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The Mara Region-Fakedex, etc.

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by NightKrazy, Aug 10, 2012.


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  1. NightKrazy

    NightKrazy Fire Queen

    Welcome to the Mara Region! The Mara Region is the Southern-most Pokemon region and much of it is covered in thick tropical jungle. It does, however, also have some grasslands and plains to the far South, and even farther there are snow covered mountains.


    Notice: Feel free to help me with this as it is incomplete. Any ideas or designs will be welcome. ^^ I may change the region name.

    New Type!
    The Cyber Type has been discovered in the Mara Region's computers and technical systems! Most Cyber Types are also Electric Types and most can control various, if not all, computer systems and circuitry. Well known Pokemon like Porygon have been reclassified as Cyber Types.

    New Status: Virus
    Cyber Types are incapable of being Confused or Paralyzed. It has been dicovered that they can have the same symptoms though. A Virus Status causes a Cyber Type to experience the equivalent of being either Confused or Paralyzed.

    Mara Region Dex

    #01 Bushewe - Shrubbery Pokemon Type: Grass
    They are quite timid. The flowers in their fleece give off a sweet scent and the fleece has a composition that is a mix of cotton and moss. It is a popular, but somewhat expensive, material for cothing.

    #02 Lambranch - Tree Pokemon Type: Grass
    Their small horns are partially made of wood and spirals are added yearly to make them bigger. They have strong legs and hard hooves and will kick if startled or afraid. Leaves occasionally sprout from their shoulders

    #03 Forram - Forest Pokemon Type: Grass
    The larger a Forram's horns, the older they are. The females have slightly smaller horns and the occasional flower sprouts from their fleece. Every year the booming of males butting heads can be heard all over the Mara Region.

    #04 Flameow - Flame Cat Pokemon Type: Fire
    Their fluffy fur acts as an insulator for their heat, making them pleasantly warm to hug. While they appear to have a flame for a tail, it has been discovered that if the flame is doused a regular cat tail is left behind.

    #05 Felava - Lava Cat Pokemon Type: Fire
    Their tail flames flare when they are angry. They can sometimes be seen honing their claws on rocks and trees before a big battle. Lava sometimes leaks from their claws and whiskers. Trainers are advised to be careful.

    #06 Purruption - Eruption Cat Pokemon Type: Fire
    Their purrs sound like landslides and their roars like erupting volcanoes. Their flames are said to be able to melt almost anything and a well trained one will have thick fur and brightly hued fire.

    #07 Raptide - Water Lizard Pokemon Type: Water
    The small pouches in their cheeks are decorative for now. They have sharp claws and needle-like teeth. They rarely bite, but just one time is enough to deter most trainers and predators from coming back.

    #08 Raptidal - Tide Lizard Pokemon Type: Water
    They have strong legs and are fairly good swimmers. The colorful pouches in their cheeks now act like scuba gear, allowing them to store air for long diving periods. They swim much like crocodiles and tend to lurk like them as well.

    #09 Velocunami - Tsunami Pokemon Type: Water
    Their Hydro Pump attacks can break through the steel plating of ships. The coloring around their eyes and their stripes glow pleasingly in the dark water of the deep sea, attracting prey. They have a small collapsible fin on their tails to help with swimming.

    #10 Zapet - Volt Pokemon Type: Elecric/Bug
    Their antennai act like lightningrods they can use them to recharge during electrical storms. The newly gained electricity is stored in their bright fur. Their chirping has a crackling quality to it that many find interesting to listen to.

    #11 Kricektrik - Lightning-rod Pokemon Type: Electric/Bug
    The red balls on the ends of their antennai and tails glow when they are fully charged. When fighting, they chirp at an extremely loud volume to temporarily deafen the opponent. They are slow, but their kicks can be deadly if they hit.

    #12 Cawnting - Tiny Crow Pokemon Type: Flying/Ghost
    They play pranks on people by snapping twigs and rustling bushes late at night. They are still young, so thier ghostly powers haven't fully developed. They have the ability to fly through walls though.

    #13 Crowtergeist - Paranormal Pokemon Type: Flying/Ghost
    They are very intelligent and often break into people's houses and hide so they can scare them for laughs. When food or shiny objects go missing they are often the culprits, especially when nesting.

    #14 Apparaven - Haunted Pokemon Type: Flying/Ghost
    They are truly terrifying Pokemon, and consider themselves the kings and queens of the sky. They typically nest in abandoned buildings and will terrify and intruders with horrifying images and sounds.

    #15 Tick - Clock Pokemon Type: Elecric
    They are a common sight in many Mara Region homes. Thier internal alarm can be set by winding the gear on their backs. Thier ears are actually bells and ring loudly when the set time of their alarm is reached.

    #16 Tock - Clock Pokemon Type: Electric/Steel
    They have developed two clocks by this time in their evolution. Each clock has to be set individually by command. Thier tails have lenghened to look something like a clock's pendulum, however, they don't swing like one.

    #17 Ticktock - Clock Pokemon Type: Electric/Steel
    Their ticking can be quite loud at times. They greet thier trainers with a string of various chimes. They instictively hang from trees and other large objects, and their pendulum tails swing in motion to thier ticking. Their horn can be used like a sundial in the event that thier clock stops.

    #18 Spyder - Spy Pokemon Type: Bug/Dark
    Thier eyes look and operate just like a pair of binoculars, allowing them to zoom in on far away objects. They are often seen clinging to buildings and walls with their pink suction-cup feet.

    #19 Aracovert - Covert Pokemon Type: Bug/Dark
    Despite thier ridiculous appearance, they are actually quite good at sneaking around and spying on people. They tap out messages to their trainers using their delicate, but sturdy silk and morse code.

    # 20 Hummini - Humming Pokemon Type: Flying
    One of the Mara Region's many jungle dwellers, Hummini are clumsy fliers and usually stay close to the ground. They use their long black beaks to drink nectar. They are very popular among female trainers as they are adorable.

    #21 Hummibrant - Vibrant Pokemon Type: Grass/Flying
    Their feathers are coated in a light layer of moss, keeping them warm in the cooler winter months. Their strong wings are capable of beating at over 600 times per minute. A male Hummibrant's colors are more vivid than a female's.

    #22 Glacicle - Icy Pokemon Type: Ice
    Though they aren't always apparent, Glacicle have two arms with three rounded finger-like appendages on them. They are very curious Pokemon and have been known to guide lost travelers to villages during storms.

