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neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Hoping to find a tutor. So here goes:

Name: neo darkrai
Position: Student
Style: VGC Battles
yea, your in, they just might not have noticed it


The Nostalgic One
Im so ashamed of myself.
I dont know what is happening to me, this game used to be easy
but now im loosing too much. So much that my record losses have surpassed my wins :(
it motivates me to be a better battler and thus i have tried so many things
to improve like a balanced team, change some moves, breed better pkmn, change the strategy but somehow i keep on loosing. Im taking some time to think carefully my next step. (it dosnt mean im going to be inactive)


Undercover Rocket
Front page is updated with tutor and new members.

*Sigh* Sorry to take sop long, beet struggling with the BF Tower in SS. I want that 100 win so bad for my black card. 73...now back to 1...someday...


Wifi ^^
Jahz should remain May's tutor being as it would be rude to decide without him and I was only subbing in. I would still like to tutor though so if you're ok with it blackboard you can be my student. Please tell me your current battle experience/knowledge.

Also I am still looking for someone to trade my haunter with in order to evolve it.

Im pretty experience I guess playing pokemon many years now, and i think I know almost evrything about poke's... But I might need a tutor, to learn the other stuff you know.
Front page is updated with tutor and new members.

*Sigh* Sorry to take sop long, beet struggling with the BF Tower in SS. I want that 100 win so bad for my black card. 73...now back to 1...someday...

dude i have the same ambition, i get to like 43 and then bam, i either get haxed or critical hit by something, lol, it sucks, we should share game plans and strategies and maybe come up with a team together and see if we can get through it


TL Leader
Hey guys, sorry i left without saying goodbye, i got kicked out of the house and had alot of work on my shoulders and couldnt get to the pc, im back now, dont know how much time i can spend on here, but i am back, its good to see that twi took over, thanks bro
india master where u at?, its time to battle


GenLab Exe Breeder
Haha Its Ram :D haha I really hope the tourney finishes soon, I would like to give my prize already.


Undercover Rocket

NIce to see ya, it was no problem taking over.


Here is what Im at:
I pretty much altered a bit on the Drapula I strategy to flow better. However, Special Ice is a pain in the *** with its freezing. Just not sure how to approach.

Latias@Choice Scarf

Thunder Wave
Safeguard (Changed so Scizor can absob a status on the switch the set up a sub so I don't need a Lum berry)

Adamant / HP / Atk

Bullet Punch
Brick Break (I originally had roost but a mganezone raped me and stole my 73 win. Other than that ALL pokemon can die in near 1 hit)
Swords Dance

(Im thinking about trying him careful with EV in SP DEF instead of attack also like Drapion. He's getting crazy stat boost fast so this may be my 'ice' fix)

Drapion@Black Sludge
Careful / HP SpDef


Perfect in every way.
So it's official twilight I accept blackboard as a student. Also I am still looking for someone to trade my haunter with so it will evolve (please help me complete my team)
thats a pretty decent team, i'v used latias before, but as i progressed it just got pwned by cruchers and paybackers, but my team as of right now is
choice scarf
fire punch
stone edge
super power

lead, sets up SS, depending on the opponents lead, i'll attack or retreat

life orb
shadow ball
aura sphere
mach punch
hidden power electric

just a standard special sweeper, takes care of bulky waters and pesky psyical walls

stealth rock
bullet punch

psyical sweeper, ususally send him out 2nd to set up rocks and then attack with a move that will best care of the threat in front of him


New Member
Suck I sent u a pm and then u go offline noooooo


TL Leader
i will stay active, wont be as much as before but i will be active, i need to get back into battling, ive forgot most stuff lol


Shady 2.0
ok can someone please explain to me what is the war team of legend?i was just browsing the first post and came upon it
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