on this. I'm making a new team (as usual) for doubles or 3 on 3 (I play PBR mainly so thats the style) and I thought of this for a good stall/annoyer pokemon:

Jumpluff @ Lefties
0 hp / x atk / 31 def / x sp atk / 31 sp def / 31 spd
4 hp/ 252 spd/ 252 sp def

Leech Seed

Now you may ask, WHAT! 0 HP! WHY OH WHY! Simple: leech seed restores your health = to what it steals from the opponent. More health taken more % you get back. 2 turns with 2 lefties is SURE to supply a 2nd sub. They switch, send another seed our while they kill the sub. Then setup another sub. The 1 HP EV boost is to guarantee 5 subs if for some reason I have no lefties or leeching and want to just PO my opponent XD

Now, anyone who knows my battling style, knows I NEED 100% accuracy moves. I hate missing when I 'should' have hit. This jumpluff is my exception. I refuse to add stun spore/sleep powder since I don't really like their accuracy.

Now, next to sceptile Jumpluff has the fastest non-shaymin leech seed speed in the game. Why I chose the Jump over Scep is simple: Priority moves and spikes. 3/7 priority moves are resisted by the grass/flying combo. Yes, ice shard says hi, but sceptile also falls to this. He does not however fail to mach punch or vaccum wave like sceptile does. If they do use Ice Shard (or any faster pokemon) then my final move comes in while they break my sub. His natural flying type makes him immune to toxic spikes and spikes.


How can anyone NOT love this move? Seriously. Slap this on the Jump, sacrifice it and send in a sweeper to set up their own DD or Swords Dance while the opponent attempts to setup again or switches. Easy as 1 2 3.

So what do you guys think? I'm mainly concerned about the 0 hp thing. Sound like a good idea?

You know what...I may just offer this as a tournament prize to the runner up. What why not the winner? Well, Megaman12 has dontaed a pokemon to me for the tourney as a 'surprise' trophy.


The Nostalgic One
Ohh yeah i almost forgot that i offered tms items and berries to the winner.
If he is interested since its not a big deal.
well i would love to recieve the special pokemon megaman made for me, but indiamaster won't respond, is there gonna be a time limit before he gets DQ?

also indiamaster, the times i'm def on are between 7-9 am EST, and usually 6-8pm est

Jumpluff @ Life Orb
252 HP/192 attk/66 spd

Leech Seed

Not sure how well this set would do but it looks fun, take away lefties and give it life orb for more power, leech seed is there for hp recovery, set up a sub, leech seed, and start firing away with bounce, and at 110 base speed, even with little speed investment u-turn makes it a great scout, and also can b used to get itself out of harms way
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Shady 2.0
man training bronzor is such a drag.......so i got a question for you...is this a good moveset for bronzong?...gyro ball,trick room,earthquake and...i dunno i'm leaving this spot open any suggestions?

Btw i like squirtle's jumpluff better seem a bit more capable of dealing damage but why life orb?
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cause its attk stat is so low


Shady 2.0
ohhh ok...i see it's because of bounce right...man it was staing at me right in face...lol still looks good and can someone anwser my question
yea thts almost standard on all trick room brongzongs, last move should be xplosion


Not Happy
There is hypnosis to cause sleep and allow to put up Trick Romm again when opponent is asleep but explosion is the prefered option since it is great to take out pokemon that are problems to your team.Besides if your going to do a trick room team you need at least 2-3 trick roomers.


Shady 2.0
I plan on having two trick roomers but I don't want to use them that much I just wanted bronzong to fill in a spot but since I have another one I guess one more trick roomer is the way to go then that's what I originally had in mind...another question...where can I find TM rest...I need it so I can teach it to my milotic this iste moveset I have in mind for it...leftovers with rest,sleep talk,ice beam and...again elp with this last spot lol I was thinking about adding surf but I don't like to use HM on my pokes maybe I can fill it in with hydro pump...the problem with that would have to be the accuracy...


Not Happy
What game are you playing?And well Surf is the most used HM because of its great power and accuracy.It is all in the matter of preference.If you want more power then Hydro pump is the way to go but I prefer Surf since sometimes when I need a hydro pump to hit is misses and I get angry lol.


Undercover Rocket
Hmm, bounce...I forgot about that move...If thats the case id put bounce>memento but keep the lefties and maybe increase the healthg now since thats like 3 turns of leech and lefties..

@Bronzor issue

Item: Lagging tail
Move: Trick

My favourite WTF move in pokemon that used to dominate when I ran a steel gym team back in the day ;)


Go with surf.
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