    #23 Giglacier - Ice Mountain Pokemon Type: Ice
    They are present in many ice centered myths in the Mara Region, including one from Snow's Breath Village that implies that it was Giglacier that formed the glacial mountains that surround the village to protect it.

    #24 Flappy - Flag Pokemon Type: Normal
    They are most often found at the region's airports, helping to land planes. Thier flags and cones light up at night or during bad storms to allow pilots to see the ground. They can prop themselves up on their tails to get a better view. The tails act as working flagpoles and trainers like to hang thier personal banners on them.

    #25 Prysm - Colorful Pokemon Type: Normal
    The orbs and crystals on thier bodies reflect light in the seven colors of the rainbow. By using internal crystals, they can channel the light into powerful rainbow colored blasts. They like sunlight and are more active in the daytime.

    #26 Nimboal - Foal Pokemon Type: Normal/Flying
    Thier manes are so soft to the touch that many people believe they are made of clouds. It is a popular myth that Nimboal are clouds that have taken on a solid form. Though they appear to be dancing while moving, they are actually incredibly fast.

    #27 Mair - Sky Mare Pokemon Type: Water/Flying
    Only female Nimboal evolve into Mair. They are very elegant and women often keep them as pets. They can fade away into clouds if they have stored enough water in their flowing mane and tail.

    #28 Thundallion - EleStallion Pokemon Type: Electric/Flying
    They are only male. Thundallion can be heard running across the sky, their hooves booming like thunder. They are said to be the commanders of storms and togther with Mair bring forth the region's rainy seasons.

    #29 Twikig - Tiki Pokemon Type: Grass
    Few people have seen their whole face, though they lift their masks far enough for their mouths to be seen when they eat. They can curl their small bodies behind their masks, which are quite hard, to deflect attacks.

    #30 Groviki - Tiki Pokemon Type: Grass
    Though they are a grass type, they have the capability to use some fire type moves. Rattata and other small pokemon sometimes nest in their grass tufts. Groviki anger easily and will put curses and use Vine Whip's on intruders.

    #31 Gazall - Gazelle Pokemon Type: Normal
    Though small, they are very fast and can easily evade predators and other threats. They are seldom taller than the grasses of the grasslands and they may sometimes be seen leaping up out of it to check their surroundings.

    #32 Impaleap - Leaping Pokemon Type: Normal
    They have very hard hooves and most pokemon run when they spook and stampede. They are capable of jumping very long distances and can be over a thousand feet away in two or three bounds.

    #33 Iboundex - Bounding Pokemon Type: Normal/Fighting
    Their legs are incredibly strong and a single kick can topple a building. They do not seek out fights, but can be aggressive to anything they see as a threat or rival. They lock horns with others to test their strength and decide the leader of the herd.

    #34 Eucoala - Koala Pokemon Type: Grass
    They are very slow moving Pokemon and they sleep for many hours. Most of their time awake is spent eating leaves. They are considered very cute, and are actually smart despite thier appearance.

    #35 Koalyptus - Koala Pokemon Type: Grass/Fighting
    They are much more active than their pre-volutions, climbing trees vigorously every day. The tree on their back is sometimes home to Hummini and other bird Pokemon who see it as a free nest. Though they have short arms they can deal rapid punches in short succession.

    #36 Centini - Guard Pokemon Type: Dark/Steel
    Even though they are Dark Types, they have a strong sense of justice and many work side by side with Officer Jenny and other Police forces. They can run at a quick pace and are able to throw their spears fairly accurately.

    #37 Centador - Crusader Pokemon Type: Dark/Steel
    They make excellent guards and many trainers trust them for protection from wild Pokemon at night. There are many legends about Centador galloping in to save people in danger and it is a widely loved pokemon.

    #38 Toxulf - Toxic Wolf Pokemon Type: Poison
    They are very territorial and will spit poison goo at intruders or bite them with poisonous fangs. The vats on their backs house many toxic chemicals and they constantly bubble and belt out purple smoke.

    #39 Lycanoxious - Toxic Wolf Pokemon Type: Poison/Dark
    They roam the woods at night looking for intruders into their territory. They shift to all fours and fire chemical blasts from the vats on their backs when confronted. If this fails they will strike with poison claws or fangs.

    #40 Werewaste - Toxic Wolf Pokemon Type: Poison/Dark
    They sport a biohazard symbol with good reason. The smoke from the geyser like vats on their backs is horribly poisonous and will kill plants if they are close enough to be engulfed by it. It can fire powerful jets of poison from these vats.

    #41 Dolphean - Dolphin Pokemon Type: Water
    They love to swim in the open ocean and rarely travel into bays or harbors. They adore playing with boats and will jump out of the water just to see the expressions on people's faces when they do.

    #42 Oceorka - Orca Pokemon Type: Water/Ice
    They have no trouble seeing around the shells on their faces, as the shells come off easily. They like shiny objects and will collect them in caves throughout their migration route. They spend lots of time in the cold antarctic waters to the South.

    #43 Snoppard - Snow Leopard Pokemon Type: Ice
    They use their long tails as a form of communication. They are silent hunters and don't like to be out in the open for very long. Their small claws are rectractable and always coated in a hard layer of ice.

    #44 Frigipard - Snow Leopard Pokemon Type: Ice
    They have excellent hearing and are rarely, if ever, seen. They have strong legs for trudging through heavy snow and climbing over the frozen rocks in their habitat. They are often poached for their exquisite fur.

    #45 Leopizzard - Snow Leopard Pokemon Type: Ice
    So few have been seen that they have become more of a story than an actual Pokemon. They can lash their long tails with crushing force, despite them being covered in lush fur. Their paws have become so weathered that they are now frozen solid and covered in ice. The Pokemon typically lose feeling in them after this point.

    #46 Lemoor - Lemur Pokemon Type: Grass
    They live close to the jungle floor and forage for nuts and berries. Their fluffy and sweet appearance is often a rouse, much like Murkrow. to fool predators into following them. Once followed, they lead the hunters deep into the jungle where they soon get lost.

    #47 Heathtail - Lemur Pokemon Type: Grass/Ground
    They can swing their long tails with hefty force. They are very fast climbers and diggers and are the best of the best at fighting on the ground. They use their powerful tails and strong legs to deal ground shaking moves to throw enemies off balance.

    #48 Troppa - Fruit Pokemon Type: Grass
    They are the pre-volution of Tropius. Though they are large, they are also very heavy and eat fruit near the ground. As a result, the small indigo fruit at their neck is very spicy and invigorating. They have leaf-like wings, but are too heavy to lift themselves.

