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The Legend of Zelda Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Chapter, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. MedMana

    MedMana Wired, Yet Tired

    Let's not forget about the n64 Great Fairies, either. They were both terribly accentuated and terrifying... *Shivers* There's a reason no one bothers with that mask any more than necessary...
  2. Sunset Star

    Sunset Star The DS Gamer

    I'm not scared easily, but the OOT fairies were weird. O_O I thought LOZ was one of the more sensible Japanese things...

    Guys, I'm having a mental debate over if I should join Zelda Dungeon or not. Should I? I don't want to end up making myself feel like an idiot...
  3. Chapter

    Chapter hello, im back sorta

    I think it's slightly overdone, but I'm fine with it. I'm pretty sure the game has blood, too, so it'll probably either be a Teen or Mature rating from ESRB.
    And, um, yeah, MedMana makes a good point with the MM and OoT Great Faries. I mean... Eh... Let's not go there, actually. *Shivers*

    I'm excited for it. Metroid: Other M was incredible, so I doubt that Zelda: Other Z Hyrule Warriors could be anything but incredible.

    Also, I believe that Zelda WiiU was confirmed for 2014. Rejoice!! LOL
  4. Zephraxe

    Zephraxe Well-Known Member

    Finally, another person who actually liked Metroid: Other M! I thought it was awesome, but many disagree...

    Wait, Zelda WiiU?! YEAH! I'm totally going to watch E3 now!
  5. PKMNinja

    PKMNinja Black Ninja

    Yeah man you think the same way I do. Watch E3 because of Zelda and Zelda alone.

    What, where was this confirmed? Did I miss somehow?
  6. Chapter

    Chapter hello, im back sorta

    Favorite ending to an LOZ game?
    Sorry I know that this out of the blue but I really love the darkness and finality of TP. It was perfect, dark, bloody, and justice was brought to Ganon. Not my fave LOZ but damn great ending ANYWAY
    I changed my name yup yup yeah And yes it was confirmed for 2014
  7. PKMNinja

    PKMNinja Black Ninja

    Chapter you still haven't added me to the roster of people and only one more day until Nintend E3. I can't wait, I watched some of the titles coming out for XBox One, I did really like them that much. I hope Zelda Wii U is a sequel to Twilight Princess.
  8. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    I'm surprised I haven't joined this yet. ;w;

    Username: SilverLanayru
    What sword does the Hero of Time use: Master Sword (The Blade of Evil's Bane)
    Job: None
  9. Zephraxe

    Zephraxe Well-Known Member


    Did you see it?! The large, expansive Hyrule?! It looks... *Wipes tear away* BEAUTIFUL! Just yesterday, I was saying that the only thing that could make The Legend of Zelda better is a huge world... It's exactly what they're doing! I am so excited!

    Also, did ya see Hyrule Warriors?! You can play as Midna! This is the only other thing we needed... An action based Zelda game!

    Also, welcome, SilverLanayru! You can pick up a Gaurd Rank user bar on the OP!
  10. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    Thanks for the accept. ^^

    And yeah, I was watching the stream earlier (but with no volume because I was in class). All I can say is... Nintendo has officially murdered my wallet. x_x;
    Thank the goddesses, the graphics are looking extremely amazing for the next Zelda game on Wii U~
    I'm also hyped for Hyrule Warriors! Midna would be something I'd also use, besides Link. xP
  11. Woba Fett

    Woba Fett kkkkkklkllmlkmklmlkm

    Username: Woba Fett
    What Sword does the Hero of Time use: Master Sword
    Job: none (I'm new to this so I don't know much about them. Willing to accept one if needed though)
  12. Zephraxe

    Zephraxe Well-Known Member

    Nintendo's draining my wallet, too! xD I can't wait to be Midna in Hyrule Warriors!

