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The Legacy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by ger9119, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to
    We will rise to be the legends your descendants speak of...

    The Legacy is an ever-changing, ever-evolving clan. Dedicated to the pursuit of leaving behind a place where we all can be called heroes, challengers come from around the globe to this clan. The clan and its members have survived many brutal times with great persistence and has proven their legacy will never die. If you wish to become a hero, either big or small, this is the place for you to leave your mark. Here, you will be remembered. Here, anyone can be a hero and leave their own legacy.

    The History of The Legacy
    Once their stood two great Clans, Team Legacy and Legacy. Each possessed great power and strength and were feared by their peers. However conflict arose, The two giants argued over who had the right to name their sacred clan Legacy. Fueled by a burning passion for battling and honour the two clans prepared for war; a war so catastrophic it would remain in the archives for the rest of eternity. The day before the war the two clans hung on the Precipice, each ultimately facing destruction. All was surely lost, but no! A brave and radical plan emerged, one so dramatic and controversial it was hard to speak of it.... The two Legacies had to merge! The members of the two great clans would-at first- not accept these new terms, but in time they warmed to the idea, and although they had a lustful desire to rip the others to shreds, they cast their differences aside. Out of the Chaos that had surrounded the tow clans for what seemed an age, The Legacy arose! An entirely new super-clan formed of the two ancient giants, a sheer brute force, unrelenting, malicious and unstoppable. The Legacy!

    September 21

    The Legacy is now headed by a new leader (Ger), after the departure of Twilight_Trainer.

    September 12

    Neo Darkrai is our new War Captain
    The Legacy Legend role-ish playing story has begun.

    Novemeber 6

    Thread updated. Tourney filling up spots,frontier starting up again soon


    + The Rules +
    - Registration -
    - Battling In The Legacy -

    + Ranking System +
    - Our War Team of Legend -
    - Our Valued Heros -
    - Student and Tutor Services -

    + Clan Services+
    - GenLab -
    - Clan Events -
    - Clan Wars -
    - The Legacy Frontier -

    + Hall of Fame+
    - Credits -


    The Rules of Legacy
    1.) Please no hacks. You will have 3 chances; after that you will be ejected. If you are found guilty of using them in a tournament you will be immediately ejected from that tournament.
    2.) Do not spam or flame this thread. This applies for all complaints as well: They must be pm'd to me!
    3.) Please respect other members and be polite and sporting battlers.
    4.) You must be an active member. Post every week please; unless you have a valid excuse.
    5.) Do not flood the leaders with complaints queries suggestions etc. Its annoying! Please only put forward problems you think are truly significant and need to be Addressed Immediately!
    6.) No double posts!
    7.) Standard serebii battle rules apply; unless you and your opponent decide otherwise.

    Please fill in this form if you wish to join this clan. just post your registration in this thread.

    Time Zone: MANDATORY! Your application will be rejected without one.
    Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): /10
    Why do you want to join this clan? :
    Would you make any improvements? :
    How do you wish to rank up? : (See below, in ranking systems.)
    Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? :

    After doing so please setup a test battle (if you want to begin in an advanced ranking).

    Test battles are conducted by all members in the clan who have been promoted to Warrior rank or higher. Please see the "Our Value Heros" section and find a member with a rank Warrior or higher.

    Through rank battling you can attain one of three ranks:

    Learner: if you lost the testing battle and showed little to no knowledge of the current metagame, this is your rank. Don't fret, this is just a starting point. We will teach you how to rise to greatness. Highly suggested to find a tutor.

    Apprentice: you still lost the battle, but you showed -some- understanding of the current metagame. You are on your way, but not quite there yet. Moderately suggested to find a tutor, but practice makes perfect!

    Warrior: You won the match OR came very close. Your prowess matched that of our warriors and you can begin as a warrior right away. We hope you continue to battle for us!