    #49 Tropicalus - Fruit Pokemon Type: Grass/Flying
    The evolution of Tropius, they are able to fly on their massive wings but are so heavy that they rarely do. They have little need to anyway. They eat the fruit off the canopy and their heads can be seen poking above it on occasion. Their fruit is considered a delicacy and just one can feed a hundred people.

    #50 Tazmoon - Fossil Canine Pokemon Type: Dark
    A Pokemon resurrected from a fossil, unlike Cubone the skulls they wear are fused to their faces and cannot be removed. The have thick teeth and their bites can be quite painful. They like the nighttime best.

    #51 Tazmanite - Fossil Canine Pokemon Type: Dark
    They roamed the outback in ancient times. Resurrected ones can sometimes be seen in zoos. They are very dark Pokemon and the bones on their bodies can be fired like tiny spears and re-attached later.

    #52 Dohdon - Ancient Bird Pokemon Type: Normal
    They are of reletively low intelligence, but can be taught simple commands. They do not have the ability to fly, but can run at fast speed with their powerful legs. Their large beaks sometimes cause them to tilt their heads from the weight.

    #53 Dododon - Ancient Bird Pokemon Type: Normal/Flying
    They became smarter with evolution and if more than one of them get togther, they will form a hunting pack and search for Rattata. The still cannot fly, but can use flying type moves and are very powerful because they are almost solid muscle. They use the claws on their wings for attacking.

    #54 Tigrowl - Sabertooth Pokemon Type: Ground
    They covered much of the Mara Region in ancient times and were recently revived from fossils. They sometimes have trouble eating because they can't open their mouths wide enought to fit their saber teeth over food.

    #55 Sabriger - Sabertooth Pokemon Type: Ground
    They are heavily muscled and hunted in prides. Their skeletons are on display in museums in various regions. They sharpen their teeth on rocks and by chewing on old bones from past hunts.

    http://i50.*******.com/3010gp0.jpg http://i48.*******.com/35ismyb.jpg
    #56 Churglass - Stained Glass Pokemon Type: Normal
    They are most often seen in churches in Mara, and will defend their decided church from vandals and intruders who enter the church grounds. They love to eat broken glass and can sometimes be seen wandering church grounds at night.

    #57 Paradot - Little Bird Pokemon Type: Grass/Flying
    Their thick beaks are perfect for eathing seeds from the fruit they seek out. They use the dot patterns on their head and tail feathers to confuse enemies by waving them hypnotically.

    #58 Floradise - Paradise Pokemon Type: Grass/Flying
    The flower that makes up their tail is used in many perfumes. If plucked, the tail grows back in about 2 weeks. The color and size of the flower depends on the Pokemon and the time of year.

    #59 Cubulb - Zap Cub Pokemon Type: Electric
    They prowl the grasslands with their mothers, hunting Gazall. Their spots confuse prey and their golden coat camoflages them in the tall grasses. They can communicate with the lightbulbs on their shoulders.

    #60 Cheetreak - Electrified Pokemon Type: Electric
    They can run at speeds of over 75 miles per hour and have only minor trouble hunting Gazall. They can fire bolts of electricity from the bulbs on their shoulders and can shock people and Pokemon with the colored plug on the ends of their tails.

    #61 Cubba - Cub Pokemon Type: Normal
    They prowl the grasslands with Leona in prides. They are inexperienced hunters and often spook prey into stampeding. They are very playful and love pounce on things.

    #62 Leo - Lion Pokemon Type: Normal
    The most majestic of the grasslands Pokemon, Leo are very proud. They often think they are above all other Pokemon and lazily wait for Leona to finish hunts and bring food to them.

    #63 Leona - Lioness Pokemon Type: Normal
    Leona are the hardest working Pokemon of the grasslands. They are constantly hunting and taking care of Cubba. As a result, they are very humble, loving Pokemon and can't resist helping the injured. They also follow commands very well.

    #64 Andragoid - Android Dragon Pokemon Type: Cyber
    They are very strange Pokemon and are capable of flight. They are strong, but exhibit very random actions and movements. Scientists belive these are glitches in the Pokemon's cicuitry and programming. It is unknown if they are able to smell and eat.

    #65 Anubit - Anubis Pokemon Type: Dark
    These tiny Pokemon love the sand and the heat, but are rarely seen during the day. They have been observed burying themselves in the sand and emerging at nigh to hunt.

    #66 Destrubis - Destruction Pokemon Type: Dark/Ground
    They are very ancient Pokemon that can be seen in hyrogliphs all over the world. The staffs they weild have strange powers, the extent of which is unclear. Though they are from a different region, they are very close with the Unknown.

    #67 Dragonial - Sky Dragon Pokemon Type: Dragon
    Dragonial are a newly discovered alternate evolution of Dragonair. Like their previous form, they have the mysterious ability to control the weather. They have a graceful elegance that most coordinators strive for.

    #68 Nanite - Nano Pokemon Type: Cyber
    Nanite are so tiny that they often have to scramble to avoid being stepped on. They love to inspect anything new, and are filled to the brim with curiosity. They live in small colonies, usually in big cities.

    #69 Nanotrix - Nano Pokemon Type: Cyber/Electric
    Nanotrix live in small groups anywhere there is technology. They carry with them the abundant curiosity from when they were Nanite. The only problem is that they tend to shock anything they find.

    #70 Tronix - Curiosity Pokemon Type:Cyber/Electric
    They carefully scrutinize any new things they come across with their giant eye. They can fire powerful bolts of electricity from the electricity coils extending from their bodies. They are facinated by the appearance of fireworks.

    #71 Smoldake - Fire Snake Pokemon Type: Fire
    It absolutely loves the extreme heat and it is sometimes seen playing in still active lava floes. They are a common sight around volcanoes and deserts. They like to sun themselves on rocks.

    #72 Serpentaze - Fire Snake Pokemon Type: Fire
    Like other snakes, it has thermovision. It tracks the movements of it's prey by following the heat marks it leaves behind. It's venom is deadly and often causes severe burns.

    #73 Cyberyx - Cyber Bird Pokemon Type: Cyber
    It was originally created as a drone for scientists to use in studying Pokemon. It gained free will by watching Pokemon habits. It fiercely defends it's nest and any Pokemon in the surrounding area.

    #74 Drayflie - Dragonfly Pokemon Type: Bug
    It is so fast that it can pluck a fruit inches from your hand before you even realize that it happened. They love flowers and all kinds of fruits and often steal them. They like to partially roast berries before eating them.

