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The Legendary Awakening [Discussion Thread]


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Quick question: towards the end it says that they (the children) head to their rooms? Are they still Pokemon at this point or are they able to transform at will in this dimension?
Still Pokemon, they won't know how to transform at will for a while.

Anyways, post powers here for the upgrade/gain.

  • Venom Drench; Spitting Poison, Erin causes her enemies to panic and temporarily drop their attack
  • Smog: Erin emits a hefty smog from her mouth, can lead to poisoning
  • Poison Jab: Punching her target with an arm seeped in Poison, Erin attacks. (+1, is now stronger and will lead to an effect similar to toxic)
  • Acid Armor: Coating herself in a purifying acid, Erin creates a barrier that boosts her attack/defense.

  • Gastro Acid: Forces the person she uses it on to be unable to use passive abilities
  • Baneful Bunker: Protects Erin, poisons those who make direct contact.

Orochi is evolving!

Orochi has evolved into Arbok!

  • Vine Whip: Olive summons vines from her hands to attack her foes
  • Synthesis: Olive channels energy from the sun to heal herself, light effects how severe of wounds she can heal. (+1, Olivia can now heal more severe wounds with low sunlight)
  • Chorophyll: When the sun is shiny brightly, Olivia can run faster.
  • Natural Cure: Olive seems to heal from wounds faster than normal people.

  • Forest's Curse: Olivia curses those it is used against, they are now trapped in a minor vine trap.
  • Petal Dance: Olivia stuns her enemies with a beautiful dance with petals. Inflicts minor damage.

Sylvie is evolving!

Sylvie has evolved into Steenee!


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Fairy type Trainer
If they're still Pokemon, then what good are bedrooms? Some of them can't exactly sleep in beds. xD Or sit in chairs for that matter. :p


Dazzling Gleam: Lorenzo fires pink, sparkly, flashes of light that damages the opponent. (+1 Lorenzo can now produce bigger, and stronger flashes of light)
Cute Charm: Sometimes, people become infatuated with Lorenzo when they touch him. The effects wear off when Lorenzo is far enough away from the victim. It is not something he has control over... Yet.
Sweet Kiss: Lorenzo gives the target a kiss that leaves them giddy and confused.
Play Rough: Lorenzo starts glowing with Fairy energy, and delivers a painful Fairy beatdown on the target. The violence is obscured by cartoonish effects like smoke, stars, and hearts.


Fairy Aura: Lorenzo can produce a magical aura around himself that boosts the power of Fairy moves and Pokemon. Fairy type Pokemon are also drawn to him.
Moonlight: Lorenzo channels the energy of the moon to heal himself. Light determines how severe of wounds he can heal.


Ice Punch: Kyle's hand glows with an icy aura, and he delivers a punch that may freeze what he hit.
Hail: Kyle can summon a small hail storm that can hurt others. (+1 Summons a hailstorm over a larger area, and can make bigger hailstones.)
Slush Rush: While it is snowing or hailing, Kyle can move faster
Outrage: Kyle's most powerful ability. He gains super strength, and goes on a rampage attacking everything in his path. Afterwards, he becomes dazed and confused from fatigue, and has to rest for a while.


Ice Beam: Kyle fires a beam of ice from his hands or mouth. May freeze the target.
Dragon Claw: Kyle makes razor sharp glowing energy claws appear from his fingertips, then he slashes the foe.

Frosty evolves into Weavile.
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If they're still Pokemon, then what good are bedrooms? Some of them can't exactly sleep in beds. xD Or sit in chairs for that matter. :p
Bedroom implies a room of relaxation in my opinion. When I lived with my parents that was my safe space. They're designed as you see fit and I'll give everyone freedom in their post to design theirs.


As seen in pokedexes
I think the better question is how are they even going to reliably walk? Only a fourth of them are still bipedal (and most of those have other problems, IE literal golems and a cyborg), and of the rest some don't even have limbs! I foresee much disorientation in our futures.

Also, poor Olive, considering basically 70% of us are big enough we could accidentally step on her.

