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The Life of a Hero, Pokemon Master



Well, I have to begin by saying that this is my first pokemon fiction. It is copyrighted by ERN INC. It came about when I would watch the old movies and say, "Why wouldn't the other legendaries step in during these cataclysms?" Therefore, I made a novel about the legendaries getting out of hand, with one master brave enough and strong enough to stand up to the challenge. This novel takes place in all of the pokemon countries, with old, familiar characters, as well as new ones to help bring together what I hope is an interesting story. Without further ado, here is the order of chapters.

1. Introduction
2. An Unrefusable Offer
3. Sootapolis
4. Groudon
5. Cataclysm
6. Guardian of the Deep
7. Unbalace of Power
8. The Unown Riddle
9. Regi Revelation
10. Meteor
11. Deoxys Destruction
12. Rayquaza Rescue
13. Mew's Mistake
14. Giovonni
15. Mewtwo's Companionship
16. Legendary Squall
17. Unfrozen Statues
18. Double Trouble
19. A Ruined Earth
20. Celebi's Future
21. Epiloge

And now, cue the introduction.

Chapter one: Introduction

This is the tale of my life, and though the real story begins when I was thirty, the adventure began when I was seven years old. Growing up in the town of Blackthorn, I knew the legends of the elusive dragon pokemon as well as everyone in the city. My best friend Lance and I hiked up the waterfall north of the town almost every day because he swore that he saw a dragon in the lake above the waterfall. After about a month of this, he devised a plan to capture this elusive dragon, for there was an unseen bond between the two, and he seemed possessed by the dragons' very existance. He told me that he must be left alone to capture it, so I left him alone overnight.
When I arrived the next morning I saw the biggest smile on his face as he showed me a pokeball. He threw it in the air and out popped a small, worm-like dragon, about five feet long. It swam in the water, but never farther than 5 feet away from Lance. He said, "He's such a small dragon, I'll call him Dratini." And so my friend Lance became the first known person to have captured a dratini. For a few minutes we just stared at the beautiful dragon, its silky scales and smooth features made it seem to glow. This glow made me want to touch it, to caress it, and to love it, but as I stepped towards it I slipped and fell into the lake. Struggling and gasping for breath, I tried swimming back to shore, but the current had me in its grasp. I looked towards the waterfall and knew that I was going to go over soon. As I was flung over the edge I saw the jagged rocks below me, so sharp that they looked like black thorns, the same rocks the town was named after. I shut my eyes and waited for death to take me.
But it didn't come. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in what looked like a pink bubble. I was but a foot from the pointy rocks. I let out an enormous sigh of relief. Then, unexpectadly, the bubble shot upwards, like a rocket. When I was above the falls I could see Lance looking up at me, dumbstruck. I floated down beside him and the bubble popped, and I hit the ground with a thud.
It was only then that I saw my rescuer, the legendary Mew. Mew flew around Lance and I and seemed quite pleased with what he had done. It giggled as it summersaulted through the air. I watched the little pokemon in awe. Mew then began to leave, but before it did, I yelled, "Thank you, Mew! I'll never forget you!"
Mew laughed once again and then flew away, and that was my first encounter with a legendary pokemon. This experience inspired me to become a trainer, that maybe one day in the future I would see my legendary friend again.
My training began on my eleventh birthday. My father, who was a world renowned trainer, presented me with my very own dragon pokemon, a small Bagon. I was so excited that I almost left the house without saying goodbye to my parents. Through the years, Bagon and I became the best of friends, through the wins and the losses.
On the day that I left my home, Lance and I went our separate ways. We met at the southern gate of Blackthorn and Lance said, "When we are both famous one day we are going to have to battle sometime." I nodded, for I couldn't find any words leaving my best friend.
Lance went on to become the most powerful dragon trainer in the world. I still read about his accomplishments in newspapers and see him on the covers of magazines. I went on to master the art of battling, though I followed this path out of the spotlight unlike Lance. We had battled eachother over the years. Sometimes he'd win, sometimes I'd win, and we were still great friends, but after we separated it had always felt as if there was a wall between us.
My pokemon team grew quite well over the years. After long and careful training, my little Bagon became a full fledged Salamence, who quite enjoyed flying and didn't mind my frequent world vacations. Other than Salamence, I have raised a Gengar, a Pupitar, a Gardevoir, and a Gyarados. Each one has a story worth a novel, but the story that I wish to tell is of our life together as a team and the obsticals that we overcame together. Okay, this is looking nice for an introducion. On with the story.
Chapter 2: An Unrefusable Offer, next week.
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I like this story especially because I like dragon pokemon alot


Aquas said:
I like this story especially because I like dragon pokemon alot

Thank you very much Aquas. It's nice to know that someone enjoys my work. Authors apreciate that.


Alright, I decided to do this one a little early. Thanks for your reading.

Chapter 2: An Unrefusable Offer
Blackthorn City, March 5, 6:30

DING! DONG! The doorbell rang loudly and echoed throughtout my house. I was in the living room with my Pupitar. He had been feeling kind of sick. His eyes had glazed over and his shell had turned deep brown in color. These were all signs of imminent evolution. As you can probably imagine, I was very excited to have a Tyranitar come into the family.
The doorbell kept ringing so I hurried to answer it. I was very annoyed. However, if I had known what would happen to my life because of this man at the door, I would have never opened it up.
I opened the door to see a man standing patiently, as if he hadn't been ringing my doorbell like a maniac. He was dressed in a blue suit, a bizzare fashon that I have never seen in my days. He also wore dark sunglasses and looked as calm as a sea before the storm.
"Can I help you?" I asked. I was straight forward and to the point. The man just smiled at my reaction.
"Yes you can." He replied. "More than you can possibly imagine at the moment. May I come in?"
I showed him into my home. Taking him to the living room, he saw Pupitar and remarked, "Oh dear, he looks dreadfully sick. Are you taking care of him?"
"Its a 'her' and obviously you have never studied Pupitars." I said to him. "They get very sick before they evolve, because their body is creating special enzymes that will break through the shell. Her eyes are glazed because fluids are spreading over them, changing them to smaller, sharper eyes. She has been getting worse for the last two weeks, so it has to be very soon now. However, it still could be a week or more."
I sat down in my lazy boy chair and leaned forward. The man sat on the couch next to Pupitar. He began the conversation.