    #75 Dragofly - Dragonfly Pokemon Type: Bug/Dragon
    They are hostile to anyone who gets to close to their nests, which are actually caves in the side of cliffs hundreds of feet off the ground. They often breathe fire to protect themselves.

    #76 Bunnoh - Snow Bunny Pokemon Type: Ice
    Though they look very timid, they have an enourmous fighting spirit and will attack with every ounce of strength they have. Their white a icy blue fur camoflauge them in the snow.

    #77 Arctare - Arctic Hare Pokemon Type: Ice/Fighting
    They are fiercely competitive and fight each other constantly. The yellow bands around their arms are believed to increase their strength. Their feet act as snowshoes, allowing them to walk the mountains safely.

    #78 Cubice - Polar Cub Pokemon Type: Ice
    Cubice are incapable of sitting down because of the frozen cube of ice covering their bodies. Due to this, they sleep in a standing position like a Mareep.

    #79 Polear - Polar Bear Pokemon Type: Ice
    Though their appearance is daunting, Polear are relitively docile and indifferent. They only get truly angry after long periods of time exposed to anything they find annoying.

    #80 Seedkin - Seed Pokemon Type: Grass
    Seedkin love the moonlight rather than the sunlight and are very active during the night. They sometimes end up spooking people because of their scary appearance in the dark.

    #81 Pumpgast - Pumpkin Pokemon Type: Grass/Ghost
    They use the two lower vines for legs, walking about like any other Pokemon. The vines can stretch to almost any length. If a vine breaks another will grow back immediately.

    #81 Gastking - Halloween Pokemon Type: Grass/Ghost
    They love Halloween and scaring people. They sit innocently on porches and sidewalks pretending to be Jack-O-Lanterns, but when people get close they jump up and begin to move.

    #83 Rollamb - Roly-Poly Pokemon Type: Normal
    They are covered in a plush fleece that lessens the blow of any attack. To further protect themselves, they roll their rounded bodies into a ball. They are very popular with female trainers.
    Note: The Rollamb in the pic is a male Rollamb. The female Rollamb are blue.

    #84 Manasea - Algae Pokemon Type: Water/Grass
    They are realtively docile, very slow moving Pokemon. They love to float lazily through the world's oceans, letting small fish eat the algae off their backs.

    #85 Alpacutte - Sure-footed Pokemon Type: Normal
    They easily hop from rock to rock and are sometimes seen walking casually up sheer cliffs as though they were simply walking on normal, flat ground. Their fur feels like scruffy grass.

    #86 Pllatama - Sure-footed Pokemon Type: Ground/Normal
    They have very strong legs and can easily jump over 100 feet in the air as though it were nothing special. They tend to be ill tempered, but will occasionally help stranded hikers. Their fur is matted with a thick coating of dirt and rock.

    #87 Chihuerro - Teeny Dog Pokemon Type: Normal
    Chihuerro are excitable little Pokemon who always act like they are bigger than they really are. They like being in charge and are often seen wearing colorful scarves they find in the desert.

    #88 Floick - Ice Chick Pokemon Type: Ice
    Floick are always happy about something. They love the cold and snow and especially love to slide across ice on their bellies. They aren't very good at swimming yet.

    #89 Penguice - Ice Bird Pokemon Type: Ice/Water
    Penguice are strong swimmers suited to the cold. They aren't as well suited for walking though. They use the white fins on their flippers to break up sea ice that gets in their way.

    #90 Protagoyle - Statue Pokemon Type: Flying/Rock
    Despite their scary appearance, Protagoyle are actually very kind Pokemon. They have an incredibly strong sense of justice and will always protect the innocent and the weak from danger.

    #91 Glimmy - Dress Up Pokemon Type: Normal
    Glimmy are cute little Pokemon who love to immitate stars they see on T.V. and in contests. Their cute demeanor makes them the perfect companions for many budding coordinators.

    #92 Glamra - Glitzy Pokemon Type: Normal
    Though a little vain at times, these Pokemon are relatively kind hearted. They love anything shiny and they like to strut around at contests, showing off their golden bracelets.

    #93 Glamora - Glamorous Pokemon Type: Normal
    They prize their looks above almost anything, and are prideful to the point of meaness. If trained right, they make the perfect contest Pokemon and are able to use a variety of showstopping moves.

    #94 Bubbloxic - Poison Puddle Pokemon Type: Poison
    Their skin is over twelve times more poisonous than a Muk. They are typically slow moving Pokemon and a poisonous puddle of goo follows their every movement. Some scientists think they are a different kind of Pokemon that has mutated from pollution.

    #95 Toxidous - Biohazard Pokemon Type: Poison
    They have become so toxic that some of their bones have begun to show. Few Pokemon can get anywhere close to them in battle because of this. People often believe that if the muk covering a Toxidous were washed away only bones would remain.

    #96 Lilliphan - Big Ear Pokemon Type: Grass
    Groups of Pokemon often follow Lilliphan around so they can sniff the sweet flowers growing on the Pokemon's heads. Lilliphan can whip up treacherous whirlwinds with their ears if threatened or afraid.

    #97 Ambraphan - Giant Ear Pokemon Type: Grass
    Ambraphan are some of the slowest Pokemon in Mara. Their giant ears make perfect sunshades. Because they drink around a hundred gallons of water a day, Pokemon on the grasslands tend to stay close to Ambraphan because they always know where water is.

    #98 Veemprit - Late Night Pokemon Type: Dark/Flying
    Their fangs are not yet long enough for them to drink blood, so they eat small bugs instead. They are mischevious little Pokemon who only come out late at night. Their fur is so dark that they are rarely seen, making catching one difficult.

    #99 Vampirium - Bloodsucker Pokemon Type: Dark/Flying
    They are silent flyers, only preying on those who are sound asleep. They are a common bedtime story ghoul but many of a Vampirium's victims report feeling better than when they first went to sleep. Vampirium only take a small amout of blood from each victim, similar to a Zubat.

    #100 Whollopby - Furious Fighter Pokemon Type: Fighting
    Whollopby will fight anything and anyone. They use their tails for balance, and sometimes even prop themselves up with them to deal strong kicks. Their red front paws change shape based on which fighting style they are using.

    #101 Deevly - Flame Sprite Pokemon Type: Fire
    Deevly are mischevious little Pokemon who love to set fire to small objects to get people's attention. Their long tails can be used like a whip and they tend to charge at enemies with their horn like ears.

