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The Mafia League

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Annhialator Zero, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero killkillkillkillkill

    The Mafia League

    This is a Wi-Fi League but mods before you reject this we’ve been planning this for about eight months or so now.

    The general idea is you have to defeat the Gym Leaders then the Frontier Brains in order to get to the tourney at the end (The first twelve challengers to do so will be entered along with all the other members), before the tourney you may also fight the Elite Four, if you lose five matches in your E4 challenge you lose your last three Frontier Symbols, however if you beat the elite four you get the prize of an IV bred Pokemon of your choice and a bye in the tourney.

    The eight Gym Leaders are challenged in an order, you face three of them in any order, then two, then another two, then one last one.
    The seven Frontier Brains are in a similar order of three, two, one, one.
    The Elite Four and Champion must be faced in order.


    Using any of the following mean you lose automatically:

    Latios (Regardless of Soul Dew)
    Latias (Regardless of Soul Dew)
    Double Team, Minimize or an OHKO move.
    Hax items (Scope Lens, Brightpowder, Focus Band etc, Focus Sash is allowed)

    All Battles are 6 v 6 Single Battles (Unless otherwise stated by a Frontier Brain rule)
    Sleep Clause is in effect (You can only put one of your opponent’s Pokemon asleep at once)

    The following rules apply to art:

    1. All credit to DeepseaTrainer27
    2. Do not steal.
    3. Only use trainer sprites if they represent you, and, if used, GIVE CREDIT.
    4. Only use badges/symbols if you have earned them, and, again, GIVE CREDIT.

    Please don’t spam up the thread, follow all Serebii rules etc

    Challenger Info

    You make a team of six Pokemon and three subs, you are then given a challenger TC by either me or DeepseaTrainer27, you may substitute two of your subs into your team, effectively that’s all you need to know on Team Building, details on mounting a challenge is later.

    Info for becoming a Gym Leader

    Your main team of six Pokemon must all be of your chosen type, your Subs can be any type you want, that’s about it for team building again =/
    You also get a TC from me or Deepsea

    The Mafia Hall of Fame

    Annhialator Zero – Basically stopping the whole thing from dying about 100000 times lol, also league Champion.
    DeepseaTrainer27 – Head Spriter / Artist, Base for all TCs made by him (All leader TCs made by him also)
    raneman – Creator, his idea in the first place


    Not completed yet as we don't know our order as of yet, however we need Gym Leaders and the following types are taken:

    Steel - Pikagaz
    Normal - Snorlax999
    Electric - drixonsypher
    Bug - MirorB (I don't think he's on this forum yet)
    Grass - Can't remember sorry
    Maybe Dark - Umbreon999
    Poison - FlareDS/Ailea
    Water - staroceandc

    Well, there you go
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2007
  2. Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude Well-Known Member

    Why am i not in the hall of fame?
  3. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero killkillkillkillkill

    because you haven't done anything really major

    more posts needed now lol
  4. Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude Well-Known Member

    but i am unnaturally cool
  5. Unlucky_Absol

    Unlucky_Absol Objection!

    Sounds Cool, I'd Like to be a Frontier Brain If thats OK, And will All of the Pokemon have to be Lvl 100?

    Oh, If I Can't be one, I'll be Dark Gym Leader....? Or Is it chosen?

    --- U.A ;359;
  6. Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude Well-Known Member

    as far as i kniw all battles are lvl 100

    i'll have to check anout Dark Type Though
  7. Unlucky_Absol

    Unlucky_Absol Objection!

    Ugh, I Better get training then.

    --- U.A ;359;
  8. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero killkillkillkillkill

    By that we mean you have to use the Wi-Fi lv 100 feature lol

    Dark will probably be taken sorry and there are no brains left

    You can still have Absol as a sub tho lol
  9. Unlucky_Absol

    Unlucky_Absol Objection!

    Nvm then, If I Can't be Dark, I Won't do it.
    And I Didn't know about such a feature.

    --- U.A ;359;
  10. Mr. Marill

    Mr. Marill Oh, hai thar.

    Yep, it is.
    And I'm not in the Hall of Fame either. It is so sad. I am unwanted. And so is Marill ;183;
  11. Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude Well-Known Member

    Dude i haven't seen you in like a month
  12. Mr. Marill

    Mr. Marill Oh, hai thar.

    Yeah, I have a lot to do.
    And I like my first post in a month with the serious cat.
    And AZ I won't spam it with cats.
  13. Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude Well-Known Member

    me either all though az could be watching you
  14. Slick

    Slick Banned

    I feel like challenging but first I need to actually train my Wi-Fi team. o_O
  15. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero killkillkillkillkill

    lol @ MM

    yayay first challenger
  16. Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude Well-Known Member

    what about Navy lol
  17. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero killkillkillkillkill

    Navy doesn't count
  18. raneman

    raneman mafia man

    loks like i didnt miss much in this thread. seriously if u guys would message me on the site and tell me wats up that would b real nice of u sadly i have been excruciatingly busy with rotc and school and such so if it wouldnt be to much trouble im going to try once again to b more active but things just keep popping up that i cant get around
  19. Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude Well-Known Member

    OMG rane is alive ..............
  20. DeepseaTrainer27

    DeepseaTrainer27 stop staring at me

    *pops head round the door*
    like hi ppls. careful not to clutter this thread up with spam ok? and don't we have more gym leaders than that? no? T_T. and what about our Frontier brains?
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