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The Makings of a Champion

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Q-Dizzle16, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Q-Dizzle16

    Q-Dizzle16 Active Member

    This is my first fan-fic so please be nice lol. Hope you guys enjoy! Rated PG/PG-13!

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or anything associated with Pokemon and never will! So don't sue me kthnx!

    The Makings of a Champion

    ~Chapter 1~
    Humble Origins

    “Congratulations class of 2007 on your graduation from Trainer School!” a young woman exclaimed to a crowd full of proud family and friends. She has bright pink hair in two round ponytails and a nurse’s outfit on. A large egg shaped Pokemon jumped happily by her side.

    A group of young teens stood up. They wore black caps and gowns with white tassels hanging from them, the official colors of Blackthorn city. In one hand was a diploma rolled up and tied with a black ribbon and in the other was an everyday Pokeball. The crowd clapped furiously as the group of young people walked quickly off-stage towards a large white building with a round red roof. A large “P” was present over the automatic glass door.

    The event that just took place was the graduation of the latest Pokemon Trainers from the city of Blackthorn in the Johto region. Every year a group of fortunate ten year-old boys and girls attend a four years of Pokemon Trainer schooling. Once graduated from the school they are allowed to register as Pokemon Trainers. As Pokemon Trainers, the people in this world capture and raise creatures known as Pokemon. Pokemon can be used in many different ways but the most common is competitive battling. Trainers battle other Trainers and capture more and more Pokemon in order to the best battlers they can be. This is every young person’s dream in the world of Pokemon!


    Just outside of Blackthorn City, a young man sat on the grass outside a small brown shack. He was dressed in old jeans and a plain red t-shirt. On his feet is a pair of dirty and ragged white sneakers. His brown skin felt warm under the suns rays. The wind blew through his curly black hair. He let out a large sigh, as if he had no care in the world. His head slowly found its way to the soft grass beneath him and his eyes slowly shut.

    “THEO! Get your butt in here!” a loud deep voiced boomed.

    Theo’s eyes popped open and he jolted up. He quickly ran inside the shack.

    “Did you forget that dinner needs to be made?!” Theo’s older brother, Quentin, asked fiercely.

    Quentin stood in the common area of their three room house with his hands on his fists. He looked almost identical to Theo except for his thicker eye brows and facial hair. He wore a patched gray suit and a red tie.

    “Sorry Q, I was just chillin’ outside,” Theo apologized as he hurried to the opposite side of the cabin where the kitchen was. “I’ll get started right away.”

    Quentin let out a large sigh, “Look man, we are going through tough times right now. We have to each do our role to help support the family.”

    “What can I do to help?” a tiny girl, no older than 10, asked as she walked into the small house with a bouquet of wild flowers.

    The girl was wearing a pink shirt with a white star on it and a torn jean skirt. She had nappy back hair that was combed back into a poofy ponytail.

    “Hi sweet-heart,” Quentin said kindly “You can help by letting me put those pretty flowers in a vase.”

    “I found them by the pond,” she said excitedly “Aren’t they pretty?”

    “They are gorgeous but I told you Miranda, you are not supposed to go to the pond by yourself,” Quentin said as he got an old empty coffee can and filled it with water “if you fell in then no one would be able to help you out.”

    “I know big brother, I’m sorry,” she replied looking down at her shoes.

    Quentin took the flowers and placed then in the coffee can. He then placed the coffee can on top of the large wooden table that was located in the center of the room.

    Meanwhile, Theo began to bake the last three of their potatoes in toaster oven. He opened the refrigerator to find anything else that he could cook for a decent dinner. It was empty except a few bottle of water and a half empty pot of what looked to be lentil soup.

    It would have to do.

    After the potatoes finished baking he chopped them up and placed them in the soup. Using the only working eye on their stove, he heated the soup up and then poured it evenly into three bowels.

    He carried each bowel out one after another and placed them on the wooden table in the next room. The small family of siblings then sat down and began eating their small dinner.

