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The Legacy

Should we find a new mascot?

  • Yes, something that means US

    Votes: 9 37.5%
  • No, let's remember the good ol' days

    Votes: 15 62.5%

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Twilight I'm sure you know, but Latias is uber now.


Not Happy
He is using Latias for the battle not for standard battling xD.


Undercover Rocket

Actually the team is amazing. I just get haxed to death after making a stupid mistake. Yur team looks good but there are key factors you need to look for in tower teams. All in all unless you take advantage. Of the ai it's a rough road and tricks leads are the best one. On testing a starmie lead right now with trick. Let's hope she works.
my team lost its streak at 17 due to a hax itemed torkoal XD, atm i'm runnin
light clay
stealth rock
light screen

life orb
flare blitz
grass knot
close combat

heat wave
hidden power grass


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I see. The problem with this team is you have no had prevention. If they get a crit your steen an reflex are useless. I highly suggest looking up trick tower teams since they help slot. It abuses the ai but it's efficient. You just have to be prepared or one small mistake can really screw you up. My team now is copying one person who reached over 2000 but I'm tailoring it to my style a bit. Anyways back on cal topics. How us the tourney going. You guys done yet.


Happy Trainer
Hey, Im back from my vacation ;) looks like ive got a lot of people to welcome (back)
Hi again ram
Good to see you squirt
Welcome Mayfan
Hey BB
Good luck with your black cards guys...

Oh yeah...
Style:OU/BL, Double battle
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I believe the only people who are left are IndiaMaster and squirtle, but I don't know if they've battled yet.
nah man i can't get ahold of india master, every time hes on he never responds to my messages


Undercover Rocket
Wow I just noticed the brutal engrish in my post XD iPod sux to type on when in a rush.

Anyways, I've noticed quite a few people are asking for double tutoring. I don't have the time to tutor (since im the -only- openly double battler in the clan) anyone, but I can maybe right up a nice article? Or, if I get some sort fo recording software I guess I can do PBR. OR if someone wants to help we can do DS battles and save the videos and I can do commentaries we can upload. OR since pokemon online has doubles, maybe I can do a seminar where people watch a real double battle and I comment as im playing on possible strategies and what the best move would be (the match will take a long time since it would be sort of a lecture).


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Would anyone like to battle?


Undercover Rocket
@falcon please use the sign up on the first page under registration

@bob please don't double post. I will award you points fir you battling when I update next.
Lord griffon I'll face you in a standard OU if you're still looking. Just finished my new team. Is it ok for us to request battles like this in the clan forum?


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GG MageMachine. You whooped my tail. I made I stupid mistake and you got a freeze and a crit hax lol. God, that was so unlucky of me.
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The battle is finished and I won 3-0. GG LordGriffon. I got several luckshots in there so if you'd like a rematch sometime I'm up for one. Also do you want an extreme speed adamant dratini?
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Nah, I got one. I just liked my set better. It's supposed to be more durable. I didn't expect after a DD that you'd be faster.
my jolteon has absolutely maxed natural speed (iv's nature and ev's). he also has max spec attack iv and hp ice 67p (unfortunately his defenses are crud)


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@Lord Griffin and Mage Master

Hey guys. I don't mind some casual talk between clan members, but when it gets one sided just between the two of you about the battle I wil have to ask you to keep it in the PM or VM :) I just don't want anyone getting modded cuz it is considered spam unless the clan can be involved.

So ya, talk about battling and such, I don't mind, but just leave it open wo the whole clan can be involved ;)

Well. I. Am. Not. Pleased. With. Nintendo.

Anyone here have PBR? I cannot connect cause it is saying the server is down but it sent me a message upon 1st disconnect saying Nintendo no longer supports this games wifi capabilities. If so, it looks like people will be seeing me on Pokemon Online now for my random battles. And juster after I got used to my new 'toy' that will wreak terror in my doubles Gold Match >: )
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