    #102 Devallin - Burning Pokemon Type: Fire
    Devallin are more destructive than their previous form. They roam volcanoes and wastelands, setting fire to what little there is to burn in the area. They are very territorial and will attack anyone who gets too close.

    #103 Deviturious - Rage Pokemon Type: Fire/Fighting
    Deviturious are the Fighting Type evolution of Devallin. They love to fight, but are rarely seen. They live high in mountain areas, where they train continuously. They have a horrible temper and will attack anyone for even the most trivial reasons.

    #104 Diablaze - Inferno Pokemon Type: Fire/Steel
    They are the Steel Type evolution of Devallin. They live deep underground near lava pits and molten magma. They love the heat and their blazing appearance proves it. The patch on their chest is actually armor that melted during their evolution.

    #105 Obliveon - Bad Omen Pokemon Type: Ghost
    A ghostly evolution of Eevee, like all Ghost Types Obliveon love to scare people. They are almost always grinning and startle people by only showing their red markings, eyes, and their smiles. Ghosthunters often mistake them for Gengar.

    Continued Below.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2013
  2. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    YAHH!! i love tazmoon! so cute!! other are really cool, but i'm always attracted to canine/dog types.
    great creativity and cool pics (more tazmoon pics please
  3. NightKrazy

    NightKrazy Fire Queen

    Repurposed Post
    Mara Region-Cont.

    #106 Armoureon - Shining Knight Pokemon Type: Steel
    It is the Steel Type evolution of Eevee. They have an extreme sense of justice and can't stand suffering or evil. They are extremely loyal and will follow their trainer's commands without fail. Their leg armour is made of a special malleable metal that shifts as the Pokemon's paw moves.

    #107 Digieon - Digital Data Pokemon Type: Cyber
    A new evolution of Eevee brought forth when it was exposed to computers and circuitry for long periods of time. As the Cyber Type is reletively new, Scientists are unsure of Digieon's limitations.

    #108 Addit - Math Pokemon Type: Electric
    They love to do math, but are only capable of simple equasions. They tend to headbutt things with their plus shaped horns, but only to determine what they are.

    #109 Algbric - Calculating Pokemon Type: Electric/Fighting
    They love math, but they also love to do battle. They are popular Pokemon with school children as they are capable of both helping with homework and providing exciting battles.

    #110 Calclus - Complexity Pokemon Type: Electric/Fighting
    It is able to do extremely advanced mathmatical equations, but lacks most emotion. It uses it's advanced brain to calculate the best method to attack when battling.

    #111 Clikit - Mouse Pokemon Type: Electric
    They love electronics and are very common in places with lots of technology. They use their tails to connect to computers and learn more about the people using them.

    #112 Computerodent - Console Pokemon Type: Electric
    They are very intellegent and especially computer savvy. They can fix almost any computer system no matter what the problem is. They use the plugs on their back to shock foes in battle.

    #113 Pandrip - Quiet Pokemon Type: Water
    They are very docile, easy going Pokemon. They love the water and especially love to eat bamboo. Despite their round shape, they are fairly good swimmers.

    #114 Pandrizzle - Soft Rain Pokemon Type: Water
    They love rain and are often seen dancing or playing during storms. They are fascinated with their reflections in puddles and use the fins on their arms to swim up rivers.

    #115 Pandowpour - Heavy Rain Pokemon Type: Water
    They become very grumpy if disturbed while eating. They launch powerful blasts of water from their huge front paws. Their Rain Dances are often the cause of many storms.

    #116 Grufpup - Scruffy Pokemon Type: Fire
    Grufpup are very active Pokemon, spending most of their time running around the grasslands. They eat over fifty pounds of food per day and are constantly looking for a meal.

    #117 Caclaze - Laughing Pokemon Type: Fire/Dark
    They are always wearing a sinister grin. They roam the grasslands with Grufpup, searching for prey. Their loping, easy gait is a ruse, as they run quite fast.

    #118 Stalactyke - Little Stone Pokemon Type: Rock
    They cling to cavern walls, drinking the water that runs down the rocks above them. They have a strong aversion to sunlight and rarely venture out during daytime.

    #119 Stalagmitie - Huge Stone Pokemon Type: Rock
    They don't move very often because their hefty weight causes them to expend large amounts of energy. Their spikes have slowly built up from water dripping down on them.

    #120 Stalactitan - Giga Stone Pokemon Type: Rock
    They move so slowly that Pokemon have built nests in the crevices between the spikes on their backs. While slow, they are very strong and can crush most enemies.

    #121 Beedtin - Tiny Bloom Pokemon Type: Grass
    They live in the intense heat of the Furnace Desert. When they bounce around on their single foot, their bodies make an upbeat rattling noise.

    #122 Maractuguaro - Tempo Pokemon Type: Grass
    They love the heat of the desert and are content to sunbathe all day. They swing their spike covered arms back and forth to match any beat they hear.

    #123 Sqwormy - Worm Pokemon Type: Ground
    They are very timid Pokemon, as they are the favorite food of many Flying Types. They spend almost all of their lives underground.

    #124 Burroworm - Digging Pokemon Type: Ground
    In their evolution they have developed various spikes to both help them dig and protect them from predators. They can burrow at over 100 miles per hour.

    #125 Eekeek - Monkey Pokemon Type: Normal
    They spend most of their lives in the canopy of Mara's jungles. They find it very amusing to swing from tree branch to tree branch.

    #126 Ookook - Treetop Pokemon Type: Normal
    They spend all of their lives in the treetops, and never touch the ground. They can expertly swing from branch to branch without fear of ever falling.

    #127 Tadant - Tadpole Pokemon Type: Water
    They love shallow pools of water, and Mara's jungle provides the perfect habitat for them. They have tiny feet, and are awkward at walking.

    #128 Frogreen - Frog Pokemon Type: Water
    Frogreen climb up and down the trunks of trees with their sticky feet. They can climb almost any surface and are good jumpers.

    #129 Emerog - Frog Pokemon Type: Water
    The holes in their arms and legs can spray powerful jets of water. Their skin is coated in a slimy substance to keep them from drying out.

    #130 Litite - Globe Light Pokemon Type: Steel/Electric
    They like to wander the streets of empty cities and light them up. They are often seen sleeping in burnt out street lamps.

    #131 Globrite - Glowing Pokemon Type: Steel/Electric
    They stick the pointed end of their tails into electrical sockets to recharge their lights. The lights give off a pleasant glow at dusk.

