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The Legendary Fire Emblem Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Lightning Dragon, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Hi, I'm Commander Cobali/Cobali, and welcome to The Fire Emblem Club.


    For Fire Emblem lovers, and fans alike. We shall join our alliances, and win against evil!! D:<
    Alright :3 so, this is basicly about the game Fire Emblem :D
    Anything you all can think of other then FE games, bring it on down you all :3 because this is a club for Fire Emblem lovers

    Right onto thy rules~


    I. Follow all SPPF and Club Forum Rules.

    II. Please stay on topic. Refrain from posting anything that's off-topic, one-liners, or spam. We're not asking for a huge post but please make your posts reasonable.

    III. Please sign up before posting.

    IV. Do not talk back to Moderators and please treat everyone fairly. If you have a problem with one of the Moderators, PM Hydri and the situation will be handled.

    V. Please no minimodding. Let the Moderators handle any problems.

    VI. Please refrain from posting links to non-Fire Emblem related sites. This will be counted as spam.

    VII. This club is about anything Fire Emblem related (Games... anything else we can think of etc.)

    IX. You must fill out the form to join this club. You will have 3 chances to fill it out completely and correctly. If you are having trouble, contact an Moderator.

    X.Please do not "criticize" other members because they have different opinions or theories.

    XII. NO ONE LINERS AT ALL PLEASE!!! I don't want the club taken down by evil one liners D:<<<<

    This Club contains a Strike System. Which is defined as a "punishment" or suspension towards members who break rules.

    Club Moderators can hand out a Ban to members who break the rules. Seen Below are the various Bans a Member can receive.

    • 1 Hour Ban

    • 2 Hour Ban

    • 3 Hour Ban

    • If a Rule is broken and it is more then a few hours Ban, this will result in a strike! Anything after a strike will be when you begin to receive 24 Hour+ Bans! However, this DOES NOT grant immunity to the Rules!

    • 2 Day Ban

    • 5 Day Ban

    • Week Ban

    • 2 Week Ban

    • Month Ban

    • 2 Month Ban

    • Permanent Ban

    Depending on what the post was, will vary the Ban. However, if a Member has been Banned 3 Times then their next Ban will be a Permanent Ban.

    If a Moderator that is not me Bans you, and you do not like their decision, you are free to PM me regarding the situation.

    Try not to get Banned!

    The Sign up application~

    1. Say your username.
    2. Your first Fire Emblem Game
    3. How you were first introduced to Fire Emblem.

    "Hi, I'm Cobali. And my first Fire Emblem game was Sacred Stones, and how I got into FE? One day when I was in second grade, mom and dad bought me a GBA with Fire Emblem Sacred Stones in it. 2 years later I lost it though D: but I found the title afterwards when they were selling it in GameStop, and I've been hunting it back down ever since"

    None yet.... keep it that way, will ya?

    Cobali (Club Leader)

    Cobali (Club leader)

    VM, or PM, or even say in your sign up application for that matter, if you want to be a mod for the club...

    Credit to Cyrius for the lead banner! It's awesome! :D and has Ike...<3

    Cyrius - Marth and Severa
    Me (Aka I wanna be known as Radiant now.) - Ike and Nowi.
    KikoKo - Ilyana and Soren
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2013
  2. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Yes! Fire Emblem has been approved...

    Let the Swords, clash between fire and lightning! (Let's begin!)
  3. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Hello Cobali! :D

    Hi im Cyrius, but you can call me Cy if you want. My first Fire Emblem game was Path of Radiance, but ive forgotten a lot over the years. I was introduced by a few of my friends who were playing on the gamecube, and when they got bored of it, they gave it to me. its a pretty fun game, but it got horribly scratched by my little bro who dragged it across the floor repeatedly D:
  4. Manna

    Manna Rockin' the Suburbs

    Hey I'll join!