- Bug Swarm: Rene can emit pheromones that can compel nearby bugs and Bug-types to come to his aid both in offense and/or defense, whichever one (or both) seems more necessary at the time. Currently this only happens in dire situations via instinct, but potentially Rene could learn to control his pheromone emissions.
Having now physically become a bug, Rene has sort of unconsciously gained better control over how and what pheromones he emits. Naturally, if he tries to focus on doing it he'll still likely screw up, but if he doesn't think too hard about it other than of a general pheromone message, Rene can find some measure of success in compelling bugs to do his bidding.​
- Signal Beam: From his hands, Rene can shoot a strange laser-like beam of light at a target. For some odd reason, something really makes Rene think that this beam should be shot from his back.
- Sticky Web: Rene can shoot somewhat sticky webbing from his wrists, just like Ariados-Man but without the web-shooters. He kind of really wants to science out how it works.
- Download: Rene has a somewhat loose mental connection to the Internet. He doesn’t really understand how or why, but when entering a combat situation Rene can instinctively use this connection to quickly research the opponent and come up with a strategy that emphasizes the opponent’s weaknesses be they physical or more special. This gives Rene a boost in his attacks that work with the weaknesses. Rene theorizes that he could possibly do more with this mental Internet connection, though currently he does not have much control over it.​

- Pin Missile: Rene can now fire a barrage of tiny stingers from his hands... somehow. Basically he's his own submachine gun.
- Flash Cannon: Rene can fire a similar yet different ray of light from his hands in addition to the Signal Beam attack. Instead of lasers, his new beam is literally concentrated light. Putting his hands together, Rene can "charge" the attack by gathering light into his palms until it becomes to bright to see, following which he fires the beam similar to firing a laser.​

I have not decided whether Erich evolves or not.


- Flash Fire: Iris is completely immune to the effects of fire. She cannot be damaged by it, and any moves used on her that incorporate fire will fail. Partially because of this, Iris cannot be burned through any means even if the cause does not involve open flame. Additionally, any fire moves or attacks used against her can in turn be utilized in powering up Iris’ own fire powers allowing for a neat combo with her Vulpix fire attacks.
- Incinerate: Iris can shoot bursts of fire from her punches or kicks that are intense enough to burn. While she can only create short bursts at first (think pro-bending firebending), with training she can create longer bursts that she can manipulate and shape (think more traditional firebending).
Iris gains more control over her ability to generate fire, turning this ability into a strange fusion of Blaze Punch/Kick (when cloaking her limbs in fire) and Incinerate/almost-Flamethrower (when utilizing her punches/kicks to shoot blasts of fire). While she has enough control to do the aforementioned cloaking of limbs in fire, she doesn't yet have the mental control to manipulate fire very much once she's created it, so no traditional firebending yet.​
- Fire Lash: Thanks to her ribbon dancing and rhythmic gymnastics experience, given something ribbon-like (such as a whip or chain) Iris can turn it into a flaming whip she can skillfully use. Eat your heart out, Indy.
- Extrasensory: Iris has limited psychic powers. Largely, they can only be utilized in a haphazard, uncontrolled wave of psychic energy that can cause an opponent to flinch due to the mental stimulation. With a lot of focus, however, they could be used as a poor-man’s telekinesis.​

- Gust: Clapping her hands together, Iris creates a shockwave that whips up the surrounding winds into a great gust. Once a gust is created, though, Iris doesn't have much control over it.
- Heat Wave: Iris does the exact same thing she does to create a gust only just before whipping up the winds, Iris channels large amounts of energy into the wind greatly heating it up past the point where it becomes uncomfortably hot.​

Kit does not evolve unless I change my mind between now and when I post.