    “Lentil soup again?” Miranda whined.

    “I know baby, but it’s all we got now,” Quentin said “Don’t worry, once I get that promotion at work tomorrow then we will be able to get some meat for this soup. Maybe even some fish!”

    “I love fish!” Miranda exclaimed in between spoonfuls of soup.

    Quentin smiled at his little sister and continued to eat.

    Theo looked at his brother then at his sister. How could they stand it! It was eating him up inside! He just couldn’t hold it in.

    “I hate this!” Theo hollered “Why! Why are we the ones who have to live this way?”

    “Theo, do not start this again,” Quentin warned.

    “Start what! Start ranting on how we have to live in an old decrepit shack? Or how we cannot even afford dinner? Or how we haven’t had a decent meal since Mom and Dad died?!” Theo screamed. His eyes were becoming hot and wet. His heart was racing.

    “I told you not to start Theo! Not in front of your sister!” Quentin hollered back as he stood up from the table.

    “This is such bull****! Why did they have to die Quentin?! Why didn’t they leave us anything to help us out?! We can’t afford to pay off their debts and support ourselves with your little salary!” Theo said with hot tears rolling down his face.

    “I know it’s not fair little brother,” Quentin said soothingly “But this is how it is. It may be a while before we can say we are financially secure but we can get there. We just need to be strong.”

    “It’s been 4 damn years since then Quentin, how much longer do we need to ****ing wait!” Theo said as he dried his tears.

    “Watch that language around your sister!” Quentin replied “It won’t be this way forever, I promise.”

    “Why does that sound familiar?!” Theo said coldly “I’m starting to think it will be forever!”

    “Please stop fighting guys, Mom and Dad wouldn’t like it! I don’t like it!” Miranda interjected.

    Both brothers stopped and looked at their little sister. She had tears running down her face.

    “I’m going to take a walk,” Theo stated as he stormed out the door.

    Quentin let out a large sigh as he hugged and comforted his little sister.
    This was the typical night for the Martin family.


    Theo woke the next morning to find Quentin gone, most likely at work. Miranda too was gone. She must have gone with him to the city to participate in the free day camp hosted by Blackthorn’s Pokemon Gym.

    He was tired and depressed. He didn’t remember what time he came in last night but he knew it was very late. As much as he hated to admit it, he felt bad for blowing up last night. It wasn’t Quentin’s fault for what happened to their parents that day on the mountain. He actually sympathized with him.

    He was the oldest of three and held the legal and moral responsibility of caring for his younger siblings. He has had a large amount of pressure on him for the past 4 years. Quentin was already almost 30 and he has yet to meet a potential wife or even a very close friend. He was too busy caring for Miranda and him.

    “I have to help out somehow,” Theo said to himself as he prepared for the day “but what can a fourteen year-old do?”

    Theo decided to head into town to find any idea that could help him out. He visited at least seven different stores that were hiring in order to get a job but none would accept him. He was too young.

    Feeling rejected and defeated Theo headed back towards his home on the outskirts of the city. As he walked a strong wind picked up without warning. Papers and garbage flew straight at him. One flyer in particular collided with his body then gently floated to the ground. Theo looked down at the flyer. It stated:


    Come test your Pokemon’s battling skills and register for this year’s Silver Conference on Mt. Silver!

    Registration is FREE! Just visit your local Pokemon Professor or Pokemon Center!

    This year’s winner receives not only the coveted title of Johto League Champion and the ability to challenge the Johto regions Elite Four but also…

    500,000 DOLLARS!!!!

    Yes $500,000 could be yours. Only 1,000 Trainers are allowed to register so HURRY! Spots are filling fast!

    Theo starred hard at the flyer. An idea began to form in Theo’s head. What if he entered the Silver Conference and won the championship! He could get the 500,000 dollars and help Quentin support the family! That much money would be MORE than enough for them to pay off their parents debts and renovate their home. The more Theo tossed the idea around in his head the more he liked it! Then a horrible realization popped up.

