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So, do I need a test battle?

Yes, contact Megaman12, until the battle you will be a legacy Learner just for the record.


Ex-Ascension Leader
I haven't gone this long without posting in a while. Anyway, I got my OU team up and running, so as long as wifi problem don't ensume I'll be ready to battle.


Not Happy
I have tested Mayfan and based on the test battle(which I won 6-0)I believe her rank should stay at learner and she needs a tutor.She was using ingame sets like rockclimb ampharos and a typhlosion with dig.SO I believe that Mayfan needs to get a tutor.Dont worry May,I'm sure you will improve soon =)
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been making some new pokemon for my team and hidden power is very tedious to breed for. I need someone to trade my haunter with in order to evolve into a gengar.
Edit: I could try out the tutor progam and try to teach mayfan the basics. Bobjounson could you help me with building Mayfan a team if you're still looking for work?
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If you could take me as your student that would be awesome, I need help desperately. I'm just plain pitiful right now, getting sweeped with one hit each Pokemon.
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Well I'm just about to go on holiday for a week and I doubt I'll have Internet. As homework - ha I get to give out homework xD- I want you to go on smogon.com and read some of the articles in the strategy Dex they shud help u grasp the basics. Also u must download pokemon online or shoddy battle, ask if ur confused.
I think tutoring should be done on public profile so the guild chat isn't cluttered but we can let others easily view some lessons (this would also make multi tutoring easy). That being said I can sub in as a tutor for a bit. Good luck with your future battles Mayfan.

neo darkrai

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I would challenge the frontier, but I'm still in the tourney. If I can miraculously pull off winning the tourney then I don't think I can challenge the frontier. If I lose, then I will gladly challenge the frontier.


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Mayfan, you've inspired me! For a little while now our clan channel has been sitting there collecting dust, but I now have an idea for the first series of videos for the channel! "Competitive Battling for Beginners" As such I believe you deserve some points! I award you 25 points. Anyone who'd like to help me send me a pm.


New Member
Name: Kim A.k.a Valrog
FC:1891 9672 4482
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 5/10
Why do you want to join this clan? : I just want an active clan where i can meet new people and test out my battling skills.
Would you make any improvements? :Of course.
How do you wish to rank up? : By battling my way to the rank im suppose to get.(See below, in ranking systems.)
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? :None in particular.

I'm Kim. I've been here in serebii maybe 3months ago or so. but then alot of things happened. and I became inactive cuz of summer vacations and lots of other things. But now as long as the clan is active. then i'll be active aswell : ). Hope u guys accept me.
I'll help as much as I can. Just tell me what you guys need.


GenLab Exe Breeder
Umm ya I will help Mayfan with her team, name the poke and i will try my best to make an unstoppable one haha. And megaman we need to shoddy battle haha.


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Rules say one student per tutor and vice versa. Mayfan choose your tutor from the offerers please.


Wifi ^^
I never had a Tutor before. ;( Can i be a student to?
Jahz should remain May's tutor being as it would be rude to decide without him and I was only subbing in. I would still like to tutor though so if you're ok with it blackboard you can be my student. Please tell me your current battle experience/knowledge.

Also I am still looking for someone to trade my haunter with in order to evolve it.
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