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The Light and Darkness trade shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by flyinggurtboy, Nov 29, 2012.


How often should i have a giveaway?

  1. Every month

    44 vote(s)
  2. Every holiday

    4 vote(s)
  3. Every year

    0 vote(s)
  4. NEVER I HATE YOU. NEVER HAVE ANY GIVEAWAYS EVER Me: -Runs away and cries in the corner-

    4 vote(s)
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  1. looking for distributors for my giveaways I am willing to pay you in pokemons. Also prenium is now gone :p. It is gone because people kept bugging me about it. People who used to be prenium now get unlimited shop credits. WHOEVER CAN BEAT QWOP WITH PROOF (and no hax) GETS A FULL NATURE SET OF SHINY JIRACHI (THE LEGIT NATURES). also if we trade you must remind me of what were trading. You must take a screenshot for proof and mark your name on it
    Project shiny on 3rd post,

    and other things i'm too lazy to list.
    no giveaway right now

    First place: TricksterZorua
    Second place: kickstape617

    PM me and i'll pm you back a number. At the end of the month i will put all the numbers in a random number generator and whoever wins gets ... recital piplup, Keledo, strongest single class dragonite, garchomp, Scizor, Metagross, tyranitar, a shiny torchic, and a shiny japanese YOTD deino, shiny japanese YOTD trapinch, Plasma genesect, a shiny ponyta, a set of the stamp starters, ageto celebi, Eppie mew, Nobunga's rayquaza, touhoku Victini, TRU Shaymin, Dream rader Lugia, Ho-oh, Palkia, Dialga, Torandus, thunderus, landorus, Win2011 Entei, Raikou, suicune, Celebi, ruby sapphire 10th anniv Kyogre, Shiny darkrai (trained), Concert chatot
    Second Place: 4 credits for my shop
    This is a very large giveaway :D
    losers get to pick any pokemon from this list (only one). They will receive a clone of that pokemon.
    Note: you must pm me about the giveaway. If you don't i won't pm you back a number.
    Second note: every month the 2 most popular pokemon get swapped out with others so ask for your favorites!
    I reserve the right to get rid of anything i feel like in the giveaway >.>
    I normally give the giveaway pokes on weekends :p
    New Years giveaway :D Now void
    New years is coming soon right? So what says new years better than aliens!
    Dexoys' will be given out. Eppie Deoxys, Masuda Deoxys, DOEL Deoxys, Space C Deoxys will be given out for free. Pm me the a trade.
    Giveaway expires at New Years. *while supplies last
    1. all sppf rules apply
    2. please post in the shop first before pm or vm
    3. If i trade you a hack by accident i'll retrade and give you compensation
    4. When asking for a trade please do @ somebody (ex: @bictac)
    YOTD egg Swablu
    YOTD egg Deino
    YOTD egg Bagon
    YOTD egg Horsea
    Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
    Chicorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile
    Torchic, Treeko, Mudkip
    Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar
    Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig
    I can get any/ all of these for you

    Please ask for IVS if you want something from here.
    Masuda deoxys
    World hobby fair manaphy
    WCS milotic UT timid, shiny flawless
    Movie 14 Victini Bashful UT, Lonely UT
    Toukou Victini Timid UT
    TRU Shaymin, Gentle UT, Lax UT, Adamant BT, Relaxed UT
    FAL2010 Mew Quirky UT
    WCS EEVEE BT Hardy
    Movie 09 Arceus
    Shiny WSHMKR UT Jirachi Full nature set (the legit natures at least)
    Ageto celebi
    GAMESTOP Raikou rash UT can get zoroack at the forest.
    Gamestop Entei Adamant UT can get zoroack at the forest
    Manaphy LV 1 not hatched yet.
    Stamp squirtle Lax
    Stamp charmander Naive
    10th annivarsary groudon Adamant
    Pikachu colored pichu
    World 12 flying pikachu Timid
    7-11 pikachu docile
    First annivarsary Mewtwo Docile T (lv 72)
    Keledo T/ UT . The T one knows secrect sword
    Genesect T and UT are avaliable i also have a flawless one o.e
    MYSTRY mew UT Rash
    Aura Mew Lonely UT
    Japanese Yotd Trapinch UT
    Japanese Yotd deino UT
    Japanese Yotd horsea UT
    Japanese Yotd Swablu UT
    Japanese Yotd Bagon UT
    Japanese Yotd druddigon UT
    Toukou Snivy