    He didn’t know the first thing about being a Pokemon Trainer!

    Damn! He had to drop out of Trainer School when he was 10 because of his parent’s death. Quentin could not afford to send him. Once again feeling defeated Theo crumpled up the flyer and threw it away. It just wasn’t meant to be.

    Later that night, Quentin came home with Miranda by his side. He had a look of total defeat on his face.

    “What’s wrong bro?” Theo asked.

    “He didn’t get the promotion,” Miranda said solemnly.

    Theo looked at his brother with great sympathy. That promotion would have allowed Quentin to pay off a ton of their debts. It would allow them to eat dinner tonight.

    “So that means we aren’t going to be eating tonight huh?” Theo asked.

    Quentin shook his head slowly and slumped into a chair. He put his head down and began to sob. Miranda ran over to her brother and rubbed his back.

    “It’s okay big brother, I’m not that hungry anyway,” she lied to him.

    Theo put his head down and clenched his fists. He was tired of his family suffering. It was time for him to take matters into his own hands.

    “Quentin, I’m leaving home tomorrow,” he stated “I’m not running away either so don’t even think that.”

    Quentin looked up at his little brother and wiped his tears.

    “I’m going to participate in the Silver Conference and become the champion. I’m going to win the prize money and help out the family!” Theo said boldly.

    “But Theo you don’t know the first thing about Pokemon,” Quentin said quietly.

    “I don’t care, I’m going to try,” Theo retorted “It’s a good idea! I’ll be gone so it will be one less mouth to feed! Also I can use any money I get in my travels to help you.”

    Quentin was quiet for a moment as he contemplated the suggestion.

    “You do have a point,” He said slowly “But how will you afford to support yourself?”

    “I’ll find a way! Come on it’s me!” Theo said with a smile.

    Quentin let out a weak laugh and said,

    “Yeah, you are a crafty one.”

    “Then it’s settled, first thing tomorrow morning I will go to the Pokemon Center and register for the Silver Conference!”

    To Be Continued…

    *Sorry I didn't feature any Pokemon in this chapter, next chapter will have tons and even a battle! I promise! Also the title is subject to change. The current title is the best I could think of at the time. Any suggestions would be considered too! Chapter 2 to come soon!*
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2007
  2. Q-Dizzle16

    Q-Dizzle16 Active Member

    Here is chapter 2, hope someone is enjoying these!

    ~Chapter 2~

    “Get back here thief!” a blue haired woman shouted out as she ran down the streets of Blackthorn City.

    She was chasing a man clad in black from head to toe. He had a scarf covering his nose and mouth in order to conceal his face. Over his shoulder was a plain burlap sack but what was inside the sack was anything but plain.

    “That’s it! Dragonair, use Ice Beam to freeze this guy!” the women exclaimed as she threw a Pokeball towards her foe.

    The ball popped open and ejected a white ray of pure energy. The formless energy took the shape of a long and slender serpentine creature. Slowly the light dissipated and their stood a majestic blue dragon. She had angelic wings on the sides of her head and a single white horn on the top.

    It let out an eerie whine as it fired a ray of what looked like white lighting from its horn at the man. The man jumped out of the way in enough time to avoid the ray but where he once stood there was a block of thick ice.

    “If that’s the game we’re playing then count me in,” The crook whispered excitedly as he pulled a Pokeball from his belt and tossed it on he ground.

    Once again, a white energy ejected from the ball and took the form of a four-legged beast. When the white light dissolved a black Doberman like canine stood snarling at the dragon. It had two curved horns on its head and a spade on the end of its then black tail.

    “Houndoooooom!” It howled.

    “Houndoom, Smokescreen!” the thief commanded.

    The dog Pokemon coughed up a large cloud of soot and ash from its throat, covering it and its owner in the thick, hot cloud.

    “Dragonair, we cannot let them get away!” the woman said as she jumped on her Pokemon’s back “After them!”

