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The Manhattan Project

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Serebii username: Dragonicwari
PO/PS username: Dragonicwari

Joining cuz EK asked and I was shocked it wasn't another tourney xD
lol happy challenging


Because I'm Happy.
Serebii username: CrystalNinetales
PO/PS username: It's 1 in the morning, i don't remember.

Still closed. accidently deleted all my teams :(
doesn't have a vs. banner cri

W Challenger vs. Karp L

there's my substitute isn't it beautiful

lost to moony 1-2, ggs


L Challenger vs. Karp W

there it is again it's so amazing

Haxed mms out 2-0, that's GSC for you though :[
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Beat Silent 2-0 for my symbol because I forgot I was closed. GG fren back to being closed :$


3/4 dead...
Serebii username:!jirachi!
PO/PS username:iJIRACHIi

ready for a challenge!!!
Serebii username: Chu Chu Jelly
PO/PS username: PO: TUI, PS: Chu Chu Jelly/eat my bum
Serebii username:legolover8
PO/PS username:back in black
Not open for further replies.