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The March of the Exeggutor Squad! (043)

Professor Ivy

1st Princess Serebii
I like this one becauase you saw Kasumi/ Misty wear that goldeen costume. I want a costume like that.


Well-Known Member
Didnt really like this epi. Charmander evolving made me mad. 3/10


Well-Known Member
This was a really good episode, but It was definetly sad to see Charmander evolve, because I think that he was the best little pokemon.. Sometimes I wish that Charmander had never evolved, and that he could have continued to fit in more with Squirtle and Bulbasaur and Pikachu. It seemed that Charmander and Squirtle were good friends, but then once Charmeleon and Charizard came, Squirtle got to be better friends with Bulbasaur.

Anyways, good episode, and A great end to the first season of Pokemon ( gosh I remeber how in 1st grade during that season when it was on UPN..)

Anyways, LONG LIVE THE MEMORY OF CHARMANDER, Ash's strongest pokemon then, and strongest Pokemon now

;004; ;001; ;007;

-;002; ;005; ;008; ;156;


Bastion of Flame
This was the episode in which Charmander evolved.

I remember seeing this at a very young age. I was overjoyed. My Favorite Pokemon ever, Charmander, was Ash's first evolved Starter (even though he caught them in the wild). If only Satoshi/Ash wasn't such a n00b could truly utilize Lizard/Charmeleon's true, great power. I didn't like Hitokage's/Charmander's change in personality. How could he go from a modest, shy, little Lizard to a Rude, Lazy, Inconsiderate Medium-sized Lizard?


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I did NOT like this episode. I mean they kept repeating the entire season from this episode for like 2 months. I was SO annoyed and thought it was the end.


~ Forever Lonely ~
Yay charmander evolved and became a rebel.Go charmeleon! I felt sorry for the clunsy magician.


Master Coordinator
i wish charmeleon still obeyed ash...


Well-Known Member
I agree Misty's costume was cool but it was controversial among her fans for quite some time and some of them still don't like it much but I disagree with those who don't like it and say it is one of my favorites.

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
i have a question that does not go anywhere else.

If Ash had caught all those Exeggutors, why did they go back in to the wild (wouldn't it be like his Tauri?)? Were they 'released' back in to the wild (because Ash didn't say anything about it)?


Don't die, ketchup!
I know a lot of people didn't like how Charmander evolved and didn't listen to Ash, but I kind of like the fact that it didn't obey. It's just like the games, if a Pokemon you recieved in a trade grows too fast, then it won't listen to you.


kiss my greens
Surprisingly, I liked this episode. As completely moronic as Melvin was, he was able to put Ash under hypnosis and force him to battle with several dozen Exeggutors simultaneously. (What an accomplishment.) I felt a bit sad for Charmander when he evolved, though. I was really attatched to that little lizard.


Coming Ta Town
The magician making Misty wear the stripper Goldeen outfit was kinda creepy, but Ash was pretty good in this ep. His magic trick was stupid enough to be funny. And I'm glad that at least in the Jap version they acknowledged the Leaf Stones being necessary to evolve.


Well-Known Member
I would not call Misty's Goldeen costume a stripper outfit but rather one that looks like it would have been worn by a showgirl back in the 1950s or a magician's assistant from that same era. If it was a stripper outfit then it would have been even more revealing than it was but it was very clear that when Ash walked in on the whole performance Misty was uncomfortable wearing it in front of him and went into her biggest blushing fit ever.


Too old for your rubbish..
Charmander evolving = yay!
Charmeleon disobeying = boo!

honestly, they should have waited till it was Charizard for it to disobey.


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i liked this episode because Charmander evolved!