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The Legacy

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Not Happy
Welcome to the Clan Shadow Arceus and totem.

Ultimate Dragon Knight

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Hmm, Welcome to the Clan Totem! Glad to have you. And teh fact you're a grafix artist makes it all the sweeter! XD


Lucario Lover
Thankyou! :D
Just give me a shout if you need banners. :D


Body of Steel!
is there anyway that i can change my timezone on this website? i put on the wrong one when signed up...


Nymph ニンフ <3

Name: Sean
FC: 5198 0605 0393
Time Zone: GMT -7:00 hours
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 8/10
Why do you want to join this clan? : 1) I like the name XD, 2) It's my first time wanting to join a clan :eek:
Would you make any improvements? : battling skills imporvements i guess..
How do you wish to rank up? : Being tested and working my way up from the position given.
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? : No..

Blinky the Mew

Clever Idiot
A Tourny? what time would that be in Central US time?


Nymph ニンフ <3
is there some test battle that I have to go through..?


The Battler
yea mad, and im going to need some info on the tourney.


be the master
hey i just got in the clan over the weekend but it isnt letting me join the clan chat.and i was wondering if anyone could help me ev train a couple of pokemon cuz i havent had a lot of time lately between school and work
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Nymph ニンフ <3
so who do I battle...?


Nymph ニンフ <3
I have a question, how do i get accepted into the clan? And where's the clan chat? I have already put my info on page 47 ._.
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