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The Legend of Zelda: The Shattered Sword

Power Shot

Reignited with Ego!
All right, this is the first fan-fci idea I ever had, so keep an open mind. The first chapter has some spacing issues that I was too lazy to correct. Enjoy.

The Legend of Zelda: The Shattered Sword

Chapter One- The Return of the Hero

They were everywhere.

On the outskirts of Aura Village, there now dwelled huge, disgusting spiders the size of horses. They preyed on innocents, animals, and heroes that dared disturb their sleep. A man walked slowly into the grove where they were said to gather. The Spiders, angered by the appearance of the intruder, began to slowly encircle him. They stared at him, sizing up how difficult he would be in this battle, and were surprised to see his eyes showed no fear. He, with his green tunic and white tights, with mail clad under the tunic. They stared at his brown boots all the way up to his muscle-bound arms, which began reaching for a sword that was kept on the sheath slung on his back. He withdrew the sword gracefully, without damaging the green hat, messy blond hair, or his long ears that held no less than two earrings on each. The spiders clicked amongst themselves in their strange language, confident that their vast numbers would prove more than a match for this intruder. And, as with any other opponent, they would have, except for one small detail the spiders couldn’t understand.

Their opponent was Link, Hero of the Winds.

The man named Link, the mightiest of heroes, swept amongst them swiftly, cutting them to shreds, dodging every pincer thrown at him. Seeing that their usual tactics had failed, they began to eject poison from their hairy bodies that would kill Link if it hit him. If it hit him. One shot string at him, but only caught his boot. Unfortunately for the spider, it would have been easier for it to uproot the tree it hung on than to dislodge Link, and with one tug, Link jerked the spider towards him and sliced it in half, its black blood staining the grove’s floor. All the spiders joined the fray, hoping that they could overwhelm the hero. But Link just smiled, leaping over them, spinning his sword with the jump, slicing open the spiders’ hide like butter. Before long, every spider lay dead in a pool of their blood, their beady eyes staring lifelessly in all directions. Wiping off their black blood from his tunic, Link smiled with the satisfaction that he had once again saved the innocent people of Aura Village.

Ten years ago, after Link had saved the Great Ocean from all of Ganon’s evil, he, Tetra, and the pirates had discovered the great continent where they could live. They built a port at the spot where they made first landing, naming the port New Beginnings. Many of the inhabitants of the Great Sea were brought to the continent, and had lived harmoniously with the previous inhabitants: The Shana, mysterious people with the power of prophesy, The Deku, wooden creatures that lived deep within the forests of New Hyrule, the name of the land. The Zora, water creatures that guarded the Pillar of Water, the source of all the water on the continent, and finally the Madra, hooded people that lived in the desert on the south edge of New Hyrule. In the center of New Hyrule, a castle was built for the nobility of the land to govern together the future of New Hyrule, but Link couldn’t stand all the politics that were discussed, so, in secret, he left the castle five years ago and dedicated himself to exploring New Hyrule and unraveling its secrets while protecting its people. The spiders in this grove were attacking the people of Aura Village, where his sister Aryll lived. At her request, he massacred the spiders and restored peace to the fearful region.

“Link, we once again thank you for saving our village,” said Aryll, bowing courteously to the hero she had for a brother. “I’m sure Grandma would be proud of you for all of your accomplishments.” A pain shot through Link’s chest, remembering that his and Aryll’s grandmother had died shortly after she and Aryll had come to New Hyrule from Outset Island. Though it had been ten years, the pain still clung to Link, never to release him. “So, where shall you go next?” asked Aryll, noticing that Link had not spoken for a whole minute. “I mean, you’ve basically beaten everything evil in New Hyrule, and you haven’t seen Tetra for, what is it now, five years? She came to the village last month, trying to find you. I spoke with her. She really misses you.” “She does?” asked Link. “Yeah.” Link looked into the forest next to the village, saying, “I’d like to go back, I really do. I miss Tetra and Gonzo and everyone. It’s just that-” “What?” asked Aryll. “I know. You’re still afraid of Grandma, aren’t you?” Link rose up at Aryll’s words, and slowly nodded his head. “Link, I don’t know what to make of you,” she said, swaying her long hair as she laughed. “You have faced serpents, ghosts, zombies, and even defeated the Great King of Evil. You’re telling me that Grandma’s tomb scares you. Go back, Link. You can’t be a wanderer forever.”

“I’ll think about it, Aryll,” he said. The villagers gave him a nice hut next to the cottage Aryll lived. “You sure you don’t want to sleep on a real bed, Link?” “Yes,” he said. “I’m afraid that after my years of travel, a comfy bed is unnecessary.” He left for the hut without another word. Of course, thought Aryll. My brother travels so much, he probably doesn’t like being comfy. She then turned around and went inside her cottage.

Link opened the door to his small hut. It was grey, with a cot standing on the floor, which Link was happy to see was made of dirt. Perfect, he thought. Link swung onto the cot, which was hard, but still relaxing. And yet, Link couldn’t sleep. So he stayed up, staring at the grey ceiling, pondering on Aryll’s words. “You can’t be a wanderer forever.” It took Link until well past midnight to figure out what he wanted to do, when he finally felt sleep creeping up on him. Closing his eyes, he sank into the cot, and knew no more.

Aryll awoke just as she had for the past five years; in the cottage she had been given when Aura Village was first founded. As its leader, she had many tasks but gradually had learned to cope with her duties. After rubbing her eyes, in an attempt to really get up, she walked out to the patio, staring at the brilliant sun rising out from under the trees. She then remembered in a shock that Link was staying in the hut near her home. Slipping out of her sleeping clothes and into her formal robes, she ran out of her cottage and towards the hut, hoping to scare Link by waking him up. She opened the door of the hut, and gave out a scream when Link was nowhere to be seen. She walked into the hut, and looked around for some idea of what Link had done, when she saw a fragment of paper lying on the cot. She walked over and, picked it up, putting it to the light so she could read the barely legitimate writing. Squinting her eyes, she saw that written on the paper was a simple note, I’m going back. Thanks for the accommodations. Aryll chuckled to herself as she left the dirty hut.

New Hyrule held many different people, so it’s only natural that it had different landscapes to let all the inhabitants live in harmony. The Castle itself was built on the vast field that connected the whole continent. Tetra had chosen the exact center of the continent as a symbolic gesture, showing the people that they were all equal by having them all an equal distance away. The mountain in the north was given to the Rito. The desert in the south was already the Madra’s, so Tetra and Link agreed to let them continue to live there. The Grotto in the West was given to the Gorons they had met on their search for New Hyrule, and the Zoras remained at Zora Lake, where they had dwelled for centuries, protecting the Pillar. The Shana lived on the east coast, and the Deku in the dark of the Forbidden Forrest, or the Deku Woods. In the vast field, Link ran for the castle, without pause or rest. His five years of training had hardened him into a suit of armor, without break or seam. His strength and desire to see his old friends gave him wings, even through his fear of his grandmother’s grave. As he dashed through the wilderness, memories of the great times he had had with the pirates surfaced, as he remembered how he had defeated Ganon, and saved the Great Sea. Though he slew the ancient titan, his mighty Master Sword had been broken in his attempt to remove it from Ganon’s forehead. But that doesn’t matter, thought Link. As long as peace reigns in New Hyrule, I couldn’t care less. Later, Link would remember those words, and curse them for their blindness. As he ran, he saw the beautiful castle rearing up in his vision. It was exactly as Link remembered it. Made from white marble, Link could see it from miles away. Its huge towers gleamed in the sun’s light. The drawbridge, made from the strongest trees in the Deku Woods, was slowly inching its way towards him. It wasn’t down, but it was still an easy task to jump over the moat for a Hero. He launched himself into a front flip and soared over the drawbridge and into the Castle.