    At this time we are also looking for more co-leader, artists, cloners, e.v. trainers, breeders and tutors. This is an honoured position and you will be put in a certain rank only for these people. You will also be rewarded for each task you undertake, be it making a banner or doing requests for clan members.

    Battling in The Legacy
    Firstly all standard Serebii battling rules apply! Unless you and your partner agree otherwise. You may choose to do contested battles; where you battle you're opponent to rank up and win points. Or you can battle just for fun.

    Ranking Systems


    The ranking system symbolises your position in the clan. It goes from top to bottom. You can rank up by....

    . Never being tested and working your way up from bottom to top challenging those above you.
    . Being tested and working your way up from the position you're given.
    . Doing jobs for the clan can also result in promotion.


    You are new to the clan. It all seems very daunting and confusing to you. However you have potential, and your tutors believe in you. (All those who are yet to be tested will also be placed in this rank.)


    You have proved you have potential, and are beginning to grasp the basic battling skills. You look promising and have a bright future. Keep up the good work!


    Soldier: You showed a lot of understanding of the current metagame, however still can't match the prowess of our Warriors. You lost the match. You can better yourself easily, though. You no longer need a tutor, however you can still have one.


    You're a fierce battler; you have talent and passion and scare the wits out of your opponents. You are preparing to challenge the Legacy Frontier and your peers respect you. You're already leaving behind a good legacy.


    This rank stands for The Legacy Frontier Chiefs and their current peers. You're a formidable warrior; common fighters bow before you. All artists and members of GenLab are inducted into this rank also. They are enlightened beyond the realm of battling. You command respect from all around you and are best not provoked. Your legacy is great.


    This rank is reserved for the conquerors of The Legacy Frontier. All are humbled in your presence; you’re renowned for your courage and ferocity in battle. Enemies shiver at the mention of your name. Your legacy is being woven into legend, children idolise you, and your story shall be told for decades to come!


    You have reached divine status! Your memory in The Legacy will last for years to come no matter if your pressence is here or travelling the world. Your Legacy is known worldwide and you have implanted your own Legacy into the hearts and minds of all around you. You are among the greatest heros ever known, and all respect you.


    This rank is only for Leaders, and Co-Leaders. You shall be remembered forever; as one of those who made The Legacy and all it's affiliates possible. You help it run smoothly and produce the most fearsome army this world has ever known.

    Our War Team of Legend
    * Subject To Change*

    Our Valued Heros

    Name: Plum
    FC: 2408-2169-7298

    Name: giratina hates shaymin
    FC: 3696 6044 4038

    Name: Neon Flygon

    Name: FashionableLad



    Name: Super_Jamalx9000
    FC: 5457-6641-2214

    Name: ShadeAce
    FC: 1033/4593/9957

    name:lucario_god 1


    Name: Sir Giima





    Name: blaaz
    FC: 2064-3546-5084

    Name: MicahXD
    FC: 5414-4031-1861

    Name: Degnan




    Name: Stickguy
    Frontier Brain (doubles)
    FC: 0432 0731 4779

    name: Ibattle

    Name: PoKe_aRcHeR2010

    Name: speedygallade
    FC: 4812-9151-2582

    Name: Blinky the Mew
    FC: 4340-4681-1560


    Name: Neo Darkrai ~ 750pts
    frontier brain (uber)

    frontier brain(ou)


    Name:megaman12 ~ 350pts
    Frontier Brain(NU)
    FC: 5413-5813-1904

    Name: isaac~loves~#243

    Name: LordGriffin

    Name: Ultimate Dragon Knight ~ 100pts
    Title: FC: 1419 0155 4154

    Title: /Frontier brain(uu)
    FC: 0646 8066 3060


    name:Jahz ~ 5,000pts
    Rank: Founder
    FC: 1076 2136 4281


    Name: Ger9119
    Title: Leader/ Frontier Brain (NFE)
    FC:4340-7332 6436
    TZ: East Coast(NY)

    Student and Tutor Service
    Here at The Legacy we believe in preserving our knowledge. That is why we allow any member who has achieved Warrior Rank or higher to become a tutor. You are not required to beome a tutor, but you are permitted to take on a student from within the clan. Each tutor is permitted 1 student. Once that student reaches Warrior Rank themselves, they graduate and both tutor and student will recieve clan points (upon examination of progress).

