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The Lonely Snover (589)


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Glad you alotof you liked the newer opening. I know everyone complained about the older one for not using any of the japanese scenes.

Needless to say I did not expect it and was pretty amazed.

it was an ok episode.. I thought Snovers voice would have had a higher pitch to it though. maybe sorta sound like caterpie.. Not exact but similar but ahh well it was ok


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I may be the only one that noticed but The episode was supposed to be in widecreen HD. Instead they just chopped the ends off and force fit the scenes into standard. The new opening was animated to take advantage of the wider screen and the edited standard one seemed very cramped. Check out the japanese version of the episode and you'll see the difference. I am enraged!
exserpt that the pokemon anime is also made for SDTV.


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Not to offend anyone, but...

Am I the only one who didn't like this episode?? Actually, more accurately, I didn't like the animation. I thought it was horrible. Seeing Grotle learn a new attack and the new opening were definitely the highlights.
You call Natsume's animation horrible? Wait till you see the wrath of Takeda, or Kinoshita for that matter. Granted, AD's do have their ups and downs.

exserpt that the pokemon anime is also made for SDTV.
Starting with this episode, it's meant to be HD. It's the channel, and some TV's, of course.

I'm still thinking it's a waste Snover didn't go with the main cast. It would've been awesome.
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I was surprised by the new opening sequence. I liked it, but I was disappointed that they cut off May's face and all. I mean, we could have done without some of the stuff from DP129 so they could've shown that whole sequence.

As for the the episode itself, I came out quite entertained. I like how Grotle got some development in this episode. Not to mention it was quite entertaining to see the interactions with Snover.


Arcons on Grotle's back was cool, so was the wild Pokemon his back, it was wierd like Grotle some sort of Jealously with Snover Berries, and Grotle was Flying and speeding, it is about time Grotle gets time to shine, maybe people was stop thinking of it has weak.


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Not to offend anyone, but honestly I didnt like this episode. Things kept happening too fast and was rushed in the beginning (1 second they get frozen,2 minutes later fall and it wasnt funny, and then 1 minute later snover comes and rips cookies off itself and there all "wow! omgoshhh it delicious!" then befriend the snover). That was not good and Im wondering how they'd know to look behind the bush for the snover so fast, predictiable though. I didnt expect much from the title of the episode.
It was just boring, only I wonder how the snover cookies tasted if you had one irl..and Grotle learning the new attack scene...it was okay.


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I'm really curious on what its snowballs taste like as I'm guessing they're like snow cones but taste better

There berries, not snowballs.

Grotle learning rock climb was kind of a letdown since HM moves can't be learned from gaining experience

What are you talking about, that was the best part of the episode. Not to mention this isn't the games, something you should have learned 12 years ago.


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A decent episode

The opening theme got my attention. Very nice.

This Snovers is a strange one. Offering food that he produced seems a bit disturbing. He attacks, then gives a hug, and offers a berry that came from him....right.

Since when did Ingrain considered to be an attack? Looks a lot like Frenzy Plant...

I was surprised that Pikachus thunder attacks didn't blast off TR this time. And their balloon was actually immune to electricity.

While running after TR and Grotle being left behind, I thought to myself 'how will he catch up with Ash and Co.?' Rock Climb got me surprised, really. Good to see Grotle get some of his speed back. Although jumping up high was just a bit too much.

Overall, the new theme, HD, and the ending were the good parts for this episode.

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I thought some things were odd about the episode. For instance, Ash told Grotle to use Synthesis to recover? Couldn't Grotle do it on its own without Ash telling it to if it were tired?

Also, in reference to Grotle using 5 moves, this isn't the first time. Way back in the Battle Frontier, Tucker's Swampert used Water Pulse, Water Gun, Protect, Dynamic Punch and Mud Shot. That was hax.