Um, I accedently submitted that part, so here's the rest
"What do you know about the cataclysm that happened in Hoenn ten years ago, Mr. Diamond.
"Well, I know it had to do with an idiotic team that had upset the balance of nature by unleashing two ancient pokemon. Must have been Team Rocket, in another foolish attempt to take over the world." I replied. "The two titans clashed and there was much destruction. I can still remember seeing freak thunderstorms and enormous heat waves even here in Blackthorn. I also know that there were two children, I think their names were Brendon and May, that stopped the titans from destroying too much. I don't know much more than that, because that was all that they showed in the news. Why do you care if I know anything about this?"
Pupitar was getting nervous. She hopped over to me with a groaning sound. She didn't like to move, but she didn't like this new person more.
The man looked me in the eyes. "We have found the resting place of the great Groudon, the ultimate ground pokemon." It took a second before I grasped what he said. "Groudon appears to be dormant, we have done numourous tests on it for about a year and can detect no signs of life at all. I wanted to know if you would be interested in seeing such a beast, or the body of one anyway.
I thought about it, and I began to be suspicious. "Why me?" I asked "I don't even know you, and I don't make my self known to many people. How did you ever find out about me?"
"To tell you the truth, we first went to Lance to ask him if he would like to see Groudon, but he said that he was to busy with the League and all so he recommended you in his place."
"Pupi, Pupitar!!!" screached Pupitar. I looked at her and saw an enormous crack running down the outside of its shell. I could see it glowing on the inside, a reaction of steroids pumping through its body, making it stronger. Without even thinking, I grabbed Pupitar and ran outside. I just finnished paying of my house, and I didn't want it to be destroyed. Once outside, I placed him on the ground. The shell broke open and the inside sprang upwards. Once regaining its true shape, the glowing stopped, and for the first time I beheld my Tyranitar.
The man came up from behind me, gazing at Tyranitar. "You must be a powerful trainer, Mr. Diamond, to have trained a Pupitar so well. You have to take this job."
I ignored him, and began speaking to my Tyranitar. "My, how you have grown. It seems as if only yesterday you were hatching from your egg. Now you are probably strong enough to topple Mt. Silver.
"Roooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!" Tyranitar bellowed and she stomped a foot, shaking the ground around us.
"Whoa! That enough excitement for today." I said as I held up a Great Ball, "Return!" A red beam of light shot out of the ball and brought Tyranitar back inside of it. "That was exciting. My team just got another wonderful addition.
The man interrupted, obviously in a hurry, "We will pay you one million Pokebucks for you to come and investigate , and I'll also give you this." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ruby jewel, the same shape and size of a pokeball. "This is a valuable item in Hoenn, known as the Red Orb. I thought you'd like to take it with you when you see Groudon." There was something about this orb that made me have to accept this offer. It was as if the jewel was calling for me, and pursuading me to go.
"Alright, I'll go. What do I have to do?"
The man smiled. "You need to be in Sootopolis in two weeks. You can take an airplane from Goldenrod to Lilycove, then order a helicopter to take you to Sootopolis. I have all of your plans worked out."
"Well," I replied, "would you please scrap your plans, because I perfer to plan my own traveling arrangements. I will be in Sootapolis by tomorrow, is that okay?"
The man looked astonished. "Well, sure, if you think you can make it that fast."
"I know I can, I have the fastest flyer in all of Johto, Salamence, come on out!" I threw a small pokeball and out came the giant Salamence of mine. He reared up on both feet and stretched.
"Well, I'll leave you on your word that you can be there tomorrow. I have to go. I probably won't see you for a while. Meet my coworker in Sootopolis and she will help you with finding the legendary beast." He handed me a small buisness card with an "A" on the top and a person's name and address on the back.
I still didn't know his name, "And who are you exactly, you haven't told me what you go by."
The man turned, and said, "My named Archie Mizu, at your service." which was funny because I was technically at his service, for a price of course. "I have to go now, I'll hopefully see you later."
After he left I went out to a shed in my back yard and pulled out an old leather harness that I had made custom for Salamence. Although I usually ride bareback. Sootapolis was very far away, and I didn't want to fall asleep and fall off. After struggling to put it on, I finally got it. I went inside and grabbed some provisions and locked the doors. After fastening my backpack, I climbed on the harnessand strapped myself onto it, laying down across Salamence, so that I could tell him where to go.
"Salamence! To Sootapolis!" I yelled. With a roar, he leaped into the air and pushed down with his wings and flew into the air. We reached the cliffs north of Blackthorn, and rode a thermal to as high as it would take us, then we began our trek towards Sootapolis.

Chapter 3: Sootapolis, coming soon.


Sweet. This is turning out to be quite a story. Very descriptive. I expecially liked the evolution of pupitar, it gives us a break from the ordinary anime version. Keep up the good work and don't let us down


Well, I pushed it, and here it is. Chapter three, all ready to go.
Chapter Three: Sootapolis
Sootapolis City Limits, March 6, 1:30 A.M.
I'm glad that Salamence loves flying, I thought as we shot through the air. He must be completly worn out. I had taken a short nap on the way, and I felt a little refreshed. Salamence had roared, meaning that Sootapolis was in his sight. After waking up, I made preparations for landing, adjusting the harness tighter for the rough flying ahead. I could see the full moon reflect of of the ocean, which was more than a mile down. Even though I was strapped in, I clutched Salamence's neck tighter.
After about half an hour Salamence dropped a little, a signal that Sootapolis was just below us. I pushed the base of his neck, a sign for him to dive. He pulled his wings down across his body and fell like a rock. Though I had been a little bit sleepy, all tiredness left my eyes as we plummeted towards the city. I looked toward the ocean and saw a cluster of lights sittnig there, like they didn't belong. Here was Sootapolis, the City of Origin.
The lights jumped up to meet us as we fell towards them. One red building grew larger as we were heading right for it. The "P" on it clearly distinguished it as a Pokemon Center. At the last possible moment, Salamence pulled out of the dive by expanding its wings at full force to bring us to an abrubt but soft landing. Pulling my emergency cord, I slipped out of the harness and climbed of Salamence. Once I was off he curled up into a ball and went to sleep immedietly. I called him softly into his pokeball and attached him to my belt.
I folded my harness up and packed it away in my backpack. After a big yawn, I entered the Poke Center. There was a Chansey behind the counter, asleep, but I shook it awake gently.
"Excuse me. Can you take my pokemon and heal them overnight?" I asked the sleepy pokemon. Chansey gave a yawn and took my belt with all five of my pokemon on it. One of the nurses came out and gave a yawn as if Chansey had just waken her up.
"Would you like a room?" She asked in a low, monitone voice.
"Yes please. I've been flying all night. All the way from Blackthorn City." I replied.
She looked up at me. "Blackthorn, eh? We don't get many visitors from there. What are you here for?"
"I'm supposed to be meeting someone for buisness." I said. I wanted to keep my Groudon expidition as classified as I could.
"I see." she said. She fumbled with some keys in her draw and at last pulled one out. "Room 202, one of our best. Have a good night."
I took the key and hustled up to my room. I entered and locked the door behind me. After hanging up my backpack on the coathanger, I changed into my PJ's and crawled into bed. After thinking about the days events, I quickly drifted off to sleep.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dim light began to peer through the window at me and slowly aroused my sleeping body. It was morning, but the crater of the volcano kept out most of the early day light. I walked to the window and looked out to see that there was a quiet rain drizzling outside. For the first time in ten years I saw the beautiful city of Sootapolis. It looked different then I remembered. Some of the older houses had been replaced by newer stone houses and the water level had increased slightly. I put on my clothes as well as a light jacket for the rain.
After hurring downstairs, I found the breakfast buffet and began to eat a quick bowl of cereal. A Chansey came up to me and brought me some bacon and eggs to eat with my cereal. What great service I thought.
When breakfast was over I went to the front desk to pick up my pokemon. The same nurse that gave me my room was sitting at the desk. She had her hair combed and make up on, and she looked much happier. I handed her my room key.
"Did you enjoy your stay here at the Sootapolis pokecenter?" she asked with a smile on her face.
"Very much so," I replied. "May I get my pokemon back? I'm in a bit of a hurry." She nodded and went into the back room and brought out my belt with all five balls attached to it. I took them from her and quickly fitted the belt around my waist. "I hope they weren't any trouble for you."
"Now that you mention that, Gardevoir was a little jumpy today, but it was nothing serious." she said with a smile. I smiled and said goodbye, and as I was leaving I looked in the back room. I saw two Chanseys sitting in medical beds with blank, stupid looks on their faces. Right then I knew that Gardevoir's little struggle must have been major mayhem for the medical staff.
The card that Archie gave me said 229 Golduck Lane. As I was trying to find it among the stairs and roads that were Sootapolis, I wondered why Gardevoir had a fit this morning. The last time anything like this had ever happened was when later that same day a Ryhorn nearly trampled me to death. Something is up I thought. I know it!
After climbing a few stairs I found Golduck lane, and after some confusion found house 229. It was a new model, made of very nice stone with two pillars holding the front of the house up. I knocked on the wooden door and heard footsteps behind rushing quickly. When it opened I was face to face with a tall woman with black hair in a blue suit.
"Darren Diamond, I presume?" she asked in a very proper but cold voice.
"That would be me," I said mimicing her proper style of voice. Her eyes narrowed at me and she scowled. She pushed past me and ordered me to follow her.
"Wait! What's the hurry?" I asked her. She stopped and turned to me. I could sense that she was nervous about something, and I was determined to find out what it was.
"I, um, I'm just scared of the dark, thats all." she replied. I knew it was a lie, the quickest and cheapest lie in the book. I was going to get to the bottom of this. Strange things were afoot, and now I was mixed up in it.
I followed her to the center of the town where a man stood guard over the small entrance of a cavern. The lady walked right up to him and showed him something inside of her coat. The man nodded, aparently not wanting to get in any type of argument with this woman, and stepped aside, letting us in.
I pulled out my keychain and turned on a small electric light. Looking up, I could see thousands of Zubat clinging onto the ceiling of the cavern. Every once and I while I'd see a Golbat fluttering around. We began to decend into the cavern. It was like a gigantic spiral staircase, going down and down. We reached a large steel door at the bottom, and I was confused. A door in a cave? I thought. The lady opened it with a great struggle and told me to step inside.
There were a few electric lights glowing, but not much else. It was a large cavern, not one that you would expect in the middle of a peaceful town like Sootapolis. While I was admiring this cave I heard the door slam behind me. Oh, I see, their going to lock me in here. Well, two can play at this game. I reached for Tyranitar and threw his ball into the air. With a roar he came out of his Great Ball. "Tear down thi-" I was cut off.
I felt one of my pockets get really heavy. I reached for it and pulled out the Red Orb that Archie had given me. It was being pulled towards the center of the room. I held it back with all of my strength. All of a sudden, the pulling stopped. I thought I was safe, but all of sudden the strange orb began to glow very brightly and a red ray shot throughout the room. The ground started shaking and I saw two dots appear on a gigantic boulder in the middle of the room. I gasped as I realized that those dots were eyes.