There were two guards out on the front Castle duty, Eras and Teak. They were the best of the best, the foremost of Castle guards, and they were drunk. And not just tipsy, they were really out of their heads. Seeing a normal day with absolutely no excitement in store for them, they both decided to have a drink or ten. After having a few, they looking up from their ale, and saw to their surprise, a man in a green tunic jump over the drawbridge. The man landed perfectly on the ground, calmly brushed off his tunic, and began to walk over to the door leading inside the Castle. “Who goes there?” sneered Eras, picking up his spear. He first stopped to charge his mug, then lurched his way over to where Link was standing. “Yeah,” slurred Teak, obviously the drunker of the pair. “We’re palace guards, the strongest fighters in New Hyrule. Flying over the drawbridge like that, that’s kid’s stuff. You must be crazy to think you can get past us.” The two jeered at Link, insulting him, calling him names, and disrespecting his family. Until, finally…

“Hey, maybe he wants our autographs, Teak!”

That was the final straw for Link, who had calmly took it all until now, being asked if he wanted an autograph from people who didn’t even look like they could write in the first place. Raising his arm, he decided to show the buffoons whom they were messing with. Concentrating, he felt the old magic run through him, one he hadn’t needed to use for years. The guards just kept jeering, right up until Link’s hand began to glow a familiar golden triangle. As the light intensified, the guards covered their eyes at the light’s unbearable glare. When the light finally disappeared, Eras and Teak removed their arms from their eyes, only to see that the man had disappeared, and in his place was a fading golden triangle smoking on the ground. The guards looked at each other in fear, now aware of whom they had dared to insult and annoy.

The Castle throne room was a work of art in itself. A white marble floor, a red carpet, and the light blue walls made one feel at peace when you walked in. On the ceiling was a crystal chandelier adorning the golden roof. At the end of the carpet sat a twenty-year-old woman, by the name of Queen Tetra. Tetra, who was quite as lovely as the room itself, had never really liked the room, or the throne she sat in day in and day out. I miss my old life out at sea, she thought. “Your Highness,” said Gonzo, walking though the room up the carpet. “Gonzo, I told you not to call me that. You know I hate that title,” laughed Tetra, as Gonzo tried clumsily to bow, but only fell flat on his face. “My old friends never have to call me that. Link never… did.” Her voice failed her at the end, as talking about Link was too painful to her. “You miss him, do you not?” asked Gonzo, eyeing her suspiciously. “Yes, but not in the way you think, Gonzo,” said Tetra, staring out the windows that adorned her throne room. “Link was exciting, he thrilled me, got my blood really flowing. I just don’t understand why he left.” “Tetra, he was unhappy here, just as you are. He was never really cut out to live in a castle. And he does more good this way,” said Gonzo. “I spoke to him just before he left, as I’ve told you countless times. He fears his grandmother’s grave, as he thinks it’s his fault she died because he brought her here.” “I suppose,” said Tetra. “I just wish he was here to liven things up a little.” And then it happened.

A small light began to seep through the throne room, through the walls. At first, it was dim, but then it began to grow brighter. The Triforce symbol glowed from within the light, and then it began transforming. Tetra and Gonzo could barely see it as a tall man began to emerge from the triangle, the gold turning into a young man Tetra’s age, wearing a gold tunic which changed into green, brown boots and gloves formed from the golden light, and white tights, along with a shield so well polished it might have been mistaken as a mirror, and a sword in a sheath that hung gracefully with the shield from the man’s back, began to appear. Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the light dimmed, and the man remained standing in the throne room. After adjusting to the loss of light, it took only moments for Tetra to see whom it was that stood before her.


Link laughed as Tetra dashed down the room at him, and smiled as he wrapped her in a warm embrace. Gonzo, after realizing whom it was, joined them in a bear hug. Tetra shouted for the other pirates, and soon, everyone was enveloped in a massive group hug, tears streaming down everyone’s eyes in happiness. Two days later, a massive party was held, to celebrate Link’s return to the Castle after so many years. Legend tells that it lasted for seven days and seven nights, and was attended by many of the beings in New Hyrule. Cheers were called again and again for Link to tell of his adventures across the land, though many had either seen them or had been affected by them. Link, being modest, only told them unimportant tales until the gathering began to call for more ale. Link joined the group in many drinks, an soon was telling them great stories about defeating dragons, rescuing people, and traveling across the world, telling the crowd about the wonders of the unexplored world, from trees that could sing and birds that could dance, to dragons that laughed if you could tickle them on their underbelly. The audience was stunned, knowing many of the stories were not true, but merely wanted to laugh along with the great hero. The party grew greater and greater, and it was only on the eight day that Tetra and Link could make everyone finally leave. As the party slowed down, the Castle began to once again reverted to its normal state of governing New Hyrule.

A week after the party, when his hangover had finally died down, Link decided to visit a very special place in the Castle. He climbed up the staircase, into the tallest tower, to the mystical room where the Master Sword shards were kept. The shard were, of course, protected by a special door, with was made of a holy metal, banning all those without a special item from entering. Link approached the door and raised his arm. He flashed the Triforce of Courage at the door, and the door signaled back, flashing once before slowly opening to admit him. After the door had opened, Link set foot in a room that was even more dazzling than the throne room. It was rectangular in shape, with glinting crystal walls that would show you every move you made. After he set foot onto the golden floor, the door slammed shut, ensuring Link’s privacy and the shards’ safety. At the end of the room was a wooden podium, carved out of a piece of the sacred Deku Tree of the Forest Haven, home of the Korok, the only race that had not come to New Hyrule. On top of the podium, on a piece of red fabric, lay the shattered pieces of the Master Sword. There were seven in all, all of different sizes, one still grasping the hilt of the once-invincible blade. They were spread out to show the sword as it once was, but were evenly separated to show its damage, a damage Link and Tetra had tried to repair, but alas, there was nothing that could be done. Didn’t they used to be brighter? thought Link before the holy door that locked him in began to creak open again. Thinking Tetra had come up, Link turned around to receive the shock of his life.

The person that had entered the room was not Tetra, nor did it look remotely like her. It wore a long, black robe with a hood and mask, hiding all its body from view. “H-How did you get in here?” Link stammered. “You need a Triforce piece to enter this room. Explain yourself.” The person chucked to himself, and raised a hand disguised by a black glove. It’s a man, at any rate, thought Link, just as a faint golden glimmer began to issue from the man’s glove. “Will this do?” asked the hooded man in his sinister voice. Then he began laughing as he drew out two long knives from the depths of his black robe. “I’ll be frank, Link,” he said. “I’ve come here to fight you. If you refuse, I’ll kill you. It’s as simple as that.” Link drew out his Mirror Shield and sword, staing at the knives. The man noticed, and gently began to scrape to two knives together, creating the sound of metal rubbing aginst metal. “You like these?” he asked. “They look familiar in some way,” anwered Link, prearing for his fight. “Yes, they should be. Do you know from where they’re made?” he asked. Link didn’t answer, so he said,”They are made from the Master Sword!” Link had two seconds to think, What? before the dark man slammed into him. Link parried the blow, and somersaulted away from the figure.

As Link preared to get seious, he asked the man, “Who are you, to hold a Triforce?” Then, he answered his own question, yelling,”Are you Ganon?” The shadow backed away, seeming genually offended. He paused, striking a fighter’s stance, saying simply, “No, Link. I am not Ganon. I am Horus, and if you wish to leave this room alive, you’re going to have to beat me.” As Link watched Horus rush at him, he began to prepare for the hardest fight of his life.