    *note all are UT
    Munna Mild ( FEMALE )Brave(FEMALE) , Naughty (FEMALE), Gentle , Modest (female)
    Drifloon- Impish
    Swablu- Sassy, calm.
    Rilou- Bashful, Relaxed ( FEMALE), Adamant, Rash ( FEMALE)
    Sigilyph- Relaxed, Naive ( female), Jolly (female), Lax
    Igglybuff- Modest ( female), Serious ( female) , brave ( female)
    Bronzor- Lonely
    Staryu- Timid
    Ralts- Impish
    Torandus- modest
    Thunderus- Lax
    Landorus- Rash
    Palkia hasty
    Dialga docile
    Ho - Oh- Modest

    Ponyta- Naughty UT ( abilitys available Flash Fire, and run away)
    Jolteon BT Hardy lv 50
    Flareon BT hardy lv 50
    Eppie mew adamant Lv 30
    Haxorus Lv 60
    Scraggy Adamant
    Torchic Sassy UT
    Torchic Jolly T
    Hoppip Impish
    Geodude Uncaught
    Krickettot uncaught
    Wurmple uncaught
    Minun uncaught
    Kleckeon uncaught
    Scraggy uncaught
    Scyther Adamant
    Bagon Naive
    [nearflawless] Manaphy sp atk is 30 ;-;
    Oshawott Adamant
    Dratini Jolly
    Bagon ( NOT SHINY)
    Scyther ( NOT SHINY)
    Getting dream rader pokes
    Getting DWFs
    Spreading Pokerus
    Trade evolution
    Leveling up ( ONE AT A TIME )
    Battle series 2009 arcanine
    Year of dragon druddigon shiny flawless
    Year of dragon bagon shiny flawless
    year of dragon trapinch shiny flawless
    Year of dragon horsea shiny flawless
    Year of dragon Swablu shiny flawless
    Movie 11 Golurk shiny
    Movie 11 Hydregon Shiny
    Strongest return mewtwo
    Hanguk Rayquaza
    crown beast Shinsaegae Raikou
    Hanguk jirachi
    Pikachu colored pichu (Mikena)
    Character fair shaymin
    Character fair pikachu
    1. Dizzycobramew
    3. Bictac
    4. Archrod
    5. OPEN
    Note 6th member changes every month
    You may use these credits for pokes below or anywhere in my shop where i say you may use them
    Sunday Tropius
    Sunday Octillary
    Sunday Wishcash
    Pokefesta 2006 Electabuzz
    Pokefesta 2006 Magmar
    Singing pikachus different OTs avaliable
    V- create rayquaza
    Winter celebi (italian)
    World 09 weavile
    YOTD japanese Deino
    YOTD japanese trapinch
    Nagashima spa land axew
    Onemuri pikachu
    Movie 08 regigas
    Kyushu sceptile (not shiny)
    Spring french Reshiram
    Hanguk Rayquaza (korean)
    Shinsaegae Raikou (korean)
    Strongest mewtwo (korean)
    Pal city lucario
    Pal city manaphy fuouka
    Concert chatot
    YOTD japanese horsea
    YOTD japanese druddigon
    Win2011 dogs
    Shiny YOTD japanese trapinch
    7-11 Pikachu
    SMR2012 Keledo
    Movie UT Meloetta
    Plasma UT Genesect (know fly >.>)
    French mighty mewtwo
    French VGC Larvitar
    10 ANNIV Ho- Oh
    10 ANNIV Articuno
    10 ANNI Charizard
    PCNY Seviper
    Jeremy staryu
    10 ANNIV Blastiose
    Hadou Registeel
    Hadou Regice
    Hadou Regirock
    Character fair shaymin (korean)
    Korean Dw leafeon (sorry no proof >.<)
    Korean Dw Umbreon (sorry no proof >.<)
    Korean Dw squirtle ( again no proof >.<)
    PCNY wailord
    PCNY Milotic
    Korean Dw flareon ( no proof >.<)
    Korean Dw glaceon ( no proof >.<)
    Korean Dw charmander ( no proof >.<)
    Korean VGC Volcarona
    10 ANNIV suicune
    10 ANNIV Latios
    E- Card mareep
    E-Card scizor
    E- Card togepi
    Korean DW bulba ( no proof >.<)
    Jeremy Gengar
    Pokemon Smash Cubchoo
    Korean Dw Espeon ( no proof >.<)
    Pokepark taillow
    Pokepark whismur
    Korean events ( I WANT THESE THE MOST!!! )
    Events i don't have
    Shiny flawless.
    Wishmkr Jirachi
    ev trained pokemon
    Shiny events
    Dream world events.
    Kanto sticker starters still in egg./ or hatched. I WANT THE EGG MORE THOUGH.
    Masuda dexoys uncloned
    Legit shiny manaphy
    Shiny breloom EV wiped
    Shiny mightyena EV wiped
    Shiny swellow EV wiped
    Shiny Sableye EV wiped
    different uncloned Shiny snivys (always looking for more of these)
    abrams cloyster
    Summer leauge scizor
    If i'm not on serebii chances are i'm on pokemon plus. My serebii name and pokemonplus name are the same
    Credits i owe-
    Unlimited to dizzycobramew
    Unlimited to bictac
    Unlimited to archrod
    Unlimited to aquariomaster
    Credits that are owed to me- None
    Each here are worth 1 credit.
    Shiny Kyushu Ludicolo
    Shiny Kyushu salamance
    Shiny Kyushu Gardevoir
    Shiny Kyushu Milotic
    Shiny Kyushu Blaziken
    Shiny Kyushu Swampert
    Shiny Kyushu Sceptile
    Shiny Kyushu walrien
    Shiny Kyushu Metagross