    The dragon released an eerie wail again and slithered into the soot cloud. Upon emerging, the Blackthorn Gym Leader saw the crook standing on top of the city’s Pokemon Center.

    “Maybe this will get you off my back Clair!” He hollered “Houndoom, Flamethrower!”

    “Dooooom!” The dog howled again and took in a deep breath.

    When it exhaled an evil and pungent black flame erupted from its mouth and swept across the Pokemon Center. The building almost instantaneously caught fire and began to burn.

    “You can chase me or save your precious city from burning, Gym Leader!” the crook jeered as he jumped on top of his dog Pokemon.

    The embers from the flame bounced into the night sky, brightening the surrounding area. People began coming from their homes to see what the cause of the commotion was.

    Clair clenched her fists tightly, jumped off of Dragonair and said,

    “Dragonair we need to get those Pokeballs back! Use Iron Tail!”

    The dragon released her signature eerie wail then flew toward the crook. Her tail glowed a bright white as is neared her targets.

    Houndoom barely had a chance to jump out the way of the attack. Dragonair sped by the crook and his dog but was able to knick the burlap sack with it tail. Two Pokeballs fell out of the bag, unbeknownst to the crook.

    “Nice try! Houndoom lets get out of here!” the man clad in black laughed as his dog Pokemon jumped off into the dark night with its trainer on its back.

    Dragonair flew back down to Clair and nuzzled her face. Clair petted her loyal Pokemon and walked towards the two Pokeballs that fell out of the sack. They glowed and sparkled from the light of the burning building. She quickly grabbed them and placed them in a pouch she was wearing.

    “Go Gyarados and Milotic; use your Hydro Pump to put out these flames!” Clair commanded as she tossed two Pokeballs on the ground.

    Two extremely large serpent Pokemon emerged from the balls. One was blue with white fins and extremely ferocious while the other was mostly tan with a pink and blue tail and very beautiful. They both expelled a large stream of water from their mouths to help extinguish the flames.

    Clair took the two recovered Pokeballs from her pouch and looked at them closely. They were not like normal Pokeballs in anyway, which was appropriate considering what they housed.

    One was red on top and a bright metallic orange on the bottom. Flames of orange and yellow streaked wildly across the top portion, twisting around like snakes. Engraved on the top portion, right above the button, was the number 2.

    The other was dark green on top and a lighter metallic green on the bottom. Leaves and blades of grass were decorated on the top halve. The number 3 was engraved on it.

    After examining the balls she placed them back in her pouch. She looked over to the Pokemon Center. The flames burned as strong as ever despite her Pokemon’s water attack. The fire jumped and danced around as if it was taunting her. Everything it touched quickly became ash. The black smoke floated gently into the sky, making it seem less malevolent than it really was.

    She turned away and looked towards the horizon, the sun was rising. What just occurred was a terrible loss for Blackthorn City and could cause great trouble if she did not act fast. She had to deal with the fire.


    Theo arouse to the sun beaming on his face. Today was the day. He was going to register for the Silver Conference and receive a starting Pokemon from Blackthorn’s Pokemon Center! He was really nervous and kind of excited.

    Once fully prepared for the day, Theo left the room he shared with this brother and entered the common area of their cabin. Quentin had already left for work and Miranda was gone too. Having no breakfast to eat or any dishes to clean Theo decided he would head straight into town.

    What started as a nice walk slowly became a quick jog and then a full out sprint as Theo raced to the Pokemon Center. Only 1,000 trainers could enter and he wasn’t sure on how many spots were left!

    “The Center is just around the corner!” Theo said motivating himself.

    The smell of burnt wooden and charred steel violent entered the boy’s nose as he turned the corner, nearly knocking him on his butt. The smell was horrible but what he saw was worse.

    Where the Pokemon Center once stood there was nothing but blacked rubble. Nothing remained, not even the frame of the building. Everything was burnt to the ground.