(NEXT: Who is the mystery man Horus? How does he have the Shard Knives, that he said come from the Master Sword? Read the next chapter of The Shattered Sword to find out!)

Chapter Two- The Battle of Past and Future


The magic of Pokemon
Okay, let's see here:

Description: My favorite part was the battle with the Skulltullas (or at least I think they are Skulltullas, anyway) and Link's reunion with Tetra
Characters: You keep everyone true to their original personalities--great!
Plot: I can't wait to hear about Link's newest adventure!

Rating: ;025; ;025; ;025; ;025;

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Nice start, i'm looking forward to the next chapter. Only thing I noticed is that you pack speech together, where as it should start a new line when a new person speaks. It'd make it easier to read to.


Another Zelda fic. Very interesting. This is very good except the spacing with the quotes. Very hard to understand who was talking. But altogether very good. I liked it. Great desciption, emotions and stuff like that. Good stuff. I found you spelt staring wrong in like the last paragarph or so.
jirachiman out ;385;

Power Shot

Reignited with Ego!
Oh, the spacing problem was just in the first chapter. It'll be fixed for the rest of them.

Yay, I love reviews! If I get more, I'll release the next chapter sooner, it's already done. The first seven are already made, but are on another site. I'm taking it slower here.

Check out my other story for more Zelda action. The other is a Ocarina of Time area fic about how the Great Sea was created.

Power Shot

Reignited with Ego!
Well, here's the next chapter-

Chapter Two- The Battle of Past and Future

“Come on, fight me.”

Link stared down the grim challenge issued by Horus, who, regardless of Link’s unwillingness to attack him head on, continued his assault on the hero. Both Shard Knives swept in front of Link as he parried blow after blow in an attempt to disarm the masked man. Confusion pilled into Link’s mind as to who the man really was, since the Shard Knives were, as Horus had said, made from the Master Sword. Link fought on, not to kill, but for an explanation.

“You’re weak, Link,” Horus sneered, unwilling to give Link even a moment’s rest as he once again lunged at the hero. “If you really were the great ‘Hero of Winds’ you would have had the guts to kill me by now. But instead, you try to disarm me, instead of doing what must be done to save yourself. You’re puny while I am strong. I, unlike you, can do what must be done.”

Link boldly answered, “Value in life is never a weakness!” knowing that Horus was just trying to taunt him. He picked up his pace, striking faster and faster in a ballad of sword thrusts. Moving with grace and precision, he fought on, unwilling to give Horus the slightest opening.

Horus noticed the change, and thus began to redouble his own blows in his mission to spear through Link‘s body. Both fighters slashed at each other, blades clanging, as the battle raged on for hours, neither side willing to admit defeat. But, eventually, Link started to show signs of fatigue, and began to slow down. Horus, on the other hand, remained unfazed, and continued to pummel Link with the Shard Knives, each blade strike only missing Link by hairs. In one last desperate move, Link thrust his Mirror shield at Horus’ head for a final attack. Horus, noticing the maneuver, blocked it easily with one knife, giving Link the opening he needed to swipe at the man with his sword. As he swung, Horus saw the sword coming and blocked that to using the second knife Link forgot about. Then, with both weapons trapped, he flicked his wrists and sent both the Mirror Shield and Link’s sword flying off across the room, away from Link‘s hands, and leaving him completely defenseless. Both knives out, the cloaked man began a slow approach to Link, the knives aiming hungrily at his neck. Moments from death, Link braced himself for his fate, when Horus began to laugh.

Horus’ voice filled the castle with a deep, resounding laugh, unlike the sneering, evil voice he had been using. When he finally stopped, Link felt more confused than ever. Horus flung out a hand, signaling he wanted to help Link up. Awkwardly, Link grasped the hand, retrieved his weapons from the floor, and then looked again at the stranger named Horus.

“Link,” Horus said, “you’re a great fighter, and I was greatly challenged by your skills and strength. It has been a while since I’ve faced an opponent like you, but you lack a crucial element necessary to make yourself invincible. You cannot care about your victims. If I had been trying, you‘d be dead now along with everyone you love.”

“So,” Link said, slightly offended by the man‘s advice. “What are you?”

Horus thought for a moment at the odd question, and then finally answered, “I’m many things to many people, but you want to know what I am, not who I am, a fine quality to have. A name is just a title, but what a person is can never be kept secret for long, so here!” And with those words, he threw off the black cloak that concealed his shape from view. In the place of the dark man that had tried to kill Link, there now stood an old man of Link’s height. Horus was old, a man of at least seventy, but held a great strength that Link could tell from the blue eyes on his face, shrouded amongst the wrinkles that adorned much of him. The grey hair was similar to Link’s own hair, but had two long bangs on each side, giving the impression of a falcon. The moustache and beard were also grey, the beard coming down to touch the top of his tunic, which was, like everything else about him, grey. The face carved into a small grin as Horus said, “I am Horus, I could’ve sworn I told you that. Anyway, I am dually honored to meet the famed Hero of Winds, though I wish it was under better circumstances.”

As Horus wrung his hand, Link still felt very confused. All sorts of questions arose in his head, but only one finally made it out-“Better circumstances?” he asked, still unsure about all the information.

“Yes, Link,” Horus said, releasing his hand from Link and becoming very serious. “Link, you are in grave danger, along with the rest of New Hyrule. Terrible times are about to arise in this land, as Ganon prepares to attack it-”


Link’s confusion was destroyed, as the thought of Ganon returning was enough to wake him up from any haze surrounding him. “ Ganon’s back?” he asked in a shaky voice that he never knew he possessed.

“Not yet,” Horus answered. “His power is growing, though. As the Master Sword dies, his power and malevolence return. Look at the shards. Do you see that they no longer shine as they once did?”

Link looked, and to his horror, saw that Horus’ statement was true. The Master Sword shards still gave light, but it was dim and weak. Link, terrified, asked, “What can we do? The shards cannot be repaired. Trust me, Tetra and I tried to fix them in every way possible, but they’re broken.”

“Wrong,” said Horus. “When you broke the Master Sword, its power did weaken, but it can be repaired.”


“Through the Elemental Medallions that are scattered throughout the continent of New Hyrule,” Horus said. “Centuries ago, the Shana foresaw this apocalypse and, in secret, created the medallions to revive the Master Sword. There are seven, each containing one elemental power, hidden in the land. They house the powers of earth, fire, wind, forest, water, spirit, and death, and together, all the medallions hold the strength and power to reawaken the Master Sword.”

Link’s heart gave a leap, as there was a way now to save the Master Sword and New Hyrule. But doubt plagued his mind at the truth of the story. “How, Horus? How do you know these things will come to pass?”

Horus’ gaze fell, answering only, “Have you not guessed it? I am from the future.” Link’s gasp at his words did not stop Horus from continuing. “Fifty years ago, in my time, Ganon invaded New Hyrule. The shards of the Master Sword could no longer hold him imprisoned in that stone. His armies were already in place, and he conquered New Hyrule without so much as any resistance, except for this castle. It held on for about a week, thanks to you, but it wasn’t long before you fell, as well as the guards. After that, Ganon killed everyone in the castle; the servers, the cooks, and the pirates, who were all executed, their heads put on spikes on top of the castle walls. The princess was also killed, her body skewered on the drawbridge gate when she tried to escape, where it remained, unmoved and broken. I saw it all, Link, and the scene shall never leave my thoughts. Your death was pitiful and horrible, the worst of all. I had no choice, so I stole the Master Sword shards and ran away, hoping one day to change my past. The Triforce of Courage was passed to me for some reason when you died, I never knew why. After that, I trained for the fifty years I spent in exile from New Hyrule and Ganon‘s evil. Thanks to an old friend, I traveled through time to warn you all. That’s how I got in here, and that’s my story.” As Horus finished recounting the story, he saw the effect it was having on Link.