I really liked seeing grass knot and rock climb in the anime, though. :D I also thought it was weird that Grotle learned *rock climb* being that it's Grass/Ground. When I saw its back glowing, I thought it would at least rock climb up the side of the mountain and then fire a solar beam. That was disappointing. Yeah, yeah, I know Pokemon can learn non-stab moves, but after all the Turtwig line centered stuff to regain confidence, you'd think they'd showcase Grotle's STAB moves.
I kind of wanted one of the trainers to catch Snover but oh well :p
but Im glad the Grotle learned Rock Climb, I was wondering which one of his Pokemon was going to learn that attack
and the new opening was nice :)


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The new opening is 58242190 X Better. It looks great, and way better scenes than GB1. They deleted that awful ending too. By far my favourite theme song since Johto Champions.


- Ash is training both his Chimchar & Grotle by having them fight against each other; it's actually good for his Grotle, as it'll need to be able to tank against its weaknesses. Now if he had an Ice, Bug, & Poison-type Pokemon on him (He's got the Flying type covered,) then he'd be all set.
- After the session, Grotle heals itself using Synthesis, which is an essential tanking move.
- Suddenly, from out of nowhere... AN AVALANCHE!!! We are going to die!!
- The said avalanche engulfs the gang & magically encases them in a huge block of ice.
- Then out pops a tiny little Snover, who noses itself around their frozen remains, then once he sees Chimchar thawing itself, it flees to safety.
- Chimchar then thaws out the rest of the gang with its fiery moves, who then begin to wonder how they got that way.
- That was Powder Snow?! That looked more like Avalanche to me...
- As the gang head out, they trip onto something, one at a time. They eventually find out that it's Grass Knot.
- Since they now know that a Pokemon is making fun out of them, they start flipping out & they begin to search for whoever done it.
- The Snover leaps out from the safety of his bushes & uses Ingrain to immobilize them. Luckily for Ash, his Grotle is still out, so he only needed to use its Razor Leaf to get them free, even though it sends them dropping from several feet.
- Oh %&$#! Snover knows GrassWhistle! Quickly! Put on the Soundproof Earmuffs! NOW!!!
- Unfortunately for them, they don't have Soundproof Earmuffs on them, & they collapse onto the ground like an unstable building, supposedly at the Snover's mercy.
- But... instead of killing them, Snover gives Ash a hug. What?! Is that Snover drugged or something?
- No, it just wants to have them try out his Snover Berries.
- Snover Berries!! The frozen treat that's garunteed to cool down the fire inside your body! Heh, nifty ad, if I might say so myself. If it would have different flavors like Ice Cream, then we would be going somewhere...
- As nighttime approaches, they say goodbye to the Snover, but they soon find out that it's all lonely, as to the title, so they decide to keep it along.
- As they're sleeping, TR finds the Snover, & picks one of his berries from a distance.
- They try it out, & they love what they're seeing; they could start a Snover Berry Stand, which would rake in the cash. Pfft, dream on!
- They capture the Snover, which wakes up the rest of the gang, & then...
- Incoming TR Motto! Mute the Television!!
- Motto finished. Unmute. I know what's going to happen afterward, so fast forward to morning, in which Grotle has yielded its own set of nuts, which attracted the attention of a few wild Pokemon.
- Ash nibbles on one of its nots, & is disgusted, so he hands it over to his Pikachu, which happily gulps it down.
- Suddenly, in the middle of their travels, an explosion is abound, & after the dust clears, Snover is encaged again, by none other than TR!
- The gang pursues them, but Grotle is lagging behind... Furstrated over itself, it finally manages to adapt by learning Rock Climb.
- Grotle quickly closes in on TR, who raises their altitude in the vain attempt to get away from it. Little do they know that with Rock Climb, Grotle can scale up any cliff, no matter how sheer it is.
- Grotle takes a flying leap at them & rips apart their balloon, & grabs onto Snover.
- With the help of Happiny & Staraptor, both of them are brought to the ground safely, & all is well once more.
- They travel some more, & they come across a group of children from a daycare nearby. The Snover enjoys the little children, & tags along them.
- Now that Snover is off of them, they head off to the town that's holding Dawn's next contest. What it's named, I can't remember...

Anyhow, it's great to see that Grotle has regained its maneuverability once it learned Rock Climb, but that means it can no longer be an effective tank for Ash... Damn...

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