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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks


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Well, This game comes out... December 7th, was it?

Curious to know about the reviews of this. I just want to know what I can expect from this.

I do hope to get this game. Considering how very few Zelda games I go have.


Korobooshi Kojiro

Honestly, I like the idea of a central dungeon you can dig deeper into (Metroidvania Zelda is something they should try methinks)

It was just the time-limit and having to repeat each floor that was the problem.
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Gentlemen, may we please talk about the game, not about mitchman's sarcasm?


Man, it's like a thread of idiots. At this rate we're going to be banned from discussing Spirit Tracks the way we were banned from making threads about SSB. Speaking of which, when is said ban lifted? It's been nearly a year now. I'm going to assume never.

But now I'm just spamming this thread myself.

Is anyone a little bit curious about what other races are in the game besides Gorons and Anouki? There seem to be four corners of the land, with the Gorons in one corner and the Anouki in another. I think it's safe to assume we're either going to get both a foresty rave and a water race (hence the underwater train and such), or no other races than those we saw in PH. Hopefully we do get at least one more race, but given that no mention of a grass race was mentioned in relation to the Tree dungeon (since people have already played past this point), I think I can safely say that Koroks are out of the question. Still, there's hope for one last race, right? PH had the Gorons, the Anouki and the Cobble, although granted the Cobbles were all spirits, Zaus aside. I just think it would be fitting if there was one more race other than the Hylians/humans, Gorons, Anouki, and the apparently very sparse population of Lokomo people. Either way the game looks to have plenty of towns which can only be a good thing.