Link’s fists were curled into tight balls, the anger swelling inside him. “And my Triforce chose you? The coward that ran away?” He lunged at Horus, hatred for the old man’s actions droving Link’s attack. Horus dodged the attack, almost as though he’d been expecting it.

“I don’t deny it, Link. I did a horrible thing by leaving everyone to die, but the Shards needed to be saved. Now calm down.” Horus’ words didn’t soothed Link, but he allowed Horus to continue. “Only with that dear friend was I able to come and warn you of this. Ganon’s bitterness and hatred is great, and we must work together to save the land.” Horus extended his arm in a handshake, hoping that Link would join him on the mission.

Link hesitated for a moment, still not sure of Horus, until his common sense won over, and he grasped the arm. “Yes, Horus, I accept.” After they shook hands, Horus began a second explanation.

“Link,” he said. “Time is of the essence in this fight. Ganon will rise from his stone prison in two months, but the magic that binds me to this time will hold as long as you live.”


“Link, I don’t have the Triforce of Power. As of now we share the Triforce of Courage, and thus have created a fourth Triforce, breaking a sacred law of the Goddesses.” Horus’ words rang true once again, and with that, Horus walked over to the pedestal and began gathering up the Master Sword shards.

“What are you doing?” asked Link. “It is forbidden to touch the sacred shards.”

“We need them Link,” said Horus, “Ganon’s spies could steal them if we leave them here, and we will need them to forge the sword anew.” Link fell silent, ashamed at himself for not realizing that crucial factor, and was silent until Horus finished loading them into a pack stored inside his grey tunic. “Now, Link, we must go. I think we should make for the Earth Medallion in Madra City. There, we can get information as to where the others are.”

` “Can I say goodbye to my friends?” Link asked.

“No,” Horus said. “It is your duty to conduct this mission with me in secret. No one else can know, for the enemy has spies everywhere. Your friends may already be in serious trouble without knowing about the mission. Now come, the journey begins!”

Horus and Link left the room and made it out of the castle without being seen and, once outside, began the long trek south to the desert, where Madra City was located. As they dashed along, the graveled roads they walked on slowly changed to luscious green grass and then again later into the all-consuming sand of the desert. In the distance stood Madra City, a plain city with high walls the color of sand. There, Horus had said, they would find the Earth Medallion. The two decided to camp outside the city for the night, and venture in when morning came.

“Get some rest, Link,” Horus said, settling into the sand. “We have a difficult day ahead of us, and we need to relax.” Link muttered his agreement, and soon fell fast asleep onto the rough sand. Horus observed him for a moment, and then laid back into the nest of sand he had chosen, and knew no more as sleep crept upon him. The sun fell from its place in the heavens as the two drifted softly into dreams.

(NEXT: Horus and Link enter the City of Madra to recover the Earth Medallion. What evils must they peril?
I know, but you’re going to have to read the next chapter to find out!)

Chapter Three- Madra, City of Nomads
Coming Next Week!
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The magic of Pokemon
Wow...all I can say is good luck to Link and Horus...this sounds like a good idea to send to Nintendo...

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Interesting twist, but i get the feeling Horus is hiding something. Maybe he's not, but when you have a character that's 'evil' in one chapter and 'good' in the next people's minds wander.

“We need them Link,” said Horus, “Ganon’s spies could steal them if we leave them here, and we will need them to forage the sword anew.”

You have 'forage' when I think you mean 'forge'

Power Shot

Reignited with Ego!
Yay, a mod pays attention to me, you just made my day.

Yes, Horus is hiding something, he is *edited out by Power Shot, as it is no one's business yet*

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
It's nice to have another Zelda fic to read. All the ones I read on fanfic.net don't get updated very often, if at all. If you have a chance, could you read my Zelda fic?

Power Shot

Reignited with Ego!
I suppose, could you provide me with a link?

If you really do like Zelda fics, you should check out my other one on this site, A Forgotten Legend: The Tears of Salvation. I personally favor that one, but it hasn't really caught interest here.


Yeah, ok!
Pretty enjoyable, I've always liked Zelda stories.

Your strengths seem to be description and the fight scenes, which are done very well.

You've done a good job at your portrayal of Link, (seeing as how he doesn't even speak in the games, thus making people interpet Link's character in different ways).

Sword fights are great, and in a series such as Zelda where Link uses his sword nearly 90% of the time, it's best to think of interesting new ways for various sword fights. After all, the fight scenes should be kept fresh and interesting and not end up repeating themselves from previous fight scenes, something to keep in mind when the fight/battle scenes continue.

I remember some other Zelda fic writers researched on the internet various attacks and techniques a person can do with a sword, so that they didn't end up repeating their description every time Link swang his sword in the various fanfics. Anyway the actual plot is pretty good so far, the set up is clear for some big "reveal" for a later chapter.

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Thanks CyberCubed, that's really useful advice.

Taht review made me feel so good I'm going to release the next chapter tommorow. Here's a spoiler, I'm going to start doing that:

[SPOIL]Ignoring the pain, he looked at the rest of himself. He was in the guise of a black shadow, and realized what he should have known for the start.

He was Ganon.[/SPOIL]

Enjoy figuring out what it means. The next chapter is called Madra, City of Nomads.

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I read the begining paragraphs and skimmed through the rest of chapter one, and chapter two, and from what I read, I found nothing wrong really, for description, battle scenes, characterization, or anything overall that would alert to something off, it is wonderfully written, and while I haven't played Zelda, nor really like it, mostly as I haven't had the chance to play any of the games, and the newest one, well, graphic wise turned me off to getting it, this has helped further my want for Twilight Princess, or whatever the new Zelda game is called. And getting back on topic;

I don't see why this isn't getting anymore reviews, as it really is one of the more well described, and thought out, etc,etc non pokemon fanfic's I've seen. Including my own.

So anyways, with this bump/review, I hope you get more reviewers to read this that actually know what the hell is going on in the backstory and whatnot XD


Evil you are to blackmail me to review this story for getting more chapters in your other story. Just kidding.

Well i read the story and i liked even though i don´t read usally this kind of fics.

I don´t know if it´s your intention, but it really feels like you´re playing a Zelda game, but with even better plot since Link actually loses in order to reach the story´s objective.

You keep the silent guy style that has defined Link through his games, but it better here, cause Link isn´t swinging his sword to random stuff (cause the spiders were actually doing something). Also, you portray the values Link defends and make him worthy of being the hero.

You clinged me to this story, and it seems you promised a new chapter long ago, so bring it.

On final note, is this like a sequel to Windwaker or OoT? Cause it seems to have elements of both. (I say this cause i haven´t played windwaker, and the only characther i know from it is Aryll, and i assume that Tetra and Gonzo are from it too). Just wondering. Take me out of this ignorance.


This story is nice. Your description of the battles are excellent. I really enjoyed reading it...and I'm not just saying this because you blackmailed me with your message in After Hoenn: The Journey of Faith. :)

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Chapter 3- Madra, City of Nomads

All was dark

Link’s eyes opened in a dark cave. Looking around, he saw that no light issued from anywhere in his black surroundings. He could feel that he was on a throne, yet didn’t have the feeling he was sitting on it. He tried to move, but his arms and legs seemed reluctant to listen to his commands. The silence of the cave was interrupted by a knock on an unseen, invisible door. “Enter,” Link said in a malevolent, monstrous voice that was not his own, yet one he knew from sometime he couldn’t remember. The door’s handle creaked along with the door to allow its knocker to enter as Link had instructed. A moblin, dressed in green robes, opened the door, steaming the room with bright light.