    To sign up just leave a message in the thread asking for a student/tutor along with the desired battling type.
    Name: Twilight_Trainer
    Position: Tutor
    Style: Double Battles or Uber

    Do not harass staff asking for people. Just look below once we update and find someone to make a bond with. Once you have found your sparring partner leave a message in the thread and you will be added to the list below.

    Student Tutors Paired

    Student: PoKe_aRcHeR2010
    Tutor: Megaman12

    Students Seeking Tutors

    Name: neo darkrai
    Position: Student
    Style: VGC Battles

    Name: stickguy
    Position: Student
    Style: OU/BL, Double battle

    Name: ger
    Position: student
    Style: Doubles and Vgc

    Tutors Seeking Students


    Clan Services
    Welcome to The Legacy Clan Services, here we have a variety of tantalising merchandise for you to choose from. As a member of The Legacy you will earn clan points for doing various activities or jobs. Here are the different ways you can earn points to spend in the shop.

    How to earn points in this clan!

    Inviting another member to the clan> 50pts
    Winning against somebody in this clan (pm me the result.)>20pts
    Beating somebody in a different clan>75pts
    Beating the Leader of another clan> 150pts
    Defeating the Legacy Frontier> 750pts
    Winning a clan tourney>500pts
    Doing something for the clan e.g. making a banner> 50-1000pts

    What is GenLab? GenLab is our clans laboratory for spending your hard earned points. We have many facilities including: Breeding, Cloning, Tutoring and Training.

    What's the cost? Well, one cannot place a cost on life itself...but we are crazy enough to. You pay in Clan Points, and each job has it's own price. Contact any GenLab employee for your price quote.

    Joining Our Team

    We are currently hiring all positions. This includes:

    Trainers (EV and EXP)
    Move Tutors

    Anyone can join! To apply pm the founder this info:

    Forum Name:
    Preferred Title:


    Each employee will recieve 120% of whatever job they do. If they do a job with 100 clan points, they will earn 120 clan points for themself.

    GenLab Employees

    Name: Twilight_Trainer
    Title: Founder

    Name: bobjounson
    Title: Executive Breeder

    Forum name:stickguy
    Title: Executive Cloner
    Diamond:5369 8910 4996
    Soulsilver:0432 0731 4779

    Title: Executive Cloner

    Creations in Progress

    Pokemon / GenLab Employee / Customer / Cost / Type of Job

    ex.: Dragonite / Twilight_Trainer / Jahz / 120 pts / Clone


    Completed Jobs

    ex.: Pokemon / GenLab Employee / Customer / Cost / Type of Job


    Clan Events
    The Legacy Legend
    The Legacy Legend is a collection of writings about the various tales of the members of Legacy, from traveling the world to beating the Frontier to well, UDK conquering the world if they wish ;) To take part post "I WANT TO WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER!" and PM me your next part. You can add as much as you want, just wait 2 posts before u can add again and DO NOT pm or post "I WANT TO WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER" until I post the go-ahead)

    Sunset, the one constant that happens everday as clockwork. At times sand, rain, and hail cross the sun, yet we can still be sure the golden rays are gone for a night. In this wasteland, called the Desert of Naught, one trainer spends his days training and his nights resting. The only time he battles is during the sunset hour, the twilight hour. Thus trainers have come to call him the "Twilight Trainer". His story is known only to him and the partners he trains with. Many a day he trains in the deserted plains waiting for warriors to test his stength. Uncaring where his legacy lays one his sun doest rise his one happiness greater than battling is walking side by side his pokemon. Day by day he walks with his trusty Tyranitar, Rex, by his side. While this tale may seem like a dreary memoir destined for little fate, here starts an epic journey for not only the Twilight Trainer, but for many others to create their own Legacy. For in the distance on this daily sunset, three shadows appear in the horizon. Twi, as he is aptly nicknamed, looks into the horizons attempting to distinguish if the shadows are people, pokemon, or possibly something else.

