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The Legendary and Shiny Collectors Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Suicunefan2341, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Suicunefan2341

    Suicunefan2341 Legendary Hunter

    Hello. This is the Legendary and Shiny Collectors club. This is a club where people can talk(and yes, brag) about what they have in their collections, as well as their methods for obtaining shinies/legendaries. This is also a good place to find out if your (insert pokemon you got from a trade here) is legit or not. To join, simply post something along the lines of, " Can I join your club?".


    1. Please use proper grammar. It's alright if something a little messed up, but we need to be able to read it!

    2. Be Nice! Just because you have more shinies than someone DOESN'T mean you're better than them.

    If anyone knows how to make banners that would be great, and a co-owner would be good too. Happy Collecting!
  2. xlvl100x

    xlvl100x New Member

    Does anyone have a shaymin here. Ill trade for good stuff.
    I have a lvl 100 mew, mewtwo, lugia, ho-oh, jirachi, latias, groudon, kyogre, dialgia, palkia, heatran and giratina!! :)
  3. wolfgang.amadeus

    wolfgang.amadeus perfect symmetry XO

    er, has this club been approved...? o.o;

    As there is already a Shiny Pokémon Lovers Club, & a Legendary Alliance, I believe, and I don't see how this club differs apart from being an apparent merging of the two...?



    EDIT: ahright, it's like a year old; nevermind.
    (don't bump topics this ancient with misplaced trade requests, please.)
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2009
  4. Suicunefan2341

    Suicunefan2341 Legendary Hunter

    Yes, this club has been approved. Also, even though no one really joined, you can if you want, but this isn't really a trade forum...
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