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The Legend of Heroes! Leon's Ultimate Battle! (1116)


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The one thing I'll appreciate though I really ultimately don't like this decision as its playing out is that it is interesting to see Galarian Farfetch'd being similar in attitude to Kiawe's Marowak and being also a regional variant. I say that because after being caught Marowak still wanted to tussle with Turtonator, whereas Farfetch'd wanted to fight with Riolu.

That is a nice touch and I wonder if that was their intention or just a coincidence.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Well that was the fking last thing I expected. I literally 100% expected Go to catch G-Farfetch’d. But then I just got labeled a fool by that Eevee situation 2.0. Well I guess Riolu has a sparring partner now. And that officially marks Ash’s first regional variant capture.


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What makes you say that? So far they all (excluding Pikachu for obvious reasons) have gotten adequate amounts of focus evenly.

Grookey is the superior starter anyway.
The Grookey line has Thwackey in it.
I am glad Galarian-Farfetch'd broke that Dark type move curse.

One thing to note here, that statue with sword and shield look very much like Galarian-Sirfetch'd which is also based on a knight.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
I’m pretty sure Ash’s Farfetch’d (man its weird saying that) used Night Slash, so I guess that’s the ‘Ash can’t have a Dark Type move other than Bite or Crunch’ theory dead. I guess I’m glad he caught a regional variant, was hoping for Darumaka though.
No, that was Brutal Swing.


Plus Ultra!
What I expected from this episode: Leon wins again.

What I did not expect: Ash catching a Galarian Farfetch'd!

That was a shocking, but welcome surprise. No doubt he and Riolu are going to be rivals from now on as they help Ash make his way through the World Championships. As disappointed as I am about Sobble probably going to Goh now, I'm glad that it opens up the possibility of Ash getting Grookey. I don't think Grookey's been brought up in the conversation of potential captures, either. At least not until now.

So yeah, a nice bit of surprises in this episode. Ash declaring he'll beat Leon after his match was kinda funny. Only someone like him would do that... XD


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Can Go stop acting salty about Ash getting Pokemon. This is the 2nd time (Gengar being 1st) that Go was upset about Ash getting a Pokemon he wanted.

As if Ash has ever displayed that attitude. Why does Go have to be a poor sport about these things. Like holy crap Go, you just catch ALL the Pokemon left and right, maybe one of them Ash may have wanted, but he shows his support and you have be salty for Ash getting something.

I'd understand if Go wasn't catching Pokemon left and right and he was struggling, I'd be more understanding of Go being upset. But does the person who is just throwing Poke balls left and right and capturing and scooping up Pokemon left and right, does a person like that really have any right to be upset about missing a capture here and there, especially when Ash has been MORE supportive than Go about Go catching Pokemon. I don't think Go has ever praised Ash getting something, he's always been reserved or "oh well" can't go be a supportive friend?

To be fair though, it's entirely possible I misread the scene I may have to rewatch to make sure.

How many charizards will have dragon claw, it has become repititive.

It's especially annoying when Ash's Dragonite has dragon claw as well. I get why it has a dragon type move because Raihan has dragon type Pokemon, probably why Charizard had thunderpunch against Lance's Gyarados......but.......dragon claw really? It's not like Charizard has access to tough claws.

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Farfechted is Hawlucha 2.0, but will evolve lol. I like how much fun Ash during Farfechted and Riolu