    Fire fighters in yellow jackets and police officers surrounded the scene inspecting the charred remains of the Center and questioning witnesses. The Pokemon Nurse sat on the ground in her Psyduck PJs and Jigglypuff slippers crying. Her egg Pokemon Chansey was trying to comfort her.

    “No way, this can’t be happening!” Theo exclaimed as he ran to the scene before him.

    He was stopped by a woman with blue hair in a ponytail. She wore a navy blue jump suit with a black cape. Her hands were dressed in navy blue gloves. Theo recognized her as the Blackthorn Gym Leader, Clair.

    “I’m sorry young man but this is an investigation and,” Clair started.

    “Please I need to register for the Pokemon League!” Theo interrupted “It’s very important that I do!”

    “I understand your desire to be a Pokemon Trainer young man but it will have to wait a few months until the Pokemon Center is rebuilt,” Clair stated.

    “A few months,” Theo exclaimed “We may not be able to survive that long!”

    “What on earth do you mean?” Clair asked.

    As Theo opened his mouth to tell his story to Clair an orange glow appeared in her pouch. It began to shake wildly.

    “What the,” Clair began as she removed the red and orange Pokeball from her pouch.

    The ball popped open and a bright white light shot out onto the ground. The formless light slowly took shape into a small, two-legged, tailed Pokemon. As the white light disappeared, more features became clear.

    The Pokemon was about the height of Theo’s kneecaps, maybe a bit taller. It had bright orange scales that covered it whole body except it belly, which was a dull orange. The reptilian creature had a rounded snout with a large mouth. Its most noticeable feature was the small flame located on the tip of its tail.

    The Pokemon slowly lifted it head and opened its eyes. It blinked a few times, adjusting to the brightness of its surroundings.

    “Charmander!” it yelped weakly with its tiny arms stretching toward Theo.

    Clair stood in total awe, starring hard at first the Pokemon then Theo then back to the Pokemon.

    “Um, hello?” Theo said shyly towards the tiny creature reaching to him. He bent down and stuck his hand out.

    “Char, Char?” the Pokemon said as it sniffed Theo’s hand curiously. It opened its huge mouth and bit down on the open hand. It bit hard.

    “Ow! What the hell?!” Theo exclaimed quickly pulling his hand back.

    “Char, Char! Charmander!” the tiny lizard laughed seeing Theo hop around holding his hand.

    This whole time Clair just starred, dumbfounded by what was happening before her.

    How could this be! She thought to herself as Theo playfully chased the Lizard Pokemon. Could this boy be Charmander’s destined partner? How come I have never seen him before?

    “What is your name young man?” Clair asked slowly, still looking at the orange lizard.

    “Theodore Martin, but you can call me Theo,” he replied.

    “Theo I think you need to come with me, something amazing has just occurred right now,” Clair explained as she gazed deep in Theo’s eyes “We must return to my Gym.”

    Clair, Theo and the orange lizard all quickly walked towards the large Pokemon gym that was located in the northern region of the city. Theo and Charmander quietly played together while they were following Clair. Clair actually wouldn’t be able to hear them if they were louder for she was too deep in thought.

    It was the first time Theo ever saw the city’s gym. It was a large black building with tinted windows. A large reptilian skull served as an awning for the door, which was made from stone.

    Upon entering the gym Theo found himself in a hallway. At the end was a door that said Battle Field. He followed Clair down the hallway until they reached the last door to the left and entered it.

    In this room was a glass case with 7 empty sockets. The room itself was very plain and simple; it had a grey carpet and brown wallpaper. Along the walls were photos and plaques of various people and dragon type Pokemon.

    “This is where Charmander’s Pokeball was originally kept” Clair said as she placed the green ball she acquired in the third slot in the glass case “It was almost stolen last night. The thief got away with 5 of the 7 balls we keep here.”

    “Why are they kept here?” Theo asked.

    “For the safe keeping,” Clair said cryptically “you see, the Pokemon in these Pokeballs have been in them for many years. Once they were sealed inside they have refused to allow anyone to release them. Only a trainer who the Pokemon truly feels a bond with can allow the Pokemon to be released.”