    1. Manna
    2. Fire Emblem: Awakening
    3. I heard there was marriage in this game, so I was a little interested. And then that interest turned to "I GOTTA HAVE THIS." And then FE:A proceeded to devour my life for at least month afterwards.
  5. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Both are accepted! Enjoy talking about Fire Emblem, my friends ^~^

    Besides the fact, I have a topic this time around

    Which games have you so far played? /Shot

    I only player Sacred Stones, and Awakening. Both games are awesome, and I'm currently working on getting Panne a husband.
  6. KikoKo

    KikoKo Chrom ♥

    -Path of Radiance
    -I'm not too sure how I was introduced to it. I think I went to Gamestop and the game I wanted was out of stock., and I took PoR instead because of the cover. Though a friend could of told me about it, it's be awhile. ^.^
  7. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Ive played 4 i can remember which are Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Shadow Dragons (hard as hell) and a little of Awakening. i played only a bit of it, before i had to give it back :p
  8. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Accepted! Welcome, Kiko :3

    Ah, is there a difference between games?
  9. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    well for like Path of radience, and radiant dawn, they are ikes story, and the others have alternate characters i belive marth and roy if i remember correctly
  10. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Isn't PoR for the Wii? Or is it for DS? /Maybe way off

    OMG. I have an idea - how about just in club refference, we can claim our favorite 2 characters from the Fire Emblem series?
  11. KikoKo

    KikoKo Chrom ♥

    PoR - Gamecube
    RD- Wii

    In that case I claim Ilyana (from PoR, and RD), and I claim Soren (also for PoR, and RD).
    Reasons why I claim them: I love them so much C=, both of them always end up on my final team
    in the Endgame of Radiant Dawn. ♥
  12. Myrrh

    Myrrh Well-Known Member

    Let's give this a shot.

    Username: Myrrh
    First Fire Femblem: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.
    Exposure: I saw a review in Game Informer magazine. I saw it got a 9, read the review and figured it would be a good game to get. I eventually got it as gift for "graduating" middle school.
  13. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    *Face palm, face palm, face palm* >_<

    Awesome. I'll add them in a second.

    Accepted, welcome Myrrh! Enjoy all the swords and dragons thrashing about ;)

    Besides, I'm gonna claim my ones... Nowi and Ike.

    This will be the form:

    My 2 claims from any Fire Emblem Game:
    Reason why - Must be at least ... a sentence. No one liners.

    My 2 claims from Amy Fire Emblem Game: Ike, and Nowi.
    Why?: Because I like Ike from Brawl, he's awesome... and destructive :3 whilst Nowi is a dragon. A flapping dragon! WHO DOESN'T LIKE DRAGON!?!?!?!?
  14. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Well in that case, i like to claim Marth and Severa. they are both so awesome, and i like Severa's *****y attitude XD
    Marth is cool and collected, and i liked it when he was the main character in the anime. he destroyed everything, yet was awkward with Ellis XD
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2013
  15. Myrrh

    Myrrh Well-Known Member

    Thank you for accepting me. I'll go ahead and make my claims for now I guess.

    My 2 claims from any Fire Emblem Game: Lethe and Mia
    Reason why: Lethe is my favorite Fire Emblem character and she has pretty good character development. Also she has kitty ears and tail. Mia is a fantastic unit that wields a sword as well as Ike and also has a neat character.
  16. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Ah, is Lethe a Taguel? Awesome if she is. I especially love Panne.

    OK, accepted... and will be added here in a second :3

    Besides that, ...THERES A FIRE EMBLEM ANIME?!
  17. KikoKo

    KikoKo Chrom ♥

    No. Lethe is a Laguz. More specifically a cat breed. Taguel's are bunnies.
    I'm not too sure but a laguz-human(or beorc) hyrbrid cannot have access
    to their beast forme. (The Branded). Taguel's can still.

    @Anime- Well yes, but... xD

    edit: Nevermind. Panne says that taguel from far away can transform into cats/birds. Mah Bad.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2013
  18. Myrrh

    Myrrh Well-Known Member

    Adding to what KikoKo said, there are a variety of Laguz species. Lethe is part of the beast tribe, which includes Cats (Lethe is a Cat), Tigers, and Lions. The Bird tribe includes Hawks, Ravens, and Herons. The Dragon tribe consists only of Dragons. Oh, also there are Wolves which were thought to have died out.
  19. Jazz™

    Jazz™ Not exactly Orthodox

    1. Jazz Hands
    2. Sacred Stoned
    3. got it on 3DS as part of the ambassador prgram and LOVED IT!
    Can I claim Innes and Ephraim?
  20. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    1. Lost Requiem
    2. Radiant Dawn. First owned game was Awakening.
    3. Super Smash Brothers. Not a valid reason? It is a valid reason

    I want Severa DAMN IT, hmmm, Henry and Noire
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