    #132 Globrilliant - Bright Light Pokemon Type: Steel/Electric
    They can blind enemies by flashing their lights in the foe's face. They are used in lighthouses around Mara to light the way for ships.

    #133 Kettot - Steam Pokemon Type: Fire/Water
    They love hot places, and are sometimes mistakenly placed on stoves. When steam builds up in their bodies they expell it through their tails, making a high pitched whistling noise.

    #134 Steampa - Steam Pokemon Type: Fire/Water
    Steam rarely builds in their bodies anymore. They are mostly filled with boiling hot water that they force out of their tails to burn enemies.

    #135 Scaldron - Superheated Pokemon Type: Fire/Water
    It's body temperature is over 6000 degrees F. They are sometimes seen collecting items and throwing them into the hole in their backs. Scientists are unsure why they do this.

    #136 Platypoke - Inflating Pokemon Type: Water/Ground
    It sucks in water or air through it's mouth and inflates its spine covered body to protect itself. It can fire the spines like small missles in any direction.

    #137 Tinicano - Magma Pokemon Type: Fire/Psychic
    The tiny ball above their heads is actually a ball of lava held in place by their Psychic powers. They are often found in Mt. Fuego.

    #138 Midicano - Magma Pokemon Type: Fire/Psychic
    They use their magma coated tails like burning whips to attack foes. They bury themselves in volcanic soil on colder days.

    #139 Megacano - Volcano Pokemon Type: Fire/Psychic
    They regularly erupt from all of their volcanoes because their bodies generate so much magma that they can't contain it all. Their short legs mean they move slower than most Pokemon.

    #140 Hitoma - Energy Pokemon Type: Dragon/Ghost
    Hitoma are often seen near fresh graves. They are believed to provide the energy needed for the new spirit to find peace.

    #141 Hitomee - Spirit Pokemon Type: Dragon/Ghost
    They are very loyal Pokemon, and will never leave a trainer's side once they have bonded with the person. They sometimes stare intently at nothing. Many people think they are seeing spirits.

    #142 Hitotagon - Soul Guide Type: Dragon/Ghost
    Hitotagon know exactly when their trainers are about to pass away. As a last act of loyalty to the trainer, these Pokemon will guide their souls once they die.

    #143 Cerberablo - Vicious Pokemon Type: Dark/Fire
    A legendary Pokemon said to guard the entrance to the Underworld and keep unwilling spirits from escaping. Each of the Pokemon's three heads were said to be able to view a different plane of existence.

    #144 Balin - Balance Pokemon Type: Dragon/Water
    She flies through the world's skies as though they were water. She is also able to swim and constantly searches the world for her lost love, Balang.

    #145 Balang - Balance Pokemon Type: Dragon/Water
    He swims and flies with movements that are almost identical. He scours the world for Balin in a seemingly never ending search.

    #146 Terratal - Earth Spirit Pokemon Type: Ground
    Terratal is the legendary spirit of the Earth, and land in the Mara Region. It is said to have shaped the mountains, caves, and plains of Mara. It is supposedly found in a deep underground cave, where it remains dormant, always watching it's Water and Electric Type counterparts.

    #147 Aquatal - Water Spirit Pokemon Type: Water
    Aquatal is the most serene spirit of Mara. It is said to have shaped the region's lakes and rivers and commands the all the water in Mara. Whenever a new spring appears in Mara people attribute it to Aquatal. It watches it's Ground and Electric Type counterparts with mild interest.

    #148 Thuntal - Sky Spirit Pokemon Type: Electric
    It reins over all of Mara's skies. In legend it was said to have used come to Mara on a great thunderbolt that charred the ground for miles. A shrine was built to honor it because of this. It is said to live in the skies, watching everything below from a giant thundercloud.

    #149 Quarzion - Sleek Pokemon Type: Cyber/Dragon
    In legends it was said to have given humans the first clues to creating modern technology. It is believed to live deep underground and possess the ability to tap into any technological device. It has hated Obsidiarz for many years.

    #150 Obsidiarz - Jagged Pokemon Type: Dark/Dragon
    It is an ancient Pokemon that is believed to have helped humans learn to cut stones and gems. It was said to only have appeared at night and it left behind jagged scars in the earth wherever it went. It hates Quarzion.

    #151 Garnezent - Middleground Pokemon Type: Dragon/Fire
    This Pokemon doesn't get enough credit in Mara's Legends. It was the only force strong enough to bring Quarzion and Obsidiarz to halt their fighting.

    Please enjoy this partially done Region and let me hear your feedback and ideas. Thank you.

    http://i49.*******.com/21dfmnd.jpg http://i49.*******.com/2rxbcoz.jpg http://i45.*******.com/1h6kux.jpg http://i45.*******.com/2mpdd1c.jpg http://i45.*******.com/r9ewrl.jpg http://i50.*******.com/207vr06.jpg http://i48.*******.com/300g0w4.jpg http://i48.*******.com/qovpkx.jpg

    Mara Region Towns/Landmarks
    •Towns & Important Places
    Newbud Town - The smallest town in the Mara Region. This is the start of all trainers' journeys and where they receive their Pokemon at the lab

    Normav Town - A typical, rather uninteresting little town to the East of Tinyroot Town. It is the location of the first gym.

    Bloomborough - A fairly large town South of Normav. It is brimming with beautiful flowers year round and is one of the most beautiful towns in Mara.

    Sparkplug City - This place isn't really a city, at least it wasn't at first. It has become a bustling hub of technology and only tech fans live here. It started as a group of people researching Cyber Type Pokemon. The second gym is located here.

    Kindeleton - A quaint town with a park in the center. It is one of the few towns in Mara that still posts important announcements on a town bulletin board. The third gym is located here.

    Oldebrook - This is the oldest town in Mara. It is the beginning of every legend ever told in the region and its buildings are over 150 years old. There is a shrine located near by.

    Oceanna - The Mara Region's only major city, it is the largest port of the region and all major trading operations happen here. The fourth gym is also here.

    Crossroads - This place isn't a town, but a few people have set up shops here. It is the intersection between Mara's Forest, Shorelands, Jungle, and Savannah.

    Treetop Town - An entire town built miles above the ground, Treetop Town is made entirely of tree houses and rope bridges. The fifth gym extends above the canopy and provides an incredible view.

    Morobanundai Village - A small village near the center of Mara's Savannah. There is a research camp nearby that studies Pokemon using safari jeeps.

