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The Lives Of Bandmates (Based On True Events)

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Locke-Kefka, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Locke-Kefka

    Locke-Kefka Guitar Ninja

    Note that if this sucks it's because it's my first piece of writing. Half of it is fiction, half of it isn't. I'll have new chapters ready every Monday. This story is based on my second favourite band Hole. All the characters are based on their members and their friends/family.

    Characters And Who They're Based On. (Updated whenever someone new shows up):

    Name: Carey Harrison
    Who they're based on: Courtney Love
    Birthday: July 9 1964
    Hair Colour: Naturaly Brown, Dyed Blonde
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Instrument: Guitar, Vocals
    Family: Mom, Dad, 2 step dads, two half sisters, one half brother
    Description: She was raised in and has lived in Portland, Oregon, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and Japan. She had a very hard childhood which led into alot of trouble in her late pre-teens. Example would be she got caught stealing a KISS T-shirt at the age of 12. Carey eat, sleeps, and breathes music. She formed the band Mockery

    Name: Josh Spokal
    Who they're based on: Eric Erlandson
    Birthday: January 9 1963
    Hair Colour: Naturaly Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Instrument: Guitar
    Family: Unknown
    Description: Co-founded Mockery with Carey . Josh loves music, He was heavily influenced by Kiss, Aerosmith, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground.

    Okay, here we go:


    Los Angeles: 1989

    Carey was a girl who loved to play her electric guitar. She also loved to sing but not infront of others. She was always teased about her raspy voice since she was 16. She had always wanted to start a band. But she never knew anyone good enough to form a band with.

    But this time, she had no choice but to use her last resort. She had placed an ad in a magazine. It had said "I'm starting a band known as "Mockery" and looking for members. Women preferred.". After so many weeks she waited without a reply. She got the phone call she was waiting for. But however, this person was no woman. It was a man that went by the name of Josh Spokal. He said he's a very experienced guitarist and wanted to join a band for a long time. Carey set up a meeting between her and Josh at a food court at a mall the next day.

    Chapter 1: The Meeting

    The next day, Carey was sitting back having a coffee waiting for Josh. Carey wondered what Josh would look like, she hoped he would look just the way she wanted: Long hair and messed up. Carey then looked behind herself. She saw some guy around her age who looked the way she wanted Josh to look with a guitar talking to another guy. When the other one left, Carey listened and heard him say "See ya Josh! Oh, and good luck!" "Josh?!" Carey thought. Carey dropped and spilled her coffee on the floor, and ran up to Josh, anyone (except Carey) could basicly tell by the face he was making as Carey ran up to him, he was probably thinking "Who the heck is she?!".

    Carey stopped infront of him and asked "Josh Spokal?!" Josh replied "Uh, yeah, who are you?" he asked. "Carey Harrison" she said. Josh replied "Oh hey, so you're Carey, glad to meet y-" but before Josh could finish, Carey was so excited (and hyper) that she cut him off and said "Wow, oh my god it's really you, I've dreamt about me forming a band and this day to come and I'm just well........so excited!!" "Wow, you seem pretty cool,I'm luck I met you." said Josh. Anyone who was watching could tell he looked emberrassed.

    "So, I know a girl who's pretty good at drumming." said Josh. "Really?" said Carey. "What's her name? How long has she been drumming?". "Her name is Mace. Mace Buler. She's been drumming since God knows when!". Carey looked excited. "Great, when can I meet her?" she asked. "Hmmmm......I'll see if Sunday's good. Hang on a sec, I gotta use the pay phone and ask." Carey was excited. Josh came back and said "She said Sunday is perfect." Carey said "Great, can't wait!"

    To Be Continued in Chapter 2: Get Together

    Was it good or did it suck?
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2007
  2. Ledian_X

    Ledian_X Don Ledianni

    Way too short a fiction. Please read the advice for aspiring author's thread. It's at the top of the page here. Can't miss it. Fics here have to be at least a few pages. I'm going to have to report this.

  3. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Blinding your readers is not smart. Please read the Rules and not randomly uing red...) and Advice for Aspiring Authors.

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