Almost at once, blinding pain swept through Link’s unseen body, clutching him in unbearable agony. The moblin, seeing the effect and hearing his hollers, immediately closed the door. The pain stopped but anger at the creature remained. Link’s yells of pain died down as the light’s presence disappeared behind the door. “How dare you, Canarva? How dare you reduce me to that, like a baby needing of care?”

“Sir, please, forgive me for my mistake, I-”

“Silence, slave!” Link’s below echoed through the cavern and outside its rocky walls. Seeing the moblin cower in fear appeased Link, so he decided to have some fun. “Slave,” he said, “what pains me most now in this world?” Seeing no reaction from the moblin, he answered his own question. “Light! Do not open that door except for when it is night.” Canarva babbled his apology to Link before falling silent at Link’s unseen feet. “Now,” Link said, “how is the plan proceeding, slave? I trust everything is well?”

Canarva’s eyes grew anxious, knowing what was to come, and said in his most servile voice, “Master, I apologize. All is not well. The Hero of Winds returned to the castle as you were told, but was warned by a mysterious man of our plans. The man knows a way to revive the Master Sword and left with the Hero to…” The moblin was unable to finish that sentence because of Link’s wrath at hearing the information.

Raising an unseen hand, Link flashed the ancient Triforce that lay embedded on the back of his hand. Burning with a bright glow, the moblin was tortured by the Triforce’s powers that were guided by Link. It was only after several minutes of punishing the pathetic creature did Link yield his onslaught on the moblin’s body. It fell to the ground clutching its chest and, babbling its apology at the incident, excused itself from the room. It crawled towards the door and accidentally opened it to far, once again exposing Link to a large amount of the streaming light. Raising his hand to block it out, he noticed the raised arm was blackened. Ignoring the pain, he looked at the rest of himself. He was in the guise of a black shadow, and realized what he should have known for the start.

He was Ganon.


Link came to in Horus’ arms. Panting for breath, his tunic wet with sweat, he was slowly raised from the cradling position Horus held him in. Looking around the desert that surrounded him instead of the dark cave, he could see Madra City in the distance, the sand colored walls glistening in the sunlight, which Link saw no longer harmed him.

“Link, stay calm,” Horus said. “You were having a nightmare.” At these words, Link began to breath normally again, allowing Horus to breath easily himself. “Now, tell me. What did you see?”

Link adjusted his eyes to the blinding sand surrounding him and looked Horus in the eyes. “Ganon,” he said, still shaking from the nightmare. “I was Ganon, torturing a moblin and being hurt by light, I can’t remember much…”

As Link’s voice trailed off, Horus knew he needed to pressure the information out of him. Terrifying though it was for Link to have this vision, Horus needed the knowledge now. “Link, finish. I need to know what you saw. Does Ganon know about our plans?” Horus’ face grew grim as he saw Link slowly nod his head. Raising himself, he said, “Well, it can’t be helped. I knew my tampering in time wouldn’t allow me to predict everything, but I did not expect Ganon to find out so fast.” The old man raised an arm to help Link up. “We must find the medallions quickly before Ganon can find our location.” And with that, they began their walk to the city.

As they walked, Link turned to Horus, asking, “Horus, can you tell me why we’re at Madra?”

“The Madra are nomads,” answered Horus. “Or at least they used to be. The Madra have lived in New Hyrule longer than any other race, so they know much about the land and its secrets. The medallions are known to them, and I know the Earth Medallion lies beyond those walls.” He gestured to Link the tall walls that drew ever nearer to them. “I just hope that Ganon’s forces haven’t already claimed it.”

The sand colored walls of the city were tall to say the least. At each edge there was a guard station, ready to protect the city from invaders. The Madra were a protective race, but had agreed to accept Tetra as their ruler as long as they were allowed to maintain their queen as well. They rarely sought out the help of the outsiders, choosing instead to live inside the stone walls of their city. Link and Horus stood at the wooden gates that led into the city, looking for some guard that would admit them into the city.

“I don’t see anyone,” said Link, searching through the wood, trying to see if anybody was there to lower the gate. “The whole city looks deserted.”

“Yes,” Horus answered, checking through the wooden gates with him. “Link, be on your guard. I think Ganon may have beaten us here.” Signaling to him, Horus leapt up and over the tall gates, soon followed by Link. They soared above the gates and into the city, landing on the soft sand that layered Madra City. The city’s design was quite simple, only the walls were made out of stone. The Madra themselves lived in tents that adorned the city, creating streets and communities. Some were larger, presumably shops, while others were smaller, and gave off the warm feeling of homes. Yet all the streets were to Horus’ sight, completely empty of anyone. He drew out the Shard Knives and motioned for Link to prepare for a fight. Link noticed and drew not his sword, but instead a small crystal with a strange marking on it. They were halfway through the first street when it happened.

A huge army of moblins began to emerge, crawling silently from the yellow tents that were the Madra’s homes. Slowly, like a pack of wolves, they encircled Link and Horus like a cage made of weapons and hate. A moblin, presumably the leader from his formal green robes, stepped into the circle with a scroll of parchment. The moblin carefully unrolled the parchment and, in an oily, revolting voice read: “It is herby decreed that Link and his unknown companion are to be executed for defying the will of the Great King of Evil, Ganon. We claim Madra as our own to better ensure the tranquility of the land, as well as capture the Great Master’s foes. I, Canarva, along with my brother moblins, accept this task and, for the general peace, must kill you.”

The moblin Canarva rolled back his scroll and began his retreat out into the army of moblins. The moblin’s eyes glistened with hate, delicately drawing out their weapons. The knives, axes, sword, spears, and arrows all shined brightly in the desert sunlight. Then they charged. The moblins ran at them, stampeding to obey Canarva’s order. Horus braced himself for it when…


Link’s cry sent the crystal in his hand blazing, and soon, Horus and Link were enveloped in a blue aura that sent the blades curving away from them if the moblin’s weapons got to close. Horus stared at the magic Link had cast, when he heard Link screaming at him, “Kill them! I can’t keep this magic up forever! Hurry!”

Horus understood, and hastened to obey. Moving swiftly, he proceeded to mow down the moblin forces like weeds. Try as they might, the moblins were unable to penetrate the Magic Armor’s shield around both men. Horus could, however, see that Link was unable to maintain the magic for much longer, and redoubled his efforts, more and more moblins falling from the Shard Knives’ blades, blackened with the moblins’ blood. The seemingly infinite moblins began to thin out, and Horus could see the moblin Canarva sneaking out of the city to avoid being killed by him. Horus had no time to catch him, as Link’s last supplies of energy were running out.

“Link hang on!” Horus’ cry sent new hope to Link, who kept up the barrier. Soon, Horus had defeated all the moblins, their black blood staining the sand below Horus’ feet. Then, Link’s legs went out, the strain of the Magic Armor finally taking its toll on Link’s iron constitution. Horus managed to catch Link before his body hit the sand. Carrying him in his arms, Horus asked, “Link, what was that?”

“Magic Armor,” he replied weakly. “It can withstand any weapon, except ones coated with hero’s blood. And I don’t plan to be losing any blood to them, so I knew we‘d be safe.” Link’s body then went limp.