Next chapter coming soon!


Great chapter. I like the way you made his pupitar evolve. And how you refer to the pokemon's personality.


Okay, this next chapter has a death in it, but there is no blood or gore. Just a warning for the weak hearted.

Chapter 4: Groudon

The trembling ground shook me to my knees, but I still could not take my eyes of the legendary Groudon. Magma seeped up through the ground and formed itself on his body. All of the rock and dirt that was covering him fell off as the magma flowed over its body. When its entire body was enveloped in the magma, Groudon lifted back its head, opened up its arms, and gave an enormous roar that made the ground shake even harder. I looked to see Tyranitar struggling to keep her balance.
Suddenly, the air started to get really hot. The ceiling began to glow as if it were the sun outside. Pieces of large rock began to lift from the floor and float in the air. What have I done? I thought. I must stop this before it gets out of hand!
“Tyranitar! You need to stop this! Use your hyper beam and send this foul creature to the abyss! Tyranitar’s mouth filled up with the white hot intensity of a hyper beam and then forced it towards the Groudon. A direct hit!
It did not seem to hurt the Groudon, but instead it looked very annoyed that someone was interrupting his moment of triumph. It focused its eyes on my Tyranitar and the boulders that were floating in the air all rushed forward at her. With her mighty arms she was able to destroy a few of them, but after a while it was all she could do to hold them back.
“Hold on Tyranitar!” I yelled, but then I saw my mistake. A large fissure was opening up in the rock, right for my Tyranitar. “Run Tyranitar!” I yelled, but it was too late. The fissure opened up right under her and she fell in about five feet, and then the fissure closed. I called her back into her Great Ball before she was completely crushed.
“Gengar, you’re the only one that can avoid these rocks of doom,” I said as I pulled him from my belt. “Go, beat him with your shadow punches!” A burst of light shot out as Gengar exited his pokeball. The boulders turned and shot towards him, but as they reached him, they fell right through him. He absorbed into his own shadow, and shot towards Groudon. All of a sudden I could see him, punching Groudon all over its body.
Groudon was confused with this little ghost pokemon, but it eventually learned a new strategy against him. It lifted up its hands and two large hands of magma shot out of the ground. It swung them around his entire body and I started looking desperately for Gengar so that I could warn him. There he was! I thought, but I was one second too late. A boiling hand of lava struck him down and he flew through the air, knocked out.
Gyarados! I need a water pokemon to finish of this beast! I thought as I pulled a small net ball off of my belt. When the enormous form of Gyarados was expelled from his net ball, I yelled, “Do your rain dance, Gyarados! Cool this beast off with it. Gyarados began to twist and turn in a thousand different ways, and small black rain clouds began to form at the top of the cavern. Groudon lifted its ugly head when it felt a few drops on its head. It eyed the clouds with disgust and they disappeared without a trace.
“Gyarados, hydro pump!” I yelled. He gathered gallons of water in his mouth and spat two torrents of water towards Groudon. By the time they reached him, they had lessened in size but were still enough to knock Groudon backwards a few inches. Groudon’s rage was evident, for its entire frame was shaking, and tons of rocked swarmed around it like a mob of angry bees. With one forward motion, all of the rocks flew towards Gyarados. With a cry of defeat, my precious Gyarados fell to the ground.
I was about to call him back when some of the rocks that nailed Gyarados flew against me and after being hit a few times I realized that my belt had been pulled off and pinned against the far wall of the cavern. I turned to Groudon and realized that my fate was entirely in its hands. It looked at me with anger. It had been embarrassed by me and my pokemon, and now it was time for me to be taught an eternal lesson.
With and earthquake he shook me to the ground. I caught myself on the ground just in time to look up at the horrible figure of Groudon looming over me. I knew it was hopeless for me now. I saw it lift its magma hands from the earth and hold them above me. They plunged downward. I was about to close my eyes and wait for the inevitable doom which was about to befall me, but I saw a red light shoot from the far wall and form in front of me. It was my beloved Gardevoir.
Her eyes were blue with fury, and a blue shield was around her. The lava hands glanced off. With anger equal to that of a hen guarding her chicks, she fought the Groudon. The selfless love of Gardevoir and the power of her fury were combined into an attack force greater than I had ever seen. Groudon shrieked in pain, and I saw psychic energy build up around it and crush it. With a loud crash, Groudon fell to the ground and lay, unmoving. As soon as it was defeated, the light in my sweet Gardevoir’s eyes dimmed, and with a heavy sigh fell to the ground.
I stood up and ran to my Gardevoir. I picked her up and tried to see if she was alive. There must be some sign. Anything! I thought as I held her. Her eyes opened ever so slightly and she reached her arm up and touched my face. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched her take her final breath and slip away. The psychic powers that held her body upright left her, and she ceased to be with me anymore.
At that moment, I was wracked with emotional pain that was almost unbearable. “Why?!?” I screamed at the top of my lungs, echoing throughout the large cavern. “Why?” I repeated to myself quietly. I heard a small groan ahead of me. I looked up to see Groudon struggling and fighting to get up. With a scowl, I reached into my bag and pulled out an Ultra ball, one of a few that I had, and I threw it at him. The ball bounced of his rocky skin once and then opened up, sucking Groudon inside. With anger I watched as the ball landed on the ground and began to twitch. I realized that, though weak, Groudon was trying everything he could to escape.
After a few agonizing seconds, the Ultra ball stopped twitching and I had captured a Groudon, though not for fame or even for power, but so I could learn to forgive it someday, somehow. I went to the far wall where my belt lie, no longer pinned down by the rocks that Groudon had used. I called my beloved Gardevoir back into her pokeball and put her in my jacket pocket, closest to my heart. I then walked up to the Ultra ball on the ground, picked it up, and attached it to my belt.
Just as I finished I heard the steel door behind me open and five men in blue suits rushed at me. One, appearing to be the leader, said, “Where is Groudon?”
“He has been vanquished. He dove under the magma to hide his defeat.” I lied. I didn’t want anyone to know that I had captured him, for I wasn’t the person that wanted fame.
“In that case, you are under arrest for the awakening of Groudon and for possibly destroying the city of Sootapolis!” the man said and the four other men grabbed me, took off my belt, and handcuffed me. They marched me out of the cave and into the city. Hundreds of people had gathered to see what the freak sunlight that had recently happened. There was a video camera watching me with a reporter standing in front of it. I closed my eyes as the men loaded me on a helicopter. I closed my eyes and brought my hands, cuffs and all, up to my eyes. As the helicopter lifted of the ground, I wept once again.
Okay, how did you like it? Reply please, it makes me happy. Chapter 5: Cataclysm coming as soon as I write it.
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Wow, that was deep man. I started to get a little teary eyed, but i didn't cry. That was sad and emotional and good. I liked it very much, though what good is he going to be now that he's in jail?