    The man stood poised atop the dusty ridge, the radiant sunset cast a fleeting glance over the horizon as the baron desert sprawled before him was bathed in a brilliant light whilst the rhythmic hum of the sea pounded its hypnotic rhythm behind him. The man was a peculiar figure; tall and lean he almost seemed to sway in the breeze, his long wavy hair which could never be tamed hung loosely over his brow, his weathered skin etched with lines and eyes which told tales not spoken- for they would not be believed. The man wore only a white robe tied loosely around his waist by a string; he wore no shoes, no headgear to protect him from the relentless sun. His only companion was an aged Metagross which sat silently by his side, ready to respond should he be called. The man was a Nomad, a wanderer, a veteran of the Earth: He spent his life traversing the regions in search of contentment and wisdom and yet never succeeded; he has wandered further than any man, and seen things that were not meant for man to see. Destined to battle a man he has hunted down for years- The Twilight Trainer, the man that betrayed him and sent him on his impossible quest for knowledge, it is destined the two will meet in a battle of epic proportions of which crouds will flock to see. Yet the wandered waits, taking his time, he will find the Twlight Trainer. His tale has become a Legacy and it is said he still traverses the land, immortalised by his quest for enlightenment. He is known by many names, the ancient language writes four recurrent characters referring to such a man, they named him JAHZ; for it is said these four letters are truly the initials of the man that became a myth, the myth that became a legend, the legend that became a Legacy.

    JAHZ didn't travel alone; during his travels he met a young man wondering through the woods one dawn. JAHZ, unknowingly, stumbled a trap set up by the young man. The young man appeared over JAHZ's head; he had a smirk on his face. He was kind of embarrassed by the misunderstanding and kindly helped JAHZ out of the trap. The boy was equipped with a bow and 24 arrows crafted with aluminum wrapped in carbon.They called him "The Poke Archer".His real name was Christian.He had two partner pokemon...a Magmortar and a Flygon. Christian was impressed with the stories JAHZ told him. His adventures were an inpiration to the young archer and he decided to join JAHZ on his quest thinking he could use some help...As they traveled around the world they fought many foes and saved many lives;they made many friends along the way.Some of those friends decided to go along with them on their journey...

    Clan Wars
    Currently accepting foot soldiers! Post a message to apply!
    War Record: 0-1-1

    The Legacy Frontier
    Challenge us in the 4th Generation Leagues section!

    We are currently hosting a tournament to replace our Ubers Chief.

    Hall of Fame
    "What we do in our lives, echoes in eternity"

    This is our final tribute to those who have served this clan, here lie the names of past and present Leaders and Co-Leaders. For this clan shall not die, like a story it shall be passed down until eventually it is Serebii's Legacy. When each leader takes his leave, he must select an heir to run the clan after he has gone, and so it shall continue. Let this list reach dozens long and let their Legacy remain intact. Fight hard and Reminisce over your greatest memories. Comrades, this is my final tribute to you, farewell and best of luck.

    Leaders' Legacy

    Jahz ;151; The Legacy

    Ger9119 ;491; The Revolution

    Clone1 ;369; The Echoe

    Rammagoo ;392; The Devoted

    Pikachu4ever ;025; The Promise

    Twlight Trainer ;150; The Genius

    Big Beluga ;248; The Beast

    Squirtleismyhomeboy ;007; The Hardy

    Mantine Blast ;226; The Hero Of Myth

    Special thanks to NORTHERN LIGHTS for her epic banner. Visit her shop in the art shop section.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2011
  2. how many times are we gonna go through this?
  3. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    The last time squirt ;).

