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The Legend of Dratini! (035)

I wish catching Pokémon in the Safari Zones was as easy as that in the games!
Anyways, definitely a good episode. Worth tracking down and watching, especially the subbed version I saw, which had some pretty funny lines in it. Was the Warden supposed to look somewhat like Clint Eastwood (because of the guns?)


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Too bad, this episode had gone legit. The bad scene here is when Ash gets pointed by a gun. The good part here is when he obtained 30 Tauros from the Safari Zone. That person who pointed Ash's head by a gun sure is mean.


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I don't get it. Pokemon has had guns in it before. I mean, Team Rocket usually has these big bazookas in certain episodes, and they weren't banned.


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Bazookas are not handguns. They're pretty much impossible for the average person to get ahold of and thus are not considered as much of a threat.


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This is such a good episode. Its a shame it was banned. I guess this was before 4Kids got clever ideas like changing guns to toys.


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I just saw this episode and thought it was realy good. I understand why they banned it (The one episode when james looked cool. lol) But they should make a Dubbed version and put it on the internet for adult pokemon fans


Ah yes, the episode they banned because of guns. It goes up thre with the unusual hand positions and other crap 4Kids has done to us. I swear, they dubbed "Here Comes the Squirtle Squad" where six people point various fire arms at Ash. Yet a guy isn't shy about showing his piece and showing his other piece isn't exceptable. :rolleyes:

From what I've heard, it was a great epi. We finally get to see the Safari Zone and we get to see Dratini. (It would have been nice to see this episode because it would explain somethings in a later episode.)

It sure does. I was so confused when he got all those tauros. i thought maybe i missed a crucial episode or something.


is this the one that got banned because of the guns?
pfft then they can better ban spongebob too because plankton acts like adolf hitler.

i think i'm going to watch this episode on youtube instead.


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A good episode, but I still can't see why it was banned..


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So I finally watched this episode. I must say that it was stupid to ban it. The guns could have easily been changed to something else. On a side note, funny how he captures most of the Taurus. It would have been nice to see this episode dubbed, but at the same time I didn't feel all too excited by it after watching. Just seems like a normal episode that you could forget about had it been dubbed.

Although the Warden is kind of funny. I also wondered why it shows each of them with Safari Balls, yet Ash is the only one that catches anything.

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I really liked this episode, another peice of proof that Team Rocket is invincible, they got shot by guns and still didn't die! I was really touched when he found his old Dratini as Dragonair, I thought that was so sweet. Dratini also very cute as well as Dragonair beautiful.


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This one isn't fermilier. I missed the episodes where Ash goes to the Safari Zone. Never got a chance to see them. Seems like this one was banned though. 4Kids bans for silly reasons. So what if they have hand guns? Kids are going to see that sooner or later. Besides it's not like they were going to violently shoot any one and cause them to die in a puddle of their own blood. ._.


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What, why was this episode banned? I seen it, and it was a very good episode. Especially with Ash catching all those Tauros. I mean, the cops/polices use guns.


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I..don't recall the looks of the warden playing any role in the reasoning for the ban. o_O It was more of the fact that he pointed his gun at children, then fired the gun at said children, and then later had guns pulled on him while tied up by the Rocket Gang. Not to mention Musashi dressed in her ganguro school girl outfit and tried bringing out the perverted old man within him to tell them where Miniryuu is.

Oh dear... I'm glad I didn't see that bit <_<;;


I saw this episode, it can easily be edit just take out the gun and replace it with something else. I saw it with subtitles though. I like how Jessie try to flirt with the warden. And when Ash tries to capture an Rhyhorn, he accidently caught another Taurus.


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Just saw this ep again in many years, I think I watched it the first time back in....2001 or so?

Anyway its been like 7 years since I've watched this ep, and its still a good one. The Warden is hilarious, and I like TR's "torture scene."

This was a fun ep and its a shame it didn't get dubbed back in the day, although we all know why it wasn't. Very funny episode, capture of Tauros, and the part where Ash almost drowns with the explosive in the lake was quite touching. Also liked seeing Dragonair and his offspring Dratini.

Really fun episode, as said, its a shame it didn't get dubbed back in the day since very few people got to see it. (LOL, there was barely any internet fandom back in 1998!)
Aww such a shame this episode was banned.
A Dratini/Dragonair episode would've had really high ratings.
I've always wondered why they never seemed to appear.
Grrr 4Kids!!

But luckily I managed to get this episode in Japanese.... Yay me!

I could hear my heart beating when Ash drowned.... such a sad scene! :[
I was like... NOOO!! ASH DON'T DIE!!! WE STILL HAVE TO umm nvm.
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