Felix Feral Fezirix

Densetsu no Pikachu!

Looks like Gradevior used up all its life force, which I refer to as chi, to turn Groudon into a pile of nothingness. I liked how you killed Gradevior like that, I can never bring myself to kill any character in any story. Anyway, I read yours, you read mine. Hee hee. Or harhar. Heehar. Whatever.
My assumption is that Darren Diamond is going to channel his feelings into his pokemon and blowing the jail apart(or at least escaping). Then he'll be pretty ****** off for receiveing the assignment and sink in to a pit of self-remorse and self-pity before resolving to do something about it. Am I right? Wrong? I'll find out when you post next.

And I sense an evil plot to have the world turned into 100% pure salt water(Even though it's scientifically wrong) through the capture/destruction of Groudon. What began as a simple expedition became something that will wreck Darren Diamond's life. Archie is definitely rejoicing in his hidey-hole somewhere.

Anyway good job! But I see you've got 31337 grammar errors on the loose. Proofread! A good step to ensure everything is in order. That's all for today. C'ya.

PS See what 31337 looks like. clue: 3 is E. Now what does it sound like? So what is it? For me to know and you to find out!
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Thanks Felix, some of those chapters I copied from old notes that I wrote, so I just started writing them in word first. I think I got all of them out, but there might be a few times that I call Groudon "He" instead of "it" which it should be. Your predictions were really good, but you forgot something. Aqua isn't in charge of the jail system. Tee hee, I hope you like this next chapter.