    Atleast we are this one big Legacy family
  4. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    well i was one of the origanal creators with jahz. And Twilight Trainer is retiring so im re-taking over the clan and welcome back StickGuy :D

    @ Jahz- Are you leaving D:
  5. Fetchwell

    Fetchwell Warrior TL

    Congrats Ger :)
  6. PoKe_aRcHeR2010

    PoKe_aRcHeR2010 Shady 2.0

    AAhhhh!!!!!!WTH you too JAHZ???!!!!!!!...Damn hope no one else leaves...
  7. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    No pokearcher im hopefully everyone else stays also,any odl memebers who are taking a break are always welcomed here.

    @Fetch Thank you :)
  8. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    Ultimate Dragon Knight Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I don't know about you, but if I lose my DS again, I won't be gone for six months. PO will just have to do lol. Plus, I'd probably buy a new one anyway, cuz this one is getting beat up lol. And, I'd just like to announce I've been promoted to Co-Leader, to assist Ger in conquering the world... Oh sorry. I mean helping this clan grow. We don't have any plans of conquering the world... what are you talking about? But, I'm staying. For heck or high water. Anyway, welcome back Stickguy. I think I remember you... but I'm not sure. Either way, welcome back. And Jahz, please say it ain't so. You aren't leaving too, are you? And Ger, I'll help you fix the front page later. Maybe fix up a little page when my sister is done with the computer. And write a memorial for Twilight if he hasn't sent in a eulogy.
  9. Rico_Suave

    Rico_Suave The Nostalgic One

    ... Sad to say about the goodbyes
    Congrats in the promotions
    i hope that we dont change administration in a long time
    ... nothing more to say.
  10. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    Ultimate Dragon Knight Well-Known Member

    Yes it is sad Rico. But, that's part of life. All great legends must one day come to pass. But the memories they made shall last forever.
  11. Rico_Suave

    Rico_Suave The Nostalgic One

    -True the only thing you will take to the grave are the memories.
  12. LordGriffin

    LordGriffin Ex-Ascension Leader

    I've...I've seen the rise of three leaders and the fall of two...I'm really at a loss here. My own usefulness in the clan, besides a good idea or two, is slim to none, I'm not skilled enough to war or test, and even if I was, I can't battle near as often as would like to due to severe wifi restrictions and availability. The sudden leaving of Twi and Jahz and my growing sense uselessness as been leaving me feeling rather...frustraited.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
  13. jahz

    jahz Banned

    LG ffs pull yourself together. I dropped leadership and actvity from this clan months ago, does it really come as a surprise I'm leaving? GCSE's are taking up too much of my time atm so i have to leave. Your battling skills are good enough at present and you can always improve by doing things like challenging the OSL.

    You know what guys I started the first Legacy clan last october nearly a year ago. I think to have been around guys like you that long is a privilege, but surely you realise that everything comes to pass. A year is a long time to run clans, and even longer for a single clan to be running. I hope you guys hear see what me and ger started waay back, and it remains here as a testiment to you. For a long time now the members have been running this clan as a pose to the leaders, you're the stuff fuelling it so make sure you stay. LG I started here a year ago with no concept of EV's or IV's and I'd like to think I've moved on a bit, you're already way past that so don't be putting yourself down, you'll improve all it takes- like everything else- is practice and effort. You could even see if you could find a tutor on smogon, hell Ger knows a lot, he could tutor you ;) The only thing keeping me from quitting back in June guys was the instability of the clan for the period over the summer holidays, now that we have a prominent leader again I must leave- I thought it would be Twi and I'll say his departure was sudden to say the least but I know what he's going to be doing in his absence and I can't say I blame him for leaving.
    Ger we started this Legacy 9 months and 5 days ago, and the fact that it stills stands here today is proof of what awesome people you're surrounded by. I know what you're capable of, The Dynasty of Jahz and the Twilight Trainer have passsed but the Rise of Ger has just begun. Make it a good one mate ;)

    I'd just like to post one of my favourite poems here guys and I hope that in this context you can appreciate it fully and it would serve us well on the front page.

