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The Marketplace Wanderer, Litten! (950)


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The Marketplace Wanderer, Litten!

The Litten that wanders around Hau'oli City has appeared again and has taken Ash's lunch. Ash, angry about his lunch, goes after it but when he finds the Litten, he sees it has been wounded in battle. Learning about the Persian that caused it issues, Ash takes the Litten home to take care of it, but it ends up leaving. Will Ash be able to find it and help it like humans?

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Well my guess is that as long as that old Stoutland is around, or Litten decides to go on his own, it won't be captured by Ash.
But most likely it would join him, by the time Ash starts to journey to the other islands i guess.


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Minor problem: No Rowlet cute moments and no Bewear.
Major problem: Ash not catching Litten.

This was good episode and little sad ( Stoutland dying in the dream)
It was way better than previous episode, IMO.


Honestly, I found this episode a little weak, and I didnt even mind Litten not being caught.

It wasnt funny, Persian wasnt scary, Ash felt pretty OoC at points, and Litten wasnt that likeable (did it like Ash by the end? that ending in general just felt rushed and vague).
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I quite liked this episode. Too bad Ash didn't capture Litten but I guess he'll catch it sometime later. I'm glad Team Rocket only got a few seconds of screentime and didn't waste any trying to steal Litten or Pikachu.


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So was that Blaze at the end there??


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So Ash didn't catch Litten here. Sigh! SM has been truly disappointing to me so far. I thought that I will get over my disappointment of SM6 in this episode as Ash will catch the best Gen7 starter Litten here but no! That's two very disappointing episodes in a row!

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Another weak episode imo
Bad points:
- No Litten capture
- No Rowlet cuteness


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It's extremely obvious Satoshi will catch Nyabby later, they only just warmed up to each other and so it will take time for them to fully bond.

I like this change of pace, instead of making them friends in an instant, the writers are going to develop Satoshi's and Nyabby's relationship.

So to anybody who's sad at Satoshi not catching Nyabby; don't be. Because it will happen, it's just going to be slow instead of being rushed.


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The fact that he didn't catch Litten this episode doesn't really concern me at all. The episode was just weak as a whole, the only thing moderately interesting was Litten having insecurities about Stoutland's health and that, there were also a couple of cute cat-like moments from it too. I just really pray that they do get some more time together and it eventually joins Ash otherwise this episode would be even worse IMO.

Can someone tell me why Team Rocket needed to be here? What did they do? I can't understand why they were needed when they did literally nothing except get robbed by Litten and say a rather unnecessary motto. Come on...

I almost feel obliged to comment extensively about how much the art style actually made me mad while watching this somehow but I won't because everything's been said previously. Yeesh.

Genuinely felt like I wasted 20 minutes watching that, being brutally honest. All power to you if you like the episode but I just had zero interest in this one. Next week looks somewhat promising though, I'm actually looking forward to it which hasn't really been the case for the last two episodes.


Well that is very disappointing he didn't catch Litten here. Now we are just stuck with that annoying Owl. Sigh. Was hoping Ash would catch the Litten to make this gen a lot better but nope. Sun and Moon sucks so far for me. I reckon Ash's team is going to be awful which will put me off watching

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And No Litten...YET.

Poster trolled everybody hard.

Wait until he gets the Grubbin from the intro first...


There were a couple of bright moments, I laughed at everyone sleeping and Litten's cat-like tendencies, such as clawing on the door to go out. Behaving exactly like a cat does and the cone of shame was pretty cute as a bonding moment. I also didn't mind and actually preferred Ash not catching Litten, since that bonding would have been rushed af if he had caught it. I'm hoping this is a nice arc and it's a refreshing change of pace in contrast to almost every Pokemon liking him for...what 2 sagas now? Seeing development over time > rushing it for the sake of a capture. Litten's concern about Stoutland's health was also adorable and it's pretty clear that while it is around or Litten decides it's capable to fend for itself, Litten won't be joining Ash.

That said...there were a couple of problems with the episode. Team Rocket were unnecessary, although I liked them not trying to steal Pikachu, you could have just have easily used someone else for all their role in the episode - unless they remember this if they meet Litten later on, in which case I can get behind this, setting up story arcs for later. The main criticism of the episode was that it wasn't really funny, aside the aforementioned sleeping scene, I didn't really laugh all that much - which for a show that proclaims 'A laugh a minute!' is not how it should have gone. I can appreciate good storytelling and setup for the future, but this was quite a serious episode that sort of went against SM's style.
I'm enjoying this attitude of "gotta catch 'em all" that Ash currently has, but I'll be upset if he ends up failing anytime he decides to catch something without the need of an intentional capture.

Did not expect that Stoutland plot, it was kind of adorable, doesn't make up for the lack of Rowlet though. My favorite part is seeing Alolan Persian getting zapped. Thank you, Pikachu, please remove that thing from existence.

So the fire cat is getting a similar treatment to the sand crocodile, I'm down with that.


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Ash reference Serena indirectly and that is a good thing.

Cat and dog living together it mass hysteria
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I'm happy Litten wasn't caught. Rome wasn't built in a day; you can't befriend someone who burns you for harming him in a day.