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The Lost World of Gothitelle! (680)


Orig. Solar-Sceptile
Goth is cute, and i like the episode, flashbacks always make me emotional xD


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I was pretty bummed after the next dub title was revealed but, thankfully, this episode was an effective pick-me-up that helped lift my spirits a bit.


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It was a good episode. Ash and friends end up in a world created by Gothitelle. The episode was moving and emotional. Can't wait for the next episode.


A great emotional ep. At first I was like; Is this what Gothitelle really sounds like but then further into the ep. I realized she was just angry in the beginning. Really liked the story that went with it.

Man I am loving this new generation of Pokemon. The games and the Anime. I say it was well worth the long wait for a new gen.


Writer's Block
It was a very emotional episode. I'm glad the writers decided to use this type of story line for this episode. It taught a good lesson without being heavy-handed.

I don't understand why some people dislike this episode so much. What, not enough action for you guys?


This was a nice episode with an interesting story but some people here are so negative about everything and think all fillers are bad (altough i don't think this was a filler) and look for little details to complain, don't really get why they still watch this anime.

Marbi Z

I liked this episode! But I just cant see why the girl didn't just buy a pokeball and ask Gothitelle to go with her. I'm sure many people who go to collage are trainers.


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I liked this episode! But I just cant see why the girl didn't just buy a pokeball and ask Gothitelle to go with her. I'm sure many people who go to collage are trainers.

That upset me a bit, but oh well.

Awesome episode in my opinion. Even though this is "filler", I think that there was nice interaction between Ash, Cilan, and Iris. All the talk about doctors was very "foreshadowy". Sounds like there's lot's of hospitals around Unova for training and schooling. Interesting.


R.I.P Dax
Why didn't she capture Gothitelle?

I heard a lot of bad things about the episode so I decided to skip it when it originally aired in Japan, but I really liked. I loved Gothitelle's story and connection to her friend. The story was well placed.

It just comes to show that an episode doesn't have to be action packed to be great.


I'm not really into the anime, I just watch the episodes as they come out, so I might be wrong about this.

Is it just me, or was the music amazing in this episode? It was very diverse, unlike the usual remixes of game music and had quite an epic feel to it. Maybe I was just noticing it a little more today, but still...

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This episode was pretty good. Nice to see Gothitelle. It's weird. Early this week, I had a discussion with my sister about our past memories of the good life and it happened to be in this episode. :p


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Fine episode. Learning about Gothitelle's past was kind of cool, too. I think that's pretty much the only thing interesting, aside from that, it was nice to see Snivy again. But again, she won't appear for about seven episodes, but due to the Team Rocket VS. Team Plasma episodes being postponed, it'll be about five weeks, I think.


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Very much an emotionally driven episode and I really enjoyed it, and the title now makes sense :p. Seeing Gothitelle experience eternal misery because the life she once enjoyed with a little girl named sally was ripped away from her because she had to go to medical school. The reunion was wonderful and then the mysterious ending when gothitelle disappeared. The only thing I can think of is she/he has gone off to live her/his life in happiness now her sadness has been resolved and do not think that a ghost was involved.


To me it was an alright episode. There were a few good things:
•Nice visuals of Skyarrow
•I was so glad that they gave Snivy more screentime
•It was a nice story I suppose
•Good interesting look into the past

However for me there were a few bad things:
•I didn't feel that they made Gothitelle's appearance that good. I thought they could've done more with it
•Even for a single setting episode, to me it got a bit monotonous and boring
•Same for the dialogue. And there wasn't really any mystery. It was obvious that Gothitelle was angry about the loss of the Water Taxi business
•I don't think there was enough interaction between the characters

But on average it was, well, average. I think my hopes were too high after the last two brilliant episodes. But anyway, Castelia City should be a nice welcomed change for the anime next :)

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
The raw episode made me cry, and so did the dubbed episode as I understood it more.

I guess a good metaphor to compare the episode to real life would be like how a woman loses her dog, and now her dog is mad without the commands of it owner.
Still didn't like this episode. In my opinion this was the worst BW episode.

Thank you for that, I thought I was alone in that department.
The thing is, I wouldn't have thought this episode was quite as bad if they had just finished the battle between Gothitelle and Snivy. Instead of the girl suddenly appearing out of nowhere and explaining that she had been sent there with everyone else, they should have defeated Gothitelle, been returned to reality, and then had the girl walk up to comfort Gothitelle and explain everything.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
This is still one of the best episodes in BW so far, in my opinion. And the Dub made it even better, the story line was nice, Snivy got some battles, Gothitelle sounded nice and now they've headed for Castelia City, where they will spend a good, 2/3 episodes, yay!


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Still didn't like this episode. In my opinion this was the worst BW episode.

I agree completely. I was bored throughout the entire episode. The only thing about this episode that I did not expect to happen was Gothitelle stayed at the bridge.