    Pursuing fate that clever thief
    A whisper shaking tree and leaf
    To hear you in the moonlight speak
    Put calloused hand on freckled cheek

    Tonight we ride
    Tonight we peak

    Echoed will across a chasm
    Sweetly led by your diapasm
    Thundering through my mind and heart
    To curtained ships as we depart

    Tonight we fly
    Tonight we start

    The journey valued as the end
    The path before us to ascend
    With tandem steps do we begin
    Your hand taking mine, skin on skin

    Tonight we run
    Tonight we win

    What will and fate alone deny
    Together built forever high
    An effort made toward the prize
    Defy your fears and dry your eyes

    Tonight we fight
    Tonight we rise
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
  14. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    Ultimate Dragon Knight Well-Known Member

    "Tonight we fight... Tonight we rise!" Thanks Jahz for your wonderful Legacy that we shall all carry on. I'm feeling very confident that this clan will produce many Legends. For me guys, this clan, is not just part of a game. It's part of life. We're all friends, we all would help each other, and we can all learn from this clan. Unlike most parents thinking that video games are a waste of time, they look at it with a biased view. You can learn much from video games. Such as striving to do your best. And I'm taking this poem from Jahz as a message to stay strong, to keep fighting, and never give up. And that's what The Legacy is about, and shall forever to be about. Tonight guys we shall fight. And Tonight, we shall Rise! We. Are. Legacy!
  15. Rico_Suave

    Rico_Suave The Nostalgic One

    Tonight we fight!
    Tonight we rise!
    its so heroic and full of spirit!
    i like it!
  16. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    Ultimate Dragon Knight Well-Known Member

    So, do we have any photoshop users here in this clan? lol. Because I would prefer to have a clan-made banner over going to a Request Shop to get one made. Because I like that motto.
  17. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    Well, here will be my final words addressed to the clan.

    Everyone, thank you. I originally joined Team Legacy when I signed up as the Dragon E4 in the old Legacy League days. Since then I survived a merger, a transfer in leadership, a short break, a rise to leadership and now, finally, a grand retirement.

    Please have faith in Ger. He goes BEYOND my knowledge as leader. He, along with Jahz are the ORIGINALY CREATORS of Legacy. I am merely a man who stepped up to hold the values of The Legacy until a leader returned (be ite Ram, Ger or Jahz). I never intended to be the leader for an extended amount of time, but it great knowing that you fellow members had faith that I could take that throne.

    Yet, for now, I leave the throne to the true Creator of Legacy, Ger. Give him all the faith you gave me as he is my superior. Now Ger, if you need to abdocate your thrine, you better find someone to take it. This clann CANNOT die; it hsa too much of a Legacy as it is in just a short time. I would love to return in a year as a guest and see where the clan stands. To each and everyone of you, I thank you. You gave so much in just being in the clan, as peers and as friends. If by chance I return to serebii, this will be my 1st stop.

    So, with that, I bid you all adieu, farewell, and good night. *bows*
  18. wht about your frontier postion twi, are u still going to do that?
  19. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    Ultimate Dragon Knight Well-Known Member

    probaly not, according to the fact he sed he would love to return in a year as a guest, thus meaning unaffiliated with The Legacy in anyway at that present time. Well, farewell Twilight. Please if you can, stay in contact with me. Because I would to just talk with you sometimes if possible. Like I said, you can email me ur email if you wish with the serebii function. I would like to keep in contact. Not to ask you to come back, but just to talk.
  20. Rico_Suave

    Rico_Suave The Nostalgic One

    they will just keep an eye up in the sky like last time.
    well at least i think they should.
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