    She gazed at Charmander and said,

    “That is why Charmander was released from his ball.”

    “So its name is Charmander huh?” Theo said curiously “And he feels some bond with me?”

    “It seems so, even if I tried I couldn’t return Charmander to his Pokeball, only you can,” Clair answered.

    “So, now what?” Theo inquired.

    “Well, you wanted to register for the Silver Conference am I right?” Clair started “You need a starting Pokemon too no?”

    “Are you saying I get to keep this, um,” Theo stopped and began to think “oh yea, this Charmander?”

    “Char, Char!” Charmander chimed in happily.

    “It seems you have no choice really,” Clair told him as she handed him Charmander’s Pokeball “Charmander will only obey you.”

    “Wow,” Theo said “How do I put it back inside?”

    Clair laughed,

    “You are a funny kid. Just aim and fire.”

    Theo aimed the Pokeball right at Charmander and pressed the button in the center. A red laser shot out and hit Charmander in the chest. The red energy enveloped the Pokemon and quickly sucked its energized form back into the Pokeball.

    “Cool!” Theo exclaimed looking at the Pokeball. He then looked up at Clair and asked, “So how do I register.”

    “Well, you cannot here because the Pokemon Center has been burnt down,” Clair said “The closest town is New Bark Town, Just south of here. There is a Pokemon Professor there named Elm who can help you register. You will have to descend the mountain quickly for all the spots may be filled up soon.”

    Clair then asked,

    “Why did you say this was so important by the way?”

    Theo told Clair about his family and the death of his parents. He told her on his plan to win the Silver Conference despite the fact he knows little on Pokemon.

    After hearing Theo’s story Clair was moved by his determination to help his family.

    “Theodore, I am going to help you on your journey and mentor on Pokemon whenever I get the chance. Take this,” Clair said as she reached in a closet and handed Theo a black and green backpack “Inside is everything a trainer needs to survive in the wild. You will need to re-supply every once in a while but this should last you until you reach New Bark Town.”

    “Thank you so much Clair, this really will help me out,” Theo said, bowing before Clair.

    “Just call the Gym anytime you are curious or need assistance and I will help you best I can,” Clair told him with a smile “Now hurry out of this place! It takes two days to get to New Bark Town by foot from here and it’s already the middle of the day.”

    Theo nodded and ran out the door. As soon as he left Clair stopped smiling and looked at the empty case.

    Was it a good idea entrusting that boy with so much power? She thought to herself. I didn’t really have much choice.

    “Keeping those Pokemon out of Blackthorn and on the move will be the best way to make sure that whoever stole those balls won’t come back for the ones he dropped.” Clair said reassuring herself “But now I need to find this one’s trainer.”

    Clair starred at the green ball. She then headed towards the door and exited the room, shutting the lights off.

    To Be Continued…

    *Alright, my first Pokemon scenes! Now the story is really picking up! Chapter 3 to come soon!*
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2007
  3. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    This...is good! I quite like how this fic is going so far. Maybe you could expand a bit on certain parts, but you paint a good picture, so to say.
    Is this set up after the GSC series? It seems that Clair got more mature...
    Looking forward to Chapter 3!
  4. Q-Dizzle16

    Q-Dizzle16 Active Member

    Yea, this story takes place a little after the events in GSC combined with some of the elements in the anime, like the Silver Conference. A lot of characters that you are familiar with will be older.

    Johto was one of my favorite regions and I haven't seen a good story on it in a while so I decided to write one (plus I was kinda bored =P).

    Disclaimer: Don't expect to see many Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokemon in this fic. Since this is Johto, Pokemon from that region are rare and it wouldn't make sense for them to be running around in the wild. You may notice some 3rd Gen and 4th Gen attacks and abilities though.
  5. KingT

    KingT Burn

    I like it. Keep up the good work.
  6. Q-Dizzle16

    Q-Dizzle16 Active Member

    Awesome, chapter 3! Positive and descriptive feedback would be really nice and appreciated. Enjoy!