    PC Ninetails UT
    PC Chandulure UT
    Flawless Goon scizor UT
    Flawless World 10 Eevee UT
    Gameplanet Latin America Jirachi
    Pokemon Center Eevee
    Pokémon Daisuki Club Party Bidoof
    Pokémon Daisuki Club Party Starly
    Team Rocket Meowth
    All the adventure camp fossil pokemon/ nagashima spa land
    Charizardflamesyou- FOR PMing ME 3 TIMES IN A ROW. I mean 2 times is okay, but 3 times? thats too much
    Any bidoof in extistance
    The spoiler name says all :L
    Also if you are from team enchanted garden you may request a free pokemon
    You must fill out the application though >.>
    Also you must of been in the clan for a month or more
    Serebii Name:
    Cheese sticks:
    The pokemon:
    strongest single class dragonite, garchomp, Scizor, Metagross, tyranitar (still valid for giveaway)
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2013
  2. Ignore this post :D
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  3. Project Shiny
    Well i've completed the shiny dex. Now i'm going to share my abundance of shinies with you :D.
    Answer for puzzle (see below):
    Shiny pokemon you want:
    When you can trade:
    Ability (if applicable):
    Puzzle: Once a man had some lucky charms. He killed 90 people with them. how many lucky charms did he use?
    Hint: Vegeta.
    Puzzle: Once a boy had a machine gun. He killed 50 people with it. How many bullets did he use to kill them?
    Answer- 1 bullet.
    Puzzle: Once upon a boy was loaded with 5000 pounds of homework. He did about 1/3 of it and burned the rest of his homework. How much homework does he have left?
    Answer- None of it xD (cause the fire spread)
    Puzzle: Two men are in a desert. They both have packs on. One of the guys is dead. The guy who is alive has his pack open, the guy who is dead has his pack closed. What is in the pack?
    Answer- The dead man had a parachute
    Puzzle:A man had 5000 pounds of poo. He ate 1/3 of it. He then proceeded to throw the rest into the sky. How much poo does he have now?
    Answer: he had 2/3 of the poo
    (null) Puzzle: a man took some drugs. He had some weed, cocaine, and some sugar. How high is he?
    Answer: 0 Feet in the air xD
    note: You may only request 1 pokemon per 2 weeks, the puzzle changes everyday, and you may not parcipate if you in any blacklist. I have the right to deny your application at anytime. If you have credits you may have up to 10 pokemon every week also you do not have to do the puzzle if you have credits.(yeah thats right the benefit of the credit) . I reserve the right to cancel the trade at anytime, and if my partner doesn't approve of you, you may be denied. Post the application in the shop and i'll get to you (or bictac will). Bictac has the right to deny you horribly so >____> (so does dizzycobramew c:) I can only provide legal shinies. Failure to read the notes will get you banned from project shiny. Puzzle also changes when i feel like it, or when somebody gets the answer correct. if i'm too lazy to change the question the question is still valid. You get 3 tries a day.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
  4. SilentReaper