Chapter 5: Cataclysm

It had been two hours. I hadn’t moved from my former position. Four of the men who arrested me pretended to ignore me, but the leader of them tried to get a conversation. “So, where do you live?”
“Blackthorn,” I said in a quiet voice. He had been asking me questions ever since we got onto the plane, and I had been giving him one word answers every time. After about half of an hour more, he gave up and went to talk to the pilot. I looked up and saw the man with my pokeballs healing them with a large machine that was on the wall of the helicopter, which looked sort of like a vending machine.
With a sigh I turned to the window and looked out. Right then I knew that something was wrong. First of all, we were still in the middle of the ocean, but giving the time that we had been flying, we should have been in Lilycove by now. Second of all, we were heading south, not north-west. I was through with my silly ideas of investigation. I wanted answers now.
The leader came back from the cockpit and told me, “5 minutes to Lilycove. I looked up at him with a look that could kill.
“Don’t give me that crap; I know we aren’t going to Lilycove!” I snapped back. My anger boiled up inside me, and I was ready to jump up and strangle him with my handcuffs. He smiled.
“Well done,” he said to me and I was taken aback. “You are right, we are not going to Lilycove, but we are about to land.”
“Where are we going to land, we are in the middle of the ocean?” I asked, not out of anger, but out of curiosity.
“Look out your window and see for yourself.” He said with a smirk. I quickly turned to look out the window. At first all I could see was ocean, but as the helicopter began to land I saw a large platform with a building on it. As we descended I saw that it was an old oil rig which had been remodeled into some sort of luxurious hotel. With a small thump we landed on a helicopter pad on the roof of the hotel.
One of the four men came up to me and unlocked my handcuffs. “You no longer need these,” he said. They escorted me out of the helicopter and into a small entrance that lead to an elevator. We filed into it and the leader pushed a button that took us to the lobby.
When the doors opened I found that we were in a large ballroom filled with people, many who were in elegant blue dresses or tuxedos. There were some people who did not seem to be a part of this elaborate blue club. In the center of the room, there was a large statue of a water pokemon. I had never seen it before, but it seemed to be flying through the water and have some of the same patterns on it as my Groudon did. I shrugged it off, these people were crazy pokemon worshipers, I was sure of it.
A waiter came to us and took us to a table. He said, “There have been quite a few people wearing blue tonight. Is it a special club or is it the latest fashion?”
The leader of our small group said, “It’s a special club. We are dedicated to the preservation and saving of water pokemon.”
The waiter nodded, and then took our orders. When he arrived with my steamed lobster, I was very excited. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and I gobbled it up, parsley and all. My captors watched me eat with awe, and barely touched their own meals. The evening continued for an hour.
All of a sudden there was a hush throughout the crowd. A few of the non-blue people were confused, but held there peace. I turned to the stage that was in the ballroom and saw a man walking on. I immediately recognized him as Archie Mizu, the man that had tricked me into fighting Groudon. He was carrying a metal box, and I could hear something round and hard inside. He stood at the podium and welcomed the people there.
“Hello, to all my friends and to the people joining us tonight,” he said into the microphone, and I swore he looked right at me, “Tonight we celebrate the return of the most powerful pokemon in the entire world.
“Many millennia ago, there was a cataclysmic battle between the pokemon of the land, and the pokemon of the sea. After many years of terror, the land pokemon reincarnated the spirit of the earth into a living pokemon, with all control of the ground and magma. It created large mountains and landmasses with sheer thought. The pokemon of that era named the creature Groudon.
“In protest, the pokemon of the sea reincarnated the spirit of the ocean in the same manner that Groudon had been created. This pokemon gathered the waters together and with force of unparalleled magnitude, it carved great oceans from the rock itself. In less than a year these pokemon had made enormous continents and oceans that the only way for more was to challenge the other to an epic dual.
“For hours the two pokemon fought, and the sun and the rain were pulled in to join. This battling would have brought the entire world to complete destruction, but the pokemon of the land and the sea saw their great mistake. Together, they forged two orbs, one of ruby and one of sapphire, and enchanted them. They presented the two orbs to the legendary pokemon, and they were both calmed, and their spirits left them and entered into the orbs. The two legends became the very rock that they were created from, and were stored away from the world by the pokemon of the land and the sea.” He finished his epic story and looked out over the people. The people in the blue attire gave a thunderous applause, while the other people just looked at each other out of confusion.
All of a sudden, there was an explosion at the back of the room. A gaping hole appeared there, and tons of people in red suits began poring through. One, bigger and stronger looking than the rest, yelled out, “Archie, your time here is over!”
Archie smiled, “What are you going to do about it? I have this!” And with his hands he pulled off the cover of the metal box which he was holding, to reveal a glowing blue orb. I heard screams from the people that were there, but the blue suited people smiled as they looked up towards the incredible statue of the water pokemon. The blue light rested upon it and its eyes began to glow. “Behold! The legendary Kyogre has returned.
The large Kyogre twisted its body and hovered in midair. It looked downward and two holes broke through the floor. Very quickly, water rushed in. This seemed to rejuvenate the Kyogre, and it dove into the floor and broke it open. Archie had a crazed look on his face, like he had finally gotten the evil thing he had always wanted.
Something had to be done fast. I only knew of one pokemon that had the slightest chance and defeating this monster. The men I was with were looking at the enormous hole that Kyogre had made, so I snuck up behind them and grabbed my belt and ran. I reached the entrance of the hotel before they had made it out of the ballroom, and I rushed outside.
The rain caught me unaware. I slipped and was pelted by the large drops which were falling at an enormous rate. Hurricane force winds were also there. I struggled across the deck of the rig and looked out over the ocean. Through the torrents of rain I was able to see massive waves everywhere. I reached my belt and pulled off Groudon. I threw him on the deck. The ball bounced twice and then opened, revealing the enormous house-sized form of Groudon. It looked at the rain and grimaced. It lifted up his hands and started making rotations with them. I looked upwards to see the clouds miles above open up, and the sun poured through. It was as if my Groudon was being called up to heaven.
The ray of light grew bigger and hotter. My Groudon looked up and saw that it could not extend his light beyond a certain point. This angered it. “Groudon! Keep it focused! We need to end this cataclysm before it begins. Call to Kyogre and make him fight you. You can win this! You have me!” It turned to me and looked me up and down. It was then it realized that I was a trainer worthy enough to command him. It let out an enormous roar, and a towering column of magma shot up from the ocean floor. It jumped into the air higher than I thought was possible, and it landed right in the middle of the lava. More and more magma came up and hardened. In less than fifteen seconds, Groudon had created an island. I looked towards the top of an enormous mountain that was on it and saw a speck of red which was Groudon.
My plan was in place. I heard Groudon emit an enormous roar that literally shook the earth. Magma swarmed around him, and it seemed to me that he was saying, “Bring it on!” A gigantic tidal wave shot towards the island and took out a large portion of the island. However, I knew Groudon could hold his own for a while, so I rushed back inside to see what mayhem was going on.
I stepped inside the building and saw that a war had broken out between the reds and the blues. It paralleled the war that was going on outside. There were pokemon batting everywhere. There were water and land pokemon engaged in combat. I saw the leader of the red team and Archie fighting on a stage. Two Mightyena were fighting to the death, biting and clawing each other with their claws.
While there were fighting and taunting each other, I snuck up and stole the blue orb which was lying on the ground. Archie had made the mistake of telling me how to defeat the beasts that were dueling outside. I gathered the other orb into my hand and began to run outside, but an earthquake hit, and shook everyone to the ground. I looked up and saw the building above the ballroom twist, and then rip from its foundation. The wind carried it off, and the battle between Groudon and Kyogre was fully visible to all. Many of the innocent people screamed as they realized that the story that they had been told was coming true.
I stood up, but checked my hands to realize that I only had the blue orb. The red one had rolled away. I rushed towards it, but a wave came over the deck and washed a ton of debris in front of me. The two pokemon reared up at each other, and I realized that soon they would hit each other with enough force to send a shock wave that would destroy the entire building. I saw one thing that was possible.
With the skills of a pokemon trainer that I had gathered over the years, I threw the blue orb as accurately as I could. It bounced and then rolled next to the red orb. Once they touched, they both began to glow. The orbs flew into the air together and orbited around each other. The two legends stopped their fight and gazed at the orbs in awe. Then, with one bright light, the orbs opened up and sucked the life force from Groudon and Kyogre. With one last groan, my Groudon curled up into a ball and sunk into the earth. The Kyogre also turned back into rock and sunk back into the ocean.
The two orbs, with their energy inside, stopped glowing and fell back onto the deck where I was. I collected them and put them into my pockets. I turned around, and I heard a thunderous applause. I had saved everyone from doom, and I was a hero.
I looked through the mists on the top of Mt. Pyre. Maxie, the red suited man, and Archie had told me this is where I was supposed to return the orbs. I walked and saw two elderly people. Silently, I walked up to them and returned both of the orbs, so that they could stand next to each other for eternity. They seemed to understand, and no words were exchanged between us.
Five minutes later, I arrived at a funeral plot that I had purchased for my beloved Gardevoir. I let her out of her pokeball and beheld her lifeless form once again. The tears came back to me. I released all of my pokemon from their balls so that they could behold the funeral of their friend. I placed my friend in the grave and threw in a handful of dirt. Each of my pokemon did the same thing, first Salamence scooped some in, Gengar put in a small handful, Gyarados pushed some in with his jaw, and Tyranitar closed it with a gentle push. I placed Gardevoir’s pokeball on the headstone and read the inscription. Greater love hath no one that they lay down their life for their friends. I called my pokemon into their balls, and descended the mountain.
There you go, Chapter 6: Guardian of the Deep coming soon, probably tomorrow.
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I'm guessing he will be approached again or something will attack or something will happen. Anyway my notebook is in my brain so I don't copy. I just write what comes. Try to get rid of weird little errors so it looks professional. And then it looks more deserving of credit.

Sadness is painful.


Well Felix, you have some wonderful predictions. I like how your mind thinks. As you can see, this story is going to be about Darren, and his experiences with many legendary pokemon that will tear him down and test his strength. However, I am going to try to keep things new and not redo the same subplot, so I am not thinking of an approach by someone. I have the basic idea for the next chapter, but I have a small case of writers block. Hopefully I can finish ASAP. Thanks for replying and telling me your ideas, and to anyone out there that reads this, I would like to hear your comments as well. Hopefully after that last chapter you will enjoy the next one which is the beginning of a mystery.

Felix Feral Fezirix

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My plot thickens so that the important is hidden and the unimportant shown. Such is my plot.


Here we go, chapter 6, for your enjoyment.

Chapter 6: Guardian of the Deep
Mt. Pire, March 8, 3:00 A.M.