Why not both?
Woah, sounds like a lot went down. I'm super-busy right now, and I haven't even read the new posts, but I'll see if I can get something up by the end of this week.


bi & ready 2 di
Giga Impact - Hek’s body becomes surrounded in an invisible energy, a bright flash of yellow appearing in front of her face as she faces an opponent. She then charges at the opponent, an orb of light purple energy with spiralling yellow streaks appearing around her body, and she slams herself into her opponent with great force. After using, she must recharge, usually resulting in her just laying on the ground trying to catch her breath.
Crush Grip - Hek grabs the opponent as her body starts to glow orange-yellow. Waves of orange-yellow start to come off of her body and onto her opponent as she tightens her hold, exerting great force.
Payback - Hek puts her hands together and a black energy sphere with white lines starts to expand around her until it hits her opponent.
Create Golem - Hekas can create small homunculi out of materials such as rock, ice, or steel. Though not useful in combat, it makes a neat party trick.
Zen Headbutt - Hekas lowers her head and purple energy begins to form in front of her forehead. She then raises her head and the purple energy grows larger and forms into a ball of shining light blue energy. She then lowers her head and charges head first into the opponent.
Wide Guard - A rainbow force field-like barrier forms in front of Hek and her friends and blocks them from being hit by damaging moves. The more often she uses it, the more likely it will fail.

Mur evolves from Whismur to Loudred!

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
I think the better question is how are they even going to reliably walk? Only a fourth of them are still bipedal (and most of those have other problems, IE literal golems and a cyborg), and of the rest some don't even have limbs! I foresee much disorientation in our futures.
We never thought about this in all the PMD RPs we did back in the day, why should it be a problem now? :p *shot*


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Woah, sounds like a lot went down. I'm super-busy right now, and I haven't even read the new posts, but I'll see if I can get something up by the end of this week.
My post is actually short and isn't the best.

TLDR; dude we're pokemon.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant

- Dragon Claw: Ally channels draconic energy into her hands, lengthening and toughening her nails into dragon's claws and imbuing them with a dragon's power; she then slashes at her foe. (+1, her claws are now tougher, stronger and harder, taking on a more crystalline form)
- Pressure: Ally exudes a particularly intimidating, dangerous air that seems to scare the hell out of some people, and can even make the particularly susceptible go along with her (usually dangerous) ideas. Especially effective when she wants a drinking game.
- Shadow Claw: Ally conjures up shadowy energy in her hands and uses it to strike at her opponents. Much better at catching foes off-guard than her usual Dragon Claw.
- Iron Tail: Ally creates a diamond-hard energy tail from behind her, and strikes her foe hard with it.


- Outrage: A powerful skill, Ally allows rage to consume her, gaining super strength, and goes on a physical rampage, attacking just about anyone in her way. This has the side effect of draining her right after, the feeling being like a bad hangover (that can't be cured with "hair of the dog").
- Power Gem: Ally briefly focuses her pressure on her surroundings, allowing her to conjure diamonds out of thin air, which she then directs to attack her foe.

Gavriil evolves from Gible to Gabite (still remains small for his species though. As a Gible, he's 1'00" rather than the average 2'04", while as a Gabite, he'd be well under the standard 4'07"...3'03" most likely, unless you guys think that a smaller, 2'07" Gabite suits Ally better).


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I just realized, Xerneas has no mouth!

Lorenzo will still be able to talk and eat though, because reasons. :p (You can feed it Pokepuffs in Pokemon Amie so...)
Regirock has no mouth, nose, eyes, ears... Lol

Henry also shrinks a few inches but more than doubles his weight.

I'll post later tonight with upgrades and such. Should've kept my brainstorming from my SU..


I completely misunderstood what is going on here. Editing my post now.


Leslie's hair turns green and she hates that color. I already have some ideas for my next post but for the meantime I'll do my power upgrade/additions:


• Round: Singing a small piece from a song Leslie sings, a couple of small music notes strikes the opponent (Change: The music notes are bigger as a result of Leslie's newfound powerful voice and will do more damage to opponents now)
• Confusion: Focusing her mind, Leslie lifts up a small object or Pokemon and throws it at the ground to cause damage. Ineffective against moderate or larger objects or Pokemon.
• Serene Grace: Singing a somewhat small melody, light will shine upon Olivia for a short while and will slightly raise the damage to opponents for her allies.
• Role Play: Copying another person's movements, Leslie can use a move at random learned from the person she used the move on. Leslie can not control the randomness however.


Dazzling Gleam: As Leslie begins to sing, a light starts to emit from her body. The rays of the light get brighter and are then shot at the enemy.
Acrobatics: Leslie becomes shrouded in blue light and flies around the opponent quickly before charging against the foe to deal damage. While not the strongest way to deal damage, it does make Leslie more comfortable so that she can think her hair is blue rather then green for a short period of time.