    SilentReaper Irrelevant

    Alright. My Fc is 4384 9919 4898. I will be back for that Jirachi once it is cloned > :D.Should also mention the mewtwo is trained b 2 levels due to the fact it isnt mine + it was a gift <.>
  5. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    The movie victiny
  6. SEE YOU IN THE WIFI ROOM sorry i was in the dw
  7. vimon

    vimon New Member

    I know you said your Shiny WISHMKR is NFT but i can offer you Shiny WISHMKR With other nature
  8. also you won the WCS eevee
  9. As soon as i clone it :p. also what nature is it?
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  10. vimon

    vimon New Member

    I have Docile, Timid, Lonely and Hasty
    and I can clone for you if you need
  11. You can clone? can you be a cloner for my shop? :p
    Can i have the IVS for Docile? i'm very interested. i can trade right now whats your fc :p. i would like a clone of the jirachi i trade you ( i have a careful one) .
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  12. vimon

    vimon New Member

    sure I can clone for you
    Docile IV
    hp 19
    atk 7
    def 10
    s.atk 19
    s.def 10
    speed 16
  13. Blitro

    Blitro The Master Mew

    I was wondering if I can trade you a MYSTRY Mew or an AURA Mew for one of your Shiny Jirachi's. I noticed it was marked NFT, yet I really want it :).I can clone the Jirachi back (not against the rules) if you want. You would have to give me around 10-20 minutes to clone though (the gts way is a pain). I can offer you multiple copys of the Mews if you want as well.
  14. TherianForm

    TherianForm King of TM87

    I'm interested in your Meleotta and Shiny Ponyta.

    I have quite some events, and new ones like 10th Anniversary Groudon and Kyogre. Just reply to this if you're interested.
  15. I can only trade the ponyta right now because i sent the meloetta to derp in the dream world

    The careful jirachi has 1 more in stock. The docile one is NFT because i need to clone it :p
  16. Blitro

    Blitro The Master Mew

    The Careful is Great, If you want, I could clone a copy of the jirachi and trade it back to you :)
  17. I thought that shiny jirachi couldn't be cloned on the gts, anyway i'm ready to trade right now. also i would like the aura mew.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012
  18. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    In response to what you want from my shop I like the following, your
    * Korean YOTD shinies

    * info on your lv60 shiny haxorus

    * does your flawless Bagon have hydro pump and dragon pulse? Does it have sheer force?
  19. Blitro

    Blitro The Master Mew

    Yea sure I would do the Aura Mew and the MYSTRY Mew for your Shiny Jirachi. When can you trade? Now? If so, You have to use my other friend code: 2924 7134 1487
  20. I can trade right about now. ( shiny jirachi is banned from the gts regardless)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
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