“No Gardevoir! You’ll die if you do! Don’t throw your life away for mine!” I yelled at my Gardevoir. She was standing before Groudon, who seemed twice as big as it supposed to be. I was on my feet in the cavern, trying to reach out and protect my Gardevoir from death, but for some reason I could not reach her. She turned and smiled at me, and then she destroyed the Groudon with her psychic powers and fell to the ground. I knew it was going to happen, and once she had fallen the power that held me back was released, and I rushed to her.
“No, no, no!” I said as I held her in my arms and held her. She smiled at me and then went limp. However, this time I was not left with the corpse of my friend, but I saw Gardevoir step out of her body and look towards me. Then my point of view shifted, and I saw the world through Gardevoir’s eyes, and felt through Gardevoir’s feelings. I saw myself on the ground. I had my eyes closed and was sobbing over my deceased friend. I felt mixed feelings of happiness and despair. I felt happiness because I saved my trainer from certain doom, but sad because I was connected to my trainer through my feelings, and as long as he was depressed, so was I.
After watching him for a while, I turned and walked away. I felt everything grow dark around me, and I saw a light above. It grew and I was in a place where I was in complete rest, and I could still feel the emotions of my trainer. I came to him every time his emotions were extreme. I stood by his side when he was in the midst of destruction and also on the top of Mt. Pire. I comforted him and guided him. I was his guardian angel.
My eyes shifted back to myself, Darren Diamond, and I saw myself picking up the ultra ball with Groudon inside. I turned and saw fifteen men rush at me with firearms. The all aimed at me, and I closed my eyes out of pain. All of them shot at once, and I awoke with a gasp.
I was sweating all over. I sat up quickly and realized that I was panting. It was only a dream, I thought. But even then, I knew that there was some truth in it, such as Gardevoir’s life after death. I had felt her presence over the last few days. I read somewhere that if a pokemon fulfills its destiny in life, it moves on to a state of absolute peace. However, when they fail to do so, they become the ghost pokemon of the world, as if to give them a second chance at life.
Today was the day that I had decided that I would head back for Blackthorn. I gathered my pokemon together in the small house that I had rented from the couple at the top of the mountain. After eating a small bowl of cereal, I went outside and released my Salamence. I climbed onto him bareback and told him the destination. Before we left for Blackthorn, I had some unfinished business that needed to be attended to.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I sat on the top of the island that Groudon had created. I had been trying to find it in my heart to forgive it for the death of my Gardevoir ever since it had happened. It wasn’t until this morning that I had felt any other feelings toward Groudon except for hate. It was then, at that moment on top of the mountain, that I realized that every bad feeling of hatred and sorrow hurt my Gardevoir. I also realized that Groudon hadn’t meant for Gardevoir to die, and now she was in a better place.
I looked down to the boulder that was in front of me, the lifeless head of Groudon, with the rest of his body underground. “I forgive you Groudon,” I said softly. I took his ultra ball off of my belt and placed it on his head. I found another rock that was fairly heavy and held it above my head. “I release you from my ownership. Rest in peace, my friend.” With all the strength I could gather, I threw the rock down on the ultra ball, and it shattered into a million pieces.
Once this was done I felt completely at peace. I looked at my friend’s lifeless form and though it was completely dormant, it was as if I could feel its spirit was rejoicing for freedom. I smiled, and right then I felt the presence of Gardevoir beside me. It felt so nice to be here on this island.
I was ready to leave, my business finished, but when I turned to view the spot where Kyogre rested, I felt that something was wrong. I didn’t know exactly what, but I felt that I had to stay put and look for the events that were to unfold. I noticed the water started to run against the current, which seemed impossible. The water began to twist and sink, and turned into a gigantic whirlpool.
I gazed at it in amazement. The whirlpool must have been a mile across. It was then that I began to fear, the only pokemon that I knew was Kyogre, and the whirlpool was directly over the spot where it had sank into the sea. However, the sheets of rain were not falling, so I was a bit confused. I looked to the center of the whirlpool and saw the form of Kyogre rise from it. Impossible! I thought. This can’t be happening.
But it was happening. I saw the legendary beast rise from the ocean, unmoving, lifted by some sort of water cyclone. As it climbed higher I realized that it was black as stone, not the blue and red that it had been when it was alive. I was really confused, but then my answers came.
From the depths of the blue rose a creature of such power that I had only heard of in legends that the old men of Blackthorn would tell us. A sleek, white bird pokemon leapt up from the sea with Kyogre in its grasp. I could tell that it was mad, mad that its territory had been invaded and destroyed by this lifeless rock. This was the legendary beast that the ancient people called Lugia.
As I stared in awe at this legendary bird, I tried to remember all that I had heard about it. I knew that it lived in a tower a very long time ago, and that its friend lived in a neighboring tower. Every day the two would battle each other to strengthen their powers. However, one day there was a mishap, and the fire pokemon of the second tower destroyed the tower Lugia lived in, and it burned to the ground. It was then that they both realized their powers were too strong, so they both left and lead lives of exile. It was rumored that Lugia lived at the bottom of the ocean because its strength was too powerful, and I guessed that I proved this rumor true.
Lugia looked at its foe with extreme hatred. It attacked the rock of Kyogre with a blast that knocked it miles away into the ocean. I was glad that Kyogre wasn’t alive, for if it was, it wouldn’t have felt really good.
Lugia looked toward the island that had not been there the last time it had come. I was afraid, and I grabbed my Salamence off my belt, but I didn’t open up the pokeball. The Lugia saw me with its sharp eyes and dove towards me. The elegance and grace of that wonderful pokemon entranced me, and I put Salamence back on my belt. Lugia landed and eyed me. Then, with a heavy sigh, I saw a tear drop from its eye.
All of a sudden I saw visions and emotions running through my head. I saw Lugia swimming through the waters, hurrying because something was in danger, and Lugia was the Guardian of the Sea. I saw it arrive with confusion, for there was an island that was there where no island had been before. After searching for a few days, it found the body of the legendary Kyogre. Lugia was enraged, for it had been the leader of the water pokemon who had enchanted the blue orb and laid Kyogre to rest. With that, Lugia showed me that it had been betrayed by the land pokemon, and they had succeeded in raising another landmass. I saw into the plans of Lugia, as it was preparing to meet its friend, the leader of land pokemon, and solve this embarrassment.
“No! Don’t do it! It’s a big misunderstanding!” I yelled at the Lugia, but it didn’t want to hear what I had to say. It raised its large wings and flew into the air at lightning speed. I didn’t know what to do. I thought, I wonder if Archie knew what would happen when he upset this precious balance. At first I wondered where Lugia was going, for maybe when I got there I could do something. Then I remembered that the tower that the legend spoke of was in the city of Ecruteak city, which was a day’s journey by flight.
There was only one thing that I could do to get there in time, although I was hesitant. I could travel instantaneously between places through Gengar’s powers of interdimensional travel, but this caused extreme pain for Gengar, so I rarely used it. I released Gengar from his pokeball and explained what happened and what he had to do. He nodded, although I could tell he was not happy.
“To Ecruteak City, Gengar,” I said, and he cringed. He reached his hand up into the air and pulled it down, and it seemed to rip the very fabric of space-time apart. With his arms he held it apart, and I quickly crawled through it. It was so hard to hold the portal open, and every second crushed him more. In less than three seconds we were in Ecruteak City, and Gengar had fainted from exhaustion. I pulled him into his pokeball so he could rest.
I looked up to see the pokemon center. It was a rundown building that matched the style of every house, wooden and worn. I pushed open the door and saw a nurse sitting at the desk. I signed some papers and let her take my Gengar to be healed immediately. After that, I went to see the Mayor. Maybe he would have an idea of what to do.
There you go. If you have any questions, predictions, or comments, please reply and let me se what you think.


Hey look! I was able to finish this last night, but I waited until morning to publish it. Here you go.
Chapter 7: Unbalance of Power
Ecruteak City, March 8, 3:00 P.M.

