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The March of the Exeggutor Squad! (043)


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The March of the Exeggutor Squad!

When at a carnival, Ash & Co meet a Magician who is really losing his touch and no longer very good. In his effort to get good, he decides to hypnotise Ash and use his Pokemon to capture loads of Exeggutor...but the Exeggutor end up hypnotising themselves...Can they be stopped?

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Ah yes, the episode where Charmander evolved. :p An excellent one, no doubt and I liked it a lot.

And that magician(wasn't he called Melvin?) got all that wild Exeggcutors hypnotised...I remember the rampage they caused. XD


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This was indeed a good episode. I have it on tape, but the quality is rather bad.:( Anyway, this was a really original episode. It's not every day we see Ash & co battling dozens of stampeding hypnotized powerhouses trying to keep them from running to their own doom. The carnival was cool at the beginning, and Melvin was really funny in a pathetic kinda way. TR were pretty funny, getting hypnotized and thinking they were Exeggutor.XD Basically after they all got hypnotized it was full of suspense because nobody could tell what all the Exeggutor were going to do. Not only that, but we get to see Charmander pwn dozens of rampaging high level pokémon, which was really sweet. I thought it was a pretty good way for him to evolve too. Overall, one of the better episodes even from the kanto season IMO.
And to top off the first season in Kanto; we have a...filler eppie? Well; at least it's a good one: Charmander pwns hundreds of Exeggutor, and evolves as a result!(I love the Char line!^_^) The beginning was really cute(not with Ash and Brock; but with Misty and Pikachu). Only negative with this episode was Melvin's Exeggcute evolving on its(their?) own. They evolve with a Leaf Stone, and I didn't see a Leaf Stone where it(they?) evolved... I guess we can take the 'Anger' route with this evolution. My rating is 7/10.


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Uh, this definately wasn't a filler episode since Charmander evolved. I thought it was a pretty good choice to end the first season actually. (even though they shouldn't have seasons in the first place..) It left off right after Charmander evolved and everyone was waiting to see Charmeleon in action.


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I've seen that episode. My fav part was when Ash dressed up as a swammi (you know, like an arabian) in order to entertain Melvin to try to get him back into the magic business.

Jesse GS the II

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You know, if "Pokémon" hadn't been an instant hit, this would have been the last American episode (since this was the last one in the syndication package - after this, Kids' WB! bought the exclusive rights to the show).

Not a bad episode, what with Charmander evolving at the end and all. I had a feeling he would, since he gets a lot of exposure here and he was long overdue. But I was a little miffed that Exeggcute evolved without a Leaf Stone, especially considering that three episodes prior in "The Battling Eevee Brothers", an Exeggutor appeared among the multitude of Pokémon that need an elemental stone to evolve. Seems like the writers got lazy.


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Well apperently the forest they were in when Exeggcute evolved had a lot of radiation from leaf stones or something, and that caused them to evolve. There was a sign explaining it, but the dub version is rather vague about it.


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Yeah, I loved seeing Charmander evolve! I couldn't wait to see Charmeleon in action! (wow, 3 whole episodes!)


i love that episode! Misty wheres this really cute outfit that really suits her because her costume was like a goldeens tail.

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I liked the fact that Ash gets hypnotized. We need more hypnotized people in the show, people!Ash, Misty, Nurse Joy in the first movie, Pikachu, and Togepi aren't enough. Here's my potential list of hypnosis victims.

Ash again (Easy target)
Max (Easier target)
Misty again (Somthing more than just becoming a Seel)
Brock (Fill in the gap)
The Eevee Bros (Sparky, Rainer, and Pyro get hypnotized and Mikey has to save them)
A bunch more...I love hypnosis. ;097;


F&J Manga-Ka
I thought it was cute when Jessie and James were sunbathing on top of the balloon. And I loved when Misty and Pikachu were playing together on the rides and sharing an ice cream cone -- that was adorable!

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Argh I hated seeing Charmander evolve, because he's my favorite Pokemon, and this would lead to his ultimate neglect by the writers.


This was a good episode. Ash getting hypnotized was very interesting. If only we could see it more often...

But, just how many different effects has Hypnosis had in the show? It seems that every different pokemon that uses the attack uses it a different way. =/ Sometimes it puts a pokemon to sleep (like it's supposed to), sometimes it is like in this episode, sometimes it makes things see something that's not there...


Team Awesome
This wasn't the best of episodes, but I do feel a bit sorry for Melvin. I can't help it, I feel bad for him and his inferiority complex. I did like the part where Ash demonstrated his "magic trick" for Melvin.

It's too bad that things went so downhill for so long after this episode with charmander evolving. I'm glad that he eventually learned to obey Ash, but it was such a long and painful process.


When the episode was first broadcast, I wasn't able to watch it. Next day, at school, a classmate told me: Did you saw pokemon yesterday ? Charmander evolved !.
I couldn't believe it...next episode I saw Charmeleon and I still couldn't believe it. When Charmander evolved, I felt as they had killed the cuteness of the show (I was 9 years old...). I remembered the Sabrina's episode where Charmander and Squirtle were playing together...and then I saw the grumpy Charmeleon and felt sad, nostalgic and disgusted...I felt worse when it evolved into Charizard...
Anyway, it wasn't a bad episode...

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
To be honest, I didn't have any qualms whatsoever with Hitokage evolving. In fact, I thought the fact that Lizard didn't listen to Satoshi was a very interesting plot point. It further established that Satoshi thought too highly of himself - he just assumed that he was this all-powerful trainer who could always control his team, but when Hitokage evolved, he discovered that it wasn't the case. I kinda wish that they'd devoted an entire episode to this fact instead of just hinting at it, though - especially considering how little screen time Lizard got before it became Lizardon.


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I loved Msty's outfit. Also, when ash and brock were in the boogie costumes.