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The Lonely Deino (717)


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Awwww, I really enjoyed this episode! I guess I'm a little biased though because, if I lived in the Pokemon world, I'd want to be a breeder or caregiver: battles secondary.

Let's see... I know a Bobby who sometimes referred to himself in the third-person, so that instantly made me like the character. He was a lot like Cilan, passionate about everything. (And poor Cilan with his back! I know how that is.) I liked seeing the crew playing around with the Pokemon: that would be so much fun.

Although I disagree with Iris calling Deino cute, I sure liked how their relationship panned out. Iris showed how determined she is when she wants to take care of a Pokemon. And it was nice seeing a flashback to her village. Although a part of me was happy to see Deino's trainer come back, I was still a little sad to see it leave after Iris bonded with it.

Oh, and a few random things. The "gangsta" guy or whatever was... unexpected. Kinda funny that Mr. Cool's Pokemon was a Foongus. And I guess Iris thinks Pokemon food tastes okay: that's awesome. :) Finally, Meowth said that they don't know the definition of "fail." That made me grin, considering they've learned the definition a few hundred times by now.

Cute episode overall, definitely on the touching side.

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Wow, what can I say about this episode: touching and amazing. I love character development (a capture would have ruined it, I believe). Keep it up, writers.


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This episode was so simple and full of sadness. I wish Deino was introduced earlier and was wild. But I guess episode Pokemon aren't alowed to be caught.:rolleyes:

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Why didnt Iris obtain Deino (in a zelda like fashion) ? >_<.

It woulda been cool for her to have one of the most hated 5th gen Dragon types, you get it so late, and the fact that Ghetsis's hydreigon supposedly owns everyone (Just get a lv 50+ beartic, and icicle crash >_<).

Oh well....maybe we might see Deino again?


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Bobby's dub voice reminded me of Harley so much that it gave me nostalgia pangs.


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Oh lord. Bobby. Why Bobby why. The relationship between Iris and Deino just wasn't there to me. It seemed like the writers were making it a 'Yup, she isn't catching every dragon' episode. The biggest character development I saw was that Cilan has back issues. Qwaa ;195;


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I liked this episode a lot, it was nice seeing Iris try to bond with the sad little deino. :) I was surprised to see it's probably one of the only daycare episode where they don't walk away with an egg (see Phanpy and Eevee). I also liked Ash's reaction to the deinos stealing their food. LOL :) And Team Rocket's finally back, yay!!!!



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Woah Woah... Bobby looks like Cilan? Well, it's the character design duh. Bobby = Prof. Elm


Meh some parts of this episode were amusing, even if it was essentially just Iris bothering a Deino until it's trainer came back for it.


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I enjoyed this episode. I loved the part where Iris and Ash almost got a double capture. I felt sorry for poor Deino when his trainer was late.


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I thought This episode was pretty good. I liked Iris in this episode, it's nice of her to taking care of the Deino. Iris and the shy Deino made a good bond throughout the episode, but sadly the shy Deino's trainer arrived at the end and picked up the Deino. Iris didn't got Deino, but at least she got some character development.....which was nice.

Anyway, I really liked the look on Ash and Pikachu's face when the Deino was eating their food, that was hilarious.

The serious TRio is back again and they're up to no good.
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A Team Rocket scheme involving Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorsu

Dis gon b gud :)


Deino was perfect for Iris but instead of her getting the thing we just got teased. What an awful filler episode by the end. 4/10

Mrs. Oreo

Deino tackling Ash was funny ha ha. The day care owner looked so much like Cilan and I liked watching Iris befriend the shy Deino. It's just too bad that the Deino had an owner already, which was frustrating.


Good episode for some Iris development. Sure, the fact that she didn't get to keep the Monozu that she made friends with was somewhat vexing, but she had caught Emonga recently, so did she really need a fourth Pokemon so soon? I liked seeing Satoshi and his friends spending a week at the day care.
Grrr, too bad that Iris didn't catch Deino. I wasn't thinking that she was guaranteed to get it though, it's just that she put forth a nice effort to get it to open up to her. Oh well, it was a nice episode for her though. :x


Yet again, the anime has a different pronunciation for Deino than I've been using all this time. I figured it must have been pronounced as day-noh.