Horus panicked, rapidly checking for Link’s health. Putting his ear to Link’s chest, he could faintly hear the beating of Link’s heart, along with some breathing. Looking up from Link, he could see some new movement in the streets around him. He shifted Link onto his shoulders and braced himself for another fight.

Instead of the black faces of the moblins, however, a group of masked people began emerging from the corners. Soon, tents around Horus started to expel the same masked people, all huddled together to see the newcomers.

Horus had found the Madra.

The Madra looked simple, dressing in attire suited to the desert environment that they lived in. The people wore sand color robes for camouflage, along with gloves that prevented Horus from seeing what their hands looked like. The Madra wore masks that were meant to protect them from the sand of the desert. Horus couldn’t see their faces or their eyes, which were secured by goggles. They openly welcomed the heroes into their city, and rose Horus onto their shoulders in appreciation for saving them. Seeing that Link was injured, the Madra promised to take care of him, and whisked him off to one of the larger tents, which Horus believed to be the hospital. Meanwhile, the Madra took him to the largest tents in the city, the palace.

Horus was allowed to disembark the troop of Madra that had brought him to the palace, and was promptly escorted inside. Instead of the canvass of a normal tent however, Horus was greeted with great-carved walls made of white stone. “Magic,” he said, and spoke no more as the Madra guards led him down the gleaming corridors and high staircases of the palace. They approached two great twin doors made from gold. The guards opened it, and bathed Horus with the glorious sight of the courtroom.

The magnificent courtroom was so beautiful Horus required two minutes to fully gaze upon it. The ceiling was pure diamonds that transformed softly into chandeliers. The floor was made out of shiny golden tiles that crossed diagonally under his feet. A soft, velvety, red carpet spread across the room to a high, golden throne that extended up to the ceiling. On the high throne sat a Madra, presumably the ruler.

The Madra leaned forward to see Horus better through her goggles, saying, “Are you the man who saved my city from those pesky moblins?”


“Well, I’m most thankful you did,” the ruler said, settling back into the throne. “Those moblins showed up several days ago and we were just overwhelmed by their forces.” feeling rude the Madra said, “Oh, I didn’t introduce myself, did I?” Seeing Horus’ head shake ’no’ the ruler said, “I am Kalea, Queen of the Madra. Though old, I still retain my youthful strength, as you have.”

Horus bowed, remembering his age once again. “Great queen of the Madra,” he said, wanting to be courteous in the hopes that Kalea could help him and Link. “My companion Link and I have traveled to your beautiful city with the hopes of gaining some of you infinite knowledge about New Hyrule.”

“Oh?” Kalea inquired, once again leaning from her throne. “What is it that you want to know about New Hyrule?”

“Queen, we seek the Elemental Medallions. We know that one is in your keeping, as well as the fact that you know where the others are. We ask your help to find the Medallions and revive the Master Sword.”


A huge snapping noise issued from Kalea’s brought forth twenty armed guards. Spear tips out, they encircled Horus with blind obedience, and refused to let Horus move even the slightest inch. Horus stood bewildered at the thought of such a nice person would do that to him. “What have I done? Link and I seek the medallions for good, not evil. Why else would we save your city?” he cried, wondering what he could have done to provoke such an attack.

“To gain our trust, I’d expect. I will not allow anyone to steal the medallion under any circumstances. Guards! Take him.”

Horus willingly left the courtroom with the guards, unwilling to sacrifice their lives due to Kalea’s choice. As he left, he turned back and looked at the ruler for a final appeal and saw, to his shock, red eyes glinting maniacally through the goggles. Then the doors to the great courtroom closed. The troop of guards led Horus deeper into the palace, through different corridors and down great staircases. They slowly, after a great deal of walking, came to the dungeons that lurked deep below the palace. As they opened the door to the cell 623, a powerful stench overflowed from the small, murky, wooden cell. The guards shoved him inside, bound him in chains, and left him there to rot.

“How could this happen?” Horus asked himself. “How can Kalea halter our progress when we saved her whole city?” And then the question answered itself as Horus remembered the red eyes that showed through Kalea’s goggles. “She’s being controlled,” he said. Praying for Link’s safety, Horus fell onto the cot that was the only furniture in the cell, and went to asleep.

The Madra hospital was the finest in not only the southern region of New Hyrule, but was widely believed to be the best one on the continent. The rooms in the hospital were all suited for the many beings that came there. In the west wing of the hospital, under a magnificent bed carved under an oak tree, lay Link, still exhausted after the Magic Armor’s strain on his constitution. Wearily, he managed to open his eyes to try and find out where he was. As he opened his eyes, he expected to see the ceiling above him.

And instead saw another pair of eyes staring back at him.


Curse you for the cliffhanger!!! I wanna know right now who is it.

This was a very good chapter, imo. Do i need to tell you again i like your descriptions? Don´t expect me checking your grammar i´m just learning yet.

The story is going darker every moment, things aren´t looking bright for our hero. Your writing style caught me.

did we see Nayru´s love? that was cool anyway.

The nightmare thing was weird, but it´s okay.

Blablabla... i wanna read more... blablabla


Out of Pokemon.
wow.this is great!i really like the fight scean with the moblins,and what game is this fic based after?

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Wind Waker.

Ah, and here's the next chapter.

Chapter Four- Link’s Sacrifice


Link’s astonishment at seeing the eyes caused him to lose his balance and fall off his bed. With a hard thud, he landed on the soft, green grass that was the room’s floor. The eyes, seemingly frightened, recoiled away from him, and the person they were attached to trembled in fear at disturbing the large patient. Seeing how frightened the Madra was, Link instantly recomposed himself, as it was not dignified for a hero to fall to the ground in fright. Still weak from his use of the Magic Armor, he raised himself from the grassy ground with his trusty sword to see who it was.

Link could hardly tell who or what the Madra was due to the thick robe and mask. The eyes that he had seen were merely the goggles all the Madra wore. The sand colored robe rose as well, as if the Madra was ashamed at having cowered before him. Link sat once again on the soft bed the Madra hospital had provided for him, staring into the black goggles that hid the Madra’s eyes. Link began to notice the silence the Madra maintained, seeing it was waiting for him to speak.

Link began softly, not wanting to scare the Madra a second time. “I’m sorry for scaring you like that, but you really did frighten me.” The Madra looked up, breaking its stare at the ground. Seeing the reaction, Link continued. “You see,” he said, “my friend and I were attacked in the city by the moblin ambush, so I was really drained of my energy. Could you please tell me who you are and where I am?”

The Madra raised itself, clearly wanting to maintain what dignity it still had after the scare. Speaking in a hurried voice, the Madra said, “You are at the Madra Hospital to be treated for your injuries. I am Tecalla, daughter of Kalea and princess of the Madra.”

Link’s attention increased dramatically at the word ‘princess,’ wondering why the princess of Madra would wish to grace his room with her presence. The Madra did not fully understand Link, as he wasn’t a Madra, so he never did expected a royal visit. “Why are you here?” he asked the princess.

“To save you,” Tecalla said simply. Quickly, she reached into her robe, pulling out a small bottle filled with blue potion. “Drink this, the guards will be here any minute.” Without a second thought, Link guzzled down the potion a one big gulp, picked up his weapons, and followed the princess of Madra out of the room.

Quietly, Link and Tecalla found their way out of the hospital, dodging the newly arrived guards that had snuck in from the palace. Using an invisibility spell, Tecalla shrouded both herself and Link in shadow, allowing them to elude the guards easily. Once outside, they began their mad dash for the palace and, hopefully, Horus.