    ~Chapter 3~
    At the Outset

    Theo stood before his brother and sister.

    “Well guys this is it, I’m off,” he said to them and turned towards the route leading to New Bark Town.

    “Theo wait!” Miranda called out.

    She ran towards her brother and gave him a big hug. She then reached in her pocket and pulled out a bracelet. It was made of wooden beads strung with an elastic band in a simple pattern. First brown then white then brown again, etc.

    “I made it earlier today, it’s so you can remember us,” she explained.

    Theo took the gift and smiled. He placed the bracelet on his wrist and said,

    “Thanks Miranda, I promise not to forget you two. You’re the whole reason I am doing this.”

    “Be safe little brother,” Quentin said giving Theo a big hug.

    “I will, I’ll write you once you reach New Bark Town,” Theo replied.

    Quentin released his bear hug and patted his younger brother on the back. Theo nodded, waved and turned away from the only family he had left in the world. This was it, he couldn’t be afraid and he couldn’t turn back.

    Taking a big gulp Theo started walking towards the sloping mountain path.


    “Oh my god,” Theo whined “I never knew walking could be so boring.”

    He had been on the road for hours and was bored out of his mind. He looked around to find something to preoccupy his mind. All he saw were rocks and trees on the ground and clouds in the sky.

    So how am I supposed to go about this whole “Pokemon Trainer” thing? Theo thought to himself.

    He grabbed Charmander’s Pokeball from out of his bag and starred at it intensely.

    “How do I open this thing?” he finally said out loud.

    He inspected the ball over and over, looking all around it. The only thing that could be possibly be used to open the ball was the white button that split the two halves of the container. He pressed it.

    The ball then greatly expanded, starling Theo. He dropped it in excitement. The Pokeball fell on to the ground causing the button to be pushed a second time. A white energy shot out the now open ball and slowly formed into Theo’s new Charmander.

    “Charmander!” he cried happily, smiling at Theo.

    “Uh, nice to see you too,” Theo replied to the bright orange reptile.

    There was an awkward between the two for a few minutes until Theo said,

    “So…how’s it going?”

    Charmander gave Theo a confused look. More awkward silence followed.

    “Look you are the first Pokemon I ever really interacted with so give me break okay?” Theo finally said.

    Charmander smiled and nuzzled his trainer’s leg with his snout. This caused Theo to smile himself.

    “Okay, well I guess we should get moving,” he said.

    “<Good idea!>” Charmander said and began marching down the road.

    “You can talk!” Theo exclaimed as he started back down the mountain path “Why didn’t you say anything before!”

    “<It took me a little while to comprehend human speak, but I think I got it!>” Charmander said happily, following Theo down the path.

    “Well this will make things easier, and now I have someone to talk to!” Theo said excitedly.

    “<So human tell me about yourself, if we are going to be partners we need to know a bit about each other right?” Charmander asked.

    “Yea, you are right,” Theo replied “Well I first my name is Theodore Martin but please call me Theo.”

    Theo began to explain his life to this point to Charmander. Charmander became very somber as the story was told.

    “<I’m very sorry for your loss,>” he said “<I promise to help you as best I can to win in the Silver Conference and supply your family with some money.>”

    “Thank you Charmander,” Theo said “so tell me about your life before being trapped in that Pokeball for all those years.”

    “<Well,>” Charmander said as he began to sink into deep thought. “<I actually don’t remember anything at all!>” he finally said in laugh.

    “Nothing, man that must really stink,” Theo replied

    “<Nah it’s not that bad, I look forward to the new memories I am going to make with you now that I’m out of that Pokeball,>” Charmander said with another laugh. Theo smiled back at Charmander.

    He and I are going to be great friends. The young man thought to himself.


    A giant crash shook the ground. Theo and Charmander looked around frantically to see the source of the noise.


    The ground was shaking violently. The tremors became greater and greater. Theo heard a noise that sounded like a building collapsing headed straight toward them.