    Morosbury Harbor - A small, cheery port town on the East Coast of Mara. There are many small fishing boats and the waves gently lap at the shore.

    Snow's Breath Village - A tiny village to the South, nestled between three enormous mountains. It has many legends centering around its chilly location. The sixth gym is here.

    Clamara Town - A noisy town filled to the brim with all kinds of musicians. On odd nights, the whole town joins togther in to perform a harmonious and beautiful song. The melody attracts many rare Pokemon who come to enjoy the music.

    Ciudad de Muerte - A somewhat medium sized city, during the day it looks like an ancient ruin. The real change occurs after sundown. The whole city is alive with all kinds of performers and masked people. The streets are lines with torches and the whole city glows. The seventh gym is here, at the top of the pyramid.

    Shadyhollow - Shadyhollow is the darkest city in Mara. It is filled with shadows and all its buildings are black. There is no shortage of sketchy looking alleys either. The eighth gym is here.

    The Forgotten Island - A small, strange island somewhere off the Southeast coast of Mara. It has been so long since anyone spoke of it or its legend that most have forgotten that it even existed. Boats never venture near its shores because it glitters with an eerie light.

    Blackluster Cave - An incredibly old, dark cave. It is surrounded and filled by hard black crystals. Legend has it that this is the resting place of the powerful Pokemon Obsidiarz. The ground in and around the cave is covered in jagged marks.

    Champion Island - An island off the West coast of Mara. It is the location of the Pokemon League. The only way to get there is to pass through the Badge Gates and cross Victory Bridge.

    -Old Mansion
    An incredibly old mansion with an ancient graveyard behind it filled with tombstones. There is a large mausoleum in the center that extends deep underground.

    -Hollow Tree
    A large, hollowed out tree South of Treetop Town. It is a popular tourist attraction.

    -Seacrest Docks
    The large set of docks and boathouses in the center of Oceanna. It has the largest amount of space for ships of any region.

    -Whitesands Resort
    A popular resort on the coast near Oceanna. It is renown foe its beautiful white beaches and crystal clear waters.

    -Deepfrost Caves
    A network of harshly cold caves that extend deep underground. Only the strongest trainers are allowed to enter.

    -Bloomborough Fields
    A set of rolling fields cut out of the forest that are used to grow hundreds of flowers.

    -Lake of Sorrows
    A very calm lake with a very sad aura about it. People and Pokemon often cry when they come here, usually for no apparent reason.

    -Hidden Path
    A small path that runs through the forest from the Lake of Sorrow to the East coast of Mara.

    -Shrine of the Past/Future
    An ancient shrine just outside of Oldebrook, built to honor the Pokemon of legend (Quarzion and Obsidiarz)

    -Safaringza Wildlife Preserve
    A wildlife preserve in the North of Mara's Savannah. There are Pokemon here from every region.

    -Frigid Pass
    A pass that goes through the mountains surrounding Snow's Breath Village

    Mara Region Trainers
    [These pics might take a while to put up since I fail at drawing people]
    Professor: Thornwood

    Rosalie Thornwood

    Nurse Joy

    Champion: Frita - Fire/Dragon Type User

    Female Trainer Concept:

    TEAM CHRONO http://i47.*******.com/34zyhis.jpg
    Team Chrono is the most evil force in Mara. They have a vast army of grunts and other workers at their disposal, most of them former Rocket, Plazma, Magma, or Aqua grunts. They will never turn down help, and Zeus believes that they can never have too many members. Their lack of prejudice toward members has made them a popular choice for outcasts from all regions. Zeus is obssesed with Cyber Types and has every one of his scientists studying them. He believes they have some link to the future, and has learned everything he could about Quarzion and its Legends. He believes the Legendary Pokemon can help him build a great and wonderous future where he is the supreme ruler and there are no discriminations or prejudices. With the help of his higher ups, Aries and Artemis, he plans to first take over Mara, then the entire Pokemon world. Unlike other Evil Team Leaders, Zeus does not see Pokemon as simply tools. He loves each and every one of his Pokemon and knows what kind treatment can do to his Pokemon's Power levels.

    Grunt Concepts:

    Newly developed Pokeballs
    Some of these would be very expensive as they would highly increase the capture rate due to special effects.

    Freezeball-A ball for catching Ice Type Pokemon. It has the added effect of freezing the target if it fails to capture.

    Burnball-A ball made to catch Fire Types. It leaves a burn if it fails.

    Kinball-A ball for catching the evolution or pre-evolution of a Pokemon the trainer has already caught. [higher catch rate on evo and prevo]

    Digitalball-A ball created to catch Cyber Type Pokemon.

    PokeDex Concept:

    Lycanoxious by Blackpuddle on the Warriors Forums:http://i40.*******.com/1zn52zn.gif

    Digieon by me:http://i39.*******.com/167049k.png

    Obsidiarz the Mideval Teacher
    Before people became more civilized than simple villages, there was a Pokemon. This Pokemon was not like the others. It sought only to help the villagers, not steal food or other selfish things. It taught the people how to cut and move stone, how to carefully mine jemstones and how to mold metals into fabulous tools and decorations. The people loved Obsidiarz and built it a grand shrine where they left various offerings every day. Obsidiarz was overjoyed. It loved the villagers and loved to watch them work as they build vast walls and castles. For hundreds of years, Obsidiarz calmly watched the villagers work in farms and in shops and it helped them whenever it could, but it only came out at night and left deep scars in the earth with its massive tail. To this day people still leave offerings at the Shrine of the Past. Sometimes people even find huge cuts in the earth near the shrine.

    Quarzion the Bringer of a New Age
    Quarzion was a different kind of Pokemon. It was from another place, deep amongst the stars. Its hard skin was made of a strange, unknown kind of metal that was immune to the vast vacuum of space. Quarzion was born just as it is now, and all alone. It wandered the stars, looking for a place to go, somewhere it felt it belonged. Quarzion was a smart Pokemon, but not perfect. It collided with an asteroid and fell to Mara just before the end of Mideval times. It watched these strange creatures called humans as they examined it. They feared Quarzion because it was unknown, but Quarzion gave the people a new kind of knowlege. With a single touch it taught people what it knew of their minerals and tools and how so much more could be achieved with them. Quarzion brought with its arrival a new Age, and a new kind of living. The people were greatful to Quarzion and built it a shrine, the Shrine of the Future. Offerings are left to the Pokemon, and people often ask its advice when they visit the shrine. The offerings are sometimes replaced with the answers to the giver's problems.