The dungeons beneath the Madra palace were poorly designed at best, not meant to hold a prisoner for more than three days. The weakened ceiling allowed slowly dripping water to fall onto a captive’s face, jousted Horus from the deep slumber on the small cot in his cell. Horus raised himself in the chains placed upon him. Several noises upstairs seemed to suggest to him someone or something was moving in his direction. But nothing came. After a while of waiting, Horus resigned himself to the fact that no one was coming, cursing his rash decision to trust Kalea with the secret of his and Link’s mission.

The guards in front of the palace had been ordered to lock it down, ensuring no one could get in or out. Geon, chief of the guards, had personally seen to this request of his queen’s, and was standing outside with his loyal men preparing for any intruders. Faintly, he could hear small steps coming in his direction. With a breath of warning under his mask, the guards silently moved into place to combat the incoming threat. But none came. The entrance remained completely devoid of life outside of the guards. “I must be seeing things,” Geon muttering to himself, and returned to his prior post.

The two shadows Geon had sensed made it into the palace, dodging the guards with ease. Thanks to Tecalla’s spell, Link and she were invisible to all but each other. Link slowly followed her down long corridors and winding staircases. Following the sand colored robe, Link still was plagued by curiosity at Tecalla’s intentions.

“Where is Horus?” he asked, still maintaining his pace on the princess.

Tecalla didn’t look back, exhibiting a need to free Horus from his dank prison. “He’s in the lower dungeons,” she said, not stopping her walk. “I saw him arriving in the palace, but he was thrown in the prison for asking about the Earth Medallion.”


“My mother has been acting rather peculiar for the past week, ever since the Moblins invaded. My brother and I think she’s being controlled by something,” she said rapidly. A foul smell began to sink upon the two, signaling their vicinity of Horus’ prison.

“You want Horus and me to save your mother, right?” Link asked, covering his nose.

Tecalla turned to him, as though he had said something insulting. Staring at him through her goggles, she said, “How dare you insult me like that! I called on you to help me. My magic is strong, but not strong enough to defeat the evil that has possessed my mother. You will help me free her, and the medallion you came for will be yours.” The statement was met with instant agreement, as Link didn’t want to further instigate her wrath.

The two found themselves in the dungeons, and, up against two guards. Invisible, Link easily knocked them unconscious with the hilt of his sword. “Don’t worry, Tecalla,” Link said, seeing the frightening look in her eyes. “They will awaken fine after a few hours. Now, how do we open Horus’ cell door?”

The door in question was made of heavy steel, and was protected by anti-magic barriers, as was demonstrated when Tecalla tried to open it. The magic spell simply bounced off from the door and rebounded to smack Tecalla on the face, knocking her to the floor. “I’ll handle this,” said Link, struggling to maintain a straight look as Tecalla rose from the floor. Without a moment to lose, Link pulled out an arrow and lit it on an old torch hanging from the wall. Motioning for Tecalla to stand back, he jammed the Fire Arrow into the key socket. The flames licked at the door’s lock, melting the heavy steel into a grey goop. Keeping the fire going, Link wrenched the arrow from the socket and kicked the door down.

Horus paced around his room, trying to piece together a plan to escape the gruesome underground dungeon. The chains prevented him from moving far from the small cot, so he had limited control over his movement. “I hope Link’s okay,” he said to the blank wall he was facing. “The queen may send guards to kill him if I don’t warn him soon.” As he pondered his escape, he could hear a ramming noise outside his cell. Ignoring his previous devices, he snuck closer to the door of his cell. Peering through the keyhole, he could see a Madra recovering from falling to her feet, along with a young man. Raising an arrow, he dipped it into a torch on the wall, causing it to burst into flame. He then jammed it into the keyhole that held Horus hostage, his green tunic shifting in the blaze.

“Link!” thought Horus. The lock began to glow, the gears melting in the heat, turning bright red. Then, as suddenly as it began, the arrow was removed, and a sharp kick was shot at the door. Horus barely had any time to dodge before the door collided with the opposite wall of the cell. Horus looked up out of the dust in the room, and saw Link’s hand extended, showing Link wanted to help him up. Just as Link had done only a day ago, Horus grasped the hand, and stood up.

“Link, you’ve found me!” cried Horus, rejoiced to see Link was safe. Without wasting any time, he assisted Link in melting the chains that held himself captive, the Fire Arrows burning through the solid metal. The Madra stood apart from the two of them, allowing them a few moments. Horus retrieved his precious Shard Knives from the guards’ counter, and saw the Madra waiting to be introduced.

“I thank you, Madra, for helping my comrade Link release me,” Horus said. “I am Horus.” The Madra bowed and gave a look at Link, showing she wanted him to introduce her.

“Horus, this is Tecalla, princess of the Madra. She rescued me from the hospital.” Link’s introduction caused Horus to bow deeply for the princess, seeing she was not under the same spell as her mother. “Princess Tecalla,” he said, showing his respect for the royal. “I thank you for helping my friend Link rescue me. But now,” he said, “we must take our leave, as there is evil here we must destroy, and which you cannot fight.”

“How dare you?!” Tecalla exclaimed for the second time, raising her index finger towards the old man. “Levitis!” she cried, emitting a white light from her gloved finger. The light engulfed Horus and rose him off the ground, leaving him rigid and immobile. Horus’ eyes looked around in disbelief, trying to find a way out of the predicament.

“I forgot to tell you,” laughed Link, holding his sides at seeing the trouble Horus had landed himself in by insulting the princess. “She’s a spell-caster, like many of the Madra are. She stays Horus, because we might need her skills.” Motioning to Tecalla, she unwillingly released Horus from her spell. The old man got up quickly, as time was of the essence.

“On your head, then, Tecalla. Lead the way.”

Tecalla led them back up, along the familiar corridors and staircases that led to the great courtroom, where Tecalla had said her mother was sure to be, guarding the treasured Earth Medallion. Soon, they reached the great twin golden doors. Bracing themselves, Horus drew the two Shard Knives from his belt, while Link’s sword emerged from its protective sheath on his back, along with the Mirror Shield. Tecalla swept back her gloves and opened the door.

Link, not knowing what to expect, didn’t know that the courtroom was supposed to be bright and beautiful, not black and foreboding as it was now. The crystal ceiling had been replaced with a dark paint that seeped into the floor, that was once an art, and now was pure evil. The throne was still there however, an unseen figure sitting on the velvet that was the ruler of Madra’s pride. Moving closer, the trio tried to interpret who it was, for the figure was too large to be Kalea. They were almost halfway there when unseen torches shot into flame, blinding their eyes to the light. After moments, the three stared in horror at what the ruler of Madra, Kalea, had become.

The dark helmet rose to shower them in darkness as the body came to full height. The armor glinted off the torches’ light, the symbol of a boulder engraved on the chest plate. Slowly, the Darknut Kalea had become through the ensnaring evil raised a huge black, curved sword, and charged.

Horus and Link dodged the sword’s great swipe by dashing to the right and left. Tecalla, however, needed to be pulled by Link away from impending death. Mother or not, the beast did not stop there, but rebounded of the wall to swipe at Horus.


Tecalla’s spell hurled towards the Darknut, the white light raising it up into the air as it had done with Horus. The creature let out a huge scream of anger, desperately trying to free itself. Seizing the opportunity, Horus plunged his knives at the beast’s heart, only to have them rebound back at him. Taken by surprise, Horus retreated, giving the Darknut time to break free of the Madra’s power. Angered by Tecalla’s magic, the monster swung at her, knowing she was too slow to deflect it.