“So, what you’re saying is that in about an hour there is going to be a legendary squall so bad that it might destroy the entire earth, if not at least the city?” the mayor of Ecruteak said with a laugh as I sat in a chair across from him. He wiped a tear from his eyes he was laughing so hard, and then calmed down. He clasped his hands together and rested them on his hardwood desk. “Forgive me for this, but I just don’t see how this could possibly happen. That tower has stood in our town for a thousand years, and nothing has happened around it, other than a few stories being raised. Do you have any proof that this is going to happen?”
“Only my word, and I would hate for this beautiful city to see something so destructive. A lot of people might get hurt.” I said this with as much persuasion that I could, but I could not make him budge. “Well, I see there is nothing more that I can do. I bid you farewell until this great cataclysm has ended, and then I’ll be back.”
The mayor chuckled. He put his feet back up on his desk and pulled up his newspaper. I was just going through his door when he called, “Wait! Wait just one second!” I turned and saw him staring wide eyed at the front page of the newspaper. I turned, and felt a little confused. “Come here,” he commanded, “Is this you?”
I looked down at the front page of the paper and the headline screamed, Beasts of the Past Stopped by Lone Trainer. Right as I read that, my stomach began to churn. Oh no! I thought. I’m in the spotlight! There was a large picture of me standing among the wreckage looking out towards the new island that Groudon had created. There were assorted pictures of Groudon and Kyogre battling and one of me holding both of the orbs. There were dozens of witnesses claiming that I had saved them from utter destruction.
The mayor shook his head. “I don’t believe it, I just can’t believe it,” he said as he gazed over the paper. He looked up at me, “Everything you have told me is true isn’t it?” I nodded. He sighed and sat down on his chair.
He looked at me, “This is out of my hands, I’m sending you to the base of the standing tower.” He typed something on his computer and then opened his drawer and withdrew a small medallion from within. “Take this and give it to the monks who stand guard there. They will give you information to aid you in protecting us from this disaster.” I took the small medal from the mayor and looked at it. It appeared to be made of pure gold, and was made in the shape of a teardrop. “Go quickly, for our fate is in your hands.”
I left the town hall and hurried to the north of the town. I could see the tower, but it was surrounded by a dense pine forest. I looked around and found a small trail leading through the forest. A quick jog later I found myself staring up at the enormous wooden tower of Ecruteak City. Two men with bald heads stood guarding the door. I walked up to them.
“I’m sorry, but this tower is off limits to any civilians. You’ll have to turn around,” the monk on the left said calmly and quietly.
I showed him the medal that the mayor had given me. “I have permission from the mayor; I need to see the head of your order about an important business.” The monks both stared at the medallion in amazement.
“I am so sorry sir, please enter!” the same monk said and they both opened up the large, cherry wood doors. I stepped inside and the silent monk motioned for me to follow him. We walked up many flights of stairs to the top of the tower. As we reached the top floor, the monk bowed to me, and then opened a sliding door for me to enter.
There were three men, two of which seemed to be twins, one dressed in a white and blue robe and the other in a rainbow colored robe. They were facing each, with eyes closed, deep in meditation. Each one was holding a feather which matched their attire perfectly. The third man welcomed me in.
“Greetings friend! It is an honor to have you here. Please, sit down.” I sat down comfortably on the ground, and the third man sat down as well. “I am Atama Ga Ii, the head of the order. What brings you to our humble abode?” As quickly as I could, I told him of the feelings I had felt around Lugia, and how I felt some horrible thing might become of it. When I had finished, the old man was flustered. “I sense that everything you have told me is true, for these pokemon are extremely powerful, but to gain that power, they had to sacrifice the power over their thoughts. Young one, I do not know what to do, for the outcome of this dispute is unknown to me. Come, we shall witness the events as they are unveiled.” I walked with Atama to the back of the room, where he pulled up the paper curtains and we could see the beautiful country before us.
I looked up and saw the talons of an enormous bird, with feathers the size of wooden planks and the color of the rainbow. It seemed to be waiting for something to happen. “This is Ho-oh, the legendary bird of rainbow, our resident. After a minute of looking at the Ho-oh I gazed towards the horizon and saw a tiny speck. It was growing rapidly, and within a minute it had reached the tower. I gazed in awe at the two, these pokemon were not supposed to exist, and yet here they were, right in front of my eyes.
“My friend! How wonderful it is to see you after all these years of separation!” I turned around in confusion and saw the man in the rainbow colored robe had his eyes open and was speaking to the other man.
“You traitor!” said the other man with a sneer. “I have just returned from the middle of the ocean and I found the very creatures that you promised to destroy with me, both alive. You are the only one besides I who knew their whereabouts, and I didn’t free them.”
I was completely flustered with these two men talking that I turned to Atama. He spoke very quickly, “These men have been meditating on these two pokemon for so many years that their minds have fused together, so we are hearing the speech between the outside beasts through these men.” It seemed impossible, but after the events that had transpired in the last few days I was ready to believe anything. I turned to watch the men talk.
“My friend, this is foolishness that you speak of,” the rainbow suited man said. “I have not left this tower for over a hundred years. I would never have imagined awakening the very thing that had brought us together in friendship.”
“You are no friend of mine!” the blue robed man spat. “With this you shall perish with your evil tendencies!” I turned to the windows just in time to see a beam of yellow light shoot towards the place where Ho-oh rested. At an unbelievable speed, Ho-oh left its perch, and the beam shot through the ceiling of the room. Atama and I covered our heads, but the two men did not even flinch.
“What are we going to do?” I asked Atama as we watched the legends fly higher, eyeing each other with evil looks in their eyes.
Atama shook his head, “There is nothing we can do. It would take a power greater that I have ever seen to quail this battle.” With that, we turned to the two men, who now both had anger apparent on their faces.
The rainbow monk said, “I believe it is you who are the traitor. I have been your friend your entire life, and now this is how you repay me, by trying to kill me?”
“It is your fault, you foul creature! You have upset the precious balance of life with your actions,” the blue monk retorted. “You must pay the consequences for your actions.” And with that there was another flash of light from outside. I looked and saw that it missed Ho-oh, and wasn’t directed downward towards the town..
A tear rolled down the cheek of the rainbow monk. “I love you, my friend. I have loved you like a brother. If you strike at me one more time, I will be forced to destroy you. My powers have grown more than you could possibly imagine.”
The blue monk’s hatred burned hotter as he saw weakness in his enemy. “You betrayed me, so I am just returning the favor. I loved you too, but you broke my trust in you. Be gone!” and with that another beam of light struck towards Ho-oh, this time a direct hit!
Ho-oh fell backwards, head over heels, and then began to plummet to the ground. Right before it hit the ground it lifted its wings and saved itself. The rainbow man looked perfectly calm. “That is the last time you shall harm me or anything else,” he said quietly. The blue monk looked at him in confusion. “Now with fire that is as sacred as was your trust, you shall perish,” said the rainbow monk calmly as if he had told them goodbye.
I looked out the window to see what was happening. Ho-oh outstretched its wings and the beautiful colors of the rainbow shown very brightly. Lugia launched another beam of power towards it, but nothing happened. I turned and saw fear in the blue monk’s face. The colors on Ho-oh’s wings began to change to a fiery red color, and the flames from its body left it and swarmed around Lugia. The fire enveloped Lugia and crushed its body with heat and pressure.
The blue monk was in pain, screaming. “What have I done? What have I done?!?” he said as he writhed in pain. All of a sudden the flames cooled, and Lugia fell to the ground. I watched it fall, and I saw it land what looked like the base of an old tower, one that had been burned itself. The pokemon fell through the floor, and no more could be seen of it. I turned to Atama and saw him weeping. I looked at Ho-oh and saw it flying in the air. It then flew off, to who knows where, and I had a feeling it would never return.
The rainbow man said, “Goodbye my fallen friend. You were the only one I could trust, and now I can trust no one.” Atama walked up to both of them and commanded that they stop their meditation. The blue robed man got up from the floor, and the rainbow robed man opened his eyes. They knew what had happened, and what needed to be done. However, I didn’t.
“What’s the matter? What does this all mean?” I asked Atama as we hurried down the hall. He opened a door to a room filled with scrolls and records of every kind. I became confused again.
“This was bad, very bad,” Atama said as he rummaged through some scrolls. “Those two held an alliance of friendship and companionship, a symbol of all the people and pokemon throughout the entire earth. Not only were they connected to each other, but every living thing and the balance of the ecosystem was as well. That balance has now been broken, and soon weather will be out of control, plants will cease to grow,” he turned to me with a very serious look in his eye, “Even the very bonds of friendship between pokemon and their masters will be shattered. When the great symbol of friendship was destroyed, it began to affect us all.”
I was taken aback by this. I gathered my feelings and turned to him. “Is there anything I can do Master Atama?” I asked.
“Yes!” he said as he stared at a scroll. “There are some ruins that were recently discovered five miles south of here. This scroll states that there are walking inscriptions that will save the symbol of friendship from complete destruction.” He looked up at me, “Your guess is as good as mine to figuring out what that means, but you must!” He rolled up the scroll and gave it to me. “You are the only hope for us now, or this is the end of the world as we know it.
I nodded, turned, and ran down the stairs as quickly as I could.
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Nice chapter. I liked the part about the two men who could read the minds of Lugia and Ho-oh. Very well done. I'm guessing that the unowns will have a test to put Darran through to save the world, but other than that I have no idea what will happen. Ideas for the female character...She should be blonde, with long hair. Blue eyes as well, they're my favorite. Have her in a t-shirt and jeans too, with sunglasses so she can be like a totally mysterious character.


