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The Legacy

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Body of Steel!
so i also use skamory should i get it to learn whirlwind?


up and over jolteon actually can roar so you can use him


Born a legend!
im joining back with the legacy everybody so i will be on the chat more often again.im joining back because 5th gen and stuff is coming out so there might be 5th gen clans soon and all other things so thats why im joining back.


Gallade Lover
Wow, I take a break for a little bit and now I see a lot of people quiting. Well, we'll stay strong. It's good to loose unnecessary weight.

Also, welcome back millarc. Hopefully you stay with us.
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Hmm, what is this, the revival of Legacy? Well guys, stay tuned. I know several of us top dogs have some stuff under wraps for you guys... Please stay loyal, and you will soon enough be granted with some great late Christmas presents.

Ultimate Dragon Knight

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good until i noticed u were on then left without checking out our clan chat :'( i was on. and the link is in my sig.


Not Happy
Even though jolteon can learn roar, there are better phazers than jolteon D: .And Welcome back millarc ^_^.ANd whatever chritmas present u giving UDK I'll gladly take it coz I got nothing for chritsmas D:


Body of Steel!
but sandstorm hurts ma team so i taught jolt roar foar the heck of it


be the master
hey guys Up&Over is acually at my house right now and told me bout this clan. i thought it was pretty cool and would like to get in myself.

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tz eastern standard
reason 4 joining i suck and need to get better. will anybody trade me some better pokes please?

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Since we have some new members, I'll take the time to advertise the Legacy Frontier. It has 6 (I think) different Frontier Brains. One for each tier. You also get points for the clan if you battle. Once it's posted, I'm sure Mega will let everyone know.

Blinky the Mew

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Sorry for being completely inactive this week, I was at my dads during school time and there isnt internet or even a computer there.


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Its okay blinky its good to have you here.

Welcome to the Clan Woss


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I know I'm not very active as it is, but for a while I'll be training for an MLG tournament that's coming to the state. If I can get up to the level of my friend I got a great chance of getting sponsored.


Body of Steel!
who are the frontier brains here that i can battle?
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