Though still not in full form, Link managed to pull off the magic in time to save Tecalla’s life. The might sword simply repelled of Tecalla, just as the Shard Knives had done moments before. Seeing this, seething with anger, the Darknut turned to the source of the blue light, Link. Horus blocked the way, determined to give Link all the time he could use the Magic Armor. The beast, however, was too smart to be fooled by the same trick twice. With a mighty punch on the wall, the Darknut caused the roof to come down on Horus, burying him in rubble and immobilizing him. The Darknut moved closer to Link, determined to crush the barrier he had placed over the three.

Tecalla raised herself from the floor, seeing the damage that her mother, the Darknut, had done to her and the two men she had rescued. Link was still weakened, and the Magic Armor was beginning to die out. As Link crumpled to the ground, Tecalla threw herself in front of him, shouting a barrier spell. “Encriptus!” she cried, a white bubble forming around Link and her, shielding them from harm. “Wake up, Link,” she said, jolting him awake once more.

Faintly, Link arose in her arms, asking, “What?” Looking in front of him he could see the Darknut savagely beating on the bubble, trying to shatter its protecting light. Slowly, he turned to look up at Tecalla’s mask, saying faintly, “Well, guess now I can’t have a midlife crisis, huh? Who’d have thought it would come to this?”

“Stop it,” Tecalla ordered, glancing once at the barrier’s slowly collapsing walls. “I think the monster is infused with Magic Armor, just like you are. That’s why Horus’ knives couldn’t get through.”

“So? Nothing can get through Magic Armor.”

“Yes, there is,” she said. “Hero’s blood. Not just a small cut, though. I’m sorry Link, but I need something more.”

Vaguely, Link understood what Tecalla was asking for. “Do it,” he said, trying to raise himself. “Take the right arm.” And for what was to be the last time, he raised his right arm, passing his sword to Tecalla. She stared at the sword, as though scared to do what was needed. Then Link braced himself, and the sword went down.

Link’s shattered cry of pain caused even the Darknut to back away. The sword cut through Link’s bone, completely severing his right arm. Vaguely, Link wondered if he had made the right decision, and then passed out.

Tecalla, horrified, saw the blood seeping from the great wound, and swiped it up onto Link’s sword. The Darknut had begun pounding on the shield once again, and time was running out. Tecalla rapidly coated the sword with blood, leaving its color red. As the Darknut finally broke through the barrier, Tecalla raised the sword and, in one final attack, speared through the monster’s steel throat. The sword, gleaming with blood, passed through the unseen Magic Armor and into the beast’s body like butter. The Darknut paused, unsure as to what had happened, before it began to scream in pain, filling the room with its last cry of death.

The creature then began to decompose, its magical armor turning to dust and falling off, yet evaporating before it could hit the ground. The last pieces fell to the floor, including the helmet, leaving Kalea, queen of Madra, lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Tecalla rushed forward, ashamed of what she had done. “I’m sorry, mother,” she said, softly holding her mother for the last, final moments of Kalea’s life.

The old woman rose up and, through her mask, smiled in admiration for her daughter. “Do not be sad, my child,” she said gently, feeling the tears coming through Tecalla’s mask, running down her own mask. “I am free now, and I have you, my wise and powerful daughter, to thank for it.” The words were a struggle now. Kalea, knowing that her time was near, spoke on, regardless of the pain required to speak. “Tecalla?”

“Yes, mother?”

“Go with the men Horus and Link. Their cause is just, and only with your help will they defeat the evil that claimed me for its own.” Carefully, the Madra queen reached into her robe, pulling out a brown medallion with the boulder symbol engraved upon its surface. Holding it out she said, “The medallion they wanted, and for what I died for. Take it, and save our land. The second medallion is on a mountain in the north, in the possession of the birds. Take care, daughter. I love you and your brother much.” Then she went limp, her body stilling, and at last, she died.

In the midst of it, Horus had wrenched himself free of the debris, and crawled from it to where Link and the arm lay, blood still flowing freely from the wound. Waking Link gently, he said, “Well, Link, fate has decreed us to be three from now on.”

“Yes,” Link said before passing out again. “Yes we are.” Horus then began to bandage Link’s arm with spare pieces of cloth in his tunic.

The only other noises heard in the courtroom were Tecalla’s sobs of grief.

It took three days to nurse Link back to health.

Marda was devastated at the loss of its beloved queen Kalea, holding the Day of Mourning, as was the custom. The city mourned for a full day in their homes at the loss. It had been decided by the priests of Marda that Tecalla’s brother, Jalaps, would rule the city in his mother’s place. Tecalla was deeply saddened by what she had done, being forced to murder her own mother, and required some time to recover. Slowly, however, she once again embraced the fact that she lived, and had done what was needed. Horus refused to leave Link’s hospital bed and kept vigil, protecting Link from any unforeseen harm. The Earth Medallion was tucked into a small pouch in his tunic, the brown emblem with the boulder symbol awaiting the reunion with the other medallions, which would have to wait until Link had returned to normal.

After the fight, Tecalla, feeling guilty at Link’s loss, set out to find a way to repair Link’s arm. On the third day, she uncovered a spell that would have to do. The arm itself was made a national treasure, and was placed in a vault to never age or decompose, because though it had been severed, it still gave the Magic Armor-repelling blood. Entering Link’s room, she saw to a relief that Horus was there, comforting the weak Link. She drew herself closer to the bed, the book of spells grasped in her gloved hands. “Link, are you well?” she asked, sitting on one of the wooden chairs in the room.

Link rose wearily, the stub of his arm still unusual for him. With a sigh, he once again looked at the remainder of his arm, once again questioning his choice. “I’ll manage,” he said. “How is everyone on the outside?”

“They’re well,” Tecalla said as she began flipping through her book. “I’m sorry, Link, but I couldn’t find anything to cure your arm with.”

Tecalla’s grim statement had little effect on Link, who was expecting this news. “Is there anything we can do?” he asked.

“Yes there is,” she said, finally stopping on the page 237. ‘The Suit of Armor.’ The spell will give you a hand, but one made of iron. Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” Link responded wearily. “Do whatever you can. I can’t be a hero minus an arm, you know.”

Having received Link’s permission, and, raising a nervous hand, Tecalla cried out, “Tasham Armos!”

The light in Link’s room dimmed, and began to gather around Link’s stubbed arm. The golden light expanded, taking on the shape of Link’s old arm. The arm added a hand, and five fingers appeared from the light’s end. Then, just as suddenly as it began, the light vanished, returning to where it came from. The golden light left behind an arm made of cold, unfeeling steel, grey as fog. It bonded to Link’s shoulder, flesh melting into metal, never to release. Link waved the new hand around, testing its strength and durability, crushing a small block of wood left on the table next to him like it was nothing. “Thank you,” Link said, once again lying back onto the bed’s pillows.

“Where are we to go next?” asked Horus, pacing the room’s length. “The Earth Medallion we have, but where the other medallions are, I do not know.” The old man cursed under his breath in annoyance.

“I think I know.” Tecalla’s declamation caused Link and Horus to both stare at her in disbelief. “My mother, before she died, said the second medallion was held by birds.” She and Horus pondered which birds Kalea might have been talking about when they were interrupted by Link’s soft voice.

“Birds,” he said. “The Rito look like birds, don’t they? She was talking about Rito Mountain, where my friend Quill lives.” Link looked at the both of them as if the decision was obvious. “Tomorrow, we leave. Now, both of you leave, as we all need our rest of the northern journey.” The two muttered their agreement, seeing that it was his decision not to remain bedridden, and closed the hospital door. Tecalla and Horus spent the night at the palace under the protection of King Jalaps, knowing the sun had set on their first adventure, and would rise on a new one.