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The Legends

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This is a pokemon roleplay, not some fantasy of happy bunnies hopping around in flower patches with unicorns. Rules:
1. No godmoding/powerplaying
2. Limit; 2 legendaries per person
3. No Eevee trainers. Eevee trainers are people who have the following for pokemon: Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon
4. Six pokemon can be caried at a time
5. And no, no shadow lugias are allowed. They suck in my opinion. And they are TOO commonly used.
6. Please don't post with smilies too much. They mess up the board big time, and drive away people willing to roleplay.
7. Every person who joins has to have ATLEAST 1 legendary. Why do you think I called this fourm "Legends"?
8. If I feel you are breaking any rules, I have the right to kick you out.

Plot: Well, i'm not sure if this will be the plot yet or not. It depends on what you guys think. But anyways, Team Rocket/Aqua/Magma always fail misserably to catch any rare pokemon, such as legendaries, theyr'e main focus. And even if they did catch legendaries, the legendaries wouldn't obey them. So theyv'e created clones of the legendaries. They sent off the clones to kill the real legendaries, and then plan to make fame and fortune with their clones. Unfortunatly, 11 children have the legendaries currently, so if they want their fame and fortune, these 12 children will have to go down first....

Legendaries currently open:
If I am missing any, please let me know. Wonder why Mew and Suicune are missing from the list? It's because my charecter, Kikki has them. Here we go....

"C'mon Kikki, lets play!" A small pink figure seemed to tease, as she grabbed a girls hat off of her head and spun it on it's balloon like tail. "C'mon Mew, give that back!" The girl shouted, trying to grab it from the playful pokemon. It's tail dodged every pair of arms grabbing, and it placed the hat on it's head, soaring up higher into the air.

The girl grabbed a pokeball and threw it into the cloudless blue sky. It opened revealing a huge orange dragon like figure, Charizard. "Okay Charizard, let's get my hat back from Mew!" She laghed, and climbed onto it's back. The mighty orange dragon wlapped it's enormous wings and flew up, diving after the pink kangaroo like figure.

Mew dodged the attacks and flew off, Charizard and Kikki following close behind. It was if they were racing, ans Charizard and mew went side to side. Kikki crawled onto one of charizards wings and reached out to grab her hat, but Mew grabbed it with it's small pink paws and glided up higher, Kikki and Charizard doing the same.

They were having fun doing all of this just for a hat. But it was like a small break from dodging Team Rockets traps to capture Mew and Sapphire, her Suicune. The air got thicker as they flew higher, and soon were forced the fly lower. Kikki idiotically lept to grab her hat and got it, but fell off of Charizard in the progress. Then, everything was like slow motion for all three of them....

Mew dived down grabbing Kikki's backpack, but couldn't lift her up. Soonly joined by the huge dragon, they put Kikki on his back as Mew also hopped onto his back, and they flew down to safety.

Kikki got up a bit shooken up of what happened. She took her hat and placed it backwards on her head. She hugged her Carizard around the neck and returned it to it's former pokeball, while giving Mew a nice pat on the head, and a tickle behind it's cat like ears. It then hopped on Kikki's shoulder, and they began to walk through the city....


Bring it.
I'm confused...if this is the sign up, why did you post it in the RPG section? This should go in the sign up section. But, anywayz the plot, is so un-original it's sad. *REPORTS*


Oh really? Because i've enever seen the plot being used before. And I never said it was the plot, I said it was the soon-to-be-plot. Let's see you roleplay, Mr.Iamperfectandruinroleplays.


And also, who the hell said this was the sign-up fourm? Because that's so funny, is it just me or do I just *happen* to see a bunch of roleplay topics without any sign-ups at all?


Eternally hating D/P
OK... first, although DKzM0mA is not the best RPer in the world... he has a point: this break the rules.

He did not flame and you are blind ; no RPG can be started like that on this board. ALL RPGs first had a sign-up opened in the RPG Sign-up sub-forum BEFORE creating the thread here.

Also, think up of the background story BEFORE creating the sign-up... else, you'll end up going nowhere and anyway, without a good main plot, it is very hard to do anything.

Also, while you have a point saying that your plot isn't cliched... the fact still is that it is BAD, which is actually worse than having a cliched plot.

How come the Legendary Pokemon got caught? What is the background story of the characters? Any background informations?

Really, this RPG is an after-thought.

Now, think of an actual post, post your sign-up in the correct forum, and THEN you may start up your RPG.


Have a nice day.


If I was blind, I wouldn't be able to type. And I do have a backround story, why the hell do you think I created this roleplay? So we can all roleplay. And even if I get banned, I don't care, I really don't. So go ahead and report me, I don't give a s***.

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Since you don't care.. next time you can read the rules. Post an RPG with a plot not a "oh i'm not sure if this is the plot or not, i just wrote it straight into the reply box this morning". Sign ups go in the Sign Up forum, which you would see at the top of the page and know about had you read the rules first.

And RPGs about Evil Teams, Legendaires and clones are the most overdone plots ever. The fact you have all three in one is just asking for someone to call originality.
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