I mean since Leslie can float now, hopefully Acrobatics is OK to use (as is everything else). .__.


Oh my gosh, YES. WE'VE TURNED INTO POKEMON. Ivan is so going to have fun with this though I'll only post from his point of view after Mon posts for Lorenzo. While Gwen is going to be surprised but then "meh". And maybe put Olivia on her head so she doesn't get squished, if you don't mind, Hydrangea. Can I do that in my post? Though now there's a part of me who wished I picked a Pokémon that can evolve now... Dang it. Oh well.

Ahem, anyways, I'll probably have a post up by the weekend. In the meantime, one question, we still can't add signature moves, right? Because I was tempted to add Hyperspace Fury as basically a Dark Type Outrage...


I'll update my powers. Hopefully I'll post in the next couple days


Dark Pulse: Adrien sends out a small wave of Dark energy, it is small and weak, unless he is able to focus on it. (+1, Adrien can now consistently create larger waves of energy, and with focus can create large blasts.)

Thief: Adrien performs a small hit against an opponent, while simultaneous grabbing an item the other person has on them, even if he cannot reach it, or doesn't know where it is. He does have to know they have it.

Sucker Punch: Adrien allows himself to become a shadow, bypassing an opponents attack to strike first

Air Slash: Adrien creates a compressed blade of wind to attack an opponent


Dark Aura: Adrien can produce a dark aura from himself that boosts the power of dark type moves and pokemon. It also makes dark pokemon more drawn to him

Beat Up: Adrien can produce illusiory dopplegangers of himself and his companions to attack opponents.

Ken will also evolve into a Zweilous now.


What do I do now?
Sorry for all the questions btw: Is Isaac stuck in 50% forme or can he morph into his 10% forme at all?


  • Land's Wrath: Isaac can sense the life energy of Pokemon, people, and plant life around him and is able to use that energy to move the earth around him to attack, defend, etc. like earthbending, but definitely not as fluent.
  • Sand Veil: In dust storms, sandstorms, and just bad visibility caused by debris, Isaac can become much more difficult to grab/hit and has no problem running through sand.
  • Strength: As a combination from working on a farm and his powers, Isaac has greatly increased strength and can lift things far heavier than himself. Starting off from the RP, a car is currently all he can bare. (+1 Isaac's strength has increased to the point where he can hold his own in hand to hand combat with Pokemon. Combined with Land's Wrath, he can break earth, metal, and other structured materials.)
  • Dragon Pulse: By gathering and absorbing the ambient energy around him, Isaac can release a pulse of energy in a concentrated form.

New Additions:

  • Power Construct: Using cells (or energy since I don't think Isaac's human self is made up of Zygarde Cells), Isaac can create and control 10% Zygarde formes as scouts or sentries and can perceive all that they see. These formes don't last for very long and can be shattered/destroyed. They are mainly a way for him to see farther ahead than Land's Wrath can.
  • Camouflage: Isaac blends in with whatever he's in contact with and is extremely difficult to spot. This is used as a last ditch effort to avoid or escape conflict, especially if heavily damaged. Isaac can still be spotted however as a strange nearly translucent object at times because he's constantly trying to readjust his camouflage to the proper setting.

[You have NO idea how tempting it was for me to put Aura Break on here, Mon, Treeconator, just to mess with you guys' auras. Maybe have Lorenzo attract Dark Pokemon and Adrien attract Fairy types. The only other way I could think of using it would be as a mediator to keep them in balance, but I honestly don't think they'll be fighting each other so I went with these instead]

Let me know if this doesn't look right for this point in the RP.

OH, also, before I forget...look! ;328; Yache has evolved into a Vibrava ;329;


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Sorry for all the questions btw: Is Isaac stuck in 50% forme or can he morph into his 10% forme at all?
Hmm. I mean, I didn't even think about that but you could totally pick which of the two you'd like.

Uh I'll post as Erin and Olivia soon. This will be a pretty brief section but I'll let everyone get one or two posts in, once all is said and done and everyone has gone to their bedrooms we can progress.
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