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The Lonely Snover (589)


I really liked this episode. It's too bad that Cartoon Network aired this in Standard Definition but I hope that it will be in High Definition on the DVDs. It was a pretty enjoyable episode in my opinion.


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Okish episode
Liked Grotle performing rock climb and i also liked Snover as well. Plus i also like the new opening sequence as well. Apart from that not much else to say really. I liked the bit at the beginning though with Grotle and Chimchar fighting
Crougent jab brock right in his ***.
And Its great seeing shnover. ^_^


Some interesting differences in the voices obviously.

I liked the Japanese VA for Snover, the English VA's voice was quite annoying.

Btw this isn't filler since Grotle learned Rock Climb.



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This episode I find EPIC!

Now Grotle has its speed back, thanks to Rock Climb!

Snover's really cute.
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Great ep, i loved the animation.

And Rock Climb is a great move. Grotle was powerfull with it.



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This episode wasn't that great, but the highlight of it was Grotle getting to be a better battler by learning rock climb. The part where he runs up the cliff side to get after Team Rocket's balloon was awesome, and at least Grotle is finally bouncing back from the problems he had after evolving. The part with all the bird and bug pokemon perched on his back eating the acorns was cute, and I liked Ash's face when he tasted one. LOL The snover was goofy, but at least it had a funny voice.


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An okay episode. Glad to see better animation and theme song, and Grotle becoming stronger. Snover was annoying though.



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I'm glad that Grotle learned Rock Climb and got it's speed back. I also felt like someone should have caught that Snover, mainly Brock. Overall this was a pretty good episode.
- This episode definitely makes me appreciate Grotle a lot more!

- That Snover is quite the little trickster, isn't it?

- I couldn't help thinking "Aww, poor Grotle!" when he tripped trying to rescue Snover from TR.

- When I first saw Grotle drop Snover, I was thinking "Wow, what a jerk!" But it was just so Happiny could catch him, so then i was thinking "Oh, I see why you dropped him."

- Did any one else laugh at Chimchars expression when it was zooming into Snover near the beginning?

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Grotle learned rock climb....I hope it learns wood hammer too


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This episode was alright. It was cool to see a Snover for the 1st time. It was great to see Ash become so attached to the Snover. It was cool that Grotle finally learned Rock Climb. Rock Climb looks so cool in the Anime. It was interesting for Grotle to use Synthesis for the 1st time in awhile. It was great that Snover ends up getting to entertain kids and the teacher instead of being so lonely all the time. It was cool to see Cherrim for the 1st time, even though it was only a short appearance.



I liked that Ash was training Grotle here, but that Snover made me rage when it used Grass Knot and GrassWhistle on Ash and friends to get attention. Anyway, I found it odd that the characters were eating Snover's ice pellets or whatever those were, but I appreciated Grotle getting a good amount of focus here and saving the day with Rock Climb.


Snover being lonely was exactly why it should've been caught sigh. Preferably by Brock but once again the writers messed up and made this a filler. 5/10

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I liked Snover, especially when it used Grass Knot to make Ash and Dawn trip ha ha. It was odd seeing everyone eat his snow berries however, but I liked how Grotle learned Rock Climb in the end. ^^
Good episode since the animation got changed + Snover's antics while with the cast were funny. I wanted Ash or Brock to catch it though. :)
Omg, I liked Snover and I really wish he would have stayed with the group. Too bad Ash had a full team and Snover showed no particular interest in Brock or Dawn, though. Grotle learning Rock Climb was awesome.~


Bizarre cropping aside, this was an okay episode. It was a pretty good episode in Japanese, but some of the things the dub did just annoyed me. It's really cool how they mentioned Grotle's nuts. Even though this is probably the only time we'll see them.
Definitely the most memorable (scratch that, only memorable) part of this episode is Grotle. At least they did something right by giving him a new attack. But I think it's really cool TPCI updated the opening with High Touch! scenes.