    A Clash of Time
    As Quarzion gained the people's favor, Obsidiarz watched, growing steadily angrier. The Pokemon began to hate Quarzion with a deepseated rage. It hated how it couldn't help the people anymore, how it couldn't teach them anything of use anymore. And most of all, it hated how the people were slowly forgetting about it. Fewer and fewer offerings appeared at the Shrine, fewer and fewer people gave it a passing glance. Obsidiarz couldn't contain its rage any longer. It attacked Quarzion viciously. The battle became a war of wills, a war between the past and the future. Obsidiarz fought with a vicious, primordial rage while Quarzion fought with a cunning, clearheadedness. The two Pokemon were evenly matched, but while they fought they had no way of realizing what they were truly doing. They were destroying the land, destroying all they had helped the people to create, and they were destroying the people's lives. They fought for days and nights, neither one ever gaining an inch toward the upper hand. They battle was recorded in history as one of the worst to ever happen.

    Garnezent the Peace Maker
    In the middle of the war torn Mara the energy from the clashing Legendaries was gathering and mixing deep below their feet. All that excess energy began to take shape, it began to grow and flourish and a new Pokemon was born. This Pokemon was level headed. It had the ancient knowlege of Obsidiarz and the futuristic cunning of Quarzion. By balancing the two sides of power the Pokemon took it's final shape and rose from the ground in a fiery eruption. As it's body cooled, it looked around it. It saw a sad landscape covered in destruction. The people turned to this Pokemon, willing it to stop the fighting. Garnezent knew that the people needed its help and so it walked calmly into the center of the battlefield. It showed the two feuding Pokemon what they had done, how they had destroyed all that they loved. Then it showed them how they could work togther to rebuild it, and it helped them. People have long since forgotten about this Pokemon's hand in stilling the great battle that nearly destroyed all of Mara.

    Peace at Last
    When the two Legendaries had seen what they had done, they felt deeply sad. With Garnezent's help, they rebuilt what they had destroyed and the people came back to their homes. When all was rebuilt and peace between both the two legendares and the people and Pokemon of Mara was achieved, the Time Trio decided their work was complete. They went in seperate directions, living out their lives in harmony, and found much needed rest. No one has seen the three Pokemon since.

    If you would like to further support Pokémon and my Fakemon Region, please visit the PokeHunngry Community Forums and list Obliveon as your referrer!
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    Please look at #46 and #47. I need your guys' help with this!
  5. rosierjay

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    if its the american style of naming they would do something like lemoor to make it sound fancy.
    what's the type? normal?
  6. Shade2000

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    #46 is presumably a pre evo of #47? I can help but it would help if I knew a type. Assuming its normal I like rosierjay's suggestion of Lemoor. Which makes me think you should make a grass/ground type because of the moor bit. So #47 could be called something like, ummmm, Heathtail because heath is another word for moor and lemurs have long tails.
  7. NightKrazy

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    Yes, #46 is the prevo of #47. I don't know the type [that was one thing I needed help with], but I like the idea of naming it Lemoor and Heathtail. Ground/Grass type would probably be good too, since they're lemurs, so thanks. ^^
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    Updated. New pictures/sprite/professor name added. Still debating on Lemoor and Heathtail.
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    i like the cheetreak alot, but the cubulb seems much weaker design wise, than you're other pokemon. the picture is cute, but the light bulb just seems like it's there. and doesn't have much to do with the pokemon. the bulb on the evolved one makes a lot of sense and the design is real sleek.
    so i know the idea is really cool, and i know you have the talent to pull off something even better..

    oh i love the eons too. just need a dragon and a poison type. well that i can think of off hand. i've only ever made one pokemon. and it was an eevee type. it was one that changed type depending on the battle field. absorbing its nature from the enviroment. think there are some similar to that now. but there wasn't at the time. i felt pretty smart. great work on these. pics look wonderful
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    Great Job! I love Hummini, the Koala line and Cerberablo! :D
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    @rosier: Yeah, but someone told me that Snoppard should look more cubbish, so I didn't wanna have it end up like that. I'll probably redesign it later. I actually have a poison type eeveeloution called Cobreon [still working on the final design] and a dragon type one called Drakeon.

    @Therian: Awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback. ^^ Ceberablo is one of my faves too.
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    Updated. Added pictures.
  13. dirkac

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    Hummini = ME WANT SO BAD
    Gos that is just amazing!

    But... Cubulb's lightbulb just seems like it got sticked on, and that it's just there to make it an electric type. And, Flappy really makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE in my mind.
    And, naming a Pokémon Dodo, is just a bit unoriginal (sure, they had Muk, but this isn't 1st Gen anymore).
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    Hummini is one of my faves as well. ^^

    If you read posts 9 and 11 you can read all about my Cubulb issues. XD

    I can tell that you don't get the old-time reference used in Flappy's design. Way back when [and I only know this from growing up on seriously old cartoons] they used to use flaggers to communicate and land planes etc. The flags on Flappy's arms resemble the flags used back then. It's head basically has a light-up traffic cone and it's tail is a flagpole because Flappy is a flag Pokemon, but I wanted it to have some use [which is where the light-up traffic cone comes in]. The cone on Flappy's head is based off of the light-up cone sticks used in airports to help land and direct planes at night. Hence Flappy's appearance and use in airports.

    I know Dodo isn't very original, but I was dead set on Dododon and had to have a simpler name for the prevo. I couldn't think of any way to maniputlate the word dodo and still keep it simple though. [as for your 'this isn't 1st gen anymore' comment, have you seen Klink and Foongus?']
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    Yeah, I know what Flappy is designed upon, but making a Pokemon like that just doesn't work in my mind.

    About Dodo (Doduo sounds similar), you could just name it Dodwo, Dodon or Dawodo or something playing with words (Foongus at least played around with it, Muk is a word).
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    Alright, fair enough. I guess I can edit Dodo's name to something else. Someone else saw Flappy and loved it. Personally, it's one of my faves because it's funny looking and cute at the same time. ^^
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    Alright, fair enough. I guess I can edit Dodo's name to something else. Someone else saw Flappy and loved it. Personally, it's one of my faves because it's funny looking and cute at the same time. ^^
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    Tiny update: Renamed Dodo to Dohdon.
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    More Pokemon have been added.

    Say hello to the Mara Legendaries: Quarzion and Obsidiarz!
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    UPDATE! Yet more Pokemon added! :D

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