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Chapter 8: The Unown Riddle
Ancient Ruins, March 8, 5:30 P.M

I struggled to keep going. The wind was so great that I could barely walk. It had only been an hour ago since the symbol of friendship had been broken, and already hurricane force winds forced me to take extra caution. I had arrived at the place where Atama had directed me, and I could see a small compound that the scientists who discovered these ruins built. All of a sudden the wind quit as quickly as it began.
I know I didn’t have much time until something else was wrong, so I forced myself to run to the compound, even though I was extremely fatigued. When I was thirty yards away, I felt something hit my shoulder hard. This urged me to run faster as I realized that golf ball sized hail was falling. Within seconds I reached the building and the door automatically slid open for me.
At first glance I thought that the entire place was deserted, but after a few seconds I heard a voice yelling for help in the back, I rushed to the back and saw a pile of wreckage that had come from part of the compound caving in. I looked and saw a woman with her logs trapped under some of the wreckage, and she was stuck fast. She had her blonde hair tied up in a bun. When I entered she looked up at me through her glasses. She was in a lab suit, so I could only guess that she was scientist.
“Well?” she said, thankfully but anxiously, “are you going to get me out of here or what?” I nodded and called my Tyranitar from her Great Ball. She stood there and looked at me with a frustrated look.
“That won’t work,” the woman said. “I tried that with my Machamp and he just walked away. He’s probably rummaging through the rubble right now.”
I turned and looked at her. “You’re right. The friendship between us is gone, but the respect between us is exactly the same.” I then turned to my Tyranitar and said, “Help this lady Tyranitar, like I saved you from that fissure.” Tyranitar looked at me, then walked over to where the woman lay, and lifted up the wreckage with one of its mighty hands. Quickly, the woman crawled out. As soon as she was safe, I called Tyranitar back into her Great Ball. It pained me to see our friendship gone, and almost brought tears to my eyes.
I turned and saw the woman calling here Machamp back into its ball. She turned to me and extended her hand. “My name is Eve, Eve Pearl. May I know the name of my rescuer?”
I took her hand and shook it. “Darren Diamond,” I said, but realized my mistake when I heard her gasp and clasp her hands over her mouth.
“Darren Diamond! You’re the trainer in all of the newspapers!” She was as giddy as a school girl. “Is it true? Can it be possible? Eek! It IS you!”
“Eve, quiet!” I said and tried to hush her. I could tell she knew something was wrong from the look in my eyes, and she was silent. I pulled the scroll that Atama had given me. I unrolled it and showed it to her. “I don’t know what this is or what it has to do with the ruins around here, but I do know it holds the key to the freaky weather that we have been having, as well as the broken friendships.”
I gave her the scroll and her mouth dropped in disbelief. “I don’t believe it. I only recently discovered these same writings inside the ruins here. Where did you get this?” she asked.
“From the monks in Ecruteak City,” I replied. She nodded and turned back to the scroll.
After some careful study, she lifted her head from the scroll. “This is the history of the Unown. I’ve pieced part of it together from the writings inside the ruins, but it wasn’t as extensive as this version. It also gives a map to through the mazes of the ruins.”
“That must be where the monk Atama wants me to go.” I said. “Can you lead me to a place that looks promising?”
Eve nodded, and she grabbed a gas lantern that was among the rubble. “We must hurry,” I said. “It’s only a matter of time before our worst imaginations come true.”
We walked to the sliding automatic door and went outside. There was a problem with the elements. The sun was burning brightly, in the same intensity of when Groudon had summoned it. Eve hurried to a small entrance in a rock. The pillars holding up the opening were engraved with peculiar pokemon that looked like small letters. We hurried inside to avoid the scorching sunlight. It was dark until Eve lit the lamp. We were at the beginning of an enormous tunnel. She looked at the map, and guided me through the labyrinth of tunnels.
I was very uncomfortable because I felt as if we were being watched. The small pokemon that looked like letters were on every wall, and it seemed to me as if the inscriptions were alive and watching us.
After five minutes of walking we came to an altar, and it was a sight indeed. Above it on the wall was a long, ordered group of these letter-like pokemon called the Unown. I saw that they were arranged in words, so I read them out loud.

The Riddle of the Unown
What is it that flies higher
Than the Guardian of the Sky?
Swims deeper than the beast of the sea?
The answer is no lie!
What is it that sleeps longer
Than the lifeless beasts of past?
Answer this, our question
And we will do all that you ask!
However, choose ye wisely!
And do not be a dunce!
There is one clue, we give it now
Repeat yourself but once!

The instant that I finished the riddle the bottom of the altar opened up and revealed a compartment filled with hundreds of tiles which had the Unown on them. They were organized into 28 columns with five of the same Unown in each column. I looked on the altar, and after blowing off some dust I noticed that there were seven squares painted on it. It was then that I realized what needed to be done. I needed to solve this riddle, and then the Unown would aid me.
“The Unown are known for speaking in riddles,” Eve said from behind. “I have no idea of what they are saying here though.”
“Well, I think I know what they want me to do. They want me to answer this riddle, and then, using the tiles in this compartment, place them on this altar here, in their allotted spots.” I said with dismay. “And I think that they sooner we finish, the better.”
I looked up at the ceiling and could hear loud thumps coming from the outside. It could have been hail, or worse. I looked back at the riddle and tried to figure out what it was.
Eve came up from behind and stood by me, trying to make sense of it. “Space?” she suggested after reading the inscription.
“No,” I said. “It has to be seven letters long.” After looking at the riddle for a little longer, I said “Rockets!”
Eve gave me a look of stupidity. “These are ancient writings from ancient pokemon; they didn’t know anything of technology.” She was right, so then I began to explain the riddle out loud to myself.
“Obviously the first line describes the legendary Rayquaza, Guardian of the Skies. The third line is a little trickier, being either Lugia or Kyogre, with the last line telling that there is an answer to this riddle.” I stopped to catch my breath. “The next thing it describes are probably Groudon and Kyogre, or even the Unown themselves, sleeping eternally. The next few lines make no sense though. ‘Repeat yourself but once’? Does that mean that I have two chances at this?”
“I think,” Eve said, “That it means that the answer repeats itself in some way, maybe a letter or a pattern. So we are looking for a word like that. I can’t think of anything however, that fits the Unown’s description.”
Suddenly, it clicked in my head! I knew the answer! I reached for the tiles and pulled out seven from the box. I placed them in their proper order and read them out loud.
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