    Welcome, Woba Fett! You can pick up a Guard Rank user bar from the OP!
  13. PKMNinja

    PKMNinja Black Ninja

    Zelda Wii U looks beautiful and the release date is 2015. Hey guys Zelda Wii U = The Elder Scrolls VI: Zelda
  14. Woba Fett

    Woba Fett kkkkkklkllmlkmklmlkm

    I was on the fence for Hyrule Warriors but this trailer just sold it for me.

    Also Zelda U, I've been interested in but it wasn't until the trailer that the full hype for the game hit me
  15. Zephraxe

    Zephraxe Well-Known Member

    I was thinking more on the lines of Elder Scrolls VI: Hyrule, since each game seems to be named after the land you're in.

    Same here! One thing in the Zelda Wii U trailer that stood out to me was the art... That monster was awesome. That bow that Link had... that looked freaking awesome! It had a magic device on it of some sort...

    Link himself looked a bit different, too. He looked... Younger than adult Link normally does.
  16. Sunset Star

    Sunset Star The DS Gamer

    Fun fact: Link, Zelda and you will never be Alphonse Elric Alfonzo aren't the ONLY characters in Spirit Tracks! *jabs thumb towards deviantART*

    Remember, these graphics for Zelda U may not be final.
  17. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Wow, I've been inactive for quite a while... just goes to show how often I typically post in clubs, I guess... Anyway, thought I'd reply to stuff.

    Whaddaya know, I've been playing a lot of ALBW lately as well! I just finished rescuing the seven sages and have made a good dent in Lorule Castle. I'm actually really liking this game, and I'm having fun pointing out the resemblances between it and not just A Link to the Past, but Ocarina of Time as well. I find it amusing how many OoT elements were inserted there, such as:
    - The Milk Bar (I dunno if this was in OoT, but it was in Majora's Mask which was a direct sequel to it and used the same engine, so... And OoT did have milk available at Lon Lon Ranch.)
    - The music that plays when you're in someone's house
    - Using Cuccos to fly to places (I believe this has been a staple in the series ever since OoT)
    - The overworld theme of ALBW seems to be a fusion of that of ALttP and OoT.
    - The meeting with the seven sages seems more reminiscent of OoT, with the design of the room the sages are in, as well as the sages all being distinct characters rather than identical-looking young ladies

    I also like how the bosses in this game are reminiscent of those in ALttP, but have been updated significantly, either with new forms or having their difficulty mediated (yay, the giant Moldorm no longer regains all its health when you fall off the battlefield). I still have yet to find the Pegasus Boots in this game, oddly enough; heck, I'm not even sure if they are in this game (they certainly were in ALttP). Leave it to me to fail to find a faster mode of transportation in a Zelda game... I'm well into my first playthrough of OoT and still am having trouble rescuing Epona (I just can't win those stupid horse races).

    You mean the Great Fairies, right? Because the regular ones looked like little balls of light with wings (like Navi). But seriously, what were they thinking with the Great Fairy's design!? Not only does she not look like a fairy at all, she has a really creepy laugh and looks more like some weird stripper. Every time I visit one, I get the feeling she's trying to torment Link rather than heal him.
  18. Sunset Star

    Sunset Star The DS Gamer

    ^ Yeah, I meant the great fairies. X3
  19. Chapter

    Chapter hello, im back sorta


    As is the other member, wherever your signup is.
    The new trailer from E3: SO COOL!
    But I think it is in fact link because:
    Same earrings
    Link still has a ponytail
    Same casual wear as WW


    IDK if this was a long time ago or if it was recent and I never posted it here, but

    PKMNNinja is in fact a Knight. Rank up? IDK if I posted this in the past so just for clarification.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2014
  20. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    If you were referring to me, my signup form was in the previous page. xD (Btw, saw the first post, it's SilverLanayru; unless you want to shorten it. lol)
    And yeah, I actually do think that's Link, too. I'm a little content with his appearance in that Zelda game so far. o.o
    I kinda wonder about the advance in technology with this game, though. The enemy and the bow weapon shown in the trailer looks a little more advanced compared to previous games.

    ... speaking of cel-shade graphics, however, I need to finish my playthrough of Wind Waker: HD sometime. ;w;
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