    “What is that?!” Theo hollered.

    “<I don’t know but I think we need to get out of here!>” Charmander answered.

    Theo and Charmander ran down the path but the noise followed them, growing progressively louder. Theo turned around to see what was causing the tremors and the crashing sound. What he saw made his stomach sink.

    It was a landslide of rock-like Pokemon. They were rolled into balls and tumbling down the mountain at an amazing speed, demolishing anything they contacted. Trees snapped and boulders crumbled.

    “What are those?” Theo asked.

    Charmander turned around to look at what he was talking about then quickly replied, “<Geodude, they are known to cause landslides when they travel down mountains. We have to get out of their way or we will be crushed!>”

    “Ahh crap!” Theo yelled as he ran even faster.

    He looked anxiously for a place to hide from the rock Pokemon. Then he saw it. To the side of the road was a small cliff, if they hid under it the rock Pokemon would roll right over them.

    “There!” Theo yelled pointing to the cliff.

    He and Charmander quickly jumped off the edge and hid in the rock shelter under it. The tremors grew louder and louder and the noise was unbearable as the rock Pokemon rolled over the cliff and landed a few yards from where Theo and Charmander stood. The trainer and his Pokemon hugged each other for comfort and support, their eyes closed the whole time.

    Once the noise subsided and the tremors ceased Theo slowly opened his eyes. He wasn’t dead. He looked in his arms at Charmander, he was alive too.

    “Are you okay?” Theo asked with concern

    “<Yeah, I’ll be okay, just a bit shaken up,>” Charmander said weakly.

    “I can’t believe we almost died!” Theo said with a laugh. The adrenaline was still pumping through him.

    He and Charmander slowly walked out from their hiding spot, completely out of breath and covered in dirt. They slowly began heading towards the path, or what was left of it, when Charmander saw a boulder crashing down the mountain straight towards them.

    “<Theo, MOVE!>” Charmander yelled as he head butted his master out of the path of the boulder.

    Charmander stood his ground as the boulder fell straight on to him. Theo looked in horror, believing his new friend to be squished but to his utter surprise Charmander held the boulder over his head with his tiny claws.

    “CHAR!” He yelled as he tossed to boulder a few yards away from them.

    “Whoa, are all Charmander that strong?” Theo asked in amazement.

    “<I don’t know, I guess so,>” Charmander said in between deep breaths “< I didn’t know I had it in me really.>” Charmander slumped down on the ground completely exhausted. “<I just knew I had to protect you.>”

    “Thank you,” Theo said kindly as he lifted Charmander in his arms “Want to rest in your Pokeball?”

    “<Are you kidding?>” Charmander said weakly “<And risk you getting crushed by a boulder? I think I’ll be okay.>” Charmander gave out a weak laugh then fainted from exhaustion.

    Theo smiled and headed back to the road with his Pokemon in his arms. The sun was starting to set and he needed to find a place for them to rest. The next day they would be in New Bark Town, as long as something else on the mountain didn’t kill them.


    Farther up the mountain a shadowy figure stood on a cliff with a pair of binoculars. He was spying a young man with a Charmander in his hands. By his side was an open gate with a lever attached to it. The platform behind the gate was just large enough to house something the size of a boulder.

    “That’s defiantly the Charmander we lost boss, what amazing power,” he said into a walkie-talkie “I’ll continue to follow the kid and report to you on any further developments. Over and out.”

    The man then chuckled to himself. “That Charmander sure is something,” he laughed “This is going to be an interesting hunt.”

    To Be Continued…

    *Man I hated this chapter. Coming up with a good filler for Route 46 is rough cause its such an uneventful Route. I remembered lots of Geodude and Graveler on the route so I decided to incorporate them in the story :D *
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    Interesting chapter. A talking charmander...that's something.
    That route is uneventful though - but there were a few trainers... and part of dark cave near the beginning as well I think. Hurray for mysterious man throwing boulders at people:)

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